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The Bridegroom's sister

When I was invited to the wedding, I hadn't remebered the groom's sister. Now I'll never forget her.

When guests had arrived at Matt and Linda's wedding they arrived up the long, sweeping gravel drive of a magnificent country mansion. Ancient oak trees lined the approach and as the road broadened to a gravel flat upon which horse-drawn carriages had trotted for centuries, the finest example of pre-Victorian country mansions came in to full view. What a place for a wedding.

The spectacular venue made it even more surprising that I was invited since catering for each guest must have come at some considerable expense and I had only known the happy couple when we were much younger. In fact I had only really known Matt and his siblings.

As I cast my eyes around the guests it was, to use a hackneyed expression, like stepping back in time. There had been no strict dress code but everyone, especially the women, had done a stunning job in matching their attire to the location. All of a sudden at seemed as if it was some kind of dream in which, lithe, elegant ladies floated between rooms on gusts of summer breeze, neck-(or sometimes collar... or cleavage...) to toe in the most gorgeous of simple yet beautiful full-length dresses.

Standing in one of the many resplendent drawing rooms of the building I was approached by one of these visions in flowing silk.

About 3 inches shorter than my 6' 2", tumbling, silky brunette locks that begged for a hand to be run through them. Mahogany brown eyes that were somehow radiant despite their colour set back under lids made just subtly dark by the perfect application of make-up. An elegantly small mouth with the softest looking small pink rosebud lips smiled an illuminating smile at me.


I was dumbfounded. I'm always one to try to be a gentleman but I couldn't help letting my eyes slide languorously over the supple, lithe body wrapped in gorgeous red silk down to her toes, strapless, the neck cut straight above her breasts, showing elegant smooth collar bones draped in an adorable, thin chain of gold from which hung a pendant. Just the suggestion of curved hips, more than the suggestion of an extremely pert but small-ish chest, perfectly in proportion with her athletic frame and not a hint of protrusion from her midriff, giving away the flattest of stomachs.

"Hi, Joe! I didn't know you'd be here!"

My eyes snapped up to the creamy-pale, perfect face. The doe eyes. That alluring mouth forming a genuine, warm smile you could almost bask in like the sun. Her big brown ringlets tumbled freely over her bare, perfectly smooth shoulders and gold pendant earrings glinted through them.

"I'm sorry, I don't - uh - I don't believe we've..." I began, clumsily thrusting out my hand.

I was transfixed by this angelic face.

"It's me! Alex..."

I must have stilled looked shocked.

"...andra... Alexandra! Matt's sister!"

She giggled. Not a girlish, silly giggle but a warm, slightly deep, subtle laugh that rippled beautifully.

"Jesus fu-" I caught myself "I mean Jesus... Christ!"

It was with a jolt of realisation that I understood that the goddess standing before me, this perfect creature, was the groom's older sister. Only older by about two years but we had never really been friends in the past. I hadn't liked girls with curly brown hair and glasses and teeth that looked too big for her mouth and a flat chest and boy-clothes back then. I didn't like it now but what I remembered Alexandra as, and what was now standing before me, were not the same animal. Not from the same planet. Not the same universe.

I fumbled again for words. "Oh! But... glasses... I."

"Contacts." She smiled.

"I see but... wow. Hi, hello." I felt exponentially more stupid by the second. The warm but fabulously opulent surroundings blurred and the other guests in the room slipped away from my mind as I looked at her. She didn't look like she had dressed up for the occasion. She looked like she belonged here. Looked like she was some kind of unimaginably rich, indescribably beautiful heiress. I was paying so little attention to anything else that I had to swallow down the creeping feeling that we were alone. If we had been I am not sure I would have been able to talk at all.

I cleared my throat a little and tried again. "I'm so sorry, Alex, I just didn't recognise you. It must be... what?"

"Seven years?"

"About that, yeah. Jesus, you've changed! You look-" I was never a natural compliment giver, I didn't want it to sound insincere or generic. As emphatically as I could I concluded, "incredible!" Shit, that was kind of generic. "I mean really beautiful. I mean I always thought you were pretty!" I laughed nervously. "I mean who doesn't fancy their friend's big sister?" I lied with a smile.

"Oh come off it Joe. You didn't at all." That laugh again. "But thank you, I hope I'm not looking as plain as I did back then." She accepted the compliment gracefully and with a little nod of her head.

