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The Dinner Party -6

Parties can be fun...
The dinner party was in full swing. My assistant had once again done an excellent job at creating a professional but inviting atmosphere in my loft for my clients and wives. I set about making the typical circle but was distracted by the thought of finding Alisandrea here. I knew she would be late. I also knew she would be nervous. This wasn't her typical crowd but had promised to make an appearance.

I returned to the champagne fountain when a flash of dark maroon silk caught my eye. She stood amongst a group of men, casually talking and flirting with them. She was... impressive. Her hair was down but curled around her shoulders, silver jewelry, in a gown of deep maroon that fell to the floor and cradled her breasts beautifully. She wore no makeup but it wasn't needed with the creamy peachy complexion she possessed. My cock hardened instantly. The urge to take her to my bedroom and rip off the silk was overwhelming. This woman had the control to make me an animal in the bedroom. Not that she knowingly did it, of course.

Ali caught me staring and smiled as she talked. She blushed deeply and shook her hair back. I growled low in my throat and watched as her left hand rubbed her shoulder, skimmed her right breast, slid down her torso and gathered the silk in one hand. She pulled it up just enough for me to see the shiny, spangled flip flops she wore underneath the dress and dropped the dress back in place. I smiled back and chuckled to myself. I knew she hated heels. Only she could find a way to make flip flops work in silk at a formal party.

I made my way slowly over to her, pausing to speak to someone now and then. Her eyes never left me. I was dressed in black Hugo Boss, her favorite. My hair was loose, also her favorite with a bit of stubble just to tease her.

"I see you've made acquaintances, Alisandrea," I said as I walked up behind her. I casually placed my hand on her shoulder and greeted the few men and women standing around. As they continued the conversation I slid my hand down her arm, raising goose bumps. I let my hand travel down her bare back and skim down her left buttock. No underwear, good. The silk was soft but the woman underneath it was warm, alive and ready. I could smell her arousal. It was a particular scent to her skin, a certain heat that emanated from her body. Three months of fucking each other relentlessly will let you discover the subtle nuances of each other. I put my hand around her waist and excused us from the conversation, guiding us to the balcony where two guests were seated on the far end.

"It's a beautiful party, James," she said softly as she braced against the railing and faced me. I knew she hated heights but admired the courage in which she braved being on a simple balcony. Her breasts jutted out from her dress and I groaned. Soft white skin under the moonlight barely cradled in dark fabric. I pressed myself against her, letting her feel my erection and rubbed it against her sex. She groaned and let her head fall back, closing her eyes. I had refrained for two weeks from biting her during sex so she could wear a pretty frock for the party but her exposed neck made my mouth water. Ali lifted her head and smiled softly. She leaned into me and brushed soft lips to mine. She was up to something so I let her do what she desired. One hand wrapped around my waist as the other slid up my neck, my jaw, into my hair. She'd told me several times that the texture of my hair was a pure delight for her. Ali rubbed her cheek against the stubble and purred softly. I pulled her hair back and mouthed her neck. Damn, I wanted to bite it! I felt the tremor of lust thrill through her. She was ready for me and I wanted to take her, violently, right here and damn the guests.

"Mr. Eaton, we need you inside sir." The voice of my assistant broke through our little bubble and I pulled away from Ali.

"Stay," I commanded. She only nodded. I knew she couldn't speak at this point. I made my rounds and announcements, mingled a bit more but kept checking the clock.

I was edgy. I wanted to be rid of my guests and fuck Ali on the balcony against the cold marble. I wanted to see her nipples rise from the frigid air as her body convulsed around my cock.

I took a deep breath and pretended to be engrossed in a client's droning when I noticed Ali standing over by the dessert table thirty feet away. She picked up a piece of fruit and dipped it into the chocolate fondue and delicately took a bite. She smiled as a drop fell to her right breast. My favorite one. My cock grew uncomfortable in my slacks as Ali scooped up the spot and licked her finger. It was then she noticed that I was watching.

She lifted the fruit to her lips, kissing it, licking her lips free of the chocolate and bit into the fruit. She knew that my control was pushed to the limit. I excused myself and walked deliberately slow to the table. Ali smiled and picked up a slice of banana and dipped it again, taking slow measure to lick around the fruit and suck on it softly. She looked directly into my eyes and I could see the fire in her eyes. She wanted me to fuck her. She wanted me to make her curl around me as she climaxed hard. Very hard. I smiled rakishly and walked away from her.

I closed the party at midnight, and told my assistant to leave the cleaning till tomorrow. The elevator doors slid shut and I pressed the lock button.

