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The Hitchhiker

A man travelling home picks up a hitchhiker, a young woman as they fuck and suck in the back seat
The Hitchhiker

It had been a long stressful day, with work overloading myself and I felt weary as I climbed into my car and looked at the time. 9.17 PM. It was getting late, and the dusk of nightfall was just beginning to settle in. I set off from work, and headed off down the country roads towards my small cottage home.

The radio was switched on, playing soft melodies of olden days gone by. Weaving around the country lane, where up ahead, a vehicle situated at the side of the road. A small figure stood at the rear, as they turned and looked down towards me. Their arms raised and waved, as I began to slow down and pulled up behind.

The headlights shone ahead to reveal a beautiful, young woman, about 21 years in age, step forward. Long, slender legs that stretched up towards the extremely short skirt she wore. Her blouse, white and soft in fabric design only helped stimulate the imagination of her curvaceous form of her body, buttoned down the front with a neck line that showed the slight cleavage on display. She stepped around to the side of the car, as I wound down the window.

"Hi. Are you alright?" I asked.
"My car broke down. I can't get it going, and my phone won't work. Could you give me a lift to the nearest town please sweetie?" she asked me. Her voice was like a soothing melody, enchanting me with it's words and rhythm.
"Sure, hop in!" I added, mostly without thinking. I had no idea who she was, or where she came from, but her beauty, her voice and that incredible smile seemed to captivate me into her aura.

"Thanks!" she said, as she opened the door and stepped inside. I glanced across, watching her legs working as she slid upon the seat and whipped her legs around and within the vehicle. She turned, and smiled at me. "Thanks so much for this. I didn't think anyone was going to come around here and help me" she added.

"It's usually a quiet road, and it's late, so lucky I was just heading home!" I informed her, and turned back to drive. Slipping the car back in gear, I pulled away from her vehicle which was parked at the side and we rode off ahead.

We had traveled for a good ten minutes when she turned to me, and spoke. "Do you mind if I put the heating on a little sweetie, it's just getting a Little cold in here" she inquired.
"No, I don't mind. Please go ahead!" I said with a smile.

She leaned across, turning the dial as the warm air began to breeze out from various points upon the front of the car. "Oh that feels good..." she said as she leaned her head back, and closed her eyes. I glanced across, as she opened her mouth and released a warm heavy breathe of her own with a gentle sigh, and licked her lips. I gulped down as I watched her, and the sudden arousal of this beautiful young woman sat next to me. I could feel my own cock begin to stir under my pants, as I tried to adjust my position sat to keep it hidden.

My head constantly adjusting to the road ahead, which was extremely quiet and a soft darkness to the world around us. And this young woman at my side, as the warm air breezed across the fringe of her blond hair, and upon her face and body. Her hand raised up to the side of her head, and then slid down, slowly and gently caressing her own face. Slipping down, across her neck, and down the upper naked section of her chest above her blouse. It continued on, shaping her palm around the perky breasts that formed out from her slim figure, finishing as her hand dropped to her legs and she caressed her thighs for a moment.

"Mmm, that feels good" she said. She turned to me, as I quickly adjusted to look out ahead once more, "You don't mind if I take my heels off do you, it's just I've been stood out there for hours and my feet are killing me?" she asked, as I turned, smiled and nodded my approval. She leaned forward and began to wrestle with the straps upon her high heeled shoes.

As she leaned ahead, stretching over her legs, of which her skirt seemed to ride that little higher up her thighs. Her blouse pulled away from her, as I turned to look across and briefly, every few moments. My eyes caught glimpses of the soft, ample breasts upon her chest. And, the quick flashes of what appeared to be a hard, erect nipple that featured upon the peak of her breasts.

The sight was making me feel more aroused, more lustful in my vision to constantly look upon her. My focus of the road broken to stare, captivated by her body. My cock stirred harder, slithering like a snake in my pants as it wanted to break free. Then, I looked once too often and she caught me glancing at her, and down her blouse. She smiled, as I quickly snapped my head back.

"It's okay hun, I don't mind you looking!" she said, as she leaned back up, her feet kicking off her heels below and she sat there, a wicked smile upon her face. "I love the feel of cool warm air mixed with the soft darkness upon my skin. It makes me... so warm inside" she whispered. Turned to look at me, and offered eyes that were difficult to turn away from. "Hmmm... it looks like you have a big problem sweetie" she said, as she glanced down towards the growing bulge in my pants. My hands on the wheel, and I was unable to do anything to try and hide it. "Maybe I can offer a hand sweetie, as a thank you for picking me up!" she added.

