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Text Suprise

James has an unexpected suprise on the way to bed
James was finishing yet another bar shift at the hotel. It had been a long week and tomorrow the guests were going home. The last guests wobbled up the stairs having had one too many benny and hot waters and muttered their good nights. James sighed with relief and started to lock reception up, the soft lights in the bar making his eyes lower with tiredness. He was thinking how much housekeeping needed to be done when his phone buzzed. He had a new text message. With a look of puzzlement he approached his phone on the side of the desk, looking at the clock thinking who could be texting him at twenty past ten on a Tuesday night. He finished locking the cabinets and shut-down the computer before taking his phone with the mysterious text and switched off the light to reception to go up to his room.

In the darkness of the deserted reception he unlocked his phone and saw one new message flash up on the screen. He touched the open button and a message appeared on the screen. “I need you, room 2 now x”. He read in amazement the mysterious text and checked the caller id which revealed that the text was from Elizabeth, his girlfriend of five years. His brain a little muddled tried to process why his girlfriend was texting him late at night, apparently telling him she wanted him and wanting him to go to room 2. He quickly glanced at the board full of room keys on reception and noticed that room 2's key was hanging on the hook which meant that nobody was checked into the room, and he also noticed that a set of master keys were missing. His heart skipped a beat as his now alert brain attempted to put the pieces of the intriguing puzzle together. Had Elizabeth taken them? Was she in room 2 waiting for him?

Again he glanced at the clock and it was now twenty five minutes past ten. His mind recalled back to when he had said goodnight to his girlfriend at about nine o'clock. She had complained that it had been a long day and that she would be having a shower and going to bed as they gave each other a comfortable hug and kiss goodnight. She would see him in the morning. Although he did now recall that when he had kissed her goodnight she had let the kiss linger slightly, the hint of her warm tongue slipping into his mouth for a millisecond. He had put it down to tiredness on his part because she hadn't reacted to it in anyway, but now he was thinking it may have been a sign?

As he climbed the stairs, re-reading the text as he went, he noticed a flicker of light underneath the door of room 2. Someone was in there. Was this a cruel game that Elizabeth was playing? Was she doing a bit of late night housekeeping and wanted James's help to finish the room off ready for an arrival tomorrow? He slipped the key into the door lock, his heart now beating a much faster rhythm. Not knowing what would be behind the door he pushed it open and warm soft light spilled out, flickering slightly. His anticipation growing he peered around the door and was greeted with what he thought was every man's fantasy.

There were five candles circling the double bed in the middle of the room, each one dancing in the summers breeze from the open window. The bed had a simple white sheet on, clean and crisp straight out of the packet. At the end of the bed was Elizabeth. Oh Elizabeth. Her hair glistening from her shower and still damp, dark blonde short ringlets cascading down onto her face which was flushed red, her pretty pink mouth slightly open in an exhale of breath, her soft pretty eyes on James as he stood dumbfounded, transfixed on her from the doorway. She was wearing the black lacy corset that she reserved for special occasions. James had bought it for her as a sexy present and loved it when she wore it for him. As he stood there open mouthed his eyes took in her arching back, she was kneeling at the end of the bed facing the headboard side on to him, her right hand out of sight between her shapely legs, her left hand on the bed holding herself in the kneeling position grasping the bed sheet. “Come to me,” she whispered to him and beckoned him near. James stumbled to the edge of the bed, his eyes struggling to take in the surprising, extremely exciting scene that was playing out in front of him. As he got to the end of the bed he realised he was hard. His eyes had struggled to take in his beautiful, lust-filled girlfriend for a start but as soon as they had adjusted, his penis had reacted instantly, straining at his trousers to be let free. Elizabeth glanced down at it, her eyes alive with pleasure as she reached for the bulge in James's trousers. She pulled his head down to hers and whispered in approval, “Good, I need you,” in a sultry tone that James wasn't about to ignore.

With that Elizabeth bent down in-front of James and revealed what her other hand had been doing between her legs, putting on a show for him. Facing away from him on the end of the bed in a doggy style position, her slim hips arched and she pushed her beautifully round bottom into the air so he could see. The line of her corset accented her perfect bum cheeks and James's eyes feasted on his lover. Her right hand had parted her glistening pink lips and she was slowly inserting her middle and index fingers into her awaiting pussy. She groaned with pleasure as she slowly slipped them in and out, her thumb brushing her clitoris with every stroke. James didn't need anymore encouragement and he unzipped his trousers to let his straining cock free. He was achingly hard as Elizabeth reach her hand to guide his throbbing member towards her. She stroked his soft penis head a few times, lubricating it with her warm juices before guiding it to her soft opening. As the tip of James's penis touched her entrance, Elizabeth pushed her hips back and his penis slid inside, her tight pussy gripping him as it delved deeper. They both let out a gasp of pleasure as Elizabeth withdrew and pushed against him a second time. James looked to the ceiling as he nearly exploded right there, the scene too much for him and his desire. When he looked down again he saw Elizabeth's perfect bum cheeks pushing against his hips again. She was totally controlling the sex and continued to push back onto his cock, using him for her enjoyment.

It was getting all too much as James felt the tingling sensation in his testicles that meant he would come in the next thirty seconds. When Elizabeth's hand reached back to pull him closer again he took the hint and thrust forward, causing Elizabeth's hand to drop back beneath her legs to rub her inflamed clitoris. “Yes, NOW!” she gasped as James put his hands on her hips and thrust again, watching his penis slip deeper inside his lover's hot, glistening pussy. Elizabeth rubbed her clitoris as she tossed her hair back in excitement. He felt her perfect pussy lips tighten around his cock as she started to come, her mouth open in ecstasy. His penis throbbed as the first spurt of cum erupted inside her, his legs juddering with the pleasure. She continued to buck her hips backward, forcing herself onto him as she continued to cum, moaning his name as the waves of excitement washed over her. Her lust filled eyes screwed shut; breathing deeply, she twisted herself round to shove her hot wet tongue inside James's mouth, her hand grasping his hair roughly. They passionately kissed as Elizabeth slowed the rhythm down, her orgasm coming to a satisfying end. She opened her eyes and gave James a cheeky smile as she got up in front of him. “Don't forget to change the sheets,” she playfully said as she tapped his ass and strutted to the door. She wiggled her amazing bum and winked at him before slipping back up to their room on the top floor.

James stood there, totally spent, still not believing how his night had turned out, thinking that he had just been used by Elizabeth for her sexual gratification. A wry smile crossed his lips as he realised that she never ceased to amaze him. He changed the sheets and retired upstairs to his now back to normal girlfriend, kissed her goodnight, gave her a goodnight pinch on the bum and joined her in a long comfortable sleep.

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