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The Cabin by The Lake Final Chapter

Bull slowly gets up out bed grumbling under his breath and his rough hands running down his face. Walking to the shower, he gets in to start a long day. The doorbell rings as he steps out of the shower. Knowing it is probably just Paige, he wraps the towel around his waist to open the door and let his best friend in.

Paige smiles at Bull, "Hiya B."

"Hello Paige, darling, let me get dressed and I'll make you something to eat and drink."

"Okie dokie B."

Rolling his eyes at Paige's nickname she gave him long ago, he goes in the bedroom getting dressed in his usual jeans and a tank top. Walking back into the kitchen, he sees Paige sitting on the counter waiting for food.

Grinning at Paige, Bull grabs her off the counter and sits her on the chair, then turns to make something for her and himself, cooking up Paige's favorite breakfast bacon and eggs.

"Hey B?"

"Yes, Darling?"

"What is the plan for the day?"

"I was thinking we could just chill and watch movies today."

"Sweetness, what movies, B?"

" I was thinking about the Hobbit or something like that."

Setting the food in front of Paige they both eat in silence. Bull watched Paige's every move, his heart hammering hard. He knew he was going to tell her how he felt finally.

Finishing up their food, they both went into the livingroom and got the movie started. Pressing play Bull sits down in his usual comfortable recliner. Today seemed different as he watched and Paige sat down on his lap. 

Before he could say a word, Paige kisses him. Groaning as her soft juicy lips touched his rough ones, he couldn't stop himself He deepened the kiss bringing her closer to his body.

She could feel Bull getting hard from the kiss. Paige moaned as he grabbed her ass moving his body against hers. Their kissing became more passionate as Bull grabbed Paige's hair and moved his lips from her plump lips to her neck. 

Pulling Paige's shirt off over her head, his eyes widened as her bare breast come into view. 

"Damn babe"

Bull greedily takes in the sight of Paige's nipples, just the right size for sucking on, groaning as his lips touch her soft nipple. Her moans turn him on even more, his dick getting harder. Pinching Paige's other nipple in his rough hand, her moans becoming louder. 

He couldn't believe this was happening. He sure the hell hoped it wasn't a dream again. His hands start to roam her silky smooth skin. Bull quickly pulls her shorts off and sees that Paige isn't wearing panties. He gulps in a breath, his shaft twitching at the scene. Her pussy already wet and glistening, he can't help but to take his fingers and rub on her clit. 

Paige grabs his hand and looks at him, lust in her eyes. 

"Please fuck me, no more foreplay. Fuck me hard."

He smiles at her; nods and unbuttons his pants, pulling them down his legs. Stroking his length as Paige watches biting her lips, he hovers over Paige, the tip of his cock against her pussy. He kisses her as he slowly pushes himself inside her. 

Both of them groan, their bodies fitting together like a piece of a puzzle. Thrusting into her tight heat harder, his hands hold onto her hips pulling her body closer. Feeling her cunt around his dick squeezing his length, his pace goes faster as he pounds into her. 

His eyes roll back as Paige cries out in pleasure as she comes. His hands grip her hips tighter as he explodes inside her deeply.  Panting for breath holding onto Paige, he looks down at her as he softens.

"Paige, baby I am in love with you. I have loved you for so long. I don't want to ever let you go."

"Bull, I love you babe. You know why I can't stay here."

Sighing, he knows she is right, no matter how much they truly love each other, they are only just best friends,and  that's all they will be for now. 

Kissing Paige one last time before they get up and dress, he watches as Paige walks out the door. He looks down at his hand and the ring that that is around it. Paige may love him even though he is still married. 





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