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The First Encounter, Rob and Jane Part 1

'How about we get out of here?' Rob said. 'I thought you'd never ask' replied Jane.
As Jane pulled her tight black dress up over her firm bare bum she shivered with excitement at the thought of the night to come. She always had a good night when she went out with her two friends Nicole and Susan. Pulling the dress over her firm breasts the material brushed her bare, erect nipples. She loved the thrill of not wearing underwear on a night out.

As she walked into the bar heads turned as her curvaceous hips and long legs were the only thing to distract from her generous smile and chocolate brown eyes. Everyone always said those eyes held a secret and sure enough they did.

She saw her friends in the corner and as expected they were surrounded by a group of gorgeous men. Both blondes, Jane was always the odd one out with her thick,wavy, dark brown hair. She hugged them warmly and they began to introduce her to the men they were chatting to. Jane instantly locked eyes with one called Rob. He was tall and very athletic with shy eyes and a cheeky grin. They shook hands with a firm grip and he held on just a moment too long. Rob leaned in and whispered seductively in Jane's ear 'It's a pleasure to meet you Jane' as he inhaled her fresh smell, straight from the shower. Her hair smelled delicious.

'The pleasure is all mine' Jane purred as she stood on tip toe to reach his ear. He smelt so nice with a masculine, musky scent and Jane felt a tingle run down her spine.

The drinks were flowing and everyone was getting on well. With an intelligent air and a dazzling personality Jane was never short of something to say. A quick wit combined with her sultry looks meant she was usually the centre of attention. However, as she spoke to everyone she felt Rob's eyes burning into hers. They were feet apart but Jane felt a connection between them, a fizzle of electricity. He was more shy than she expected for such a handsome man and it was incredibly alluring.

As his friends fought for the girls attention he was content to stand back and observe proceedings, usually going unnoticed as his friends were engaging in macho displays, vying for center stage.

Jane decided to approach him, eager to explore this chemistry between them. As they chatted they got closer and closer and eventually Rob placed his large hand on the small of Jane's back pulling her closer and bending down to hear her better.

'Can I get you a drink Miss?' Rob said gesturing at her now drained glass.

'Why thank you Sir, mine's a vodka and tonic please' she replied. They shared a flirty smile as they both understood this exchange for what it was. Dating speak to mean they were interested in each other.

As their chatting continued things began to heat up. Innuendos were flying as their body language reflected their desire for each other. The club was now full to the brim and with the loud music, dim lighting and aided by the alcohol, Jane was feeling as sexy as ever. Rob leaned in close, brushing her hair to the side to reach her ear, placing his hand on the nape of her neck and whispered 'You know if we were alone there are a lot of things I'd like to do to you!'. Jane shuddered with desire. All evening Rob had been such a gentleman, reserved almost, and this comment came as a welcome surprise.

'Oh really? Care to elaborate on that?' Jane replied with a broad smirk on her face. She loved when guys talked dirty and the expectation of what Rob would say was almost too much. She found herself getting wet at the thought of it.

'Well for starters I'd do this' and unexpectedly Rob, with his hand still on Jane's neck, placed his other hand on the small of her back and almost lifted her off the ground and kissed Jane so passionately she was like putty in his hands. Their bodies were pressed together, every inch of them touching. Rob's body was as expected rock solid and firm. As the kiss ended Jane exhaled leaving her eyes closed, savouring the kiss and being so close to this handsome man. Rob leaned down again looking straight into Jane's eyes. He moved his mouth to her ear as she felt his warm breath on her neck.

'Then I'd grab your hair, pulling your head back and kiss your neck, working my way down to your chest, I'd pull down the straps of your dress, releasing your beautiful breasts. Then I'd spin you around pulling your hips close to mine. As you feel my hard cock press into you I'd run my hand up the front of your thigh pulling your dress up to your waist revealing your glistening wet pussy'. Jane could not believe her ears. This man knew exactly what she wanted, what got her going. She looked up at Rob desire burning in their eyes. She wanted to rip his clothes off, have him all to herself so he could do all these naughty things to her.

'How about we get out of here?' Rob said.

'I thought you'd never ask' replied Jane. He grabbed her hand as they shared another lustful look. Without a word to their friends they ran out of the club both fresh with the excitement of what was to come. Without even discussing it they both headed towards the nearby hotel. They couldn't wait to get their hands on each other and this was the quickest solution to privacy. As they got to the door Rob checked in and they raced to the lift with the key. As the doors closed they were on each other instantly. Rob lifted Jane up on the hand rail as she wrapped her legs around his waist and they kissed passionately. Bing! The doors opened and they reluctantly parted their heaving bodies. Thankfully their room was just at the start of the corridor, the key worked first time and within a minute they were inside.

