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The Game

The Game

It was one of thier favorite games and He played it so well..
It was cold kneeling there on the concrete floor of the basement. Cold and dark, due to the blindfold she wore. She knelt there, waiting for her Master to come home. She fondly remembered His email message. Master would always email her at lunchtime to ask her how her day was going, if she had finished the chores He had given her and to check to make sure she was "being His good girl".

Today's lunchtime email was special though. He had given her instructions for when He got home:


I will be coming home early today and when I get there, I want you to be naked and
waiting for Me. I want you
blindfolded and cuffed behind your back, ready for
whatever I want to do to you! Be a good girl and I will see
you soon.


She remembered smiling broadly as she read his email, and she had spent the afternoon preparing herself for His arrival. She was freshly showered, with her makeup done to perfection. She was powdered (Master loved the smell of baby powder on her), and shaved smooth. She made sure that the house was in order as well - she didn't want anything to spoil His mood, She had missed Him today and wanted Him to be pleased with her when He got home.

A few minutes before He left work to come home, she had received a text from Him that set her heart a flutter. It simply read "no words". That was it, that was the whole message. But it was a message that made her pussy wet the instant she read it, because she knew its meaning well. It was a game they often played, they would have sex in whatever way He wanted and the first one to speak lost. Whimpering, moaning, and other sex noises were allowed, but no words could be spoken. It was a test of willpower and determination for her, and a challenge for Him!

She had readied herself for the game and was waiting for Him to come home. She didn't know exactly how long it be before He arrived but she wanted to have everything set. She was kneeling there with thoughts and fancies of what He might do to her when the deafening silence of the basement was broken by the sound of heavy footsteps overhead. He was home!

Her heart raced as she heard Him walking around upstairs. She tried to picture what He was doing...going into the living room to put his briefcase down...walking into the kitchen for a glass of water - she heard the water pipes in the basement run for a few seconds. Then he wandered off someplace else that she wasn't sure of.

"Oh God, I wish He would hurry up and come downstairs!" she thought to herself as she felt her pussy tingling. Her nipples hardened in anticipation of the game they were about to play.

Finally after an eternity to the blindfolded girl, she heard Him coming down the stairs. His heavy footsteps on the squeaky wooden stairs caused her heart to skip a beat with each step He took. She heard Him cross the floor and then He was in front of her. She couldn't hear Him, but she sensed His presence; He always had a sort of sexual energy around Him that she found so arousing. She heard something metal scrape the concrete floor and then the distinct sound of leather squeaking. He had changed into his "play clothes"! She got wetter still picturing Him in His tight leather pants, tight black T-shirt, heavy square toe boots and mirrored glasses! She felt lightheaded as she knelt there trembling with need in front of this powerful man.

She was not one to be easily ignored either. At 5'6" tall with shoulder length black hair, green eyes, a smile that would light up whatever room she was in, and a killer 36D-24-35 figure, she was enough to make most men melt. But she only had eyes for one man, her Master, the dominant that sat there mere inches from her now. Only He could give her goosebumps and at the same time set her skin on fire. He was the one who knew her better than she knew herself. And it was Him and only Him that possessed her totally - mind, body and soul.

He reached a hand out to stroke her soft hair and she moaned softly at His touch. He stroked her hair for a few moments as she cooed her gratitude for Him being home. His hand moved down to cradle her cheek and she tilted her face into it, nuzzling His strong hand softly. She heard Him chuckle softly and she smiled back at Him. He moved around in front of her and pulled her to her feet. He reached behind her head and grabbed a handful of her hair, pulling her head back and causing her to gasp. He put His mouth over hers, catching that gasp in His own mouth as he kissed her deeply. As He kissed her, He reached down and began playing with her breasts grabbing them and curling His fingers into the soft flesh. She loved having His hands on her body. His touch sent electric sparks through her and made her skin so sensitive and alive. Then He began to play with her hard nipples, and she thought to herself "Oh God no! Not my nipples! He knows what that does to me!"

