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Tag Team in a Tepee

Eight People in One Tepee on a Wild River Run
When three other couples invited us on a white water rafting trip down the roaring river, my husband and I jumped at the chance for a fun time cutting loose with our friends in the woods. The trip began early Thursday morning with a three hour road trip. As we packed the SUVs at 4:00 am, we could see one vehicle was filled with too much of the wives luggage. So in exchange for the comfort, we girls agreed on a guys and girls vehicle. All us ladies piled in together leaving the husbands to their own devices.

Our car contained a mix of music, conversation, beauty, fashion and homemaking tips. While theirs included, sports talk, hair bands, beer, belches, and bitches. The cigarette and cigar smoke bellowed out of the open windows as their loud music over powered our radio volume at all the red lights and intersections. We flirted and began revving our engine in response to the boy's revving and squealing tires coaxing us to race them off the line. We rolled down our windows and began blowing kisses, waving, and winking at the car filled with our wild husbands. When the light changed, we were off and the race was on. Having less weight and more hot air, we women took the early lead, but the boys were hot on our tales. Me and Jessica mooned them out the back window before Julie let off the gas at the next light. They ran it and took the lead.

As we finally caught up with them, none of us had our shirts on. This got us back in the lead. They were so excited along side us we got the advantage at the on ramp. We then received calls for a pit stop at the next rest area. After we raced into the girls room, we realized we had no luggage for our next surprise of short shorts and bikini tops. So we all decided to lose our undergarments, we walked out of the restroom without a bra and pair of panties between us. We each pitched them to our husbands on our way back to our car. Little did we know they all exchanged lingerie with each other along the way. This got us all off to a wild start on our wet weekend.

When we finally reached the resort, we were all shocked to see our accommodations. The resort over booked with the spring breakers. The place was packed with wild people drunk and half naked so we fit right in. They led us to what was supposed to be our cabin, but ended up being this giant tepee in the middle of the place we thought was just for decoration. We decided to leave most of our belongings in the vehicles and grab only our swimsuits and water shoes. We all changed together in the big open tepee with our door flap between us and the mob. The guys were obviously turned on by us all naked in front of each other by the hardness of their cocks. We ladies have seen the size of most of these cocks during our high school days.

We commented to each other about their waving cocks as we got to the water. Once in the river with our tasty beverages, we girls really let our hair down also. The hubby's got all our bottoms off for a little sex under water before dinner. Watching each other climax, made me want to feel the skin of my girlfriends and their hands on me as well. Which is exactly what happened as we four ladies shared one stall in the shower house before dinner. We lathered each other caressed each other under the stream of water from the shower head and kissed wildly as we finger fucked each other to another orgasm.

We threw on only our sarongs and sandal's for dinner. Nothing between us and the night air but a thin piece of fabric as we sat around a big pit full of smoked meat. After the fire died down a little, I could hear giggling coming from the tepee. I entered to find two of the ladies back at it so I immediately joined in also. We didn't even realize we had a audience until we had dicks in our faces. I began sucking my hubby's cock when another slide inside me from behind. Only my husband knows for sure exactly who all fucked me that weekend. I just know I licked every lady and sucked every cock put in my face for the next three days. I enjoyed watching other couples fuck in front of me including my husband and my girlfriends as much as he enjoyed watching me. 

It was naked days on the river and naked nights in the tepee. It must have been exactly what it was like to have been part of a tribe long ago.

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