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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 5

Jane loses her job and goes for an interview...with benefits, as it turns out.
Quickie sex, teasing, sexual manipulation, oral, submission

The Guy Next Door - Chapter 5

Jane awoke with a start, the radio had just switched itself off. Fuck, she thought, if its off, I’m fucking late. Jane was definitely going to be late for work, it wasn’t the first time either and she had been reprimanded before.

She rushed to the office to find her boss sitting on her desk. She walked slowly towards him and apologised for being late. In no uncertain terms, he gave her notice. She pleaded with him to keep her on but he was adamant. Jane had a week to find another job before she was out of work. This would really fuck her husband up now, she thought, he would go spare when he found out. She wondered whether dropping her knickers for her boss would be a good idea right now. She parked the thought. She did however, text Matt to let him know her predicament, even though there was nothing he could do. It was just a reassuring shoulder to cry on, so to speak.

During the next two days Jane busied herself by browsing the internet looking for another job, desperately trying to get an interview before she had to tell her husband the horrible truth. As a secretary it shouldn’t be that hard to find a job, she thought, and she was a particularly good one, just not that good at time-keeping. It was Thursday and as luck would have it a contact that she knew in the careers industry had landed her an interview in a large office closer to her home than the place she currently worked. She kept her fingers crossed, and for once her legs as well.

On Friday, Jane thought about texting Matt, but her sensibility got the better of her. She had hardly seen him since the last time, but then, it was only three days ago. She smiled as the thought of Matt crossed her mind. He was extremely thoughtful, she thought, giving her the space she needed with her husband, and the rampant sex she needed when he was called upon. After masturbating and bringing herself off to a wonderful orgasm, she eventually got out of bed, showered and headed off to her interview.

She arrived at the offices in plenty of time. She checked in with the receptionist and was told to proceed to the fourth floor, room twenty one. There would be someone there to see her. She caught the lift, and on leaving the fourth floor, found her way to the interview room.

There were four other people waiting, all women, all gorgeous, and some very leggy. There was one blonde waiting for her turn. Jane sat opposite her, her mind flowing with thoughts of Jenny. She smirked as she tried to look up the blonde’s skirt and catch a glimpse of stocking tops, or even better, pussy.

She was disappointed.

Slowly the room emptied, in fact the whole office was emptying as it approached 5:30 in the evening. She was finally ushered into the conference room where there were four interviewers sitting at a long table. A fifth emerged from a side door.

Her mouth dropped open as she watched him walk to the centre chair of the panel. He sat down and looked at her.

“Please take a seat,” he said and motioned Jane to the chair in front of them. He picked up her CV and browsed through it.

“So…” he started, “why exactly are you looking for a new job?” he asked.

“Something closer to home, more of a challenge!” Jane lied.

He nodded. “Your CV looks pretty good!” he exclaimed. “Ask away…” he instructed his team by waving his arms at them. They all asked Jane some very pertinent questions about her last job, what she expects from this one, her ability to work overtime if required, all the usual suspects until the questions eventually dried up.

“Anything you would like to ask us?” he asked.

“No…not really,” replied Jane. “If I get the job, maybe I can ask them then” she shut up not wanting to come across as desperate for the job.

“Would you mind waiting outside please,” he asked.

About ten minutes passed as the lead interviewer chatted to the rest of his panel and quizzed them about Jane. He thought she had come across as the most professional and with the most qualifications and experience. The others agreed.

Jane sat in the waiting room and watched as the other interviewers filed out of the conference room. She nodded to each of them in turn.

Barbara appeared last. “Mr. Baxter will see you now,” she instructed Jane.

“Thank you,” said Jane as she got up and walked back into the conference room.

“That will be all thanks Barbara, you can go now,” he said and then directed his attention to Jane. “Take a seat please…”, said Matt.

Jane once again sat opposite Matt and crossed her legs.

“So,” he started, “why exactly were you late for work and lost your job,” he asked once again, “the truth this time…please…”, his manner was firm and very business like.

