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The Ex Factor

Ashlei finds herself trapped in her ex-boyfriend's charms. (First story, be gentle)
It was one of the lowest days when Ashlei found herself rummaging through old files in her computer. She saw the folder that held well-remembered pictures of her and Nathan, her ex. She suddenly felt a pang of sadness as she scanned their happy pictures, as well as a hunger inside of her.

"He used to be the insatiable one..." she thought to herself as she started to fondle her breasts, touching herself on every inch of herself that Nathan was able to touch.

Her mind drifts to images of their lovemakings, of how his tongue felt inside her, of how his hands used to caress her every longing inch, of how he always leave her craving for more, of how he makes her come...


She cursed as an IM interrupted her daydreams. She checked her IM and was surprised to see a familiar name from whom the message was. Nathan.

"Nathan: Hey, love. You in there?"

She smiled and immediately replied.

"Ash: Yes, I am. How are you?"

And that started it. She felt queasy inside.

"Nathan: I am good, just a bit missing something right now. And yourself?
Ash: I am fine, roughly feeling the same as you do."

And then there was silence. After a while, Nathan was offline. She shrugged and cursed herself for being forthcoming. She knew that Nathan is already seeing someone else and she knew that it will never be the same for both of them. She knew that he is the past, and she needs to move on. Afterall, it has been 6 long months since they separated ways.

She was beginning to feel sorry for herself when she was yet again interrupted by a phone call. She picked up her phone without looking to see who that was. She was not expecting any calls from anyone anyway.

"Ashlei here." she said with a tinge of irritation. "Why can't these interruptions just leave me alone?" she thought to herself.

"I am at your door, needing you. Can I come inside?"

She gasped. It was Nathan. She dropped the call and run to get the door. Without any hi nor hello, Nathan stepped in hugged her close to him and closed the door behind him. She pushed her back to the door and sought her mouth, exploring hers with his.

She kissed him back. She could feel his need and his longing, it seemed like ages since she felt him like this - with her. She sucked on his tongue, licked his lips like her life depended on it. She felt his hands all over her, she closed her eyes savoring the sensation of him touching her like he used to. She let her hand travel across his shoulders, his back, his crotch. She smiled as she felt his erection against her hand. Nathan groaned and kissed her deeper.

"I. Want. You." he said with so much longing that the only thing she did was nod her head. "I will take you hard this time, baby." And that was all it took for them to undress each other. Next thing she knew, their clothes are piled up on the floor. She silently thanked the heavens that her roommate would not be back until the evening and that the door is obscured.

He carried her and pushed her against the door, he positioned his cock in her opening and rammed her. She moaned loudly and caressed his back, almost scratching. His hand cupped the back of her neck and kissed her, cutting the kiss from time to time to say "I have been wanting to do this since I saw you with that dude. I guess I want you too bad for myself that I will come running back to you when you tell me to."

Flashes of memory came back to her. It was when Nathan saw her at her door kissing that guy from her new work, weeks after they broke up. She shrugged the memory off and smiled at how controlling and jealous this boy could be.

"Yes." was all she manage to say as she tearfully reached her climax. He pushed himself in and out of her, lost in his possesive thoughts and moaned when he reached his end. He put her down and put his forehead on her, planted a soft kiss on her lips and smiled.

"I will take that as a yes, then. Come on, baby. Bed." He picked up the clothes from the floor and carried her to her bedroom...

(To be continued...)

(c) VeroniqueDeSade, 19.07.2012

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