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The Girl In The Yellow Dress

There’s nothing better than a chance meeting with a deviant woman.

It was the first time I laid eyes on her. It was in a pub and I was sitting on a high chair at a table drinking a pint of beer and waiting for my food. 

I first saw her at 1:45 pm in the afternoon and the pub was about half full. She wore a yellow dress, covered in red rose petals and leaves that sprouted in all sorts of directions. An elasticated section covered the area of her breasts and there was no sign of a tell-tale bra line. Sha had her back to me and she was laughing and playing with her three daughters of various ages, themselves dressed in a yellowish dress of one kind or another. One of them had a white embroidered scarf around her head and shoulders and all four of them were enjoying themselves.

I remembered at the time, that the sight of so many people laughing was not all that common. Not these days.

It wasn’t so much her laughter that caught my attention but her red hair. Hair that glistened brightly in the sun’s rays that pushed through the windows of the pub and forced themselves into every dark corner they could find. A bright red band was tied in her hair to form a pony tail of sorts. 

When she changed her orientation to laugh at her children on either side of her, I could see her face. It exuded pleasure; innocent pleasure, a kind of childhood pleasure; a pleasure that portrayed the fact that she, and them, were as happy as Larry. They looked extremely happy anyway.

I remember twisting my head to try and look on her face. I wanted to see what she was like. How beautiful she was. I was struggling to look on her face and on more than one occasion I contemplated changing tables.

My food arrived and I sat and ate; every now and then turning to watch her and to see what she was doing. Her kids had started to wander outside to play with their friends and I had only just finished my meal when she turned sideways to me; providing me with a side-on view of her face.

The phrase ‘fuck she looks gorgeous’ sprung into my mind. Her summer dress hung elegantly over her body. The elasticated top clung to the undersides of her breasts in the most erotic way. When she glanced my way, I smiled. It was my best sexy smile, because her bright blue-green eyes instantly invoked that feeling in me.

I wanted to fuck her.

No, I wanted her to be mine and then I remembered the three kids. Perhaps not. Perhaps I was jumping the gun a little here.

Once our eyes met each other we instantly looked away. I don’t know why I did it but when she looked at me it caught me unawares. I was surprised at how I felt when she too smiled at me and nodded. Our reaction to each other’s stare must have been one of shyness. Not that I am shy in the slightest.

I picked up a stray chip, stuffed it in my mouth, took a sip of my pint and, out of the corner of my eye, looked in her direction once more.

She was sitting side-on to the table. Waiting for what? Or for who? I thought. Her kids scrambled back in through the main door of the pub and she chatted to them for a while before they left again.

That dress was something else. It looked like it belonged on her, it was made for her; it complemented her hair and body. She fitted it perfectly like it was sprayed on. I couldn’t imagine that dress on anyone else; it would have been daylight robbery to have done so.

The dress looked so sexy, tight-fitting, clinging where it needed. I couldn’t see any lines underneath at all and I wondered whether she did or didn’t.

I wanted to find out. I desperately wanted to find out. But she was there, I was here and my pint was getting low. Either I walk or buy another.

Her eldest walked in and they started talking. As soon as the kid left I watched as she got up from the table and walked in my direction. I busied myself with my pint; swilling it around in circles and started to look out of the window opposite me.

Out of the corner of my eye I watched her yellow summer dress skim past me. Light from the window scattered over its surface and highlighted all the important areas of her body.

Her breasts filled but did not overfill the elasticated area.
The dress clung to her hips like glue.
The dress swung loosely from side to side across her upper thighs.
Her red hair mesmerised me and I wanted to stare at her.

I really wanted to stare at her as she walked past me.

Sometimes in life, you have to do what you want to do. I wish this was one of those moments but it wasn’t. I was ashamed of myself for not doing what I wanted to do. But, she had kids, must have been married, right? Must be happy with her life, right? She must have been a lot of things that I wasn’t.

She certainly was the sexiest woman I had seen for a long time and certainly the happiest.

I jumped when I heard a voice in my ear. It startled me. Shocked me. I wasn’t expecting it and yet I heard a voice in my ear; a soft voice, her voice. I heard the words ‘Hi’ first then more followed. By the time I took it all in and came to the conclusion that they were for me the last word I caught was ‘Angela.’

I turned around to look at where the sound came from and found it was the woman in the yellow dress. I couldn’t help but take in her full body as she stood there, inches away from me. I turned, smiled and introduced myself. For some fucking stupid reason my hand popped out in front of me and I offered it to her as I said my name.

She smiled; an amusing smile. But she took my hand as offered and shook it.

“Nice to meet you, Matt,” she said as she smiled at me, biting her lip in the process and glancing towards the door; just in case.

I didn’t know what to say, I was dumbfounded. I raised both my hands in the air and was about to ask her to sit with me on the high stool, but she beat me to it.

“I have to pop to the ladies room,” she said, “but you’re welcome to join me if you want to.”

Her hand swept across my cheek and she let it rest there; hesitating before she left. Her hand lingered far too long, partly because I was already rising from my chair and had already moved in her direction; unable to control the magnetism that dragged me upwards and along with her. By the time she entered the corridor for the ladies room, I was a few steps behind. I remember thinking what a wonderful arse she had as it wiggled in front of me. I could see my hand pushing its way up her vibrant yellow dress and cupping her sex. I could see me pressing my hands into her breasts and I could also see me rushing hurriedly out of the ladies loo when other women were inside watching me enter.

I was hoping that no-one would be there.

As she entered the loo, she looked behind her to make sure I was still there and to make sure no-one else was following us. I did the same.

