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The Flight Attendant's Revenge

A bullying Office Manager gets more than he bargained for among his crew !
It had been a long night-flight back to Gatwick from Manila; over 13 hours airborne. And even though the crew were all exhausted as they disembarked from the crew bus back at base, somehow they managed to maintain their polished look.

Sarah was no exception to this. Her smart navy uniform looked immaculate, as did her make-up, and blonde hair still twisted into a chignon, under her navy hat. It was a procedural responsibility of all crew to check in with the rostering department on return from all trips, to both double-check their next scheduled ‘block’, the term used in the airline industry for a rostered round trip for a specific crew, and to hand back to the ground staff any relevant paperwork.

Sarah stood her turn in the queue, and one by one said her farewells to her co-workers as they sleepily turned and left for home. The Philippines block, as it was known, was always a grueling schedule for the crew. Spread over 7 days it included 2 long-haul night-flights, one to Manila and one back, as well as two short turnarounds to Bangkok. The aircraft had been full on all sectors, so unusually, Sarah had not had the opportunity to spend time getting to know her fellow flight attendants, it had been work, work, work – even the normal crew party had been curtailed on this trip.

Sarah had worked for British Midland Airways for nearly 2 years, and the lifestyle that went with the job suited her well. She loved having the opportunity to visit far-flung places for free, and although the work, at times was tedious and tiring, she had made some wonderful friends – not to mention met her current boyfriend – First Officer Lance Flowers.  Lance was single, good-looking had a great future in front of him career-wise, and he certainly seemed as keen on Sarah as she was on him.

They had met 5 months previously on a working trip to San Francisco. The crew had partied hard that night in downtown Cisco on Pier 39. Sarah had drunk far too much wine which had resulted in her losing a shoe – and Lance really had been her knight in shining armour – even carrying her (in the absence of her shoe) to a rickshaw to take them back to the crew hotel. Since then, their relationship had gone from strength to strength, and although the nature of their work meant spending long periods apart, when they did get together, ‘oh boy’, there really was there a spark between them.

It was Lance’s 30th birthday the following week, and Sarah had been devastated when he broke the news to her that he had been rostered a long-haul, 21 day block to Australia covering the entire period of his celebrations, but she was also delighted at his insistence that she asked to be rostered the same trip in order they could spend the time and celebrate together.

All crew were able to request specific working blocks, but the sanctioning of these requests was not guaranteed, with Company policy categorically stating “allocation of specific flight requests would depend on staff seniority, length of service and will only be honoured if they can be suited to scheduling requirements.”

This was a known farce among the crew. Bob ‘the slug’ Sandler, (as he was known), was the Manager over the Rostering Department, and rumour widely had it that it was he who ‘called the shots’ over request sanctioning, with his decision making allegedly favoured towards those crew members who were prepared to give him sexual ‘favours’ in return. This had never been proven, but there was a certain ‘posse’ of girls who regularly seemed to get all the best trips as well as the leave dates they requested, so Sarah suspected the rumours were probably true.

Bob was positively the most unattractive man who worked for the airline too. In fact, he was gross. He was mid to late 50s, balding, was as wide as he was tall and always had damp underarm patches visible on his cheap, navy cotton-mix workshirts. He had worked for BMA for nearly 30 years, and was hence known within the business hierarchy as the ‘rock of the rostering’ department. Bob’s was married, his wife also working for BMA in a Directorship role. Together, they made a formidable duo, well respected within the business, and unlikely ever to be challenged.

However, Sarah had looked on the bright-side, focusing her mind and determination on being allocated the long-haul trip with her boyfriend, and thus had immediately submitted her RST (request specific trip) form to the Rostering Dept. She knew it was a long-shot, but with nearly 2 years service she should, according to the company rules at least, have a good chance of getting onto the trip. As she neared the front of the queue, Sarah felt the adrenaline rise as she gave her name and staff number to Mark, the guy manning the rostering desk. She watched as he tapped her information into his keyboard.

“Right, let me see ... you have 4 days standby, then you’re rostered onto block 473 - the ‘double-Delhi’," he said, passing her a schedule docket. Sarah’s heart dropped, these weren’t the words she wanted to hear.