Both taking a drink from a nearby waiter's tray she asked what I'd been doing the last few years. Trying desperately not to bore her I stumbled through the details, always self conscious that I wasn't worthy of talking to such an angel.

To my surprise she seemed genuinely interested and her laughs, nods and glittering smiles eventually put me at my ease. Soon I'd regained my composure and we were in full flow for what seemed like hours as the party buzzed on around us. I made sure to ask a lot about her. they're the rules. But we eventually got around to me.

"So what are you doing, Joe? You were also such a little smartarse when we were kids, I bet it's something terribly clever." She smiled wryly.

I rubbed the back of my neck and glanced down, everything about me and my life suddenly not worthy of her in my own head.

"I'm a... well I guess I'm a scientist. Sort of. I work in a lab. I did biology at university and now I work in a lab so... you know. Boring."

"No no," she said in what seemed like a genuine, warm almost whisper, "It's very interesting. I really like a man with a little intelligence..." Her eyes gazed in to mine intensely. I despaired at my lack of confidence as she was so clearly the master of the conversation.

She had told me she was writing for a couple of magazines. Freelance work. Having a lot of fun. Going to a lot of art galleries and working on a novel. She was very Bohemian. Definitely an intellectual but not a scientist. I thought about how boring I must be to her but how good a job she was doing of being polite. Which is why what happened next was such a shock.

"So are you... heh," I tried to sound as casual as possible. "Are you seeing anyone at the moment?"

She paused, silent for a suspenseful couple of seconds and my heart instantly sank, fully expecting the next words out of her mouth to be 'yes, I'm married with twelve kids'. A faint, curious sort of smile came to her lips and she exhaled softly before finally murmuring. "I don't think that matters right now... I'm bored of talking..."

They were the softest lips that mine had ever brushed. Her kiss was like a panacea and deep warmth flooded through all of my muscles. My fingertips just touching the curve of her hip, the smoothness of the satin and the firmness of her flesh underneath adding to the feeling that I was touching something precious, supremely delicate like cut glass.

A small sigh escaped her lips as she parted them ever so slightly but softly closed them again to keep the kiss light and playful. Her small cool hand slipped in to one of mine and she squeezed affectionately as our lips pressed again a little more firmly.

Squeezing her delicate hand back and flattening my other against her hip I became instantly deeply aroused at the feel of her perfect figure beneath the delightfully smooth fabric, feeling myself begin to thicken and lengthen considerably, suddenly.

I dared to open my eyes and could only see her perfectly dark and elegantly long fluttering eyelashes gently over closed eyes. Sinking back in to her kiss I slid my hand warmly over the long curve of her waist and down to the top of her thigh. Every inch of her divine flesh gloriously smooth and giving only slightly, firm and supple when I gave a barely perceptible squeeze, my hand covering what felt like the waistband of lace French knickers.

The hand that was not in mine found my upper arm and caressed my triceps and wound silkily up to my broad shoulder. I was completely lost in her touch and her kiss but I must have let forth a small, deep growl at her caresses for she sighed again more deeply, her small, firm, exquisite chest rising and falling a little more than before.

I wanted to inhale her scent. Breathe her in. And my mouth dragged itself away from her perfect lips and trailed warm kisses, interspersed with cascades of my hot breath, across her delicate cheek and jaw causing her to surrender her bare, soft neck to me with a tilt of her head and a flick of her glorious hair which sent deep brunette locks tumbling with the sound of shifting silk off her neck and shoulder and down her back.

Even with my eyes closed it was as if colours lit up my vision. As I scented her last shower lingering on the hot smooth skin of her neck a vision of her stepping from beneath the streaming water flooded my mind. Her pale and firm, poised, figure treading delicately on the the bathroom floor. Her small feel pooling the water droplets that ran quickly and hotly down her stomach, thighs and calves.

The next scent to hit me as I slipped my hand further around to her lower back to pull her in was the light dusting of talc she must have used to dry her sensitive skin, and then with the faint smell of the small amount of makeup she wore I could suddenly see her sitting before a dressing table, her opulent hair pinned up, applying her make up, her pert, beautiful breasts bare. The delicate pink nipples standing a little proud with the chill of nakedness, punctuating perfect small teardrop breasts, no larger than could fit snugly in my palm, of pearl-white.