Jane didn’t know what to say, she was struck between this person she was shagging from next door and her next real job. She decided to play it safe.

“I got out of bed late and I actually did it once too often,” she admitted.

“Oh come on Jane…the real reason, please,” said Matt. This time he winked at her. In his mind he was saying the words ‘come on - play the game Jane - you can do it.”

Jane caught the wink, she looked around the room, she wasn‘t sure why, but it felt safer. “I was masturbating in bed,” she finally admitted.

“Did you come?” he asked.

“You bet!” she replied.

Matt nodded, she had finally caught on, he thought. “Do you masturbate often?”

“Only when I don‘t get fucked silly by the next door neighbour,” she replied.

“So quite often then…” he retorted.

“Perhaps more often than I would like,” she said, “but your know,” she started, “the orgasms are fucking wonderful when they hit you nevertheless.”

Matt nodded. “Do you take it up the arse?” he asked. Matt was loving the questioning immensely.

Jane nodded. “I love it up there,” she replied with a broad grin.

“Ever licked a woman?” Matt was going for all the ‘yes’ answers immediately. He would find out soon enough about the rest.

“I believe I have, yes,” she replied.

“Would you, or have you, dropped your knickers for a complete stranger…like me for instance?” he asked.

“I would probably get off on it,” replied Jane.

“Would you do it to get a job…” Matt left the words hanging and smiled at her across the conference room table.

Jane put on her stern face, she stared him out and then, as if being the object of manipulation, she slowly rose from her chair, slipped her hands under her skirt and pulled her knickers down to her knees. She let them fall to the floor and she nonchalantly stepped out of them. She started to sit back down when Matt instantly interrupted her actions.

“Stop!” his words more of a command rather than a request. “Bend over now!”

Jane looked at him sternly, and tried not to smile. She slowly turned around and bent at the waist. Her hands reached for the back of the chair as she leant forward. She fixed her gaze on the wall opposite her.

Matt could see the most wonderful pussy and arse laid out before him, superbly encased in stocking tops and a skirt that had raised to her lower back. Lines of her suspender belt crept from her skirt around her thighs while the two that stretched over her bum were exquisite. The sexy slut had even opened her legs slightly to give him a better view. Matt started to get a serious hard on.

He raised himself from the chair and started to walk around the conference table. “Obedience is one of the main virtues that you can have in this place,” he was lecturing now, “as long as you do what your told, most of the time, you will fit in here nicely. We however, don‘t tolerate mistakes and people that are late. They will get punished.”

The words started to register in Jane’s mind and she found herself breathing irregularly as his words changed pitch and direction. She heard Matt walk up behind her.

“However,” he continued, “I see no reason to punish you for being late for your interview, you were, after all, on time!” he exclaimed.

Jane breathed a little sigh of relief.


“Argghhh!” exclaimed Jane, as she felt his hand smack her bottom firmly. She lurched forward to try, in vain, to lessen the blow.

“Though what I will punish you for, is your absolute blatant sexual conduct in this conference room. You are, and have been, the only person I know that has exposed yourself like this…”


Another hand on her bottom stung as much as the first.

“You have made my cock very hard…Mrs Nelson…very hard indeed! Do you think that‘s fair?” he asked her.

“No Sir!” she answered. “I need to be punished for my behaviour sir!” she continued. “I am so sorry!”

Matt smiled. Wow! he thought, she has got it spot on.


Yet another hand on her bottom confirmed Matt was indeed intending to punish her for her behaviour. Then without warning, he extended his hand between her thighs and touched her pussy.

“I do believe you‘re enjoying this…Mrs Nelson,” he commented. “You‘re absolutely soaking…”

“Yes, sir…” she replied.

Matt pushed a finger in her pussy. It went in very easily. Jane let out a groan with every inward thrust of his finger.

Matt then lifted one of her suspender belts and let it smack against her bottom as he released it. Jane groaned again.

All this time, Jane stared directly at the wall opposite. Never turning around to see what Matt was going to do next. She heard a zip being opened. ‘Oh fuck yes’, she thought, ‘at last he’s going to fuck me.’