“But Mark, I’d requested the 21-day Australia trip leaving on Thursday – is there any chance ...”

Before she had even finished speaking, he shook his head, “Look love, Bob’s just back from holiday, we’ve been so stretched we’ve not been able to look at specific requests, so you just have to accept it. Sorry, you’re not on the trip you wanted.”

Sarah sighed loudly, she was tired and wasn’t in the mood to put up a fight with Mark who she knew had absolutely no influence over the decision made. She took the schedule docket and turned on her heels to leave the office. Just as she neared the exit door, it opened and in walked ‘Bob the Slug’. Taking the opportunity, Sarah stood in front of him and smiled.

“Hi Bob, may I have a word” she said, noticing his eyes going straight to her uniform clad breasts.

“What is it sweetheart?” he replied, not looking upwards from her chest as he spoke.

Sarah was tired and tetchy, ‘fucking pig’ she thought, but she managed to maintain her sweet smile and mentioned her disappointment.

“Look Bob, it’s really important to me to be in Australia for my boyfriend’s Birthday, and this is the first time I’ve ever asked for ..."

Bob interrupted her words as she spoke, and with the rumours that were rife, what he said came as no shock to her,

“Can’t talk about it now sweetheart, I’m far too busy.”

Then he shot her a horribly leery smile, winked and added, “But if you want to come and see me tomorrow, say 6.30pm after shift, ALONE, I’m sure we’ll be able to work something out.”

With that he gave her a dismissive pat on her shoulder as he glanced over it and called out to one of his colleagues who had entered the office.

Sarah was stunned. She turned and left the Rostering office with a rising feeling of revulsion and anger, mixed with her disappointment and heartbreak at potentially not being able to celebrate Lance’s Birthday ‘down-under’ with him.

‘The Bastard,’ she thought. How dare he treat crew members like this. Who the fuck did he think he was. Sarah knew she had to do something. It was time someone taught that hideous old slug a lesson.

As she lay in the bath later that evening, Sarah hatched her plan. She was confident that she could ‘handle’ the slug in a way that would get her both what she wanted, but more importantly in a way that would drop him in deeper shit than any work-related reprisal could ever do.


The following day, as late afternoon approached, Sarah put on her shortest skirt coupled with a tight white silk shirt knotted at her waist. She added high, spikey heels and her best, ‘make believe’ push up bra, leaving her shirt buttons undone in order to reveal her ample cleavage nestling between the black lace. Carefully she applied her brightest red lipstick, the one that Lance had nicknamed her “blow jobs ‘R’ me” colour.

Looking in the mirror, Sarah grinned at her reflection and felt confident knowing the ‘slug’ would be putty in her hands, quite literally. She was in fine shape, and she knew how to ‘work the slutty look’ to drive guys wild when she wanted to. She smiled to herself as she grabbed her bag and car keys and headed for the door. That morning she had been to the chemist for condoms, massage oil and a few other items that she needed in order to successfully carry out her plan, and now the wheels were about to be set in motion.

As Sarah pulled into the office block car park, it was mostly empty, just the last few workers leaving for the day. She parked up, and made her way into the building, heading straight for the Rostering Department. As she opened the main office door, she could see Bob in his office, on the phone with his back to her. Sarah quickly glanced around the department, confirming to herself that they were alone, she wasn’t proud of what she was about to do, and certainly didn’t want or need any spectators.

Taking a deep intake of breath for courage, Sarah walked into Bob’s office, quietly closing the door behind her.

She purred, “Good Evening Bob, you suggested I came to see you, to discuss my ‘special request’ more privately,” Sarah inwardly smirked to herself as she spoke. Immediately Bob hung up the phone and spun around in his chair to face her leaning provocatively against the wall of his office.

“Oh what a delight, I forgot about you! Welcome to my office young lady” Bob grinned as his eyes took in her body from top to bottom.