I returned to the balcony but didn't see Ali anywhere. "James," her voice called softly to my right. She was lounging on the divan. I had to smile at the "shoes" lying on the marble as I moved to her. I could smell her lust from 20 feet away and when I reached her, I grabbed her ankles and pulled her down to the edge of the cushion and slid my hands up smooth calves, knees, thighs, finding her sex I pushed back the dress and buried my mouth on her clit. She arched and pushed into my face as she came instantly under my tongue. Ali stopped breathing completely as I drove her over the edge. I unbuckled my slacks and pulled my cock free from my briefs, suddenly letting go of her throbbing bud. She started to protest when I loomed over her and shoved inside her as hard as I could.

"Oh, shit!" She exclaimed softly as her legs drew up to my buttocks and pulled me in. I snaked one hand behind her head and kissed her hard as I fucked her. I wasn't gentle. This was pure animal lust and I intended to slake it inside this woman. Her sex was fire around my cock, gripping me reflexively and the slickness made me bury my mouth at the base of her neck and bite her. Ali convulsed around me as she climaxed, whimpering. She had accepted that primal side of myself and mixed it with her own animal lust. She held me tightly as she rode her orgasm on my cock, pushing me to my limit but I held back and slowed my pace as she relaxed under me. After a few minutes she opened her eyes.

I pulled out of her, my cock still stone and stood up, pulling her with me. I stripped and laid back on the divan. Ali smiled and released the tiny straps holding the dress in place. It fell to the flagstone and she stood before me, nude. Beautiful. She ran her hands down her body, pausing to cup her firm peachy tipped breasts, smooth down over her stomach and caress the top of her wet sex. Her head fell forward so I could no longer see her face but watched as her hands rubbed her body everywhere. I was rock hard. She smiled and walked back into the loft, emerging with a small cup in her hand, setting it on the table beside us.

Ali crawled onto the divan, kissing up my left leg, letting her tongue slide across my skin as her hands rubbed up both my legs. Her hair fell around her face creating a dark halo at the crown in the full moonlight. She kissed up my left thigh, nibbling gently then moved to my right thigh and kissed it. I felt her breasts skim across my thighs and I tensed which caused my cock to jerk upright and ooze a bit. She traced her tongue across my pelvis, straddling her legs across mine, closing them.

She slid her mouth up my stomach, curling her tongue inside my belly button as my cock screamed for release. Her hand moved to the cup as she lifted her head and rubbed chocolate across my nipples. Her breasts cradled my cock causing it to swell painfully. She leaned to the left one and licked it softly. I growled low in my throat. She licked me clean then rubbed a bit more on it. She pursed her lips and sucked it into her mouth. My hips reflexively pushed against her breasts. I needed release inside this woman. She moved to the right nipple and teased the chocolate around the nipple. Ali licked it off, completely avoiding the nipple altogether. I laid my head back and watched as she rubbed chocolate on her lips and sucked my nipple into my mouth. It was more than I could stand.

I growled and pulled her up to me and pressed my cock between the folds of her sex. It was hot. It was swollen. She wanted me, I could smell it on her skin, on her tongue as she pressed down on my cock, rubbing her clit on my head. She pulled back and kissed down my jaw to my neck and nibbled it. I knew she wanted to bite me, to mark me.

"Bite, Alisandrea," I whispered. Her breathing ragged she moved her hips and pushed down onto me slowly as her teeth sank into my shoulder. I cradled her in my arms as she buried my cock in her sex, squeezing it tightly. She felt... blissful.

Her teeth tightened on my skin, digging into muscle but it didn't hurt. She wrapped her arms around my shoulders for support and began to fuck me slowly. I could hear her growling around my flesh. My hands moved to her hips and guided her motions.

She released my shoulder and kissed up my jaw and kissed me deeply. I could feel her body tremble above me and knew she was close. She braced her hands on the divan and proceeded to fuck the hell out of me. She threw her head back in concentration, brow furrowed. I released her hips and cradled her breasts in my hands.

I wanted to stay with her but she was fucking just the head of my cock in swift irregular motions and I cried out as I exploded inside her. She collapsed against me as I felt her sex tighten incredibly around me and she whimpered as she burst through her orgasm.

I held her softly as she shook, my own pleasure satiated. I should have been basking in my own release but to feel her shake against me, knowing I caused the spectacular orgasm that ripped through her was more pleasurable.

I pulled the coverlet for the divan over us, hiding our bodies from the moonlight. There wasn't any need to move. At all.

"Delicious," Ali murmured against my chest.

"Indeed," I replied as we kissed softly.

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