As I looked out ahead, she leaned across the central part between us, and her hand rested upon my leg. It soothed it's way back and forth, caressing and feeling my thigh. My cock slithering upon it's own under my pants as she stared down upon it. Her hand then moved across, and began to slide up and down my groin. Feeling the lengthy, hard erection beneath. Her fingers forming around the long shape of my cock, stroking upon it. "Oooohhh... it looks like you are really turned on sweetie."

I could begin to feel that inner burning desire erupting in my stomach, to my chest. Spreading like wildfire throughout my body. Her hand was constantly stroking my cock for me through my pants. The long, hard shape of my erection held captured below. "Your so hard, and I think it would like to come out for some fresh air sweetie" she said, and with both my hands on the steering wheel, and my eyes altering from looking out ahead, and down to see her soft fingers stroking my cock and becoming more aroused. Her fingers then began to unzip my trousers. And then, disappeared within them.

I could feel her hand searching, slipping through the gap of my boxers and gently taking hold of my hard, erect cock in her fingers. Pulling upon it, as within a moment she freed it from it's prison. It plopped out and stood erect, high and thick in length and girth. "Wow... you have a wonderfully huge cock sweetie" she said. As her fingers slowly wrapped around the shaft of my cock, and she began to jerk me off. "Mmm, it's so thick babe... I love it thick and hard!" she said, in her own sexually toned whispering of voice. I tried my best to continue to drive, concentrating upon the road ahead but the feel of her hand, her fingers wrapped tightly around my cock and jerking me off was overwhelming me. "Look at the blood pumping through it's veins, making it so much stiffer and thick. It looks so delicious...." she said.

And with that, she unclipped her seat belt and leaned her upper body across, hunching over and towards my lap. Her tongue then began to flick across the tender underside of my cock, just at the point where the engorged head meets the shaft. "Ughhhhh!" I called out at the feel of her wet tongue upon me. She continued on, her head down in my lap, under my arm that stretched over her to the steering wheel. Her tongue glided up and down the length of my cock, leaving a wet trail upon it.

She opened her mouth wide, and engulfed my cock inside in one large swoop. Taking in several inches in one go. Wrapping her lips around the shaft and then began to suck on it inside. "Fuck..... Ughhhhhh!" I called out at this wonderful sensation of her my cock buried deep inside of her warm, wet mouth. Her head bobbed, up and down, up and down. Sucking on my cock in her mouth. That wonderful feeling of a blow job given to me, as my cock throbbed and thrust itself between her lips that wrapped tightly upon it.

The soft sound of sloppiness all around us, and slurping of her mouth sucking. Her tongue inside, swirling around the engorged head, licking it, flicking upon it. Driving me crazy with complete lust and lost in my mind as to the road ahead. "Fuck yes... Oh God... that feels amazing babe!" I called out to her. My eyes growing weary, as I breathed harder and moaned, offering my approval of her sucking my cock. Her head continued to bob, up and down, turning around as best she could as she took in several lengthy, and very thick inches into her mouth. Sucking hard and deep, enjoying the immense pleasure of a cock between her lips. I realized I couldn't do this much more, and I pulled over to the side of the road. The car slowing down to a halt. The darkness all around us, and the light inside the vehicle the only illuminous vision to see what was taking place within.

I took my hands off the wheel, and slipped them upon the back of her head, holding her gently, as I helped her head bob up and down, continuing to suck my thick cock inside of her lips. I began to thrust my own hips a little, while still strapped into my seat. Raising them gently, as my cock thrust itself deeper up inside, taking in a few extra inches between her lips and she accepted them. The sloppy sounds of her mouth sucking, and wetness of her tongue slurping around against my cock as I could feel it bulging hard.

Then, she slipped her head free. My cock plopped out of her lips and stood upright. Erect, covered in her saliva and glistening under the spotlight from the inside roof of the car. She looked up at me, licking her lips. Then, she moved, working her way towards the back of the car as I looked upon the skirt, and that shapely sweet ass of hers that slipped close to my face. I unclipped my seatbelt. Turned to look at her, as she turned around and sat upon the back seat.

She looked at me, that wicked smile upon her lips and eyes that screamed that she needed to be fucked, hard and long and very deep inside. She spread her legs as I looked upon her body, to see the long slender thighs of her shaven smooth form. As they parted, it revealed the sensual delight that formed in the middle. She opened wide and showed she wasn't wearing any panties under her skirt. Her pussy was sex on fire, her slit on view against the soft puffy lips at either side. Her fingers dipped into her mouth, and wet them, before sliding down and touching her own pussy. Wetting the lips upon her lower body, her hand rubbing back and forth, and the middle finger just gently teasing me as it slipped across her slit in center, and looked like it was ready to disappear within.

