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The Guy Next Door

I would see you come home from work only to strip down to your shorts and grab a beer and head outside to sit by the pool.

I was watching you one hot summer night with your broad chest and gorgeous set of arms sitting back relaxing. I would fantasize what it would be like to walk over and without any conversation, kneel down and touch you, feeling you and all you have to offer. The thought of this was almost too much.

I closed my eyes and continued to touch you. I could feel you relax. I knew you were very receptive to my advances. I began kissing your neck and licking the rim of your ear. Making sure you could feel my breath. Letting you know I was into pleasing you, I made my way to your lips and softly kissed you.

Rubbing my firm breasts across your chest. I slowly worked my way down your chest, rubbing with my hands as well as licking and kissing. I now could feel you putting your strong hands into my hair with such firmness.

I know you wanted me to get down to where you really wanted to be kissed and licked. I wanted you to feel my desire for sucking your hard cock. I removed your shorts to reveal a beautiful, hard, throbbing cock waiting to be seduced.

I looked into your blue eyes. Gazing into them, letting you know I was pleased with you and I couldn't wait until you were in me. I knelt down, grabbing that cock that felt like steel and gave him a gentle squeeze, while scratching your balls with my long red nails.

I began by licking up one side, then the other. It was like enjoying an ice cream cone on a hot summer's night. You responded by giving me your juices. You rubbed your juices along my lips as if you were putting lipstick on me. I licked that and went after more. Taking the head all the way to the back of my throat, pulling back so softly at first.

I felt your legs move apart and your hips rise to meet me. You moaned with delight. You put your hands in my hair, that is long and blond. You guided my mouth helping me suck your hard cock. Keeping a good rhythm, I look up to see if you were enjoying what I was doing to you.

You pulled me off, only to lay me down on my back so you could do the same for me. Starting at my neck kissing and licking my neck and then my erect nipples that were waiting to feel your lips on them. Giving each one attention. I let out a moan to let you know you were doing a wonderful job.

I raised my hips to grind on whatever I could touch. I wanted you to take off my panties that were wet with juices from anticipation of you. You started slowly removing them. To your surprise I had a neatly trimmed pussy that had a smell of sweet honey. She was aching with desire.

You spread my knees to allow you to see her. You took one finger and ran it from my ass to my clit, then ran it on one side of my lips then the other circling my clit only to hear me let out a moan, almost bringing me to my first climax. Then you inserted one finger into my hot swollen opening and pushed hard to feel deep inside me. That sent me over the edge. Squirting my juices, dripping down to my ass.

You were quick to lick up every drop of the sweet honey that only comes from a woman. Fucking her and fingering her to another orgasm. Then you turned me on my knees and entered me from behind. Spreading my ass open so you could see as you entered me. Slow at first. Pushing all the way in then pulling it out to the very end then ramming me hard and far, then slowly out and in again hard.

I could feel my insides clamping around your hard cock, wanting to feel your hot load in me. I was in heaven, It felt wonderful. You let out a moan and I felt you explode. You squirted it all over me. You rubbed it all over my ass, enjoying the smoothness of my body.

You laid down exhausted. I got up, put my clothes back on and gave you a wink without ever saying a word.

I sure hope that this will be a regular summer activity!

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