Supermarket Encounter

By paulbof

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An encounter in the supermarket leaves me breathless.
It was another boring visit to the supermarket, my wife having sent me to get a few things as she was "busy". They say it is a good place to meet the opposite sex, particularly at night, but this had never ever looked like happening to me.

As I walked down the frozen food aisle I saw this rather mature lady in front of me, well I say mature but this was simply because I am still relatively young, she was leaning over the freezers and I noticed that as she did so her top was lifting at the waist, giving me a glimpse of bare midriff. My eyes were drawn to this woman and when she stood up I could see that she was well endowed and didn't appear to be wearing a bra, at least that was what her stiffened nipples were telling me, they were very prominent due to the cold from the freezers.

The shop was very quiet as it was quite late at night and so I felt at ease watching her. No one could see the erection which was beginning to tent my trousers at this sight before me. I had to adjust my trousers as it was getting uncomfortable.

She arrived at something that took her fancy but must have been at the back of the freezer, and this time I saw the bottom of her soft breasts as she bent over. I said she was mature but her breasts looked quite firm from what I could see and they were definitely not covered by a bra. She was leaning right in and was lifting her leg to balance in a provocative way, her short skirt rising as she did so. I bent down to tie my shoelace - not that it needed tying - and I was suprised that I could not see even a hint of pantie.

I quickly made up my mind and moved towards her. "Can I help you with that?" I asked trying to look as if it was the thing she was trying to reach that I had my eyes on and not her nipples pushing her top out like thimbles. "Yes" she said, "I am trying to get that turkey at the back, but it is too heavy for me". Well I tried, but it was stuck so we both tried and I could feel the warmth of her bare arm against mine despite the coldness of the freezer, her hip was pushing against mine and I could imagine my hand running up under her dress cupping her cheeks, caressing her warm soft bum. Suddenly it came free and my arm shot back straight into her breast confirming that it was after all soft. I apologised, and she said it was ok and she wasn't hurt. To my suprise she said you can rub it better if you like.

I took a quick look around and as no one was about, I gently pushed my hand up under her loose top it and onto her breast it was so soft and smooth that it almost took my breath away and then I touched her nipple which seemed to get even harder.

She, once again, leaned over the freezer but this time not to reach inside, as she did so, she put her hand behind her and rubbed my erection which was now pressing against her bum encased in the thin skirt. She caught hold of my zip and eased it down allowing my erection more room. She then freed my throbbing cock from the confines of my underpants by which time I had raised her skirt at the back to allow my penis access to her nether regions. And what nether regions they were two globes so soft and smooth with a valley between which my penis was now exploring.

She was already wet and so I pushed into her, the excitement so great now I did not want her to change her mind. I moved in and out through the slickness of her cunt and at the same time continued to fondle her breasts. "I am cumming" she cried and let loose a torrent of cum which suprised me as it was so quick. I shot my load and could feel it pouring into her.

"That was great" I said to which she replied "you are not my first and I am sure won't be the last". She then quickly lowered her skirt again, pulled her top into place, turned away quickly and left me with a large turkey which I felt like taking home as a memento, I didn't even know her name.

I never saw her again, although I looked out for her, but I really enjoyed the turkey. My wife couldn't understand why I got a turkey or why I enjoyed it so much.