"Mmm sweetie... I'm so fucking wet.... so horny.... I need your cock so badly inside of me!" she said, as she continued to rub her pussy up and down, warming it up for me. Occasionally binging her fingers to her mouth and wetting her fingertips before returning and rubbing her pussy more. Her hand rubbed up and down, as the middle finger finally slipped inside the slit of her wet cunt. "OOooohhh... mmmm.... oh yes baby. That feels so good!" she moaned out as I watched.

My own cock bulging as I took hold of it and jerked it myself a little. My hand wrapped around my cock, tightly gripped and stroked upon my own cock. Watching her, teasing me with her own games of pleasuring herself. "Fuck... that is so nice... oh sweetie I am so wet inside.... do you want me babe... do you want to taste my wet dripping cunt?" she asked of me. She could see the lust in my eyes as I stared upon her. "Come here, and lick my pussy... taste me... eat my wet cunt and enjoy the sweet honey I offer you!" she said as she pulled her hand away. I didn't need to be asked twice, as I jumped out of the drivers side door, stepped to the back, opened the back seat side. Looked in, my cock hanging free from my pants, as the cool air breezed against it, and the sight of her body slithering upon the back seat, resting backwards on her elbows. Inviting me inside.

I moved in, stretching my body between her legs as she spread them wide either side of me. I could smell the sweet aroma of her wet pussy close by, and headed towards it. It glistened gently, the wetness dripping off the lips. I laid, face down upon the back seat, my legs edging out the car door, and I lowered in. My tongue licked up across her wet cunt. "Ughhhh... oh yes... again sweetie.. lick me out!" she called out with a soft moan. I licked her pussy, over and over. The taste of her sweet honey that she was offering me, dripping upon my lips and tongue. She leaned back, and reached her hands forward. She gripped upon my hair, and forced it down. Burying my face between her thighs, and my mouth upon her wet cunt. "Eat my pussy babe... eat it out for me.. I want you to!" she softly screamed out.

My tongue delved inside, sliding within her wet cunt and to the wetness within. My lips buried upon her pussy, and my tongue deep inside her cunt. It swirled around, licking, gliding and tasting every drop I could gather from inside of her cunt. The wet sounds erupting up above towards her, accompanied by her moans, "Ughhhhh... oh fuck yes... eat me babe.... Ughhhh... Ooooohhh... fuck yes!" I continued to eat her pussy out, my tongue sliding against the soft silk of her inner flesh.

The sweet taste of honey dripping around me, on my tongue, my lips and into my mouth to taste inside. It was heavenly, as she continued to thrust my head deeper into her cunt. Keeping me, forcing me to remain there for as long as she desired me to. My tongue sliding in and out, slurping around the wet cunt. My chin sliding up and down, as I ate her cunt out, and my lips rubbed against her clit. "UGHHHHHHH.... yesss... oh God yess... right there babe!" she screamed as I continued to lick in that same spot she screamed at me to work upon. The moans of her mouth echoed around us. The screams of her pleasure and ecstasy keeping my cock hard and erect still.

She thrust her hips, and rubbed her cunt against my mouth and chin. Her legs raised, and wrapped over my shoulders, crossing together on my back. "Fuck yes... oh my God Sweetie... don't stop licking my pussy!" she called out, and I didn't. I was enjoying this as much as she was experiencing the pleasure of being eaten out. Her hips thrusting, harder, faster. Her cunt buried deep against my face, spreading her wet honey everywhere upon it. "Ughhhhhhhh! Fuck... I can't take it anymore babe... I need you inside of me!" she screamed out as she pulled my head free of her cunt. The honey juices dripping from my chin.

She looked at me. "Fuck me... FUCK ME NOW.. I NEED YOUR COCK INSIDE OF ME!" she pleaded with me. I was hungry, with lust filled eyes and a cock that needed to be pushed into a wet cunt so badly myself by now. I moved back, slipped out of the car. No one around, just the cool air and soft silence of night. I unclipped my trousers, and pushed them down, as well as my boxers and slipped out of them. Leaving them where I stood, standing naked from the waist down I moved back in. She spread her legs for me, and moved down slightly. I worked my way over her body. My cock throbbing, desperately in need of a good fucking.

