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The Guy Next Door - Chapter 9 - The Final Twist

Jane sneaks back into her house. She decides to seduce him beyond his wildest dreams.
The Guy Next Door - Chapter 9 - The Final Twist

Jane and Bill never really set eyes on each other. Their respective work meant that they always left their houses at different times and Bill was none the wiser that Jane was actually living next door. The fact was, he was worried about where she was living, but figured it would be her mothers or sisters, but whenever he phoned her mobile he never got through. He was not the sort of person to chase after a woman anyway, that was something that was evident from his attitude towards her.

However, Jane needed some clothes and so she needed to go next door to fetch them. She had noticed from the bedroom window that Bill’s nights out down the pub hadn’t changed, and she also noted that he hadn’t brought Bev back either. She left it until she knew that Bill would be down the pub to sneak back to her house and grab whatever she needed.

Jane opened the door and let herself in, after all it was, theoretically, her house as well. After taking a cursory peek in each room to satisfy herself it was empty she headed upstairs for the bedroom. Jane started to load everything she needed into black plastic bags. Thank heaven for black plastic bags, she thought quietly to herself. She pushed her bras, knickers, a few of her smarter shoes, blouses and skirts into the bags, then continued to the bathroom for some expensive toiletries and of course her jewelry .

The front door opened. Fuck, she thought, he’s home early, fuck, fuck, fuck. The word ‘fuck’ echoed in her mind. Jane was suddenly left wondering how the fuck she could get out of the house - unnoticed.

Jane heard Bill head for the kitchen, she heard the fridge door open and close and then she heard footsteps into the lounge. Perhaps, she thought, she could sneak past him. She grabbed both bags and headed downstairs. She was relieved when she heard the TV going on. Jane walked to the door with both black plastic bags and dropped them into the house next door. She went back into her own house to fetch what was left, which was some toiletries and jewelry .

She headed back upstairs but turned to the lounge as she heard sounds of fucking and women screaming their orgasms into the room. She listened at the partially open door. Bill was watching a porn movie she thought. She heard the familiar sound of a can opening. He would be in there for the night, she thought.

She headed upstairs, grabbed the remaining smaller bags and was back down the stairs in no time. How she managed to avoid the creaking stairs and noisy banister, she had no idea, but she was thankful that she did.

Jane heard more sounds coming from the lounge.

“Oh yes…fuck her arse…go on,” she heard Bill exclaim as he watched the TV.

Jane smiled, then stopped dead. In the split second it took her to listen to the sounds she had become intrigued, very intrigued. She put the bags down by the door and went back inside to peek into the lounge.

She quietly and carefully peeked into the room. What she saw was unbelievable. Bill was sitting on the chair watching TV alright. What she hadn’t bargained for was that he was semi-naked, his pants were half way down his thighs and he was pumping his cock. His big cock at that, thought Jane. She immediately became horny and wanton. She watched him for about three minutes, and in that time, her pussy had become soaking wet, her breathing was heavier and her mind was raging with ideas of what she could do. The moment was hers, and she was about to grasp it with both hands.

Jane looked down at herself and studied what she had on. She unbuttoned her blouse and binned her bra, stuffing it in one of the bags, she half buttoned the blouse back up. Her short skirt was spot on, and, as she had become accustomed recently, she was wearing no knickers at all.

Perfect she exclaimed to herself, this was going to blow his mind completely, she thought as she grinned to herself. Jane went back to the door. She started to peek around it again, she saw Bill, still sitting there partly wanking and partly watching the show in front of him.

Jane let her hand fall to her nipple and she tweaked it hard. She nearly gasped out loud at the sensation that shot through her body. It wasn’t enough though, she tweaked it a second time before moving to her other nipple and doing the same. By the time she had finished. She was lusting after the cock sitting on the lounge chair. She didn’t care who it was attached to, she wanted it up her.

Jane was now openly rolling her nipples with both her hands. She stopped touching one of them to sink her fingers into her pussy and feel the wetness between her legs. She looked at the floor, and was amazed to find that there was a wet spot on the floor. Jane knew she was fucking hot when she saw that.

