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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 3

Jane gets fucked by her slob of a husband and runs next door for a fuck to erase the memory!
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 3

Jane continued to have arguments with her husband Bill. It was the best way she thought of continuing her life with her husband without him getting suspicious. Let things continue as they were, she thought.

They were having the same kind of discussion and Jane blurted out how the sexual side of their relationship was non-existent, knowing that her husband would ignore her pleas.

Bill looked at her sternly. “So you want to get fucked do you…” he said, “Right, well your fucking going to get fucked then!”

Jane stared at him, eyes and mouth wide open as she couldn’t believe what he had just said. Bill moved towards her, grabbed her hands and turned her around pushing her towards the sofa. He grabbed her knickers as he made her kneel on the edge of the sofa and he thrust them down to her knees.

Jane struggled with the concept that her husband actually wanted sex with her. She had obviously critiscised him once too many. Bill opened his trouser zip and pulled his cock out. He wanked it while he pushed his other hand onto her pussy.

“Come on,” he said, “open your fucking legs, you bitch!”

Jane complied with his demands and opened her legs for him. She would rather fuck Matt, she thought, and it showed on her face. Thank fuck there was no mirror above the sofa, thought Jane.

Bill fucked his cock into her and started to pump his cock into her cunt. Jane gritted her teeth and took every thrust reluctantly, she grimaced. He fucked her hard, but she was nowhere near to an orgasm. This was nothing like the fucking she had received from Matt, even when she asked Matt to fuck her up the arse, well, that was so much more erotic and lustful.

Bill continued to pump his cock into her and he heard Jane gasp now and then.

“Cumming are you…come on then, fucking cum!” he exclaimed.

Truth was, Jane was grunting because of the disgusting way he was fucking her not because she was enjoying it or about to have an orgasm. She thought of faking it just for him, he would never know the difference, she thought.

“Fuck I‘m cumming too!” exclaimed Bill suddenly, and without any warning, he spunked up inside her, pulled his cock out of her cunt and then proceeded to splash his spunk over her backside and onto her thighs.

He wiped his cock in her dress before he put it back inside his trousers.

“There, I hope your fucking satisfied now?” he questioned, “Right, well I‘m off out, see you later,” he continued.

Jane looked at him as he left the lounge She heard him open the front door and she heard it slam behind him.

Jane could feel his warm spunk over her arse and thighs. She headed for the downstairs toilet and grabbed a towel to remove the spunk from her body and skirt. She wanted to wash the thought of the sex that they had just had right out of her mind. Erase the memory that this husband of hers had actually fucked her once in goodness knows how long. She wanted to replace the memory with something far nicer. She wanted Matt, right now, she thought.

She left the house and knocked on the one next door. Matt finally answered the door.

“Jane!” he exclaimed, rather surprised to see her standing there.

She pushed right past him and matter of factly said, “I need a fuck right now!”

As she entered the hall she was removing her top, her bra, her skirt and she kicked off her shoes. As she reached the bottom of the stairs she was naked. She bent over and presented her arse and long legs to his gaze.

“Arse or pussy?” asked Matt as he dropped his shorts and started to wank his cock in readiness.

“I don’t fucking care,” she said, “just get it up me…NOW!” the last word raised in volume and intended as an order.

Matt loved the way she ordered him to fuck her, her desperate need for sex was implicit in her words. He smiled as he wondered how long he could tease her before giving her is cock. He slid his cock against her pussy lips relishing in their wetness.

“Fuck,” he said, “you're really wet, Jane.”

“Just fuck me hard…OK!” she exclaimed.

Matt took her words seriously and slipped his hard cock right up her wet cunt. He fucked her hard, and Jane could feel his whole length invade her and stroke her insides wonderfully.

Fuck this was gorgeous, thought Jane. Her orgasm building with every thrust of his cock.

“Cum in me…” she said to him.