I positioned myself over her, as she looked up at me. Her hands moved down, between us. She grabbed hold of my cock in her hands, and positioned it at the front of her dripping wet slit to her cunt. She teased me, sliding my engorged head up and down, back and forth against her cunt opening. Then stopped, and got it set right, looked up at me and spoke. "Fuck me.... now!" she said as I plunged slowly forward. Lowering my body, as my cock dipped into her wet cunt, sliding inside with ease due to the lubrication of her cunt and the saliva still dripping from my cock from her sucking me off. Her pussy lips forced apart, as my cock moved between them.

"Aghhhhhh!" she groaned out as I entered into her, as she bit on her lower lip to try and hide the pleasure erupting inside her body.

"Uuuuugggghhhhhhhhh!" I called out, as my cock disappeared, inch by inch into her cunt. My head rolling back, closing my eyes to the feel of the warm cunt I was plunging into. Her hands reached around, grabbing my ass and squeezing upon my ass cheeks. Holding on tight. I pulled out, and then in again, beginning to set the rhythm as my cock fucked her tight wet cunt. In. Out. In. Out. Deeper with each thrust upon her body below me. "Ughhhh... fuck your pussy is so tight!" I called out, as I groaned with lust at her sexy body.

"Faster babe... harder.. fuck me harder...!" she screamed out from below me. Looking up at my face, biting her lips as she moaned. "Ughhhhhh ... that's it... harder... harder...!" she continued to call out to me. Her hands gripping my ass, and pulling it deeper into her waist. My cock slamming in and out of her tight wet cunt. The sound of sex being erupted from both of us. The slap of my balls as they crashed against her body. She raised her legs up, high into the air for a few moments, as I penetrated her harder and deeper. Then, wrapped them around my waist. Tightly gripping me, and not letting me free from her.

My hips rocked, harder. Faster. My ass bouncing up and down, her legs wrapped around me. Helping force me deeper into her body. Sweat dripped off me onto her own sweaty naked body. "Fuck... oh God yes... fuck I'm close sweetie.. keep fucking my cunt!" she screamed. I pounded my cock in hard. Slamming it in with each thrust, deeper into her pussy. "Oh God yes.. here it cums.... Fuckkkkkkk... UGHHHHHHHHHH!" she screamed out loudly, and with the silence of no one around to hear her thankfully. Her orgasm was huge, as her body shook, erupted into spasms under me as I continued to fuck her tight young body nonstop.

I looked down to see her lost in her orgasm, as I slowed down, and began to offer short, hard quick thrusts. Deep into her cunt. One after another. Thrust, thrust, accompanied with the grunts of my cock pounding inside of her cunt. "Ughhhh!" and "Ughhhh!" as my cock disappeared inside. As she come down from her high, and looked up at me. Breathing hard. "Sit up babe.. I wanna ride your cock now!" she said to me. I pulled my cock free from her cunt, as it plopped out covered in her wet honey juices that dripped onto the back seat. I turned, and sat down on the back seat of the car.

She puller herself up, raised her skirt high around her waist and raised her leg as it crossed over my waist. My cock below as she reached down, and first dipped her fingers into her own wet cunt, soaking them and offered them to me. She stuck them into my mouth, as I wrapped my lips on her fingers and tasted that sweet honey as it dripped from them. She then pushed them in her own mouth and tasted herself, and my taste upon her fingers. She reached down, took hold of my cock and positioned it below her wet cunt. I could feel the sticky, wet drips of her honey falling onto the engorged head of my cock inches below.

"I'm gonna ride your fucking cock so hard right now..." she informed me, as she lowered her body down. My cock slowly disappeared once more into her cunt. Her silky inner flesh forming a guard, as it hugged tightly against my thick, hard cock that slipped within. "Ughhhhhhh!" she moaned as she closed her eyes, bit her lips and lowered down deeper upon my cock. It felt so tight inside her wet cunt, so warm and soft. She stopped, resting upon my body as she sat there on top of me.

She looked at the lust in my eyes, and grabbed her white blouse, raising it up to reveal the soft, perky breasts of her naked form. Her nipples so hard and erect poked out from the tips of the soft ample fleshy mounds upon her chest. I couldn't wait any more, I wanted them, to taste them in my mouth. I lunged at them. My mouth opening and I pounded on her tits between my lips. I sucked, licked, and flicked my tongue across her hard nipples. The small bumps across her areola as I gripped upon her tits, squeezing them into larger, mountain designs of her chest and sucked on the ends. She moaned, "MMmmm... suck my tits babe... oh yeah... my nipples are so sensitive!" she groaned into me. I moved from one breast to the other, over and over. Sucking on those beautiful soft fleshy mounds. My tongue flicking hard, quick across her nipples.

