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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 4

Jane needs a fuck badly and takes Matt to the station for a quickie, a stranger is paid to join in.
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 4

It felt far too long after Jane’s fuck with Matt and his friend Jenny. For some reason Bill had not been going out as much as he used to. It was now Saturday and Jane needed a fuck badly. The texts were flying between the two houses.

‘I am so in need of a fucking…can we meet somewhere?’

‘How about you just sneak out of the house and come round here…shall I bring a ladder and rescue you- lol’

‘HaHa can you meet me at the station in 30 minutes…I have an idea.’

‘But it’s 10:30 already -surely your husband will suspect?’

‘Like I said I have a plan…see you there…or else.’

With that Jenny ran downstairs and declared that she had been on the phone to Mary, her friend, and that she needed to go over briefly and chat to her.

“Why now…” said Bill, “it‘s ten thirty for fuck‘s sake!” he exclaimed.

“Look, she‘s my friend and she needs a good talking too” replied Jane, and I need a good fucking, she thought to herself.

The argument continued in vain for another ten minutes. Jane eventually put her coat on and started out of the house.

“I‘m off…” she said, “just like you do when you go out to the pub. See you later,” she said. Bill staggered to the kitchen and broke open another can of lager.

She hurried to the station as fast as she could. Matt was there waiting for her. She ran up to him and kissed him passionately.

“I had to lie about a friend that needed to see me,” she finally explained, “come on, let‘s find somewhere to fuck! I need it so badly,” she continued.

“How badly,” grinned Matt. Jane glared at him, if looks could kill, he thought.

They walked onto the station and she bought some tickets to where her friend lived. Jane had no intention of catching the train though. They made their way to the platform and she immediately searched for a cubby.

“In here…” she grabbed Matt and pulled him into a small cubby space on the platform. It was home to a drinks machine but there was ample space next to it. Space enough, she thought, for him to fuck her.

Jane entered the cubby first, she immediately grabbed Matt’s crotch and started to feel his cock and balls. After looking up and down the platform, and noting that there were only a few people waiting for the trains, he started to kiss Jane passionately. He then felt his zipper open and Jane’s hands were inside his trousers and tugging at his shorts. Tugging wasn’t the correct word, he thought, she was yanking them from around his cock, desperately trying to release it from its prison.

Suddenly his cock was out and she was fisting it in her hand. She loved the feel of his cock especially when it started to get hard and rigid in her hands. She pulled it towards her several times. She finally broke off the kissing to speak.

“Come on…get my knickers down…” she urged.

Matt decided to go one better, he yanked her knickers so hard that they just snapped in his hands. With nothing holding them up, he let them fall to the ground. He put his arms around her waist and lifted her slightly off the ground, high enough for him to get his cock in her. Her pussy was wet, it always was, thought Matt, and he sunk his cock right up into her cunt while he let her down again.

“Oh fuck that’s nice…” sighed Jane.

Matt started to fuck his cock into her, he turned her slightly in the cubby space and started to buck his hips using the drinks machine as a spring board. His cock pushed all the way into her. He stopped when he heard he was making more noise bouncing off the machine than Jane was making by gasping aloud. Matt turned her against the back wall and started to fuck her urgently again. Jane grabbed him around his neck with both arms; she was lifted off the floor with every thrust that he gave her. Her legs were wrapped partly around his waist as he fucked his cock into her.

A rush of air suddenly swept through the station frightening Matt silly. A high speed train had rushed through the platform, it caused his cock to go much further in than Jane expected. She let out a very loud gasp as his cock hit the roof of her cervix. The train sped by followed by another rush of air and eventual silence.

Matt looked at Jane and grimaced as he saw the pleasure on her face. He could tell she liked it high inside her. He did his best from then on to fuck her hard and to get his cock as far in as he could manage. Jane loved it, she loved every bit of this fuck and she was about to cum on his cock, big-time.

With a few more thrusts, Jane pulled him into her and buried her head on his chest. She cried out with her orgasm. Her legs started to drop to the floor. Matt continued fucking his cock into her and finally, he too shot his load into her wonderful cunt.

He pushed in a few more times as his spunk jetted inside her, then he felt that dreadful feeling, the softening phase that his cock was going through. Wilting was not one of the most pleasant feelings, thought Matt. His cock finally came free of Jane’s pussy and he quickly stuffed it inside his jeans.

Jane’s knickers were on the floor which is precisely where they stayed as they left the cubby.

“That was a bit public,” said Matt, “wonder what those people on the train thought.”

“Probably nothing,” said Jane, “they seemed to be going at Mach 1.” Matt laughed.

“So how far would you go then…what‘s your limits?” he asked.

“Hmmm…” said Jane, “after we met and fucked furiously, then giving my arse to you, then fucking your friend Jenny…I don’t think I have any limits anymore!” she exclaimed.

