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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 7

Matt lets Jane take total control over him, which she does with superb style and attitude.
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 7

Each day, Jane had opened the parcel and each day she found different sexy underwear. There was one toy that she received on Wednesday that she had to ask Matt about. It was a pair of small metal balls. He smiled as he told her what to do with them. Her mouth opened wide as she gasped. But as the slut she was, she placed them inside her and walked around London and important client offices with them rubbing against her insides. At one point she felt like she was going to cum, but the sensations wore off. She then swore at the taxi driver for stopping at the red lights.

Matt could see they were taking their toll and he couldn’t wait for that evening when he would get to fuck her. Throughout the week, Matt thought that Jane looked absolutely stunning on every trip, every business meeting and every evening they spent together. She was both professional and a slut puppy wrapped up in one. She was, he thought, perfect.

It was now Friday, their last night in London on business. To be honest, thought Jane, there wasn’t all that much business. They had perhaps attended two meetings each day but that was it. There was enough time in between and some time in the evenings to go sight-seeing. There was plenty of time for fucking too and she was happy with that. She had started to phone her husband early in the evening when they got back to the hotel, it seemed that was easier as he then never bothered to phone later on. It worked out well.

Matt was becoming more and more attentive as the week went on. The sex lasted longer and it became more loving.

Jane looked at Friday’s parcel. It said open in the evening only. She was a little disappointed at that, she would have to find her own clothes and wear them now, at least she never had to worry about knickers. She had never worn any all week and she found it exhilarating and free, not to mention the wonderful sensations she felt when the wind blew up her dress or skirt and brushed up against her pussy. Her only concern was the glass bottomed lift that they entered in one of the clients buildings, however, Matt seemed particularly amused by it.

They both had a very busy day at work, one of the hardest, thought Jane, the client seemed particularly tough with both of them, well, she was female, but they ended up coming out of the meeting with a good result. Matt had actually given Jane a pat on the back for her attitude and professionalism in the meeting. Something that she was proud of.

They got back to the hotel, ate and finally made it upstairs. Shit, thought Jane, we have to go home tomorrow, back to lager lout hubby. She actually caught herself thinking how he had really got on while she was away, but it was only a brief thought.

Jane couldn’t wait to open the parcel, but she controlled her urge and showered first. As she was coming out of the shower Matt was sitting on the edge of her bed - naked.

“I thought you would have been in to see me ages ago,” he said, “but I see you haven‘t opened it yet?” he asked her.

Jane smiled, “no,” she said, “I was just about to.”

Matt studied her as he watched. She dropped the towel back on the bathroom handrail and marched her naked body over to the parcel that was on the table.

She felt it first, it was hard and yet soft at the same time. She ripped it in anticipation pulling the wrapping apart rather than carefully opening it. She looked at the leather straps and buckles and then she pulled a thin dildo out of the parcel.

She smiled.

“Put it on,” said Matt as he walked up behind her and kissed her on the neck. His kisses wandered over her earlobe, down her neck and onto her shoulders and back as she fumbled with the item in her hands.

Finally, Jane worked out where all the straps went, and she finally got into it. She inserted the dildo before doing up all the buckles as tight as possible.

“So…what made you buy a strapon?” she asked, “are we expecting someone.”

Matt just smiled. “Maybe, maybe not!” he exclaimed. Jane had thoughts of Jenny running through her mind already. Oh! what she could do with Jenny and this strapon, she thought.

“Is Jenny joining us! Or perhaps that client today…now that would be fun,” she said.

“Read the letter…” said Matt. Jane found a letter in the package which she had completely overlooked. She opened it and read it. It was a short letter of instructions. Also in the parcel Jane noticed a small tube. Jane smiled again, inside she was grinning like a Cheshire cat. Outside, she clamped down on her smile and erased it from her lips. She turned to look at Matt, a stern look on her face.

“Sit down on the bed…” she told him quietly. Matt stood next to her and tried to kiss her on the lips. Jenny put her hand up on his chest and stopped him approaching her.

“On the fucking bed…NOW!” she shouted.

Matt’s eyes opened and he stepped back towards the bed and sat down on the edge. Jane moved closer to him She looked down on him, reached for his chin with her hand and cupped it. She moved it upwards to make him look at her. She kissed him passionately then pushed him away from her.

She looked down at his cock. “What the fuck do you call that!” she said pointing at his cock. She grabbed the dildo jutting out from her groin and made a wanking motion with it, “this is a stiff cock, what the fuck is that!” she said, pointing at his cock a second time.

Matt just looked at her open mouthed. Then he looked at his hardening cock.

“Get on the bed…and get on all fours…” she commanded him. Matt did as he was told. He faced the direction of the headboard, away from Jane.

Thwack! Her hand came down on his arse, “Mistake number one,” she said, “Always, and I mean always, have a stiff cock in front of me,” she continued, “the one you have now is fucking useless to me!”

Thwack! She smacked his arse again. “ANSWER ME!” she shouted on top of her voice.

Her words rocked Matt, he was expecting the volume or the urgency in her voice. Before he had time to answer her she really smacked his arse hard - very hard indeed.

“Turn around!” she ordered.

