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The Club

The true story of my last strip club visit. One that probably wont be beaten, not that I won't try…
This is an absolutely true account of the last time I visited an adult establishment when my wife and kids were out of town. I wrote most of this the day after, for a friend. I only made a couple minor fixes to post it here. Every so often I try to treat myself to a little naughty adult fun, but this trip was exceptional.

So, I was already a little horny when I left home on a Tuesday morning. Working from home makes sneaking out pretty easy. It took me an hour to get there, between driving to the commuter train station and the ride into the city. The station I got off at was directly in front of the club, which was awesome. Also, I didn't have to worry about driving into the city and finding somewhere to park.

The place opened at 11:30 and I got there just before noon. I wanted to avoid the lunchtime crowd, such as it is. I went inside quickly, as I used to work in that area of the city and there'd be a chance of running into someone I know. Not much of a chance, but enough to make me a bit nervous. That, and the fact I was paranoid of my wife calling me while en route had me with butterflies the whole way there.

I went up the carpeted stairwell, surrounded by mirrors and the faint scent of perfume to the club. 

After paying my $9 cover, I went in and bought my $9 bottle of water. Those are the rules. Then I turned around to see who was there. I was looking at a large, dimly lit room with a stage on one side, tables and chairs in the center, and little booths lining the back two walls. There was dance music playing a little too loudly...

And I was the only customer there.

I sat down by the stage and, after a minute or two, Nikki came out to dance. I put a dollar out in front of me and she came over and looked down and smiled. She was about 5'7" and thin, with perky little tits with long nipples. I found that out when she bent over me, gave me a little hug, then removed her bikini top. Since I was the only guy there, she gave me a great little show. I put some more money out for her and she removed the rest of her skimpy clothes. 

Her body was nice, with a shaved pussy. Her dance lasted three songs during which she alternated between playing with herself, getting on all fours and facing away from me and draping herself over me while I sat there. Just before she finished, she reached down and dragged her fingernails across my shorts feeling my very hard cock.

She asked if I would like a "dance" and I said "yes."

There are two kinds of dances at this club. $20 gets you a seat in a semi-private booth on a low one-person couch. It lasts 4 or 5 minutes. The dancer removes all but her g-string and climbs onto you. Depending on how good she is, these dances can be quite fulfilling. The other "dance" is a bed dance. That will set you back $90 and you lay back on a little bed and she crawls on top of you. All the dancers will say that this is the better dance because more can happen. In my fairly limited experience this is only true if the dancer really wants to give you more, otherwise, it's $90 for three songs instead of $20 for one.

Anyway, I sat down. While she was waiting for the current song to end, Nikki ran her hands up underneath my shorts, almost to my cock. She just laughed at me when I rolled my eyes at her. I liked her… she had fun. She wasn't just there for the money (ok, she obviously was, but I was willingly suspending my disbelief). 

When our song started she climbed aboard and started to grind her crotch against mine, letting her pointy nipple drag across my lips. I popped it into my mouth and sucked gently. I asked her if that was OK, and she nodded. You don't ever want to cross that invisible line between OK and not OK. And I don't ever want to be escorted out because I crossed it. This place is more lax on the rules; normally it's no-touch and the guys' hands are supposed to stay at his side. But my hands roamed everywhere from her perky tits to her tight ass. 

At one point, she faced away from me and sat down on my lap, laying back. As she reached under her ass to play with my cock through my shorts I ran my hands over her tits and down towards her g-string. There was no sign of disapproval so I kept going until I was gently running fingers over her pussy on the outside of the fabric. I pushed my luck and slid my hand inside until my fingers were rubbing her pussy lips.

She said, "You're naughty," but it was a statement, not an accusation. I told her if I did anything she didn't like, to please tell me, and I'd stop, but she never said a word. 

Soon the song ended, and she asked if I wanted another dance as she played with my now throbbing cock through my shorts. I said I'd like a bed dance (normally they try to get you to go for that right away, but she was definitely a "soft-sell.") so we went one to one of those booths. 

I kicked off my sandals and laid down. This time, while she waited for the song to end, she slid her hand up under my shorts and played with my cock. She said she hoped I didn't mind. I just smiled and closed my eyes. 

Once the first of the three songs started, it was basically like before, only I was laying down. Soon she was sitting over my cock, grinding against it. She then reached inside my shorts and underwear to touch me. Pulling my shorts down just a little so that now my cockhead was peeking out. As she did this I slid my thumb into her g-string and began to gently massage her clit. 

We just stayed that way, playing with each other. She looked into my eyes as she licked her fingers and expertly rubbed them on the sensitive exposed underside of my little head. I told her I'd cum soon if she kept that up. She asked if that was ok. My answer was "Yes," so, while I continued to play with her clit, we looked into each other's eyes, and she made me cum using just her two wet fingers. 

It was heavenly. It was intense. It was a little messy, too, but I had worn a longer, untucked shirt, just in case I had a stain to cover up. And, best of all, she didn't seem to care. She bent over and kissed me and ground herself against me some more and asked if it was good. I'm not sure what I said, as my power over language had temporarily left me.

I paid up and she gave me a hug and another soft kiss on the lips. I think she thought it was cute that I was so speechless.

The ride home seemed to take a much shorter time than the trip into the city. I was still dazed by it all, and still horny. Guess who I thought about later, when that pressure built up again?

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