He did indeed know what it did to her and He smiled as He rolled her nipples between his fingers, pinching and pulling on the hard nubs as she moaned loudly her pleasure. He flicked each nipple in turn sending bolts of electric pleasure shooting through her breast and bringing a gasp to her lips. She threw her head back and arched as He continued to play with her breasts, as if offering them to Him. Then He moved one hand down her flat belly and began teasing her now dripping pussy. His hand grazed her plump lips and rubbed her swollen, aching clit. She pressed her hips outward, trying to make it easier for Him to touch her most intimate and sensitive spot.

"Ohhhhhh," she moaned aloud. He smiled, knowing her resolve was waning. His fingers split her outer lips and He felt the wetness of her pussy. He ran His finger up and down her slit teasing her clit, and slipping in and out of her warm wet hole. She began rotating her hips slightly at first, helping Him to hit all her favorite spots, She began grinding harder against His hand and pressing her hips to Him, urging Him to explore her further. Her wrists still cuffed behind her back, she opened and closed her hands, wishing He would free that so she could hold Him. But He wanted to keep her helpless, knowing that being bound and powerless to resist His teasing always drove her mad with lust.

His fingers churned inside her slippery lovehole, as she squirmed and wriggled and moaned her delight. She could feel her need building inside her, She was getting close and she didn't know how much longer she could hold out. She struggled valiantly to maintain her composure; she did not want to lose the game this time! Still it was getting very hard...

Then, without warning, He pulled His fingers from her and stepped back, leaving her panting and unsteady as she stood there before Him. A moment later He swept her up in His arms and carried her across the room to a bed in the corner of the basement. He laid her gently on the bed and she moved instantly to the middle and, laying on her back, stretched her frame completely out for Him.

They had made the basement into a home "dungeon" where they played the BDSM games. He had found an old wrought-iron full size bed frame at a moving sale and had put it down here to play on. He liked the construction but knowing it would be used for something besides sleeping on, he added some reinforcements by welding some steel gussets at the corners of the frame and head and foot boards. He also added a rail along each side of the bed, right at the point where the mattress sets on the box spring, to add rigidity to the head and footboards as well as add a handy tie-off point for His ropes.

She lay there, blindfolded and waited for what He was going to do next. He first tied her arms to points on the side rails about even with her hips, making sure she couldn't move them. Then He drew her legs up over her head and spread her ankles wide, securing them to the headboard. With her in this position she was very open, exposed, and accessible to Him. She lay there, panting and trembling, waiting for Him to use her, waiting for Him to take her as she knew He would.

He stood there next to His bound woman, eyeing His work and admiring the way her dripping pussy glistened in the light. She was beyond wet. Her pussy throbbed and her whole body was afire with lustful need. it was all she could do to keep from crying out His name and begging Him to fuck her senseless.

This next phase in her torment began when He slipped His two middle fingers into her pussy, holding her open with the two outers ones. He curled His fingers up until He felt the soft pad of her g-spot. Using his other hand on her abdomen to hold her in place, He began using a short quick jerking motion. A few seconds of this and she was moaning loudly. He stopped and watched her squirm as she tried to bring herself down from the edge. He inserted His fingers again and a few seconds later she once again was teetering on the precipice. Panting she lay there, her pussy quivering, opening and closing as if asking to be filled again.

Once again He shoved His fingers into her and this time His teasing took her completely over the cliff. She began bucking and groaning, biting her lip to keep from screaming out as she came. She writhed and humped the air as best she could considering her bonds. He watched her go through her orgasm, and once she had finished, He allowed her to catch her breath for a moment before continuing.

Not wanting her to come completely down from her orgasm, He positioned Himself at her pussy and leaned forward, eagerly lapping at her sweet, wet pussy. She moaned and made little whimpering sounds as she felt His hot tongue exploring her sensitized pussy. She gripped the rails she was secured to clinging so tightly to them that her knuckles went white. She gritted her teeth and panted short breaths as she fought desperately to contain the boiling need within her. His tongue probed and explored her pink recesses, lapping up her juices and flickering over her aching clit.

Beads of sweat formed on her forehead as she struggled against her own body and her whole body was glistening with a sheen from her exertion. He was proud of how well she had done to this point, but He was the Master, and was not in the habit of losing competitions to a submissive. So He decided to pull out all the stops and put and end to her struggle. He got up and walked across the room and brought something back to the bed. He began once again lapping and tonguing her pussy, getting her to a fever pitch before adding His coup-de-grace. She wriggled and pressed her hips up to Him as He ate her sweet pink pussy, and He flicked the switch of the small silver bullet vibrator he had brought back to the bed with Him. He placed the buzzing demon at her asshole and pressed it partway into the puckered flower.

