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Sweet relief

Here I am again stuck in traffic, like usual. Yelling to myself because the traffic isn't moving. But the good thing is that it's Friday and a three day weekend. All I want to do is get home, grab a beer, take a nice long shower and relax. Finally the traffic starts to move and I see why we had to wait so long. Some dumb-ass chick was in her phone while driving and slammed into the back of a semi. “STUPID ASS!!! “ yelled in the car with my windows up. The traffic is flowing just right and I can just taste that cold beer and feel that warm water running over my body, washing away the work week I just had.

It was a brutal one, we almost lost our best client. But thanks to my team, we fixed the problem and we handle the account now. So tomorrow I am taking my team out for a big dinner to thank them for all their hard work. I roll up to my driveway and slam on the brakes as the neighbor kid runs in front of my car to grab their ball. As I got out of my the car I looked at their stupid mother chatting on her cell while her kid runs wild, I shake my head and go inside through the garage, which leads to the kitchen. I open the refrigerator grab a beer, pop the top off and take a big swig of it. 'Oh yes!!!!' I think as I swallow the cold refreshing brew.

I head towards the living room, and stop in my tracks at the doorway between the kitchen and the living room. I see you laying on the couch with your left arm over your head and your right on your stomach sleeping. In a wife beater and some loose work out shorts that are rolled up at the waist. I stand there letting my eyes move over your sleeping body. I fight the urge to walk over and run my hands over your delicious body. I take another swig of my beer and feel my cock twitch in my pants. Still looking up and down your body. I reach down with my free hand and slowly stroke my cock thru my pants.

Stopping at your tits, that are moving nice and slow up and down with every breath you take. I can make out your semi hard nipples thru the thin material. I grab my head and give it a nice hard squeeze. I moan as I do this again, continuing down your body your legs are parted just a little, but I can make out your pink thong panties. I see just enough to get my mind racing wither you shaved or have a full bush. I grip my shaft harder and stroke it, I bite my bottom lip to stop from making any noise.

I get harder on my strokes, now and my cock is at full attention. I slowly reach down placing my beer on the counter next to me, pulling down my zipper. I place my right hand inside my pants and stroke my cock through my boxers, I feel a large wet spot on the front of my boxers and know my precum is flowing heavy. I look harder at your crotch as I see your leg part a little more, I see the full thong front thru your shorts leg now.

I stroke my cock harder feeling it swell up a bit more. My mouth is watering hard wishing, pleading and begging for me to go over there ripping your clothes off and ravaging your body. I see your head move a little and freeze hoping I didn't make a noise to wake you. But your just moving in your sleep, I continue to stroke my throbbing cock and stare at your thong.

I feel my balls tense up, knowing I'm not going to last much longer. I grab my shaft harder and stroke it like a rabid monkey. You move your arm over your eyes and start to rub the crust from them. I tense up and head to the bathroom, knowing I need to finish what I started. Closing the door and walk over to the toilet lifting the seat so I won't have to clean up my huge, hot, creamy load. I drop my pants and boxer and have a better grip on my cock and start stroking.

I'm moaning and enjoying the feeling as I pick up my pace, I feel the tingling in the pit of my stomach and know I'm on the edge. I jump as you wrap your hand around mine and stroke with me. I want to run out of the bathroom but you move my hand and take over with the stroking hard and fast. Your hand is so soft and feels good on my hot, throbbing, sweaty flesh. I moan as you stroke a bit faster gripping my cock harder. I feel you kiss the back of my neck, my body shiver at this new sensation.

“OH fuck!” I moan out

I feel my balls tighten as you stroke my cock faster and harder. My toes curl in my shoes as cum rushes up my shaft and explodes out of my cock. My body jerks hard as you keep stroking my cock, I bite my bottom lip to keep my moans down so the neighbors won't hear me. I reach over and grab the window, as you milk out the last few drops of my load. You let go of my flaccid cock, I turn staring into your eyes. I kiss you. Long and hard our tongues fight for each others mouths. I press you against the wall and rip your beater off.

Your tits bounce free as I pull the materiel off of you. I kiss down your neck, to your collar bone, moving from one side to the other you moan as I continue down your chest. Running my tongue around your right areola then sucking your nipple into my mouth. I run my tongue around it making it hard in my mouth. I'm using my body to keep you pinned against the wall. I play with the other with my free hand. Rolling it in between my fingers making it hard as well. I kiss over to the other nipple doing the same you are breathing hard as I play with your large nipples.

I release your nipple and kiss you again, spinning your around so your facing the wall, I kiss down your spine as I get on my knees. I pull down your shorts helping you step out of them. I bite your right ass cheek, you yelp at my teeth on your hot flesh, I move over to the left doing the same, but this time you moan as the feel of my tongue licking after. I grab your thong and rip it off not caring of you like it or not. I just need your body and I will have it now. I wrap my right arm around your waist and pull it towards my face, so your ass is sticking out. I spread your leg wider and I see your pussy it pink, wet and puffy.