This was it, she thought, now was the time to do it and be brave. Everything Matt had taught her, teased her with, and encouraged her to do was about to be done - big time.

Jane opened the door wide and walked into the room still holding her nipple in her hand.

“Funny how you couldn‘t get your cock that hard when I was still here!” she announced.

Bill was visibly startled at the sounds. He stopped wanking in mid stroke and spun around to where the sound had come from. He looked at the door and at Jane.

“Fuck…what…” he stumbled over the words.

Jane walked into the room further.

“It‘s a lovely hard cock, Bill,” she said, “Just like my nipples…”

“Jane…what are you doing here!” finally he got out some words as he realised who she was but not what was happening.

“Fuck…” Bill’s passing comment brought a smile to Jane’s face.

She walked in front of him and positioned herself between him and the woman getting fucked up her arse on the TV.

“Is the porn doing it for you hun!” she exclaimed, “Well, if it is…why don’t you watch this instead.”

Jane bent over in front of Bill and loosened her blouse. She took her breasts out and started to tweak her nipples and feel her ample breasts in front of him.

“Come on then,” she started, “Wank your cock as you watch this slutty tart in front of you!”

Bill just stared at Jane, he couldn’t believe his eyes or ears, he couldn’t believe it was his wife in front of him acting so slutty and talking dirty, yet he placed his hand on his cock and wanked it as he was told.

“That‘s better, hun, pump it for me,” she said, “pump it up and down while I play with myself.”

Jane stood up and pulled a stool closer to Bill and sat on it. She wantonly spread her legs. She saw Bill’s jaw drop open and his eyes widen.

“That‘s right, no knickers and a fucking wet pussy,” she emphasised the fucking part and then she matter of factly dipped her fingers into her cunt.

All the time, Bill was transfixed on her eyes and on what she was doing. Jane was just watching him, watching how he was reacting and watching the lust that was building up on his face. She didn’t need to see how he wanked his cock, or how big it was, or what he thought he was going to do with it. She knew full well what he was going to do with it because she was going to tell him - and he was going to just do it for her.

“Lovely fucking pussy juices,” she taunted him as she lifted her finger to her mouth and licked her juices. She went back to pulling at her nipples.

“Do you know how fucking wet I get when I pull on my nipples Bill?” she asked.

Bill shook his head negatively, but still kept the slow wanking motion on his cock

“Very wet,” she replied, “so fucking wet…I almost feel desperate for cock…” she continued, “but then, you never fucking noticed did you.”

Bill shook his head again.

“Are you noticing now, Bill.” She said as she dipped her finger back into her cunt and rubbed it along her slit.

Bill nodded. Jane could see he was breathing very heavily. She noticed the pumping motion on his cock had increased significantly in the last minute. She reached out and stopped his hand, slowing it down.

“We don’t want you to cum Bill, not until you‘ve fucked me!” she teased him even more.

Bill nodded and slowed his motions.

“Better than the slut puppy on the TV eh!” she said, half asking for his opinion.

Bill nodded yet again. “Oh fuck Jane, I want to fuck you, please let me fuck you?” he pleaded with her.

“I suppose I will,” she replied, “when I’m ready that is!”

Bill swallowed hard and nodded. He knew full well who was in charge here, and it wasn’t him.

“I think you should give this pussy some loving - don‘t you think?” asked Jane.

Bill nodded slowly but didn’t move.

“Well get down on the fucking floor and lick me then!” she shouted at him.

Bill almost jumped back in his chair, his hand left his cock with the shock and he scrambled to the floor and pressed his mouth to Jane’s pussy and started licking.

“Yes, that‘s it…at least you haven’t forgotten how to do that!” she taunted him. “Now lick it and stick your tongue up it,” she ordered him.

Bill does as he was told and licked and sucked Jane’s pussy. Pulling her lips apart to get his tongue between them and lick up and down her folds. He flicked at her clit as she humped his face. With her legs wide apart, Jane fucked his face as his tongue slid inside her and all over her pussy.

“Fuck, that’s it,” she cried out, “That‘s it, suck on my clit and make me cum!”