Desperate to caress them I pulled her lithe body up against mine and with a surge of arousal fully stiffening my cock against her thigh, I slid my hand from her back, around her hip and up the side of her smooth tummy. She shuddered wordlessly and moaned under her breath as my large hand cupped one of her small breasts through her dress, my thumb playing gently over the skin just above the neckline. I cupped gently and caressed softly, the firmness and beautiful size bringing an involuntary growl from deep in my chest.

She shifted her long slender thighs just slightly, brushing them slowly against my already incredibly hard and thick erection through my pants and I growled again and breathed her name hotly on to her neck as I kissed and nuzzled it passionately. "Alexandra!"

With a decisive hold of her body I whirled her around so that her back was facing the magnificent grand piano that we stood beside.

Both hands fell to her sublimely curved hips and I stopped in my tracks, looking in to her perfectly deep and beautiful eyes, my breath already ragged with desire for her. With ease I lifted her angelic body by her hips and placed her down to sit atop the piano, her small breasts now thrust out and rapidly, deeply rising and falling in front of my eyes.

Seeing her there like poised like some cabaret star I instinctively lifted one of her little feet in its strappy red heel and kissed the top of it. As I lifted she reclined on to her elbows and gazed at me with her beautiful eyes, her chest thrust out above her sublime stomach.

My hands caressed her calf, massaging the firm muscles and gliding over the velvet skin as I planted warm soft kisses around her ankle and, lifting her slender leg a little higher, kissed further up. With every movement her dress was sliding silently up, first over her knees then revealing the bottoms of tender, perfect thighs.

I sat on the piano stool and with her leg resting on my shoulder moved to caress her bare thigh with my wandering hands and kiss onward up her calf. She mewled softly as my hands massaged the supple flesh of the underside of her thigh and my mouth soon followed to trail hot kisses up the inside.

By the time I was kissing and nuzzling up the inside of her thigh my cock reacted, straining forcefully against my pants, to the scent of her arousal. The flowing silk dress had fallen so far up her thigh that her knickers were almost visible between those statuesque legs and her mewls were coming with every deep breath.

With her scent spurring me on to the very top of her thighs and what lay between, I helped her dress along the rest of the way, brushing the hem up above her underwear and a little way up her tummy. Stopping to take the sight in, my breath caught in my throat as I gazed at her long, slim, parted legs. The creamy skin blemishless all the way up to the expensive French lace that still encased the tops of her thighs and wet through with desire where it plunged between them to cover her pussy.

This Goddess lay waiting, surrounded by all this opulence, atop the black lacquer of an antique piano, for me to worship her with my mouth. Her eyes now aflame with desire, her heart pounding in her delicate chest.

Caressing the outsides of her thighs up to her hips I sank my mouth towards her. One of her hands touched my forehead and buried itself in my hair while she lay back, her body now slightly turned to rest on one elbow. As she felt the warmth of my mouth press softly against her sensitive, slightly swollen pussy lips through the delicate lace and I inhaled the scent of her arousal her head fell back, her soft hair pooling on the piano top behind her. Her fingers tightened, gripping my hair and her hips involuntarily rose, her chest thrust out and she let out a long, deep passionate moan.

She felt me moan in turn as she gently tugged my mouth on to her and felt the subtle vibration exquisitely through her highly sensitised pussy lips. Showering her inner thighs and the beautiful black lace covering her soft slit with kisses I lost myself in her taste and feel. My hand gripped her hips and I slid her ass firmly towards me so I could nuzzle and kiss her fully. My fingers slid up under the sides of her knickers and with a smooth tug they slid down over her creamy skin and I moved back a little so that she could bring her legs together briefly.

When her knickers had glided down her legs she eagerly opened her thighs again leaving the underwear dangling from one of her high heeled shoes. The view I was treated to was a beautiful pussy.

Where her thighs came together her outer lips were plump and a little flush with colour, framing inner lips like deep-pink rose petals glistening with sweet, hot dew. She was soaked with excitement and a little rivulet ran down the beautifully formed slit. Her clit, clearly aroused, peeped out just beneath a narrow, neat, cropped landing strip of chestnut hair.

I must have been appreciating that gorgeous pussy for some time because she giggled shyly and my eyes snapped up to hers, seeing her flushed cheeks and blazing eyes. She flicked her hair and the caressed her own taut flat tummy, waiting.

"Oh God, please kiss me." She urged and her legs fell open a little wider.