I stare at it for a bit as my cock grows, you shake your ass in my face, as if telling me to take it. I look up and your staring at me over your shoulder with lust in your eyes. I lick my lips and move in slowly, I lick from your clit to your anus you throw your head back and let out a deep moan. I flick my tongue across your tight hole. I know you love this side of me and you will let me do whatever I want. I move back in flicking my tongue across your clit. Fast for a couple of times, you moan and start to pressing your ass harder against my face, grinding your hip up and down on my tongue.

You are purring, as I lick your growing wet pussy and my nose teases your anus. My cock is throbbing again, I need to have your body but I want you to cum first, since you have released some of stress from the week not ten minutes ago. I pull my face away from your ass and you hiss from over your shoulder at me. I smile as I make the turn around motion with my finger. You do so with haste. Now I'm face to face with your wet, hot, puffy lips. I stare at your pussy as you get comfortable against the wall, I grab your left leg and place it over my shoulder. I stare into your eyes and wrap my mouth around your pussy. You gasp and moan as I engulf your pussy with my hot, wet, mouth.

I start stroking my cock with my free hand. You grab a handful of my hair, thrusting your hips, fucking my mouth. I run my tongue up and down your puffy lips, I look up and with your free hand your twisting and pulling from nipple to nipple. I stare at you, as I thrust my tongue into your hot lips. You tilt your head back and bite your bottom lip. I thrust in and out of your pussy, you are moaning and thrusting your hips fucking my face harder. I can tell your on the edge and waiting on that finally push. I release my cock and run my hand up your thigh.

Stopping right before I get to your ass cheek, with my other hand I spread your lips and shove my tongue as deep as I can into your wet pussy. You gasp and grab my hair harder and pull my face deeper into your pussy. I move my other hand up to your ass cheeks and massage them, still tongue fucking you. Needing that final push that you can't seem to find, but I know what you need to get that mind blowing orgasm you are looking for. I slowly move my hand in between your ass cheeks as you stare into my eyes knowing I'm going to give you the orgasm you been needing all this time. But I tease, play and taunt you just lightly running my finger up and down your ass crack. You give me a look that tells me you need it more then ever.

But I still play with you, I love to get you frustrated and just as you will say something I finish you off. But I play more and I see you getting frustrated, just enough that you won't say anything for now. I start to fuck you harder with my tongue, as I still tease your anus. You are thrusting your hips back and forth trying to get the final push yourself. I ease up with my tongue and finger as you do this. You look down at me with a new desire in your eyes and open your mouth, but you can't say anything as I shove my tongue deeper then before in your pussy.

I know you are ready for this but I want to play a bit more. I see you regain as much of your composer that you can and stare into my eyes. I see you are trying to plead with me to send you over the edge and I wink at you. You chuckle knowing exactly what I'm doing. I know you love this too but you deny it. I am gonna be nice as I moan and it sends vibrations up your pussy. You tense up at this and look down at me, I wink again and a big smile comes across your face. You know what's coming, I pull your lips wider and place my fingers on your anus, you let my hair go and grab your nipples and start to tease then. I press my tongue in deeper and flick it faster, your pussy tightens around it. As I press my middle finger at your tight hole, I feel it tense up and then relax.

I slide my finger into your anus getting pass the tight ring, I feel the heat come from inside. I look up at you and you have your eyes close and your hands twisting your nipples harder then ever. I know you need this and I want to give you this. I flick my tongue faster into your pussy and slide my finger further into your anus, you tense up. I start to play with your inner walls knowing your on the edge.

I know where to press to give you the finally push, so I slide another finger into your anus and press your spot, you moan and start purring. You need one more thing before your there. You are almost ripping your nipples off as I flick my thumb over your throbbing clit. It plays out slow. You arch your back, your pussy tightens hard around my tongue, your anus tries to push my fingers out, you yell and start to squirt all over me. I love this side of you how I can make you cum like this.

You moan and twitch as I continue to play with your body, your chest is heaving from all the excitement. You open your eyes and stare into mine with a huge smile on your face. I smile back knowing that you needed this as much as I did. I lean back on my legs and look at my hairy chest covered in your juices. You giggle as I stand up and grab you pulling you in for a passionate kiss, pressing your body into mine, covering you in your sweet juices as well. You kiss back passionately as our tongues fight for each others mouth. I feel my cock throbbing with every beat of my heart, it lightly slaps your hot, wet, puffy lips. I need more and I know you want more too.

I grab your hips and spin you around, facing the sink. I push you over to it and bend you over from the waist. I spread your legs with my legs, You are staring at me thru the mirror and I wink at you. You bite your bottom lip and moan giving the go ahead, like you would deny what is going to go down right now. I smile and wink as I slowly kneel down. I lick each hot, red ass cheek. I grab each of them and spread them so I can lick from your throbbing clit to your tight anus. You moan and gasp at the feeling of my big, wet, hot tongue playing with you.

I taste your heavenly juices as it leaks from your hot tunnel. You moaned as I flick my tongue across your clit, your legs start to shake as I play with it more. My cock it about to burst so I stand up, grabbing my shaft and lightly rubbing it up and down your hot, wet lips. You moan and press your hips further back trying to slip my cock into your pussy. I feel your need for me to be inside of you. So I place my throbbing, hard, purple head at your opening and let it slip in. You stop moving, letting me slide a couple of inches into you.