Matt fucked her hard and after a few more thrusts he cried out as his spunk jetted inside her. He just kept thrusting as he spunked into her and soon Jane was also crying her orgasm into the room.

“Nice fuck! I do hope there‘s some left for me!”, the voice coming from the front door.

Fuck, thought Matt, he spun around, his cock wrenched from Jane’s pussy and swinging free; it instantly deflated as he stood to see Jenny standing by the open door.

Jane got up from the stairs and looked around Matt. She looked at Jenny and then at Matt, her eyes wide open. Jane bit her lip.

“Jenny, I’m sorry,” started Matt, “I don‘t know what to say!” Matt stood there dumbstruck.

Matt had met Jenny from an online dating agency, dating was a term they used, but in fact it was a ‘meet a fuck partner’ site in reality. They had met twice before but it wasn’t serious, not yet anyway. Matt had known that Jenny was coming over, but he just forgot what time she was going to arrive, and as luck would have it, Jane arrived.

“Is she your girlfriend?” asked Jane as quietly as she could.

“No, not a girlfriend,” said Jenny, “we have fun now and then, though he did know I was coming round today. Seems HE came a bit early though!” she continued, smiling to herself at her own innuendo.

“So you are?” asked Jenny directing her words at Jane,

“I‘m Jane, from next door…” replied Jane. “We just have fun too!” she exclaimed trying her best to get out of a sticky and somewhat embarrassing situation.

Jenny closed the door, dropped her bag on the floor and walked up to both of them. She kissed Matt full on the lips and grabbed his cock with her hand. She stroked it, making Matt’s cock twitch. Jenny looked at Jane and with her other hand, raised it, and took hold of her chin.

“Well, while your here!” she directed her comment to Jane. Jenny pulled her face forwards and kissed her full on the lips too. Jenny broke off the kiss which left Jane dumbfounded and confused.

Jane had never kissed a woman before and it showed on her face. She was startled.

“Your first time with a woman?” asked Jenny. “I‘m just dying to taste you!”

Matt’s cock was by now fully grown. His cock had recovered in the seconds it took two women to kiss each other, especially when one of them was a virgin bi-sexual.

Jane held her ground. She was startled but not disgusted with what had happened. She found herself breathing heavily and looking into Jenny’s eyes, then her own eyes lowered to Jenny’s breasts.

Jenny grabbed Jane’s arm and led her to the lounge. She sat her on the sofa and started to remove her clothes. Her top and bra were the first to be discarded and then she dropped her skirt. She stood in front of Jane with high heels, stockings and suspender. No knickers. Jane looked at her and wondered what was going to happen next!

Jenny straddled Jane and lowered her head for a kiss.

Jane, rather surprisingly, found herself reaching up to kiss the blonde woman in front of her. This was new, she thought, very new. Jane kissed Jenny and at the moment of touch, a tingling sensation shot through her body. Jenny pushed her tongue into Jane’s mouth and the girls started to French kiss each other. Jane found it erotic and sensual as they kissed.

Matt found it as horny as fuck and couldn’t wait to fuck one of them. He was hoping they would end up in a sixty nine so that he could fuck the one on top. This was, at the moment, beyond his wildest dreams.

Jenny started to fondle Jane’s tits, rolling them in her hands and pushing them upwards. She palmed her nipples and rubbed them. Jane groaned at this. Jenny then took Jane’s hands and placed them on her own breasts. Jane found herself fondling Jenny’s breasts. They were nice she thought, soft and so very lovely. Jane, involuntarily, found herself reaching to suck on her nipples. Jenny let out a quiet sigh.

Jenny then tweaked Jane’s nipple between her finger and thumb. Jane jumped at the sensation leaving Jenny’s nipple drop from her mouth. That’s it thought Matt, if there was any doubt, she’s definitely up for it now.

Jenny started to kiss Jane’s earlobe, she whispered in her ear. “I‘m going to really enjoy licking your pussy…” she said.

