The Boss' Wife

By Ken_Riley

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A new employee is seduced by his boss' wife and caught by his boss' daughter.
When I came to work for the movie production company in September, the most interesting and most heard rumor whispered by the guys in my office was about Cynthia, the boss’ wife. According to them, she was a knockout; a tall, sexy, blue-eyed blond with the longest legs God had ever given a woman. She was an actress and seen only at the annual Christmas party that the boss threw at his home in Beverly Hills. They said that he keeps a photo of Cynthia on his desk, but since I hadn’t met him yet, I didn’t even have that to satisfy my curiosity. Needless to say, all the men in the company, married or single, were looking forward to the next Christmas party.

* * * *

The day of the annual Christmas Party finally arrived, so my excitement and anticipation of seeing this Cynthia were high. His “home” in Beverly Hills was actually a 14,000 square-foot mansion, complete with ten bedrooms, twelve bathrooms, large movie theater, rec. room, tennis court, and a large swimming pool with a large Jacuzzi.

As people arrived at his house, the boss made sure to bring Cynthia around to meet them. When they walked over to me, he didn’t recognize me, so I introduced myself.

“Hello Mr. Jensen. I’m Mark Hanson. I’m a new employee and haven’t had the opportunity to meet you yet. I work in Animation.”

“Oh yes! Mark Hanson. I’ve read your resume. Very impressive! Welcome to the company and to our home. This is my wife, Cynthia.”

All the rumors were dead on. She was gorgeous! She was a tall, sexy, blue-eyed blonde! I would have to give her the indefinable, but accurate label of a “willowy blonde.” She was wearing a short white skirt and white halter top that emphasized her ample breasts.

I held out my hand and Cynthia took it.

“It’s nice to meet you Ms. Jensen.”

“Please call me Cynthia.” I noticed her eyes narrow as she scanned me up and down.

“Are you fitting in at the company yet?”

“Well, it’s a big place. I’m working at it.”

The boss said, “Come on, dear. There’s someone else I want you to meet.”

Cynthia hadn’t taken her eyes off of me, “We’ll talk later.”


And off she went to meet someone else. I continued to watch her as the two of them made the rounds, meeting everyone. She smiled and chatted with each one briefly, but kept glancing back at me, always knowing where I was.

After an hour or so everyone had arrived, Cynthia had been introduced, and she was free to schmooze on her own. She spoke briefly with folks as she made her way steadily toward me.

“I’ll bet you haven’t had the tour yet, have you?”

“You mean of your house?”


“No I haven’t, but from what I can see here, it is beautiful and immense!”

“Come on. I’ll give you the fifty cent tour.”

She put her arm through mine and led me around the first floor and showed me the theater and rec. room, the large gourmet kitchen, etc. I was overwhelmed with the size and the obvious cost of the place, and that was just the first floor of the three-story house!

“Well, this is all the ordinary stuff. Let me show you some really special places.”

She led me to a small door in the butler’s pantry, behind which was a narrow staircase leading up to the servants’ quarters. From there, she led me up to the third floor.

“We never come up here. There are four guest rooms on this floor that never get used.”

As Cynthia led me into one of the bedrooms, she closed the door and pushed me against it, pressed her body against mine, and kissed me passionately, her tongue exploring my mouth expertly.

I was in total shock and at the same time, totally excited by this gorgeous blonde pressing her body against me. I could feel her breathing as her breasts pushed against my chest. Her perfume was intoxicating; her lips soft as I slid my hands around her bare back.

“I’m so hot to have you I couldn’t wait to get those boring introductions out of the way.”

“Cynthia! Your husband is my boss!”

“I don’t care. He hasn’t touched me in three years and I want you right now. We should hurry.”

With that she pulled me to the bed and lay down, pulling me on top of her. We struggled to get my pants down and her skirt up.

When my fully erect cock was finally free, she brought her knees up, took my cock and put it to her wet pussy and said, “Fuck me hard. I’m so damn aroused!”

I grabbed a handful of her soft hair in one hand, lifted her hips with the other, and thrust my cock all the way into her without the slightest thought as to whether she could take my ten inches or not.

“Oh! God! God you’re huge! Oh fuck me!”

My desire was to be a good employee, so I did what the boss’ wife wanted. I slammed my cock into Cynthia harder and deeper as she put her feet on my back and arched her pelvis up to give me maximum access to her body.

“Uhh! Uhh! Uhh!” She was crying out louder and louder as her climax approached.

I was worried about someone hearing her, so I quickly put my hand over her mouth.

“Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!”

That was better, but still quite loud.

She shook her head to remove my hand and whispered, “I’ll be quiet. Just don’t stop fucking me. I want to cum so bad!”

I continued to pound into her for four or five more minutes until she began to grown and raise her hips even higher against my thrusting.

Then she cried out, “Oh FUCK!”

I quickly put my hand over her mouth again.

“Mmmm! Mmmm! She was having a spine tingling climax, so I just pushed my cock into her and held it there to let her work with it in whatever way she wanted. She looked so gorgeous under me, my hand over her mouth, her eyes tightly closed, her short blonde hair still styled nicely around her face, humping me so hard that the bed was squeaking and bouncing.

The vision and the feel of Cynthia brought me to a mind-blowing climax of my own. I began to shoot off in her just as her climax was ending. She felt me cumming and continued to hump me as I spurt my load deep inside her.

I was just finishing and trying to catch my breath when I heard a voice from behind me, “Great performance, Mom! That’s a wrap. Dad will love this!”

Cynthia and I quickly looked around to see her daughter standing there using her cell phone to make a video of our lovemaking.

“Patricia! Oh God!

I rolled off and Cynthia got up and ran toward her daughter as she backed out the door. I quickly pulled up my pants thinking, “Great! I knew this was going to happen! There goes my job.”

I could hear Cynthia and Patricia in the hall arguing and screaming.

“Give me that phone, Patricia!”

“No way! I’ll just keep it safe in case I ever need it.”

“Give it to me Patricia or you’ll regret it!”

“I don’t think so. As long as I have this video, there’s nothing you can do to me. As a matter of fact, I think I’ll fuck your boyfriend and make you watch! How about that?”

“You would never do that.”

“Just watch me,” Patricia said with a laugh.

I was able to escape the room and find my way downstairs and back to the party as the two of them continued to argue. But, I had no intention of sticking around to see what happened next, so I quickly made my exit while no one was watching. 

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