Matt smiled. “Cool…” he said.

There were still only one or two people at the further end of the platform. Matt sat down on the metal bench, his legs straddled the bench as Jane sat next to him. He immediately pushed his hands up her skirt. He followed her thighs until he touched her pussy. He started to finger it as he kissed her.

Matt suddenly looked up to find a middle aged man walk past them. He broke off the kiss with Jane but it was obvious the man noticed his fingers up her skirt. The man headed towards the drinks machine.

“Wonder if he spots your knickers?” asked Matt. Jane giggled, “Or your spunk on the floor,” she replied.

Matt watched as the man got himself a drink. He seemed to pause. Matt watched him as he picked up the knickers. The man looked at both of them, then at the knickers. The man walked back down the platform and paused next to the wall just metres away from them. He lifted the knickers and sniffed at them, leering at both Jane and Matt as he did so.

“F…u…c…k….me!” exclaimed Jane. “Me too…” replied Matt

“They were fucking wet knickers too!” she continued.

Matt looked at her, she couldn’t take her eyes off the stranger sniffing her knickers like they were some exotic scent form the Middle East.

“Do you trust me?” asked Matt. Jane thought this a strange question but she nodded affirmatively. “Then just go with the flow and let it all happen OK…absolutely anything.”

Matt got up from the seat and walked towards the stranger. Jane could see he was talking to him but she couldn’t hear what was being said. She saw the man shake his head no and she saw Matt trying to persuade him. Matt reached into his back pocket, pulled out his wallet and peeled off two twenty pound notes. He handed them to the man. The man looked at Matt and took the money. Matt walked back to Jane and set on the edge of the bench, some distance from her.

“What‘s going on?” she asked.

The stranger approached Jane, and leaning over her started to fondle her thighs and then he raised his hand up her skirt.

“Fucking hell!” exclaimed Jane, as he pushed his hand up her skirt. The stranger spoke for the first time.

“Your boyfriend told me you needed to be finger fucked in public,” he said, “He paid me to do it to you…you must be such a slut!”

Jane looked at the man then at Matt. She watched as Matt started smiling and nodding his head. He mouthed the words ‘fuck his fingers’ to her as she looked sternly at him.

Jane eventually looked back at the man in front of her. His hands up her skirt and caressing her thighs in anticipation.

“Yes,” she replied, “I am such a fucking slut. Now stick your fingers up my cunt and make me cum! I really fucking want this,” she said.

He didn’t need to be asked twice. The stranger’s hand walked up her skirt until it reached her pussy. He started to stroke her outer lips. Jane moved her legs apart to give him easier access to her cunt. His fingers probed ahead as he slid two fingers straight into her and started to finger fuck her.

“Yes that‘s it, slip them right into my wet cunt,” groaned Jane.

“Want to suck my cock as well?” asked the man.

“Maybe,” replied Jane politely, “but only if you bring me off.”

He started to push his fingers into her while rubbing his thumb on her clit. Jane actually found herself starting to respond to this strangers fingers, she found it exhilarating, lewd and downright fucking dirty. Added to that was the fact that Matt, who she really hardly knew at all, was watching her and had arranged the whole thing while she sat there and watched him do it. Now here he was watching her take this guys fingers in her cunt, and she was having an orgasm.

“Come on fuck them in there…I‘m going to cum,” she told the man. His thrusts got faster and faster.

“That‘s it,” she said aloud, “show my fucking boyfriend how it‘s done. Fuck them into me.”

The man fucked his fingers into her and Jane let out a cry as she had her orgasm right there in front of him. Just as she screamed out loud with her pleasure, a train pulled into the station and slowing down dramatically as it approached them.

Matt grabbed her hand and pulled her away from the stranger. His hands were wrenched from under her skirt as she left the bench almost flying. He pulled her towards him and they started running for the stairs. Matt nor Jane looked back to see if the man was following them.

The train stopped and the doors opened. From the top of the stairs Matt and Jane watched as the man got on the train sniffing his fingers as he did so.

“You dirty little fucker you!” exclaimed Matt.

“What?!” cried Jane, “you arranged it and sat there watching,” she shouted.

“Yeah, wasn‘t it great!” he said as he laughed. Jane finally started to laugh too.

“I think you will have to lose your knickers far more often,” said Matt as they walked out of the station.

Jane just looked at him wondering where on Earth he got these ideas from. Wherever it was, it certainly made her as horny as hell. She smiled as she started to wonder how much worse she could behave.

Jane and Matt reached their respective houses and said their goodbye’s on their doorsteps. Jane went straight to bed. Her husband, Bill, was already asleep. Probably pissed, thought Jane. She dumped her clothes in the washing basket and climbed quietly into bed beside him. She fell asleep wondering what she would get up to next, and at the same time, secretly loving everything she had done so far. Fuck, she wished it was Matt beside her right now.

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