Jane closed her eyes and waited for his cock to enter her.

There was only one phrase to describe Matt’s cock and that was - stiff as fuck. He let his cock rest on her bottom at first.

‘This is it,’ thought Jane, ‘He’s going up me!’

Matt slid his cock along the crack of her arse and upwards into the air. Jane was highly disappointed. He stroked his cock in this manner a few times before removing it from her touch. Matt pulled his cock horizontal and positioned it behind her.

‘Please let it go up me now,’ she willed it inside her.

Matt slid his cock along her wet and slippery outer lips, revelling in the sensual touch and thrilling sensations that he got from well oiled pussy. ‘Fuck,’ thought Jane. She eventually shook her head. She was breathing heavily by now, every touch was exquisite and every teasing moment was out of her control, it was unbearable. Finally she snapped.

“Fuck me with your cock…” she pleaded and as an afterthought added, “please.”

Matt was loving it, and now she was pleading with him, he had finally made her desperate for his cock.

He positioned his cock at the entrance to her cunt and pushed it in slowly. Jane sighed the biggest sigh she could have under the circumstances. Finally his cock was going in. Then it stopped.

“Please don‘t stop…push it in me,” she pleaded once more, then added, “I have been such a naughty slut!” “I even masturbated before I came to this interview,” she confessed.

Matt loved the words she used, ‘slut’, he thought, ‘what a lovely term.’

Matt then pushed his cock right inside her cunt in one thrust. Jane gasped aloud as it entered her, as it pushed inside her, and as it hit her cervix. It seemed to scrape her insides giving her the most luscious sensations as he withdrew and then pumped it into her again.

Matt pumped for a good minute, slowly at first, then building up the rhythm. Finally he grabbed her hips and fucked it in her hard.

Jane once again let out a loud gasp on each inward thrust, gasps that seemed to just merge into each other and become one loud groan of ecstasy. An ecstasy powered by submission.

Matt’s relentless pumping of his cock into Jane was having an effect on him too. He too started to grunt and groan as he gritted his teeth and watched as his cock entered and retreated from this pussy, her lovely arse that was bent over in front of him looked wonderful. The sight just turned him on more and more as he watched his cock enter her.

“Fuck…yessss…I‘m cumm…” shouted Jane, the last word was overtaken by a loud groan as her orgasm exploded like a chrysanthemum firework in her mind. She kept on cumming as Matt pumped harder and harder.

After spurting most of his spunk inside her, Matt finally pulled his cock out and let his spunk jet out onto her pussy and thighs. It coated her nicely. As soon as Matt pulled his cock out of her pussy, it was replaced with her hand. Jane massaged the spunk into her coating her hands in doing so. She then stood up, turned around and licked her hand completely free of spunk right in front of Matt.

Matt put his cock away and zipped his trousers back up. After a while catching his breath, Matt spoke out.

“Well Mrs Nelson,” he started, “I think you may have learned your lesson, don‘t do it again.” he continued, then added “You may go now, and thank you for your time.”

Jane started to bend down to get her knickers from the floor but Matt held her up with his hand.

“They stay with me!” he exclaimed.

Jane picked up her bag and turned to leave the room.

“Does that mean I‘ve got the job?” she asked turning her head around briefly.

“Perhaps,” he replied, ”we will let you know in due course.”

Jane smiled and left the room, she headed for the lift. At this rate, she thought, I am going to need a whole new wardrobe of knickers, they are the second pair I’ve lost now. As she was descending in the lift she felt the tell tale signs of spunk leaking from her pussy and rolling down her leg.

As she left the lift, she looked back to find droplets of spunk on the lift floor. She smiled, ‘something for the cleaners,’ she thought.

She headed home wondering if she would actually get the job, a text to Matt was out of the question now, she had to let this one ride.

Matt sat on the chair where he had just fucked Jane. He rolled her knickers in his hand and blew out a resounding sigh. ‘Fuck, what a woman she is,’ he thought.

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