Teasing my neighbour

By DanielleX

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How I teased the guy across the road and made him cum
This is my third story. Hope you guys and girls like this one.

I’m not an exhibitionist but I do sometimes get undressed at night with my curtains open and I don’t really think anything of it. Then the other night I just happened to see the curtains twitch in the house opposite. There’s a young guy lives there. He’s 19, I know he is because they had balloons and everything for his birthday not long ago.

I didn’t bother really but then the next night I was undressing at the same time. Just as I took my bra off I saw his face at the window between a gap in the curtains. I don’t know how long he had been watching me. The thing is, I was actually turned on a little bit. I thought how he would have his cock in his hand and how he had pre cum coming out of his cock when he saw my tits, the dirty sod. I liked it though. The idea that just watching me was making him so hard. It made me wet.

The next day I went out to fetch some milk from the shop and he was just coming out of his front door. He looked at me and looked away quickly.

He could have at least said ‘Hello', but he’s obviously shy.

I came back home but the young guy had gone in. He hadn’t looked half bad to be honest. His goatee beard was nice and he had longish, wavy dark hair. I wondered what he was like with no clothes on, because he was quite tall and lean, and I imagined he had a big cock I don’t know why. I was suddenly intrigued about this guy across the road. Even though I knew he had been perving over me undressing it turned me on.

I should have left it I suppose but I have a dark side. I wanted things to happen. That afternoon I undressed again, in full view of my window except it wasn’t quite dark. I knew he was alone because I saw his parents go out. When I was down to my underwear I saw him there again. He was peeping round his curtain, I guess he thought I couldn't see him. 

I had this naughty thought. I wanted to know so bad if he had a big cock. Why didn’t he ever return the favour and flash me? Did he think girls don’t get horny?

I was about to take my bra off when I just had to satisfy my curiosity. I slipped on my scruffy woollen coat that I wore at uni and went across the road. I knocked on his door. He so wasn’t expecting to see me. He looked down at my bare legs and then into my eyes like a lost rabbit.

“Ye..yes?” He stammered.

“Can you just come and help me please my tap has broken and there’s water everywhere! I need a strong man to turn the stop cock.”

He was really quite tall and had kind brown eyes. He had a T shirt on and green khaki trousers with pockets in the side. He looked quite toned, with well defined biceps and he had those arms with the veins that stand out from the muscle.

I tried to sound flustered even though I’d made it all up, but I had to get him to come somehow didn’t I?

“OK, yes of course!”

OK thanks, I’m so grateful.”

He rushed across and I let him in my door.

“It’s upstairs!”

“Is it?

“Yes it’s upstairs, in the bathroom quick!”

He ran up my staircase and I followed him into the bathroom.

“What’s up? There’s no water!”

“I know. I lied.”


I unbuttoned my coat and it fell to the floor. I was just in my bra and knickers. His jaw dropped and his eyes were all over my body.

“This is what you wanted to see isn’t it!”

“Oh God you’re beautiful!” He said.

“Would you like to see me with nothing on?”

“Wh...What? Are you serious?”

I looked down and I could see his python growing in his trousers, I knew then he was a proper big guy.

“I know you watch me.”

“You do?”

“Of course. I like it actually.”

“You do?!”

“I’ll do you a deal. I’ll take my clothes off if you’ll wank yourself off. I like to see a man cum and see his face when he cums.”

He gulped and attempted to hide his erection through his trousers, which looked like a baby’s arm!

“Come on don’t be shy. Do you want to touch me…um? What’s your name?”

“Greg. It’s Greg!”

“Are you a virgin Greg?”

“Yes. Yes I am.”

“Awww… well you should be more confident. Spying on girls undressing isn’t good, but I’ll let you off cos you’re a nice guy. I‘m Danielle by the way.”

I put my hands round my back and unclipped my bra.

I thought he was going to pass out, he sort of took in this deep breath as if he was choking.

“Do you like them Greg?”

“Oh fuck!”

I stepped towards him and I ran my hands along the outline of his cock.

“Wow! That’s huge Greg. Are you going to show me or do I have to undress on my own?”

His eyes followed my tits as I stood back and twanged the top of my knickers.

His face had gone bright red and he was trembling like a leaf. Then he started to unzip his trousers. I turned round and pulled my knickers up, so that they went up the nick of my bum. I could hear him breathing all funny and I knew he wasn’t going to last very long.

I watched as his trousers came down and then he lowered his cotton shorts. Oh shit he was fucking huge! I mean like eight inches huge and so thick!

“Wow Greg you’re gonna make some girl happy with that!”

He smiled awkwardly as he held his huge wanger in his hand. I’ve only got a tight little pussy, but I was getting really, really wet and I knew I just had to feel that cock inside me, no matter how big he was.

I walked right up to him and turned round and inched my knickers down.

“Do you want to put that in me Greg?”

“Oh God really?!!”

“Touch my boobs Greg…”

“Oh God Danielle!”

“Yes that’s it. They’re soft aren’t they?”


He pawed my breasts. He was gentle though, but the look in his eyes! I thought he would cum in his pants.

"Come on Greg finish the job."

I bent over my bed and spread my legs as wide as I could, to give him the best possible view of my pussy. I knew how wet I was and I just hoped it wouldn’t hurt. I heard him groan as I felt the tip of his cock hit my lips.

“Aaah Greg! Slowly, slowly!”

He groaned some more and grunted but the poor guy exploded all over my bum before he could really do anything.

“Ooooooooh I’m so sorry!” He said “I couldn’t help it!”

“It’s OK Greg. It‘s your first time. Don‘t worry.”

He dressed himself quickly, muttered something and then he rushed out. I was a bit disappointed but it was to be expected I suppose. I lay on my bed afterwards and finished myself off with my biggest dildo until it was covered in my juices. I imagined it was his huge cock inside me as I played with myself. I was so turned on, and I made myself cum really hard.

I haven’t seen him watching me again since then, but I think he’s probably gained something from the experience. I wouldn’t say no to that cock though, but he will just have to pluck up the confidence to ask me out. Maybe I’ll tell you about it when he does.