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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 2

It's morning and Jane needs a good licking...
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 2

At 6:00 the following morning, Bill was just finishing in the shower. He came out with the towel wrapped around his waist and met Jane on the stairs.

“I‘ll get your toast and coffee,” she said to him. Bill just nodded.

The breakfast consisted of the usual foods with some polite conversation. Bill thrust the remnants of a piece of toast down his throat, grabbed a second piece and declared that he was off to work.

Jane smiled at him, grabbed her coffee and walked to the front door. She wondered if he would kiss her this morning. Bill smiled at her, waved his hand and made his way to the car.

Jane watched as he drove off down the road and waited a few moments at the door before closing it slightly. She walked upstairs and punched the phone number that Matt had given her into her mobile and sent him a text.

Matt was already awake, though he didn’t start work until 9 he also watched through his bedroom window as Bill left for work. He was making his way to the shower when his phone buzzed and indicated that there was a message for him. He looked at it.

‘The door‘s open, I‘m upstairs, naked with my legs open…come and lick me please! xxx‘.

Matt smiled. Only one person would have put that in a text to him and it was certainly not his mother.

He dressed, left his house and walked next door. The door looked closed. He pushed it and it opened. Matt felt a little unsure, but as he had seen Bill leave the house, he walked inside and closed the door fully. He looked upstairs and placed his hand on the bottom rail. He then decided to strip off completely and leave his clothes downstairs. He walked up the stairs completely naked, his cock getting harder and harder as he got closer to the top. At the top he rounded the stairs and saw that only one door was open. He headed for it.

Jane was, as he was told in the text, on the bed and propped up on several pillows. Her legs were definitely wide open and he could see she was begging for it. What she hadn’t put in the text was the fact that she had been fingering herself in anticipation.

Jane could hear the door close, she could hear the creaking floorboards on the stairs and she knew Matt was in the house. When she saw him round the door to her bedroom and she nearly died. She actually saw his cock first. It was hard and swinging in front of him.

Matt smiled at her on the bed. She raised her finger and motioned to him to come towards her. Then she flicked her tongue out at him. Matt was left in no uncertainty that she wanted a good licking, and after the cock sucking she gave him last night, he hoped he was up to the challenge.

Matt climbed onto the bed and kissed her toes. Jane squirmed at this, especially when he sank his tongue between her toes. Then he kissed all the way up her legs and thighs paying a lot of attention to the area under her knees. Jane was loving this so much. Then he reached the top of her thigh. Her pussy was pink and very wet.

She watched him as he kissed her pussy lips. She clenched her arse with every kiss she received. She gasped slightly with every caress of her pussy by his lips. Then he kept moving upwards and kissed her stomach. He wriggled his tongue into her belly button making her squirm and giggle on the bed. Then he looked at her as he hesitated above her pussy.

Go on, lick it for me, she willed him onwards. She was looking down onto him as she saw his tongue come out and flick her pussy. The touch was thrilling, she felt ecstatic at every flick of his tongue on her pussy.

Jane rested her head on the pillows, closed her eyes and let Matt suck and flick his tongue over her pussy. Every touch was thrilling, wonderful, erotic and every touch was bringing her closer to her orgasm.

Then something just snapped inside her head. Jane flipped. Her breathing was heavier, she was gritting her teeth and humping her pussy up to meet Matt’s tongue. She opened her eyes and looked down at him. Her hands reached out and she grabbed the back of his head forcing his face into her cunt.

“Fucking lick it…come on…fucking lick it…” she cried out to him. Jane was gyrating her hips as she rubbed her pussy into his mouth. Her hands gripped him like a vice, both of them around his head and she watched as she pumped her pussy onto his face and mouth. She was cumming hard, any minute, any second and her orgasm would be over. Jane let out a loud cry, she pushed her arse off the bed and while still gripping his head firmly to her pussy she had her first orgasm of the morning.

