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Teen Diaries 4: Prom Night

Jessie has to put out for her prom date
My name is Jessie. I'm a sixteen year old sophomore at West Eldridge High. I have brown curly hair that goes a little past my shoulders and tan skin. I'm sort of popular, which was how I got invited to senior prom by Aidan, one of the hottest guys at our school. Aidan is 19 (he got held back), about a foot taller than me, and kind of muscular. He has dark hair, but very light skin.

Prom was a blast! He picked me up in his dad's Mustang and we arrived in style. I was one of only three sophomores invited, so it was a pretty big deal. Aidan and I danced our asses off and even had some rum under the gym bleachers. It was so much fun that I was sad when the dance was over and we had to leave.

Afterwards, Aidan drove me to a cheap motel. "I didn't know we were coming here."

"Well, it's prom night Jessie. This is sort of what everyone does on prom night."

He was right. The parking lot was full and I recognized several couples from our school in line to check in. He got out of the car to get in line, leaving me inside with my thoughts. I'm not a virgin, but I've only been with one guy and that was my ex-boyfriend. I had only spoken to Aidan a few times before he asked me to prom. I think I was asked because he got dumped and all of the hot junior and senior girls were already going with someone else. It took a while for Aidan to get to the counter through the line, but he finally returned to the car with a key.

I followed him up the outside stairs to our room, which had a weird smell. After closing the door, he closed the curtains on the window and took off his shoes. He jumped on he bed and patted next to him. "Come lay down with me."

I walked slowly to the bed, not really sure what else to do. I wouldn't normally sleep with a guy I didn't know very well, but I also didn't want to be a tease. I should have realized when he invited me that he would expect sex after. I lead down next to him and he leaned in and started kissing me. His lips were very soft and he tasted great. He wore too much cologne and I was sort of intoxicated by the smell. His hands moved from the sides of my face to my neck, then down to my chest. He slid the straps of my dress to the side and reached behind for the zipper. I didn't wear a bra underneath, so my 34C boobs were revealed the second he pulled it down.

Aidan went crazy on my boobs, sucking them hard and biting them. My pink nipples were turning red. He returned to kissing me passionately as he squeezed them and groped. Then he started shaking and slapping them gently. Then he lifted up my puffy skirt and pulled off my panties, revealing my shaved pussy. I always hated having hair there, so I shaved it every three days.

He stood up next to the bed and started undoing his tie and shirt. I got up too and dropped my dress to the floor and got back in bed to watch him undress. He had nice arms and a little bit of hair in the center of his chest, around his nipples, and around his belly button. When he dropped his pants and boxers, I saw that he had a lot of hair around his dick too. Really thick black pubes hid his pelvis, with a decent sized hard cock pointing out at me and curving up towards the end. It was maybe six and a half inches.

He got back in bed and got on top of me and started kissing me again. Then he turned around and straddled my face as he started licking my pussy. "Sixty-nine me," he said as I started sucking his dick.

I took it in and out of my mouth and down my throat a little. The curve of his cock made it easier to go down my throat as he started to face fuck me. His balls were very hairy and it kept tickling my nose as he gently humped my face. After a few minutes, he started to cum in my mouth. It tasted way better than my exes, not as bitter but still really salty. I swallowed it all down as he turned around to look in my face.

"Are you on birth control?"


"Oh okay. I'll get a condom."

He got out of bed again and went to his pants. He pulled a wad of three condoms out of his back pocket and fumbled with the wrapper to get it out and put it on. As he walked back to me I could smell the awful smell of condom rubber. I don't know why they have to smell so bad. He spread my legs as he angled his curved dick against my hole and pushed it in.

The lube from the condom made it go in way faster than a dry dick and I bit my bottom lip trying to get used to it. The curve of his cock was so different from my exes, making it add extra pressure inside. It was kind of uncomfortable, but as he humped me gently, it started to touch my g-spot like it had never been touched before.

I started moaning and rubbing his shoulders as he played with my boobs. He pulled out and rolled me on my side and got behind me, spooning me and putting it back in. At this angle, only about half of it was going in and out, but it felt really great and was kind of romantic. I loved it, but then he grabbed around my waist and rolled me on top of him, thrusting it all the way in as he pushed me into a sitting position in reverse cowgirl. This way, the curve of his dick pushed the longer side against my pleasure points as he started jack hammering me hard. It hurt and I had to grab my boobs to stop them from slapping my face. He pushed me forward and I fell on my hands. His hands grabbed my hips and lifted so that I was on my knees and he mounted me doggy style, grabbing my hair and shoulders and pounding me hard. I could feel his hairy balls slap my clit with each hard thrust as I started to shake and cum hard, causing me to moan so loud I was worried somebody might hear in another room.

His dick suddenly felt weird as he pulled out and put it back in, but I didn't really think too much of it. He pulled out and rolled me on my back again and mounted me. He was so sweaty now, his hole chest glistening and his hair looked darker. His face glistened in the lamp light as he kissed me and stuck his tongue in my mouth. A bead of sweat dripped off his nose onto my cheek and ran down to my ear as he started to moan and write on me, cumming. It was then that I realized I could feel his load blasting deep in me. I started to freak out.

"Aren't you wearing a condom?"

He looked down. "I am, see?" He pulled out to show me, but what I saw was a ring of rubber around the base of his dick and no condom on the rest. "Oh fuck! It must have broke off at some point, I'm so sorry!"

I looked on the floor and saw the rest of it down there. It looked like he tried to take it off and it broke but he left the ring on. "Are you sure that wasn't on purpose?"

"Yes. I promise it was an accident, but I do have a morning after pill if you want it."

I took it from him and went to the sink to swallow it with water as his load leaked out of my pussy and down my leg. I was pretty pissed, convinced he did it on purpose and that's why he had the morning after pill with him. But I didn't want to fight. I was exhausted and just wanted to go home. We put out clothes back on and he dropped me at home and gave me another kiss, thanking me for a memorable prom night.

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