She rolled her waist around below, twirling it as my cock dipped around inside her wet cunt. Around and around within her tightness of her wet hole. Hard, heavy breathes erupting from her lips. She then rocked her hips, back and forth, picking up speed. Faster, and faster. My cock slipping in and out of her tight cunt. The wet honey juice dripping down onto my balls. My mouth still sucking on her juicy tits above.

She bounced, up and down. Her body rocking as she fucked my thick cock inside her cunt. Bouncing, harder, deeper inside, as her body jumped up and down on top of my cock. She leaned forward, gripping upon the seat behind me at either side of my head. Lunging forward, as I rolled my hands down, across her spine to that soft ass of hers. Those cheeks of her ass that were soft to the touch, and I gripped hard upon them. "Mmm that's it babe... grab my ass... slap it for me... slap my sweet ass babe!" she called out. I slapped it. Several times. "Harder.. slap my ass harder!" and I obliged. The sound of my hand crashing against her soft ass blasted around the car. "Fuck yes.... oh God keep slapping my ass sweetie!" she screamed as I continued on. Slap, after slap. Both hands, one after the other. Squeezing them in my fingers.

Her ass bouncing up and down, and I could feel the cool air breeze against my balls and cock as her body raised itself off me, and slapped back down upon my waist. Harder, and faster she rose. Picking up quicker speed, and my cock pounding inside her tight cunt that dripped honey onto my naked body below. I leaned back into the chair, one hand on her tight ass, and the other gripped on one of her sweet perky tits. Pulling at her nipples and playing with them. "Fuck yes.. ride my cock babe... ride it harder!" I called out in ecstasy. She rode my cock hard as it penetrated deeper into her pussy.

The sound of fucking and sexual ecstasy breaking all around us. Sounds of my grunts as she rode my cock, and her groans of lust fulfilled of being fucked hard and deep inside that she really needed. The slaps of her ass as it bounced upon my waist below. The sexual sounds of her wet cunt being plunged deep within by my thick hard cock. "Oh fuck... I'm close... I'm gonna cum babe!" I screamed out as she looked into my face of orgasmic state and knew I was about to explode.

She jumped off my cock, and to the side, as she leaned over my waist. Her hand quickly gripped at my cock and she continued to help me. She jerked my cock in her hand, hard and fast. "Give it to me babe... give me all your sticky creamy cum!" she said to me. I could feel myself ready to explode. And she could feel the bulge of my throbbing cock in her hand, jerking, stroking up and down the wet dripping covered cock of mine. "I want it.. now... give me your cum now sweetie!" she screamed out.

And I groaned as I exploded. "UGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!" as my body shook. My cock spurted out a huge amount of creamy, white cum as it splashed into the air as she opened her mouth over my cock and allowed some inside, as it dripped onto her tongue, and her chin. She continued to jerk my throbbing cock, as she leaned over more, and more cum spurted out as it splashed upon her naked tits. Covering them and running down, across her hard erect nipples and dripping off the end.

I sat there, as she opened her mouth and plunged my cock inside. The soft swirling of her tongue and sucking between her lips, as the saliva, cum and her own sweet honey mixed together as one inside of her mouth. She moaned, "Mmmm... hmmmmm!" as she sucked upon the engorged head, and the slit as she tried to squeeze every last drop free of my cock and into her mouth. She continued to jerk, but slowed down in the process into slow, rhythmic strokes of tight grips up above. She pulled my cock free eventually, as it plopped out of her mouth. She looked up at me, her chin and lower face covered in my sticky cum as it dripped off her. Her tits soaked in wet milky reside that spread across her chest.

She licked her lips, and smiled. "I love the taste of cum. As well as my own honey juice pussy mixed together!" she said to me as she wiped her hand across her chin, picking up the loose ends of my cum and licking it off her hand. I sat there, as she moved to the side and plumped down next to me. Both of us exhausted. The night had settled in, and eventually we both got dressed again and I continued my drive. I took her home that same night, where we fucked, sucked and I ate her pussy out for hours again through the early hours nonstop. A sexual lust and passion overtaking our desires.

That next morning, I awoke. To find her gone from my bed. I went looking but her car was gone also, and every day upon my travels since to work and back, in hope of finding her one more time. She never returned. A mystery to me, a one night explosion of sexual energy that was captured in one magical night between us, and that I would never forget again.

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