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The IT Girl Services the Gentleman

She was called to serve and serve she did…
The knock on the door startles Mark. He had almost forgotten that someone was coming. In fact, he did forget. As the creaking door opens, the site before him almost takes his breath away. Standing there, with briefcase in hand and smile upon her painted full lips, stands one Melanie Thompson, IT tech from NerdsRUs.

She is far from what he expected, given the name of the company. Dressed impeccably in her brown pencil skirt and somewhat sheer buttoned down top, she confidently smiles and steps inside. For her part, she was met with surprise as well. Based on the specs of the PC she was given, she figured the customer would be a very old and frail dude. I guess you could say she is rather pleasantly surprised.

“Shall we get started?” she asks.

“Oh yes, I’m sorry,” Mark manages to stumble out, “Forgive me. The computer is over here.”

As she sits at the desk in his den she takes a quick survey around the room. She sees the evidence of a life well lived: family and career and athletic successes that have defined the years. To this younger beauty, the pictures are very endearing. Some show just what a stud he was in his day, not that the fiftyish man is bad looking or fragile looking now. He’s obviously still a very virile guy.

“So, describe the problem you’re having, can you?” she asks.

“Sure. I’m not a tech guy but I’m guessing that I have some sort of virus. It just runs extremely slow and I sometimes have to re-boot it. It takes me away from my work, gets rather frustrating to deal with.”

It takes but a few minutes of tapping away at his keyboard that she confirms his suspicion. A couple of pretty nasty bugs have infected the hard drive but she quickly assures him that she’ll have him ready to go in no time.

“I’m retired now,” he chimes in nervously, explaining what he uses his computer for. “So it’s not for work. I guess you can say it’s just hobbies. You know, catching up with the kids, friends, socializing, sports, you know…”

Yes, it doesn’t take long in her investigation to find that socializing is his main interest, and the nasty things he’s into are the very source of his problems. Sometimes when she sees this stuff – the hard porn with rough fucking and such – and, if the guy is an asshole, she gets off on exposing him to the unsuspecting wife. Not very nice but she figures if he’s an ass-wipe he’s getting exactly what he deserves. In this case there is no wife around and he actually seems like a great guy. Still, her curiosity wins out as to what exactly he’s been looking at.

“Do you have any hot tea or coffee?” she turns and coos at him. “My throat is bothering me and could use something hot to soothe it.” In a flash he’s off and she can hear him preparing in the kitchen.

Tap after tap shows images and gifs of a beauty, normally a young woman, being manhandled by an older gentleman. She must admit that they are quite stimulating, as she feels the heat begin to grow at her very core. She notices several friends in his contact list, all of whom are women. In no time she’s read several messages from beautiful women, telling him of his sexual prowess. The woman Selena has a link to a video in her message, and before she knows what hit her, Mel has her index finger slicing through her steamy lips. It’s so hot, the moaning blond slut getting pummeled by the man’s hard cock. She never really got into older/younger porn before but it’s a new day and Mel’s finding it all rather stimulating!

As she’s about to click on one more she can still hear him working away. In this one she finds the mature man spanking the blond until her ass is red and her face is filled with his cock. Without giving it a thought, she’s pushed two digits inside her slippery walls and is thumbing her clit.

“What have we here?” he says with an edge in his voice. “Do you not believe in a man’s right to privacy?”

Startled beyond belief she swivels in her chair, pulling her sticky fingers from beneath her skirt but not before he has grabbed her wrist.

“And what do we have here?” inspecting her glistening digits. “Oh my, I do believe you’re right. This should be perfect for soothing your nasty throat!”

With those words ringing in her ears, Mel fingers are being pushed towards her face and then forcibly shoved between her hesitant lips. With a loud moan she begins to suck them clean.

“My, my, what a nasty little slut we have here, don’t we?” In spite of this surreal moment, two thoughts keep flooding her brain: Does he always ask so many questions and when in the hell am I going to come!

“How does it taste, honey?” She watches as he pulls her hand from her mouth and slides it into his. “Hmmm, not bad, but I’ve got something you’re really going to love!”

Mark leans over and pushes her hand back under skirt, right into her sopping wet pussy. With her fingers extended he pushes them in and out until she gasps out loud. With her needs being adequately met, Mark decides it’s his turn. Seconds later, with pants and briefs gathered at his ankles, Mark holds a fistful of blond locks firmly in his hand and yanks her head back. Their eyes lock, both wide-eyed with lust, as he slowly draws his tool towards her mouth. The lust crazed woman pulls her head down and meets him halfway, engulfing his entire length and moaning her approval.

“That’s it, you sexy little bitch, take every fucking inch!” he seethes through clenched teeth. He is fucking her face wildly as he senses the inevitable. Her moans tell him that she’s about to give way as well. Just as she begins to convulse he pulls out of her mouth and yanks her head back as she screams out in sweet, sweet anguish.

“No you don’t, my fuck toy,” he says as he strokes mere inches from her lips. “You’ve got to earn my spunk! That’s it, come my little slut!”

As he says those words his cock erupts. She closes her eyes just before the first shot hits her forehead and eyelids. As she is panting open mouthed through her gut wrenching come, she catches part of the third and fourth stream as it splatters her face. Her tongue is wildly searching, extending out in a frantic effort to devour her treasure. He finally ends her misery when he scoops up most of his cum and feeds it into her hungry mouth.

“Now clean me up!” he demands, pulling her head forward until he’s buried in her mouth again. “That’s it...good girl!” he encourages as she moans on his cock. In seconds, to both her dismay and pleasure, the old man is hard again. Pulling his tool from her, he leans forward to the mouse, clicks on something new and expands the video so that it is now full screen.

“I think you’ll want to take a look at this one…”

She turns as he pulls her to her feet. He then motions towards the big screen on the other side of the room that’s connected to the PC. He walks her over to the end of the couch and, standing behind her, removes her skirt and every stitch of her clothing. She stands there naked, her body quivering in anticipation, displaying her smoking hot naked form as his cum drips from her chin.

As the action begins to heat up on the tube, a very hot scene where an older man is taking a young chick from behind, she realizes that Mark is emulating exactly what’s on the screen. Shoving her roughly over the arm of the sofa, she feels his hard cock penetrate her steamy walls. Being filled by him is taking her to such sinful bliss she can’t help but do what the slut on the screen is doing. One hand is now pulling harshly on a hardened nipple while the other is aggressively rubbing her tiny thimble.

As both of them grind towards another come, he breaks the silence.

“So it seems this porno stuff really fucks with a computer, huh?” As his cock pounds away at her swollen cunt, she can’t help but smile at Mr. Question again.

“Perhaps, with all the smut I watch, I should have you back, say, weekly?” he grunts as he yanks her head back by her hair, damn close now to filling her needy slit.

“Yesss!” she hisses as her body begins to shake. “I think at least once a week, Sir!”

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