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The Deflowering of My Mouth

A Puppy True Account
Joe entered the room with his usual cocky flare. He always seems to feel like no matter how late he is that nothing happens until he gets there. He pisses me off big time. But I have to bite my tongue because my mistress is passionate over Joe and I am already due for punishment. As a matter of fact it was the purpose of this get together.

I have this badass streak. I am not your typical weak, whiney, fucking piss-ant submissive. I would just as soon kick your ass than obey you. However, it is only Chanel who holds this power over me. I am not sure where it comes from but I crave obeying her. I am compelled to do as she says. She is of Gypsy heritage and I swear she has a spell on me.

In any case she summoned me to her place for punishment. The fact that I just saw Joe enter is of some concern as I am assuming that she will enjoy his company as they both punish me.

It is a strange relationship. Chanel and I are in love. I mean intense “spend the rest of your life together” kind of love. We can’t stand to be apart. We need each other and love every minute we spend with each other. However she is the mistress and she loves to put me in my place and show me off, letting others see her power.

At the same time she has this erotic love for Joe but more as a “Can you cum out and play” kind of love. He is the toy but I am the constant.
On this day Chanel made me put on a red short skirt with pink panties and nylons to accentuate my manly, muscular, but sexy legs. She made me stand on a pedestal holding a sign that said “Joe’s Girl”. She loves to please Joe by humiliating me and taking away my manhood in his presence. This was not the end of the world because I knew I had more manliness in my thumb nail than he had in his whole body. So when this was all over it was still me that Chanel was hot for because I exuded manliness even in panties.

“Puppy?“ she called for me, “come and serve Joe and me a drink.”

She loved sitting in his lap and burying her face in his chest hair.

She loved making me watch as they played. Joe situated her on his lap his larger than life erection so hard that she had to sit around it. He positioned it in between her legs, her perfect sexy legs.

She began to wiggle feeling his hardness rub between her legs as she sat on his lap.

I served them drinks as they played.

I saw Joe lightly with the back of his hand brush Chanel’s nipples. I know from experience this drives her crazy. I feel the jealousy erupting inside. However, I am the slave and I must know my place.

Chanel knows this is punishment to me. Although, it’s the strangest thing, I feel jealousy very sincerely and deeply but at the same time it fuel the flames to my sexual core. How can I watch another man play with my mate and feel such jealousy and still be aroused and stand by submissively. Who knows? But it is what it is.

His nipple ploy worked with precision. Her hips began to rotate as she sat on his lap with his hardness between her legs. He was now rubbing her nipples as she moaned, “Oh my God don’t stop.” She grabbed his hair with both hands and pulled his lips to hers. She kissed him with a passion only a gypsy possesses. I had to watch as their mouths opened wide and they began to suck passionately each others tongue.

She made eye contact with me as if to say, “Take that you bad boy?”

“Puppy crawl over here and fondle Joe’s balls for him. Help me please him.”

I grudgingly complied and I got on all fours and crawled to Joe and began fondling his balls. She was now facing him on his lap his cock between her legs and his fingers deftly exciting her from every direction.

He reached down and twisted my nipples as they both chuckled.

Chanel knew that when she twists my nipples it sends a female shiver through my body. Being the manly type I try to contain it but she always gets me to react and show her what a girl I can be. My hardness then shows how turned on this gets me but at least it delivers me from complete femininity.

She must have told Joe about my nipple sensitivity and now they both laugh as Joe orders me to be his girl. I speak in a high voice and say, “I am your girl.”

They laugh hard and high five each other.

“Puppy? Did I tell you to stop fondling his balls? I am gonna make you suck him off if you don’t shape up.”

She knew that I do not have a gay bone in my body ( I do not have anything against it. I am just not it). She would love to test my obedience and have my mouth lose its virginity.

Joe suggested she do it now.

They were kissing. Joe’s hand moved from my nipples to between Chanel’s legs. I have this thing I do that drives her crazy. Using two fingers and my thumb I pinch, no more like clamp her clitoral are with just the right power and strength in a dominating fashion. Her body then succumbs to a wave of passion. She loves how well I know her body.

She made me teach Joe the pinch thing.

Now I sit kissing his balls as he drives her crazy with his fingers.

Her hips gyrating now as if begging for more.

Joe slides his fingers inside her.

“Oh my God Puppy. Suck Joe's cock. I am gonna turn you into Joe’s personal little girly cocksucker.”

Obediently I put my hand on Joe's hardness and begin stroking as my mouth approaches. Chanel was now moving up and down fucking Joe's fingers as he sucked her nipples.

I began sucking him tentatively. I was obviously new at this.

“Suck me like a greedy pig my girl,” said Joe.

My mouth no longer virgin seemed to know just what to do. I sucked harder and faster. I sucked greedily like I couldn’t get enough. Chanel was bouncing up and down pounding his fingers. Joe was twisting her nipples and moaning with every suck I made. My mistress Chanel then pushed my head away and lifted her body up and impaled herself onto Joe’s manliness.

I was shocked. She had never gone that far in punishing me. She would always stop short of penetration. That was mine. But she fucked him now like she couldn’t get him deep enough. Riding him like a horse. They both began moaning as the heat rose and the jackpot was close.

They exploded together in unison. I took it as very little consolation that Chanel screamed “Puuuuuppppppy!” as she exploded.

Exhausted and panting they separated still with legs and arms entangled in obvious affection.

“Puppy crawl over here and clean us both up with your mouth.” They threw back their heads laughing.

I obediently licked them both clean of each other’s cum.

Chanel saw the shocked look on my face as she realized she gave to another man what I thought was only mine.

“Hey if you have a problem I can also give your virgin ass away.”

“I know my place,” I responded.

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