I didn't need any more encouraging and my boxers must have been soaking with precum as nestled one of her legs back over my shoulder and took my first taste of her waiting pussy. Her gasps and mewls were divine as my mouth felt the heat of her and became covered in her wetness, first of all kissing those beautiful lips fully and passionately.

She let out a deep sigh of relief as her almost aching pussy was finally being pleasured and stroked my hair, pulling me on to her so that my kisses we full and wet. I very softly sucked and licked, lapping the whole length of her slit and planting kisses as I went. I pressed my mouth firmly against her, drawing another gasp and causing her to grip my hair and raise her slim hips. My hot tongue flicked teasingly before parting her inner lips and pushing in to her.

As my tongue entered her slit my fingertips ever-so-lightly found her clit and pressed, massaging smooth little circles over it. Hearing her moan my name breathlessly almost caused me to cum. I'd never been this aroused before and I hadn't even been touched. I was worried that a tension was mounting in my lower stomach and my cock was ready to erupt. Her pleasure was my pleasure and as I hoped to bring her to orgasm, the prospect of reaching it myself surged through my muscles.

Taking my mouth away from her for just a moment allowed me to trace my fingertips down from her clit and part her lips with my fingers. As soon as she felt them dip in to her she rolled her hips and pushed then down, desperate for her g-spot to be touched. I pushed two fingers deep and as I felt the enveloping, silky heat of her my cock reacted and I growled deeply. Oh God, was I going to...?

I held on and kissed her clit, holding her hips down with my one free hand and smoothly stimulating her with my other fingers deep inside. I nuzzled her and sucked softly, her clit feeling the wet heat of my lips and the flick and caress of my tongue. Her breath was coming in short sharp little pants and with her head back, chest thrust up and hips held down she began to writhe uncontrollably, her ass sliding over the black piano top.

"Joe, Joe!" She uttered my name between gasps and mewls but it seemed wholly involuntary and she couldn't say anything else. I sucked her clit between my lips and with a long soft stroke of my tongue she squealed and her body quaked. Her fingers curled as if she were trying to grip the smooth piano top and those of her other hand gripped my hair. She lifted one high-heeled foot and it came to rest on the piano keys, trying to steady her body which had begun to jolt and wriggle, shot through with irresistible, crackling electric waves of intensity.

All of her muscles tightened and shuddered hard and she gasp my name again before the stamp of her foot on the keys made the piano reverberate with a rich deep tone. It seemed to vibrate deeply throughout her whole, goddess-like figure and, reaching the peak of her incredible tension, with a long, passionate "Ooohh!" escaping her beautiful lips she gave in to the release of a sumptuous, deep orgasm.

She cried out in ecstasy as I felt her pussy tighten up and a fresh flow of her luscious wetness flooded on to my mouth. Gripped in total physical pleasure she held my mouth on her and came vigorously in long, rolling orgasms which rumbled to agonisingly pleasurable climaxes before subsiding into shuddering waves, only to climb again to new heights of astonishing bliss.

Her beautiful body was gripped by pleasure and as she rode the crest of orgasm after orgasm, her pleasure and the taste, the feel of her, caused my aching solid cock to erupt powerfully. I growled and moaned on to her as load after thick, rich load of cum spurted from my cock in to my pants.

In her euphoria she perceived that I was cumming and gave another squeal and a giggle. She breathlessly uttered my name as her body ceased shuddering, twitching only occasionally as she leaned back, helpless on the piano.

"Ohh, that was wonderful!" she sighed dreamily.

"It was a pleasure to serve you," is all I could think to say as I sat up and stroked my hands along the bare, hot skin of her thighs.

"So I can see," she replied with a giggle, eyeing my still solid cock through my pants. "We should really rejoin the party, if you're quite ready..." Her smile lit up her face again and filled me with admiration and desire. She slid off the piano and picked up her lace knickers from where they had fallen on the floor. Pushing the front of her exquisite body lightly against mine she kissed my mouth and tucked the underwear in to my pocket. She smiled and linked my arm..

I nodded at the piano top, the wetness of her incredible excitement had pooled on the gleaming surface. "I'm sure the waiters can take care of that," she said with a sly laugh before kissing me full on the lips again. She slowly ran the tip of her tongue along each of her lips and with a little appreciative "mmm", tasted them.

"Shall we?" I gestured to the door and we left the room heavy with the scent of our shared passion.
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