As I entered I saw her standing in the doorway to an empty cubicle. Her hands fell behind her as she grasped the upright of the door. I pressed my body into her and we immediately started kissing. Not the gentle type but the full on passionate exchange you get between people that just can’t wait. At that moment we definitely fell into that category.

My tongue pushed between her lips and we grappled with each other. She pushed me through the doorway before pulling it closed behind her. The next I knew I found myself sitting on the toilet as she straddled my lap. My erection was very much the most prominent part of our contact and I could feel it grow even more so.

My hands cupped her breasts and I partly pulled her closer towards me. She ground her lower body against my erection as both her hands came up behind my neck to keep my head steady and in one place.

She broke the kiss before I did, but only to slip the straps of her yellow dress off her arms so that the elasticated section could be pulled down to her waist. I took no time in following her lead. As soon as the fabric was below her nipples my mouth and tongue latched onto them.

There was one major problem; my cock. It was restrained by layers of, what was now, unwanted material. As I sucked on her nipples, my hands reached down to my trousers and I unbuckled my belt, undid the buttons and pulled my trousers apart. Angela stood up while I sucked her tits to allow me to push my trousers down around my thighs before she sat back down on my hardened cock.

I felt rampant. I guess Angela did too.

It wasn’t long before she slipped her tongue into my mouth as we kissed. I was like a kid in a sweet shop as I saw her raise her body from me, grasp my cock in her hand and slip down over it. Out tongues never left each other when I felt her sex surround my cock.

I don’t know what caused it, but the moment of penetration was the first time I smelt her perfume; floral and sweet and intoxicating. The smell matched the colours of her yellow dress.

My mind raced onwards filling itself with pleasure. All I could feel was a wet, silky warmth surrounding my cock that went cold when she lifted her body and warmed up when she lowered it. My head was buried between her tits for what seemed like ages. She held her hands tight at the back of my neck; pressing me into her.

She could fuck. That was a fact.

She knew exactly what to do to me to make me explode but I was adamant that I would last her out. I struggled, but I managed.

I heard her panting heavily into the air above me. I heard her utter words of depravity and I could feel her shake her head from side to side. Her volume had increased quite significantly by the time I was pushing my groin into her at the same time as she was sinking down on me. She eventually pushed my head away from her breasts and lifted my chin upwards with her hand.

Our mouths met, just before she uttered those wonderful words that she was coming. The passionate kiss lasted the whole length of her orgasm. Every gasp she uttered, every moan and every pant entered my mouth and I relished all of them. I think at one point even her orgasm entered me. I certainly felt it.

I took every breath she gave me and I pushed my cock inside her; as hard as I could until her orgasm subsided. I came without thinking. My spunk shot from the end of my cock and flowed into every crevice of her insides.

I held her still, as still as she could be with her body vibrating and her legs shaking; every second or so her stomach clenched and I could feel the effect of her contractions on my throbbing cock.

Angela eventually opened her eyes and looked down at me; still panting and very much out of breath. My cock was still spurting inside her and I leant forward to suck her nipple to break the silence. Her hand came up on the back of my head and she held me close.

In silence…

“I hope you two enjoyed yourself in there. By the sounds of it, I wish it was me.”

We both held our breath and looked at each other with dread written all over our faces. We had never heard another person enter the toilet at all. But there it was, aural evidence that we were heard and never to be forgotten.

The toilet next to ours flushed and as we heard the door close we both burst out laughing. It soon turned to giggling as she rested her forehead on my neck, but we both knew we had to leave the confines of our love nest and leave our sexual tryst behind us.

Angela had to be the first to break our bonds and she did so with great elegance. She slipped her bum backwards over my cock and leant in to kiss me; a quiet yet fond kiss that lovers exchange. She stood back against the door and pulled her straps up over her shoulders. I on the other hand had to tuck my wilting red-hot cock inside my pants and pull my trousers and pants up at the same time. We waited, looking into each other’s eyes before we both exited the toilets.

She seemed to study my eyes, my soul and I seemed to do the same to her. Suddenly she turned and opened the door.

I watched her arse wiggle as we left, just as I had done when we entered. Her red hair was just as vibrant; her dress still clung to her body in the most obscene way as she left the confines of the corridor for the bar.

The only difference was that my spunk was now sloshing inside her knicker-less pussy; probably eager to slither down her leg at the most inconvenient moment.

I watched her round the corner and saw two young women run up to her and wrap their arms around her. I can only guess as to the explanation she gave them for her not being where they thought she would be.

I had to leave her go so that she could spend time with her family. My only satisfaction was that no husband had turned up. Not yet anyway and secretly, I was dreading the moment when he would.

They busied themselves for what seemed like ages but was, in reality, a few minutes.

I saw her pick up her bag and distribute the other plastic bags between the kids before they started to leave.

I had looked away, not wanting to embarrass her or think that what we had just done meant something special.

“I think you will be needing this,” a voice told me in my ear. Not for the first time I heard that voice in my ear, but this time it made me smile.

I took the piece of paper with her name and telephone number scribbled on it. I smiled.

We have now been together for three years, married for four months. We haven’t stopped fucking since we first met. Even when she was pregnant, we fucked just about every day. We have two children of our own, both with vibrant red hair. It turned out that the kids she was with on that fateful afternoon were her step sister’s children and not hers. I never really noticed that their hair was blonde and not red. It never occurred to me.

Are we happy? Fuck, yes!

Are we in love? More than ever!

Can I live without her? I have often asked that question of myself and of her. For me the answer is ‘no fucking way’.

As I think on my answer I look at her from across the bar, I see the same laughter in her eyes and in her smile as I did all those years ago, except that the two kids with her belong to us.  She sometimes wears the same yellow dress with the red roses and I still want to fuck the hell out of her when she does.

I would have to say, she would say the same.



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