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The Drive Home

True story of a drive home, first story hope you enjoy
After spending my work day being teased with reminders of how incredibly naughty I was last night I cannot wait to make it home and let my fingers relieve the mounting tension. As I climb into my car I can feel my wetness pushing up against my panties sending shivers through my body.

My mind is clouded with the images of my proclivities, the faint feeling of having both my young, wet holes filled, my hair being pulled back while someone whispers into my ear to cum like a good little slut. I cannot get home fast enough.

My phone buzzes as I receive a new picture, my heart beats faster as I realize it is me. My legs are spread open and tied down, my face blind folded as a cute brunette has her face buried deep in my pussy. I blush as shame rolls over my face, I didn't realize pictures were taken, but its making me wetter. I start scrolling through my contact list, my hands alone wont be enough tonight; I need more.

The car behind me honks bringing me back to reality, I continue driving my legs are shaking my wetness soaking through my panties, surely starting to dampen my skirt. Why do I get so turned on from being such a slut, letting people use my body as they see fit sending me into multiple orgasms, never saying no?

Another red light, I can't take the waiting any longer and slowly slide my left hand up my skirt pulling my panties aside and sliding my index finger over my now swollen clit, my head tilts back instantly as I let out a moan of pleasure and a sigh of relief. I know the light is going to change, but I cant stop my fingers as my fingers become slippery sliding up and down the entire length of my tight soft pussy. My fingers are exploring my needy cunt when I hear a strong voice shout out at me.

"Wow, what a horny slut you are."

I almost cum instantly when hearing this stranger calling me a slut, as I turn and face him I don't even hesitate when responding.

"Mmm, you wanna take this slut for a ride?"

He wastes no time telling me to follow him, and my body offers no resistance as he leads me to a side road barely a minute away. He slides into my passenger seat, puts one hand on each side of my hips and spins me towards him, replaces my hand with his warm tongue and starts flicking it over my clit, causing me to scream out in pleasure as he brings me to the edge of orgasm.

He moves his head away just as I am about to cum all over his face, I instantly pout as he pulls out his cock grabs a fist full of my hair and pushes my mouth on to his rock hard cock. I waste no time pulling it deep into my throat sliding my tongue across the back side of his shaft as the tip smacks against the back of my throat. I can tell he wants to fill my mouth with his hot liquid, as he tells me how good my mouth feels pushing my face into his lap more aggressively than before.

"Oh yeah, what a good little slut you are sucking my hard cock, you're going to make me cum aren't you slut?"

Sliding his cock out of my mouth, I look up at him with a sly smile.

"I want to make you cum with my tight wet pussy, want to fuck me nice and hard until you cant handle it anymore and explode inside me."

I barely get the words out before he grabs me and places me over his lap my head facing out the front windshield. I slide my ass down his thick cock starts filling me up my juices sliding down my legs and his pants I start moving up and down as his hands push me harder and faster into him. My right hand finds its way under my shirt and promptly pinching my nipple as my left starts furiously rubbing my clit.

"Oh baby, what a good little whore you are, you like riding my cock you little slut."

I can't take it much longer. I can't resist cumming while this perfect stranger calls me exactly what I am, his cock feels incredible stretching my wet hole out slamming into me, causing me to yell out.

"You better cum for me slut, feel that cock inside you and cum all over it."

"Oh yeah, fuck me, fuck me harder."

"Do it, slut cum for me."

I can't hold back as my back arches and I ride his cock into orgasm, my pussy squeezing and clenching him in deep he grunts as he explodes inside me.

I slide off and back into the drivers seat feeling his cum sliding out of me, my heart still beating rapidly. I want more. His hand slides over to me, across my leg and back inside my aching cunt and brings them to my lips. I eagerly lick them off moaning as I think about how bad I am.

"Mmm, what a good little whore. I am going to need you again."

He throws down his business card and gets out of my car. I sit there dazed and still incredibly horny aching for more. It is never enough.

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