"OHFUCK!! OHMYGOD, MASTER!!" she screamed out loud. "OH FUCK, I"M CUMMING!!" and she exploded in a tremendous orgasm as her pussy spewed forth its sweet liquid, covering His face and running down her legs and onto the bed. She howled and kicked her legs as she came and came. He held the vibrator to her ass and licked at her clit, prolonging her orgasm until she lost her mind and was reduced to a blabbering, incoherent, lust-crazed idiot. Her mind was gone, lost in a whirlwind orgasm that consumed her completely.

He got up and knelt before the quivering mass of female, still adrift in the crashing sea of her orgasm, and pulled out His steel-hard cock. He was going to teach her that she was no match for Him in this game. Without waiting for her to finish her orgasm, He plunged His cock fully into her still-convulsing pussy. He began to fuck her, not the soft lovemaking type of fucking, but the hard, brutal, savage fucking of a Master taking what was His. He abused her pussy, slamming into it repeatedly like a Texas oil rig looking for oil.

"Ohhh, Master! Oh fuck, I'm cumming again!" she screamed as she felt Him plowing into her, His balls slapping her ass as He buried Himself in her over and over. He took the bullet vibe that He had championed her with and pressed the vibrating hell to her clit. She squealed and burst forth with her second orgasm at the touch of the devilish device. Her pussy clamped down on His cock as she flooded her pussy with fresh cum, leaking her juices out around His cock as He pummeled her.

As her second orgasm washed over her, He pulled His raging cock from her and untied her ankles and wrists. Not wasting a second, He grabbed her by the hair and spun her around so her head lay over the side of the bed in front of him. He put His cock to her lips and she opened her mouth obediently. He filled her mouth and throat with His cock and began face fucking the panting and whimpering girl. He used her, used her as His fucktoy, His slut, and His whore.

She took everything He had to give too, gratefully accepting His cock in whatever hole He chose to use. She sucked on His cock just like He had taught her, wanting nothing more in life at that point than to feel His white hot cum spurt down her throat. She sucked on Him as He shoved Himself down her throat almost to the point of gagging and holding it there until she slapped His thigh, a signal she needed air. He pulled out only long enough for her to gasp in a breath or two before filling her throat once more.

As He face-fucked her, He grabbed her tits and pinched and pulled on her nipples until she moaned, then whimpered. It hurt, but she was in such a glorious, lust-crazed state that she was able to turn even the pain in her nipples into a sexual arousal. Her moans and whimpers also sent vibrations in her throat that His cock picked up and sent as electric signals to His brain. Without even knowing it, she was working His cock to the point He was about to blow Himself

He finally could take no more and she felt Him swell in her throat, With a deep animal growl she felt His cock erupt and shoot streams of hot sticky cum down her throat. She sucked greedily, not wanting a single drop of His seed to spill out, She drank Him as fast as He could fill her, as if His cum was life-giving water in the dry desert. When she had drained Him of every drop of the precious fluid, she sucked Him clean as He pulled slowly out of her. She lay there head over the side of the bed, panting for air and totally drained of energy. He Himself was in no better condition and sank down to the floor beside her, His face close to hers and both sucking in whatever air they could.

They stayed there resting and gathering their strength back until He got up and helped His girl to her feet holding her close to Him. He removed her blindfold, but she kept her eyes closed, wanting the moment to last just a little longer. He hooked a finger under her chin and lifted her face to His. Finally, she opened her eyes and her breath caught in her throat once again. He put His hand around her throat claiming her as His own and she surrendered the victory to Him with one simple word:


AUTHOR'S NOTE: This story was conceived because of a picture that My friend Poppet gave Me and told Me that it would make a good cover pic. I accepted the challenge and picked up the gauntlet, so to speak, and created this story around the cover pic you see.
The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events in it are products of the author’s imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.
This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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All names, characters, businesses, places, events, and incidents are either the products of the author’s imagination or used in a fictitious manner. Any resemblance to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events is purely coincidental. All characters portrayed in this story are over sixteen (16) years of age.

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