As Sarah watched, a leery smile spread over his shiny face, and he licked his lips as he stood and walked around his desk towards her. For an instant she doubted her own ability to execute her plan – she’d never seen him looking more repulsive, his dried underarm sweat patches clearly visible as he pulled back his visitors chair and beckoned her to sit. Sarah sat allowing her skirt to ride up high onto her thighs and she crossed her legs, swinging her stilettoed foot too and fro as she faked her sexiest smile.

“Would you like a drink my dear, after all, we might as well be comfortable, whilst we discuss your, hhmmm, I mean our specific requirements?”

With that, Bob took two glasses from his shelf and a bottle of Scotch from his top drawer. Pouring an inch into each receptacle he leaned over and passed one to Sarah.

“So remind me again ‘Poppet’, which trip was it that you’d requested, and let’s see if there’s anything I can do to assist” as he spoke, he brushed his cigarette-stained fingers against her cheek in such a demeaning fashion. Sarah had to fight the bile rising in her throat.

Taking a deep breath and forcing a smile, Sarah took her queue from him perfectly. She stood and leaned towards him ensuring to give him the benefit of a perfect cleavage view, and whispered in his ear, “Oh, you remember Bob, stop teasing me” she paused, giggled and flicked her hair back so it brushed against his round face. “I want to be rostered onto the same trip as First Officer Flowers, the 21-day Australia block leaving tomorrow morning. It would mean so much to me” As she spoke, Sarah noticed the bulge becoming increasingly apparent in Bob’s trousers. She rested her hand on it and added, “I would make it well worth your while if you can make it happen for me, you know I would”

Almost before she had finished speaking, Bob turned and began to click away on his PC. She knew exactly what he was doing. Within seconds his desk printer whirred out a scheduling docket confirming her as a crew member on the trip, whilst removing another colleague from it. He took it from the printer, turned and waved it at her before putting it in his desk drawer. Immediately his demeanor taking on an air of superiority and his face a look of lurid expectancy. Seeing the printed docket was like spotting a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, Sarah knew she had the old toad eating out of her hands. She stood and circled around him, taking in the feint whiff of body odour as she did so.

“Oh Bob,” she purred. “You are so good to me. Why don’t you let me repay you with a ‘special’ relaxing massage?”

With that, Sarah quickly cleared the papers from the top of Bob’s desk, before turning towards him. He had wasted no time, and was already shirtless, his beer belly obscuring the waistband of his trousers. He undid his zipper and pulled Sarah towards him. The feeling of his hands on her body, grappling at her breasts sickened her to the core, but Sarah had a purpose, two in fact – and this old bastard was going to pay dearly for the minimal ‘favour’ she was about to deliver.

As he pushed his mouth roughly onto hers, she fought back the urge to retch at the taste of nicotine on his tongue. Sarah needed to get this over with as quickly as possible, and she knew her best chance of achieving this was to get him worked up into a frenzy of lust and excitement. Pulling her closer, he pushed his groin against her stomach, his cock was already rigid and as she pulled down his trousers, Sarah could see his helmet, shining with pre-cum, peaking out above the elastic of his white cotton Y-fronts.

Resisting Bob’s attempt to push her to her knees in front of him, Sarah spoke, “Oh Bob, not yet, let’s not rush a good thing! Come and lay down, let me massage that wonderful body of yours first,” with that, Sarah pulled him towards the desk.

“First, I want you naked girl – strip for me.”

As he spoke, Bob climbed onto the desk and pulled down his underpants revealing his short but rigid member. Immediately he started to stroke himself as he watched her seductively remove her skirt, shirt and undies.

“Oh you are quite the little cutie, aren’t you ? Right sweetheart, now I want my payment, and you owe me a good one!”

Sarah ignored him and delved into her handbag for the condoms, and massage oil. She placed the other bottle on the side, just out of his view.

She smiled at him and purred, “Oh honey, you can rest assured I’m going to pay you well, I’m a trained masseur. You are sooooo going to love this, just close your eyes and relax and let me work my magic.”

Sarah took hold of his cock, and after a few gentle strokes, she swiftly unravelled a condom over it’s length. The less she had to feel of him, the better, in fact she would have worn rubber gloves if she thought she could have got away with it. Bob gasped at the feel of her hands on his hard-on, and luckily for her, he made no complaints about the condom.