Jane sighed and looked up into her eyes.

Jenny slid off the sofa and knelt between Jane’s thighs. Matt’s cock was inches away from her and she sucked on it for a while as she looked into Jane’s eyes. A pang of jealousy hit Jane as she saw her lover’s cock get sucked. Jane recovered and eventually smiled at Jenny as she bit her lip thinking that it was the same mouth that was going to suck her clit any minute now.

Jenny let Matt’s cock slip from her mouth, She lowered her face to Jane’s pussy and she sucked on it. She raised her head momentarily. “Fuck me Matt…”

Matt was hoping he was going to get in on the action sooner, rather than later.

He knelt behind Jenny and slipped his cock all the way into her wet and willing pussy.

Jenny sucked on Jane’s pussy, licking her pussy lips with her tongue and allowing her mouth to cover her whole pussy. She tasted spunk. Matt’s spunk she thought. She scooped some of it out onto her tongue, lifted her head and presented her tongue to Jane’s gaze.

Jane was staring intently at Matt as he fucked his cock into Jenny. She took it all without so much as a gasp. It just slid right up her. Then Jane noticed Jenny’s tongue. She looked at the spunk on the end.

“Doesn‘t Matt taste lovely from your pussy,” declared Jenny.

Jane instantly nodded, then grinned as she knew that Jenny was eating a mixture of spunk from Matt and her husband. Jenny continued to eat Jane’s pussy and was eagerly pushing her tongue into her cunt. Thrusting it in and out in time to Matt’s pumping cock.

Jenny just lapped for a while on Jane’s pussy as Matt fucked his cock into her, then without warning she cried out into the room, “fuck, I‘m cumming…fuck me Matt, fuck me” she shouted.

“Fuck her Matt…”, said Jane as she looked onto this gorgeous blonde. Her arse in the air, her suspender belt still holding up her stockings as Matt pumped his cock into her from behind.

Then without warning. “Fucking lick it…you gorgeous fucker…” she said as she pushed Jenny’s face back onto her pussy. Jenny started to lap urgently at Jane’s pussy as her orgasm ripped through her. She let the flat of her tongue lick her whole pussy and then she clamped her mouth over her clit and sucked hard on it.

Jane bucked her hips in response to the sucking. She took both of her nipples in her hands and she squeezed on them. Jane was ordering Jenny to lick her with a string of expletives.

Matt just fucked his cock into Jenny from behind, his thrusts getting harder and with every motion of his arse, he pushed Jenny further onto Jane’s clit. Jenny sucked on Jane’s clit as best as she could and soon Jane was declaring that she was cumming.

Matt suddenly pulled his cock out of Jenny and straddled both women as Jane’s orgasm exploded inside her. Matt’s legs were next to the sofa as he wanked his cock and spunked up, all over Jane’s tits.

With all three of them satisfied Matt sat down next to Jane and kissed her.

Jane was more than satisfied with her earlier fuck and the wonderful licking that she had just received and was not surprised at all when Jenny raised her head from her pussy and crawled up her body to lick the spunk from her tits. Jenny took one large glob of spunk on her tongue and presented it to Jane. Jane licked it off as they kissed passionately sharing the spunk between them.

“How was it?” asked Jenny.

“Fucking wonderful,” said Matt out loud.

“I wasn‘t asking you!” she exclaimed looking at him briefly. Jane laughed.

“It was fucking wonderful…now when do I get to lick your pussy?” she asked.

“Funny…but I was just thinking that myself,” replied Jenny.

For the next two hours, Jenny and Jane were inseparable. They licked each other senseless and Jane found that she had attached another string to her bow. Women tasted fucking wonderful, she thought, but wondered whether she could ever give up men for them. Jenny also found a new lover that day, and Matt! Well, Matt got to fuck Jane as she sixty nined Jenny on his bed, his spunk running out of her pussy and onto Jenny’s lips when he finally, came inside her.

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