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The Club

The pole dancing slut gets a hardcore fucking buy a paying customer.
Hello all, this is my first story, so tell me how it goes please!

To start off, I am an 18 year old girl who works as a stripper in a bar down in Australia. Since my 18th birthday, I have fucked my brains out, not going a single week without a good, hard fuck.

Not every client gets to fuck me, but the guys with the big tips meet me out the back of the club when I'm finished if they wan't me.

I thought I would write a story about one of my latest clients, a big boy with big bucks.

I was working my usual time, ten to two, hoping I'd have a client to fuck me hard tonight. I was so ready for it. As I was working the pole, I noticed a fit guy in the front; he was walking over to my platform, so I kept dancing, looking straight into his eyes. He came in front of me and I knew from the look he gave me I would be deeply satisfied tonight.

I kept working hard as he stuffed big tips down the front of my skimpy outfit. After I had finished, I went out the back looking for him. As I thought, he was standing there, an obvious tent in his pants. He introduced himself as Zane, from England.

We went into one of the private rooms and he got straight to business without speaking a word. He threw me onto the bed roughly, quickly stripping off both of our clothes. He sat on my chest, pushing his big, easily eight inch cock, into my mouth and fucking it.

I was in total shock; it was all happening so fast and I was getting wet. My mouth was being abused, but I was getting wet very quickly. His cock was as hard as the poles I danced on, so he took it out. With a quick and dominating "On the floor, hands and knees," I was pushed to the ground, my bare pussy glistening in his face. I felt his bulbous head pushing against my tight wet pussy.

I pushed against him, enveloping his cock. It was thick and stretched me fully as he started to fuck me hard and aggressively. We were both moaning, and I knew it wouldn't be long before I had my first thunderous orgasm. A few strokes later, it happened. I would have collapsed if it wasn't for his hands that were kneading my full breasts keeping me in position.

He soon pulled out, scooping some of my juices out, and started to rub them all over my puckered brown ring. He put two fingers in, making me groan in a mixture of pleasure and pain. He pushed them in and out, and I started to relax and push back on them, enjoying the feeling of something up my ass. He pulled them out too soon, but they were soon replaced by his cock; the head pushed in, the rest following inch by inch.

Getting it all in stretched me. In both pleasure and pain I groaned at the feeling of being ripped in two. He pulled out almost fully, then quickly rammed it back in me again and again until I felt him tense. He turned me over, pumped his cock through his hands and shot his load over my tits.

Quietly he got dressed and left, leaving me lying there shuddering in fulfilment.

Thanks for reading! This is my first story, I know it isn't very long, but I would love your votes and opinions!

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