As he did so he spoke “Sorry Miss, I am so sorry for the state of my cock…” he replied. Jane had to admit it was hardening nicely though.

“You do know that if you don’t get that stiff, I am going to have to punish you, don’t‘ you,” she said.

Matt nodded but kept silent.

“Suck my cock!” she ordered.

Matt looked up at her. “Suck on it now,” she ordered.

Matt pushed his mouth onto the latex dildo that was strutting its stuff from Jane’s groin. His mouth enveloped it and he sucked it.

“Give me the best blow-job you can - or else!” she exclaimed.

Matt sucked on it then pushed it further down his throat as he sucked on it. He rolled his tongue over her cock head and he pushed his mouth down on it as much as he could from the position that he was in. Jane could see his predicament.

“You need some help…” she said. She never waited for her words to sink in as she thrust her latex cock down his throat as he was coming forward to suck on it. Matt gasped, coughed, gagged a little and spluttered all over her cock.

“You little fucker…take this cock now!” she grinned lasciviously as she told him what she was about to do. “I‘m going to fuck your mouth with it…so get your cock hard!”

As she said the words, Jane placed her hands behind his head and held him firmly in place as she fucked the cock into his mouth. Her thrusts were firm and deliberate at first. Jane started to like the action of fucking someone. She loved the movement of her arse to and fro and she was high on lust watching Matt take the cock she was thrusting into him. She had never seen him this submissive before and she was loving it.

Jane enjoyed the feelings and motion so much she really started to fuck into him uncontrollably.

“There…” she said finally, “that‘s what its like to be face fucked,” she said sternly.

“And still no fucking hard on…”, she continued. “You useless cunt!”

Jane pulled the dildo from his mouth. “Turn around,” she ordered, ”put your arse over the edge of the bed now!” she continued. She left Matt to re-arrange his position and walked back to the table to recover the tube of KY.

Jane opened the tube, and with the broadest grin on her face, she smothered the lubricant onto her latex cock. She revelled in the feel of the cock in her hands and how silky and slippery it felt. The smile dismissed from her face as she looked at Matt and walked up behind him.

“If only you had a stiff cock…”, she started, “I wouldn‘t need to fuck you…now would I,” she told him.

Jane pushed her lubricated finger up his arse. Matt gasped. His eyes closed with the expectation. This was the first time he had ever been fucked up the arse, he thought, he hoped he could take it like a woman!

Jane positioned the cock at the entrance of his anus. She hoped she had lubricated his arse well enough, but this was no time to be compassionate, she thought. She pushed it in gently at first until her cock had slipped over the sphincter. Matt gasped aloud. Jane grinned at his discomfort.

“There…that‘s the hard part over…shame your cock wasn’t hard enough…eh!” she said.

Jane grasped his hips as she wiggled the cock inside his anus. It was still just entering him, and she playfully pushed it in and out a little being careful not to pull it past the entrance. She leant over him putting her hands around his torso. She grabbed his moobs and then she twisted his nipples between her fingers and thumbs. Both of them at the same time.

Matt squealed as she tweaked his nipples. His cock twitched, and his arse felt very full. Before raising herself up she whispered in his ear. “I am going to…fuck…you…senseless!” she exclaimed.

Matt closed his eyes and mouthed the words ‘oh fuck’ into the room as he prepared himself.

Without warning, Jane grabbed his hips and fucked the latex cock into his arse. She grabbed him firmly, she pushed the cock into him hard and retracted it almost to the end. Then she pumped it in a second time, a third, and endless recurring times. She was loving the feeling of fucking someone and for the first time, she realised what it must feel like, to have a cock.

Matt started to groan, ‘fuck is he cumming‘, thought Jane. She stopped and slipped the cock out of his arse.

“Turn around…on your back,” she ordered, “I want to see you spurt!”

Matt turned onto his back, his arse on the edge of the bed. Jane slipped the cock back inside him. “Much easier the second time…don’t you think,” she said as she matter of factly smiled at him.

Matt loved her, he loved the way she had taken to this domineering personality. To the letter, he thought!

Jane pushed the cock right inside him, she started to fuck him again and she saw his cock stiffen.

“Too fucking late for that now…” she said in broken speech as she gasped for air. “But make it spurt go on…spunk over yourself!” she commanded him.

Jane fucked his arse as best she could. The position was not as good as on all fours, but she kept up a good motion and she fucked him relentlessly. Matt’s cock hardened and then, without warning, and without touching it, he spurted. He groaned loudly as his spunk jetted out over his stomach and chest.

Jane fucked his arse until the spurts started to lessen. She was beside herself with pleasure at what they had just did; and at what she had just achieved.

She pulled the cock out of him, leant over his body and licked the spunk from his chest. Her just rewards, she thought.

Jane finally got the fucking she craved that night, after she removed the strap-on. Matt finally, told her that it was his first time, and that he had wanted her to fuck him, so that no sexual taboos were left untouched.

Jane had loved all of it.

“You will have to keep all these toys,” she told him, “fuck knows what my husband would do if he found these,” they both laughed at the thought.

Tomorrow they would be off home, back to normal, thought Matt. Jane was also very pensive as they fell asleep, together, for the last time.

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