You moan and slowly move your hips in a circle motion, feeling my cock stretch your tunnel. I grab your hips and thrust the remaining inches deep into your pussy. You moan and start to move your hips faster. I stand there feeling your hot, wet, pussy tighten up around my shaft. I let you enjoy the feel of my cock throbbing in your tunnel, You look at me through the mirror and bit your bottom lip. You are so hot as I thrust slowly into you feeling you get wetter with ever thrust.

You love the feeling of my cock deep inside of you. You push back with my thrust making me fill you up like never before. I see the new lust in your eyes as we stare into each others. I reach around and start to play with your nipples. You start to thrust harder as I twist, pinch and pull them. Your moans are getting louder as I tease your nipples. You stare into the mirror and watch my every move. I feel your pussy get tighter as I thrust faster, your juices are dripping from my balls down my inner thighs. I try to catch my breath as I slam into you with force but it's no good. I slowly my thrusting down wanting to make it last a bit longer. I grab your left leg and help you place it on top of the sink.

You pussy tightens around my cock. I let out a grunt at the new tightness, you look into the mirror and slowly push your hips back onto my cock. I grab your shoulders and thrust with you, I stare into your half closed eyes and start to play with your clit, as we thrust into each other. Your mouth opens a bit and you let out a deep moan of pleasure. You lean back and wrap your left arm around my neck, pulling your head up to kiss me passionately. With every thrust your tits are bouncing hard and fast. I feel my balls tighten up and know if I don't slow down I'll explode soon. I stop completely and kiss you harder as our tongues fight for each other mouth. You start to grind your hips in circles on my cock.

You break the kiss and smile at me, I bend down a bit and take your left nipple into my mouth and suck on it, you start to thrust your hips into mine. I grip your nipple with my teeth and flick my tongue across it. Your hand is tangled in my hair pressing my face harder into your tit. I pull your nipple with my mouth and let it pop out. I lean back up and stare into your eyes again and thrust my throbbing, hard cock into you again. You bite your bottom lip and moan. I feel you tighten up, again as you lean back forward against the sink.

You place your leg back on the floor and start to moan louder. I know your close and you want to cum now. So I slowly rub your throbbing clit again with my finger. Your hips are violently thrusting back and forth. I stare at your reflection in the mirror as your eyes close tight and your mouth opens slightly. You tense up, moan and start to shake hard. I feel your tunnel tighten up and coat my cock in your hot, sticky, sweet juices. I slow my thrust down to let you ride out your orgasm.

You start to come down from your bliss and I bend over and whisper into your ear. Your eyes go wide, you bite your bottom lip and shake you head. I pull out and you move your hand down to rub your hot, wet, puffy lips. I pull the rug from in front of the shower and lay on it. You straddle me and grab my cock placing the head in your wet opening. You moan as you sink down onto it. You slowly grind your hips back and forth as you take all of it into you. I watch you as you slowly start to bounce up and down on my cock.

You are picking up pace and I'm thrusting my hips upwards a bit to force me deeper into you. You bite your bottom lips again knowing that drives me nuts and start to twist, pinch and pull your nipples hard. I keep up my thrusting and watch you enjoy the ride. I feel that familiar tingle in the pit of my stomach, as you increase your bouncing pace. I start to breath heavier and you place your hands on my chest as you grind hard and fast on my cock. You can feel my cock swell up for it's final show. I thrust my hips in the air as you moan and grind harder.

My toes spread as I grab the rug under me and shot rope after rope of hot, thick, creamy cum deep into your pussy. You moan loudly as you feel it hit your walls and fill your tight pussy up. I thrust a few short thrust as your tunnel grips my cock and milks every last drop out. You collapse on my chest. We are both panting like we just ran a 10k, you lift your chin to rest on my chest and stare int my eyes.

“Welcome home baby.” You pant out

I just moan and kiss your forehead as my body jerks from your tunnel gripping my sensitive head. You slowly get up letting my cock pop from your pussy and stand up. You look at me laying on the bathroom floor and giggle. I look up and see your pink, swollen, pussy lips leaking our juices down your inner thighs.

“Take a shower and I'll start dinner.” You say down at me, I'm still laying there panting

All I can do it nod my head and watch you pick up your shorts then leave the bathroom. I gain enough of my composer to get off the floor and step into the shower. I stand under the water letting it cover my hot, sweaty, spent body. I get done and dry myself off. Then wrapping the towel around my waist, I open the door and smell my favorite dish chicken fiestas. I head for the bedroom and grab a pair of shorts and a wife beater. Putting them on I head for the kitchen.

Where you are standing at the stove in your shorts and a baby-doll shirt with your hair in a messy ponytail. Stirring the chicken, I walk up behind you and kiss the back of your neck and reach around and grab your right tit squeezing it a bit. You giggle and turn your face kissing me on the lips. I go to the fridge and grab a couple of beers and pull your chair out for you before I sit down. You bring over the pan of chicken and sit next to me. We sit and eat there in complete silence, enjoying our meal and the euphoria of a nice, hot, fuck session.

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