Bill clamped his mouth down on her clit and sucked it into his mouth. Jane let out a series of groans and cries into the room as her orgasm shot through her. She pumped her pussy into Bill’s face as she came on his tongue and mouth. She kept pumping as her orgasm subsided and finally she let her arse slip back onto the stool. Bill’s face fell away from Jane’s pussy. She looked down on him with disdain.

“You are now going to fuck the living daylights out of me,” she told him, “do you understand me?” she queried.

Bill nodded eagerly. “Yes,” he said, “Yes I do Jane.”

Jane stood up and walked to the sofa. She leant over it and placed both her hands on the back of the sofa as she bent her body at the waist.

“Fuck me…” she ordered Bill.

Bill was behind her in a flash his cock was pointing at her cunt and he was ready to thrust inside her. Jane never bothered looking behind her. She waited for the intrusion and then with a gasp she felt it. So fucking big, she thought. Her eyes closed and she found herself smiling. She remembered the last time she was in this position with a slob of a husband fucking her, getting his rocks off and she was waiting for it to be over. Yet now, she wanted it badly. She needed his cock to bring her off and he was her puppy dog doing her very bidding.

Jane started to buck her pussy back towards the cock pumping into her. A smile crossed her face and then she leant forward and let the cock slip from her. Bill was surprised and watched as he saw her turn around and look him in the eyes. With her left hand Jane smothered it all over her pussy and then smeared her backside with her hand.

Jane grinned at Bill, inside she was laughing at him, her eyes were wide with lust and she was breathing very heavy. She loved the suspense of it all. She loved the thought of what she was about to tell him, and she would just love the look on his face when she did.

She turned away from him again.

“Back inside me big boy!” she exclaimed.

Bill started to push his cock back into her pussy.

“No…” Jane shouted at him. Bill was again perplexed at the suddenness of her command.

“I want you to fuck my arse!” she exclaimed.

It was the second time that evening that Bill could not believe his ears. He looked at her arse pointing at him and then at his erect cock. He looked at Jane over her back but she never looked around.

Bill placed his cock at the entrance to her anus and pushed forward. It slid past the tight entrance easily enough.

“Now fuck me hard!” he heard.

Bill pushed his cock all the way up his wife’s arse. Then he pulled it back and then in again. He was more than loving it. He finally got his cock up his wife’s arse, he thought.

“Come on Bill, grab my hips and fuck your cock into me…I want to cum!” she exclaimed.

Bill did exactly as he was told. Grabbing her waist and hips he started to fuck his cock all the way up her arse. He fucked her with long even strokes to start with which became more rampant and uncontrollable as his urge to cum inside her built to a crescendo. Jane’s orgasm was doing exactly the same. She came heavily on his cock as Bill’s spunk jetted inside her arse. When she recovered enough from the fuck frenzy, Jane pulled her body from his cock and sank to her knees, turning around to suck down the remains of his spunk.

She finally got up and told him to sit down. She buttoned her blouse back up and told him to wait where he was. Bill couldn’t believe what had happened. He was too dumbfounded to speak to her, he was waiting for her to explain. If there was an explanation that is.

Jane left the room, headed for the front door, picked up her bags and left, slamming the front door behind her.

Bill shot up from the chair when he heard the door close. He rushed to the door not even pausing to put any clothes on. He opened it and shouted out of the house at a completely unrelated car that sped off down the street.

Jane had just about got inside the house next door, closed the door and leant back against it, breathing heavily and smiling to herself, when she heard the shout.

“Jane…don’t go…”

She knew she was never going back to him, never, but she just couldn’t resist the temptation…she knew that Matt would understand fully when he got home. Though she wondered whether Matt would understand before or after he fucked her!

This is the final chapter in this series. Bill did find out that Jane was living next door. He never recovered from the thought that the woman next door who was getting fucked up the arse was actually his wife. Bill eventually found another woman though it was not Bev. Jane continues to surprise Matt with her energy and eagerness to try absolutely anything when it comes to sex. Matt and Jane do live happily ever after.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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