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The fantastic Mr Simmons

My boss wanted to drill me. So I let him
I am going to admit it right here and right now. I love sex. I need a good drilling to keep me happy. Some girls call me a whore but they are just jealous because I got to fuck the amazing Mr Simmons. He gave me the best quickie ever. It only lasted 10 minutes because we could have been spotted anytime soon but I would give up everything to have that experience again.

I had a dull office job and it was summer 2010. We were in a middle of a heat wave and our office block didn't have any air conditioning. 

I sat at my desk. I tied my blond hair up with my black band to let the cool air hit my neck. I un-popped my tight white blouse revealing my busty cleavage from my double D tits. I began to type up some important documents on the PC. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate I couldn't help becoming annoyed and uncomfortable.

My pussy was boiling in my panties. I wiped the sweat from my forehead. I opened the top door of my desk. It was unorganized. Paperclips scattered around and bits of paper crumpled up inside. I rustled around looking for something to release me from my frustration. Under the piles of dirty paper I found a small pocket fan. I turned it on and placed in near my face. The cool air swept across my skin. I raised my skirt and opened my legs wide. I pulled my panties to one side to reveal my hot and humid pussy.

Poor thing. It was as dry as the Sahara desert. I placed the face near my clit and turned the fan back on. The cool airwaves flowed and hit my clit. The cool air felt so nice. I felt myself becoming aroused. The cold air made my clit tingle. I leaned back on my chair feeling my slit getting wetter and wetter. 

I bit my lip in pleasure. I let out a little whine but stopped myself from making any more noise. I didn't want to get caught. I slowly lay there until I felt myself climax. It was extreme but it got me worked up. That was it. I wanted cock. 

I was alerted by a knock at the door of my office. It was Matt.

I adjusted myself and asked him to come in. 

"Ahh Clara. Mr Simmons wants to talk to you. please go to his office" He said.

What was this about?

I slowly walked out of my office. 

Mr Simmons was a very attractive man. He had short hair, stubble and was in his late 30s. 

Only being 20 at the time I found him very sexy because he looked good for his age. He was in good shape and was a bachelor. He was demanding and strong. I always wondered what it would be like to fuck him.

I slowly knocked on his office door

A stern many voice answered "Who is it?"

"Clara Jones," I stuttered.

"Ahh come in," he replied

I entered his office to find him sitting at his desk.

"Lock the door behind you miss Jones," Mr Simmons asked.

So I did and took a seat in front of his desk.

"What did you need me for?" I asked.

Mr Simmons smiled while turning his computer screen towards me.

There on the screen was cctv footage of my office and there was me having an orgasym with the fan five minutes ago.

"Oh. No Mr Simmons, I can explain," I jumped.

Mr Simmons smiled.

"No need to Clara. You are a very attractive woman," he said while walking around to me. He placed his manly hands on my shoulders, rubbing them slowly.

"I became quite worked up watching you Clara. I wanted to be that fan making your vagina moist. I am so worked up and horny Clara I was wondering if you could help me." 

I looked at him, "Oh, I will do anything." 

I slipped off my chair and got on my knees. I unzipped his trousers. I took out his cock and placed it into my mouth. I slowly sucked the tip. Sucking hard and then soft. Mr Simmons took off my hairband and began caressing my hair. He began to push my head back and forth on his cock.

He was fucking my mouth hard. I took his cock out of my mouth and looked up at him. I smiled as I took off my skirt and panties. I bent over his desk.

His fingers slowly rubbed against my teased clit. I was wet and ready. 

Mr Simmons did not hesitate to shoving his big cock into my pussy. Fucking me deep. I let out a scream. He placed his hand over my mouth. Stopping me from screaming. It felt so fucking good. 

He was banging me hard against his desk causing it to thump on the floor.

He grabbed my hair pulling it back. 

He took out his cock and pushed it into my asshole. It hurt a little but I soon began to loosen up.

Anal felt amazing. My lips became dry so I slowly licked them.

That's when the phone rung.

"Answer it, while I am fucking you," Mr Simmons suggested.

So I did. I picked up the phone while Mr Simmons was working his magic in my back passage.

"Hu.. Helloo. ahaha" I moaned. I had to be professional.

"No, Mr Simmons isn't here he is round the back," I giggled

The man on the phone asked me to write a message for him when he gets back. I grabbed a pen and paper and struggled to write. My pen ran off the paper. 

"Yes I have written him a note. Goodbyeeeeee" I screamed as I was feeling a big amount of pleasure build up inside me.

Mr Simmons took out his cock and jizzed onto my back. I shook and moaned. I fell onto the floor and was having a mini spasm of pleasure.

Cum dribbled out my slit. Mr Simmons slowly licked it up.

We heard another knock at the door. I quickly put my clothes back on and so did Mr Simmons. 

As I opened the door a fellow female c- worker was stood there.

My hair was messy and I was licking my lips. She must of gathered what had happened. 

It was the best quickie sex I had ever had, with the fantastic Mr Simmons.

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