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The best raise ever!

Then he bent me over the table, hiked up my skirt, slid my soaked lace thong over to the side..
I'd been teasing him for weeks now. I knew that he wanted to fuck me, and I knew that he wouldn't wait much longer to do it. Right now he looked pained as he discreetly adjusted his hard-on through his trouser pants while watching me jiggle my arms (and tits) in an attempt to free the paper jam from the copier.

He loosened his tie a bit as he cleared his throat, then turned his attention to the computer monitor in front of him. I walked over to the other side of the copy machine and bent over to reload the tray, knowing that the high slit in my narrow pencil skirt would show just a hint of ass cheeks, and my 4 inch work heels did amazing things to my calves, currently on display for him.

He stood abruptly from his seat. "Jewel, I need to see you in the conference room. NOW!" he demanded as he walked away.

I smiled to myself as I followed him, knowing very well that everyone would be speculating (correctly) about what would be happening in the next room.

I played coy and knocked briefly, then walked inside the conference room, my back facing him as I turned to shut the door. My intentions were to ask him what he wanted, but I barely had a chance to shut the door, when I felt his stiff cock pressed hard up against my back, my breasts pressed firmly against the cool wooden door as he gyrated his hard body up against me.

"I know this is what you've been wanting from me for weeks now," he said between ragged breaths, while he moved his hands roughly over my body.

"I have no idea what the fuck you're talking about, but back the fuck off before I make your dick useless for at least a week!"

He stepped back quickly, having heard rumors about how I handled men who came on too strongly, he wasn't sure whether or not they were true. The look in my eyes warned him that he shouldn't take his chances.

"Look Jewel, you walk around here in fuck me pumps, showing me your tits whenever you lean over my desk. I mean, shit, I'm not a fucking saint. What did you expect?" he said as little beads of sweat formed at his temples.

"I expect you to act like a fucking man, not a dog in heat. What did you think would happen when you pressed your dick up against me?" I asked him as I walked towards him, my hands quickly unbuckling his belt, and slacks. "Did you think I'd just let you fuck me?" I said, as I knelt down in front of him.

"I call the shots. I say who and when" I said to him as I freed his very engorged penis from his boxers by wrapping my hand around the base of the shaft.

"I know, but..." the rest of his sentence ended on a long groan as I engulfed his cock with my mouth. I used my right hand to play with his balls, while my left hand quickly guided his enormous member into my mouth, but only about halfway in. Pulling my head back I smiled up at him, then lowered my hot tongue over his balls, licking and sucking one at a time, then taking them both into my mouth, while I ran my finger over the the tip of his erection.

"Fuck. I had a feeling you'd be good at giving head," he said as he played with my hair.

Using my tongue to guide my way down, I flicked it over the very sensitive spot just behind his nut sack, allowing my fingers to follow the trail of saliva, sliding them farther back still.

I licked my way back to his cock, his juices glistening at the opening, then in one smooth movement, I slid his cock deep into my mouth at the same time that my finger caressed his asshole. Before he had a chance to object, I rammed the entire length of him into my throat, and slipped a finger into his ass at the same time.

"Damn. Fuck. What the fuck...that feels so fucking good," he grunted as he started rocking his hips back and forth against my throat and finger. He was getting his asshole fingered by me and loving every second of it.

I'm so turned on by this, that my pussy is no longer wet, it's dripping. I'm literally aching between my legs for him. He's getting close, I can feel it, but I'm not ready for him to cum yet so I noisily pulled his cock out of my mouth while I slid my finger out of him. As I'm standing up, I popped my tits out of my bra, then pulled his calloused hands up over them. His mouth replaced his hands, as his hands made their way down between my legs. He rubbed his rough hands over my mound, the combination of his skin and the lace making my cunt sopping wet.

He grabbed me by the hips and turned me around so that my ass was pressed up against his throbbing cock. Then he bent me over the table, hiked up my skirt, slid my soaked lace thong over to the side, and slid inside my twat. He filled my hole, stretching my tight pussy out as he rammed himself into me.

"Fuck yea. Faster. Fuck me faster. Is that all you got?" I screamed out at him. His dick was deliciously hurting my cunt as it slid in and out of me, his balls slapping my clit with each thrust.

He grabbed me by my hair and yanked hard on it as he pushed himself completely into me. I swear I thought is shaft was going to come out through my belly button! This motherfucker is huge, and what's more, he knows exactly what to do with it!

He pulled out of me, leaned over and hoarsely said to me "Hang on to something bitch," then without warning, slid his cock into my ass. I was so fucking wet that we didn't need any lube whatsoever. I yelled out as he viciously thrust himself farther into me, holding on to my hips, so that he could better pump himself into me.

I'm moaning and screaming at this point, not caring if our coworkers were able to hear me through the thin walls. I felt myself getting close, so I held on to the table with one hand, then slid the other one down between my legs. I took turns between stroking my clit, and playing with his balls as they slapped up against my dripping pussy.

"Fuck me. Yea that's it! Fuck me!" I thrust my hips back on him, pushing him in deeper and faster as I felt my walls quiver and tighten up around him. I came, exploding my cream onto my hand as he continued to pump his dick into my ass.

His moans are a combination of grunts and animal sounds as he says "I'm coming," so I turn my head back and look him in the eyes as he pulls out and furiously pumps his hot sticky cum all over my lower back, and down between my ass.

"That's the best raise I've ever gotten at work," I said to him as we dressed.

He chuckled and shook his head, "I don't now how you did it, but you got exactly what you wanted. Before I knew you, it had never occurred to me that I'd actually enjoy anal sex."

Oh, he didn't know me at all, but he would, inside and out before I was through with him.

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