She eventually released Matt’s head and he looked at her after giving her pussy one last lick. Jane was lusty and downright fucking horny as hell. She pushed him away from her, looking at him with lust in her eyes. She quickly turned around and presented her arse to him as she got on all fours. She looked over her shoulder’s at him.

“Come on, fuck me Matt…” she said.

Matt climbed up onto the bed with his raging cock swinging freely. He had never come across someone who was so demanding before, someone that was lust crazed when she got close to her orgasm, it was as if she had never been fucked in her life before, that the only person that mattered was her - and he loved every minute of it.

Matt had decided that he was going to play her at her own game. He positioned himself behind her and fucked his cock straight into her cunt. She was soaking wet and he went straight in hitting the top of her cervix with his cock.

Jane let out a cry of joy as his cock entered her.

“Pump it in,” she ordered him, not even looking around but burying her head in the pillows. She let him fuck her for a while like this, with every thrust she let out a gasp and eventually her second orgasm ripped through her pussy.

Jane knew she was getting fucked, and getting fucked hard as well. But it wasn’t enough for her right now. Right now she wanted it all. Her own mind had corrupted her, the sex she was receiving had spurred her on and without even thinking she just came out with it.

“Fuck me up my arse…Matt, fuck my arse…please!”, she pleaded.

Matt was pushing his cock into her when he heard her words.

“You want it up the fucking arse?” he questioned her.

“Yes!” she exclaimed, “right up my arse!”

Matt instantly removed his cock, glistening with her pussy juices, he rubbed his hand over her wet pussy and coated her arse with it. He shoved a finger inside and then two. He finger fucked her arse for a few seconds and then coated her hole with some more pussy juices.

Matt pushed his knob up against her anus. He started to push it inside and Jane started to scream. A stream of expletives left her mouth and he stopped momentarily letting her get used to his size. Then his knob end slipped inside her anus and he started to gently push his cock inside her.

“Oh fuck that‘s big!” she exclaimed. “Please…” she started to say something but her words trailed off as he suddenly pushed his cock into her anus. Jane let out a second scream.

Jane had instigated this fuck, but now Matt felt he was firmly in charge.

“You wanted your arse fucked, so you‘re going to get your arse fucked!” exclaimed Matt, forcibly.

Matt fucked her arse relentlessly with long strokes of his exceptionally rigid cock. The very thought of penetrating Jane’s arse made him harder than ever and he loved the state that his cock was now in. He fucked her hard.

Jane breathed out heavily with each thrust of Matt’s cock, each breath was associated with the words “Oh Fuck!” and with each thrust, her breaths became more like carnal grunts.

As her orgasm approached Jane let out her final cry of absolute bliss.

“Oh fuck yesss…I‘m fucking cumming” she cried.

Matt pumped his cock into her and when she finally let out the tell-tale groan as her orgasm ripped through her, he let go and filled her arse with his spunk. Matt pulled his cock out half way through his release and let the tail end of his spunk fall onto her back and arse.

He sat back on his thighs and admired his cock and what it had achieved. He looked at Jane as she lay on her side and then on her back, moving her legs around him. She got up from the bed and stood beside him. She grabbed his cock in her hands.

“Come with me…we need a shower,” she said, “we have to go to work.”

Matt followed her, well, he had no choice in the matter, she was leading him by his brain to the bathroom.

Jane flicked the switch and the shower sprung into life. She got inside.

“I had better go and get showered too, ” said Matt, “I have to make a move and if I get in there with you, well…”

She reluctantly nodded, she leant over and kissed him.

“That was an excellent fuck, Matt,” she said, “I‘m such a naughty girl.”

“If you want my opinion,” he replied, “I don‘t think we have even scratched the surface.” Matt was hoping that they had not. The giggle that came out of Jane confirmed his very thoughts as he made his way downstairs to his clothes and then his own shower.

They met again at 8:30 leaving their respective houses, dressed and ready for work. Matt saw that Jane was dressed in a smart skirt with stockings and he hoped, suspenders. She gave him a lusty smile and continued on her way to work.

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