“Massage first Bob, so just relax and enjoy.”

With that he closed his eyes and smiled as Sarah tricked some oil over his chest and began to firmly work the palms of her hands up and down over his torso. Teasingly, Sarah spent the next twenty minutes pummeling and stroking his portly body, occasionally letting her hand brush slowly over his erection, making him groan with pleasure each time she did so.

Half way through, she requested he lay on his stomach, and before completing his massage, and without him noticing, she picked up the other lotion bottle from the side, poured some into her hands, and very gently with her fingertips, she traced a very special ‘pattern’ onto his back.

She knew she had him close to cumming, but before she ‘finished him off’ she whispered in his ear, “I’d love to fuck you Bob, but I can’t - time of the month,” she lied. “Would you be offended if I make you cum with my tits instead?”

“Aw fuck baby, just do it girl, just fucking do it,” Bob said, as once again he rolled over and onto his back.

With that, Sarah swiftly moved her body up and between his legs, pushing her breasts together enveloping his rubber-clad cock between her soft mounds before adopting a slow rhythmic rocking motion, pulling his rod to and fro with her flesh. As if for courage, she closed her eyes and held her breath, as she moved. Very quickly, she felt his body go stiff beneath her, and his hands grabbed at her hair as he thrusted upwards towards her.

“Uhhhh, ohhh fuck yeah, yeah baby,” he grunted and groaned as he shot his load into the condom. Sarah glanced up at his sweaty face contorted with pleasure and smirked to herself. She was pleased with the speed at which she’d managed to make him cum, she hadn’t wanted to prolong it by any standard.

After he’d caught his breath, he spoke, “Mmmmmm you were good baby, real good. Now clean me up.”

Sarah pulled her body away from his, and grabbing some tissue from a box on the desk she unceremoniously pulled off the condom and gave him a quick wipe. Quickly, she pulled on her undies and clothes, and collected her belongings into her handbag. As Bob dressed himself, he reached into his desk drawer and pulled out the scheduling docket that Sarah so wanted.

“There you go sweetheart, you were quite good. Anytime you have a ‘special request’ just come and see ‘Uncle Bob’ won’t you, and I’ll see what I can do. Now run along, and let me get the hell out of here, I have a home to go to you know.”

Sarah plucked the docket from Bob’s hands, thanked him for his ‘generosity’ and turned and left his office. On the way out of the building, she retrieved the oil and lotion bottle from her handbag and with a satisfied grin on her face, she tossed them into a bin in reception.


The following morning, as was routine, Bob was awoken by the shrill buzz of his alarm clock. He always got the tea in the mornings, and today was no exception. As he rose from his marital bed, his wife gingerly opened her eyes and watched him throw open the bedroom curtains, letting in the morning light.

“Good Morning Darling, did you sleep well?” she squinted as her eyes got used to the morning brightness. As she looked across the room at her Husband, slowly she started to focus, “Hey Bob, you have something on your back! What is it? Turnaround for me.”

Unsuspectingly Bob turned his back to his wife, and there, plain to see, in dark brown writing across the width of his back were the words ‘I FUCK AROUND AND CHEAT ON MY WIFE.’

“What is it?” he asked.

His wife gasped and shot up in the bed, “What the hell ...???"


Back at head office, the guy cleaning the reception area emptied the bin before the day-shift started. As he did so, a random item fell onto the floor. The cleaner looked at the bottle, and momentarily it struck him as strange that anyone would put a half-used bottle of dark instant tanning lotion into the bin. Nonchalantly, he shoved the bottled back into his black waste bag before moving on to his next duties.


Flight BMA 4782 departed on schedule for Sydney.

As soon as they were airborne, Flight Attendant Sarah, who was working in the first class cabin, inserted the code to the number pad allowing her access to the flight deck and crew.

Cheerily she spoke, “Good Morning guys, can I get you all a drink?”

First Office Flowers turned to her and smiled broadly. She winked back at him knowingly. This really was going to be the trip of their life-time.

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