Rob pressed Jane up against the inside of the door as he closed it behind him. Within seconds his mouth was on hers. His hands moved from her waist to her firm bum as he gave it a cheeky squeeze. He grabbed her dress and in one swift move he had it up and over her head. She stood there in front of him, naked, tanned and toned. She was grateful now she had gone to the beauty salon that week as Rob stepped back and his eyes moved down her body and settled on her freshly waxed lips. He groaned in appreciation. She slowly walked towards him, still in her six inch black stilettos. He began to move backwards until he reached the bed and sat down. She stood in front of him as his hands moved to her waist and mouth came to meet her breasts. He nuzzled her breasts, taking them in his mouth and flicking his tongue over her large nipples pointing up to meet his mouth. His large hands were wrapped around her back eager to get her as close to him as possible.

Jane reached down to Rob's waist and pulled his thin top up and over his head. She gasped as their bare bodies came in contact. His body was amazing, his broad shoulders, large muscles and sallow, soft skin combined to make him breathtaking. Jane wanted to feel him all over her so she pushed him back down on the bed and lay on top of him. Her hands moved to his waist and as she brushed her hand along his pants line she felt him shudder beneath her. She unbuckled his belt and plunged her hand into his pants. He gasped in pleasure. They both rushed to remove the rest of his clothes and finally their naked bodies met. The sensation was intense. As Jane straddled Rob their crotches met and grinded into each other. Rob massaged her firm, soft ass as her hips gyrated on top of him. He spread her cheeks as he kneaded them and his fingers brushed along her crack. She was gasping and moaning and he knew he needed to pay her attention fast. Grabbing her thighs he slid her body up to his face as she straddled his head. His tongue was on her clit immediately as her knees were either side of his face and she leaned back to grab hold of her still remaining high heels. She was gasping in pleasure as his hands brushed her inside thighs. His tongue flicked between her clit and dripping wet hole. She couldn't get enough of him and he loved the taste of her. Her whole body was shuddering as her hands grasped the head board. She came hard on his face and her body collapsed to the side as her orgasm took over, rocking her from head to toe. She lay back on the bed enjoying the after glow. His hand snaked over her stomach and brushed over her pierced belly button, moaning in approval.

'Wow' she rasped. 'That was amazing'.

'Plenty more where that came from' he replied.

'Oh really? Well, lets see about that then' whispered Jane as she brushed her hand over his taught stomach and climbed onto his rock hard body. His cock was throbbing and she couldn't wait to plunge it into her moist pussy. Leaning on his stomach she lowered herself onto him and he slipped in easily. He felt so good inside her and they worked together rocking their hips in easy rhythm. Suddenly Jane swung her legs around, as he was still inside her, so she was facing away from him as her ripe cheeks bounced up and down. Her lips milked his shaft as he spanked her playfully.

'Oh yes, just like that' she moaned and leaned forward resting her hands on the bed between his legs. This gave him a great view of her delicious holes and his throbbing member sliding in and out of her. The view was amazing, he couldn't take his eyes off her. Her ass bobbed up and down on his cock, her tight muscle contracting on his lengthy penis. Her hand moved down and lightly massaged his soft balls.

He couldn't take it anymore, the pleasure was so intense. While holding her hips he sat up on his knees, pushing her forward into doggy position. He began to pound into her slamming the length of him into her. Every thrust swung his balls so they smacked against her clit sending shivers through her body. Jane was writhing in ecstasy and her moans were getting louder and louder. She was very vocal and Rob liked that.

'Fuck me, fuck me harder' she screamed and Rob obliged.

'Yeah baby, is that how you like it?' you like it when I fuck you like this?' That sent both of them over the edge. As Rob exploded inside her, cum shooting into her open hole, she came hard on his seeping cock. Their bodies rocked in unison and waves of pleasure washed over them. They collapsed down on the bed, bodies entangled in one another, both glistening with the effort of their activities and glow of orgasm.

'Wow' Jane breathed as they lay in each others arms as their breathing slowed. 'Didn't expect that to happen when I got ready to go out tonight!'.

'The unexpected is always the best' Rob replied.

'Well if this happened the first time we met, I can only imagine what will happen when we meet again' Jane flirtatiously grinned.

'We can only wait and see' replied Rob.

To be continued....

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