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The Leader of the Band pt1 - Band Camp

Senior year starts off with a bang at Band Camp

I climb to the top of the podium, lean against the bars and gaze over the freshly painted lines on the field. I take a deep breath and prepare to address the crowd of almost one hundred band kids.

Producing four crisp claps, I command them from the podium.

"BAND, TEN-HUT!" I pronounce loud and stern.

Many of the returning members snap into attention, while all of the new freshmen look around confused. I smile comes across my face and I continue to address them.

"Hello, and welcome to Fairview Regiments Band Camp. I know all of you newer members probably have no idea what just happened, but soon me and the other officers will teach you everything you need to know..." I pause for a moment, scanning the group.

"At ease," I say calmly. "It is so great that you all could make it here. Before we get into everything, I'd like to take a moment to thank USF for letting us use their practice field and facilities for the duration of camp. Also, please give a big thank you to the members of Kappa Kappa Psi for assisting us this week with logistics." I jester towards a few collage kids sitting at a table nearby.

"The first practice will start in about two hours. Until then you may socialize and move your stuff into your rooms. Please stop by the table to my right to get your room keys and parking passes if you drive." I climb down from the podium and socialize with a few people before getting my key and heading up to my room with my roommate, Aaron.


About two hours later, everyone is back on the field in front of me.

"Would all the officers please come up in front of the podium?" I call out to the crowd. They all line up and face the masses.

"These are your officers and for the season. If you ever have a question, either come to me or find one of them. Now if everyone could please get in groups by section, we will be starting practice with introductions and sectionals." I climb down from the podium and head over to a corner of the field where many of the low brass had placed their instruments.

As the other band members reached the corner, they circled around me, waiting instruction. I looked around for a moment, taking a mental inventory of returning and new members.

"Hey guys. My name is Sean and I will be your section leader this year." I said to them with a smile.

"Many of you already know me, but we do have a few new members so let’s all take a moment to get acquainted."

Going around the circle, everyone started to introduce themselves. Although I am in charge, I stop paying attention. My mind is instantly distracted by one of the new members. My eyes scanned her from head to toe multiple times. I am brought out of my daze when she begins to talk.

"Hi guys, my name is Amanda. I am a Junior, but this is my first year at Fairview. I hope to get to know all of you over the next few days" She says with a smile.

Our eyes lock for a minute as the introductions continue. She shoots a coy smile at me before turning away.

The rest of practice goes by rather quickly. I spend most of my time explaining things to the incoming freshmen and calling out commands.

As the day goes on, I can’t help but notice Amanda's fantastic form. Her toned body moves with grace every step. My eyes scan up and down her body, paying special attention to her firm ass and round breasts. Her sandy blond hair is in a loose ponytail and her cool green eyes are covered by bright yellow sunglasses.

At the end of practice, I find myself once again in front of the other members.

"Great work today everybody. We are done for the day so you are free to do as you please, but remember you are representing Fairview Regiment." I say with a smile as I climb down from the podium. I grab my instrument and start heading off towards my car. As I walk I pass Amanda. I can’t help but stop and talk to her,

"Hey there," I say to her kindly, "how are things going?"

"Good, everyone is really nice," she said softly. "I just wish I could make a few friends so I don’t have to hang out by myself," she said laughing lightly.

Without thinking, I respond. "You are more than welcome to join me and my friends for the evening. We are about to go get some food from the Cafe."

"That sounds great!" she exclaims with a huge grin. She gets up and walks with me to my worn down Honda Civic.


I walk down the sidewalk, Amanda by my side. We have broken off from the rest of the group. We have been flirting with each other all night and it shows no signs of stopping.

My phone buzzes as we walk, it’s a text from one of the drum line guys.

Hey man, it’s about to get crazy over here in the practice rooms. You gotta get here fast!

My heart pumps faster as I think of what could be going on. Knowing the drum line kids, it will probably be the highlight of band camp.

After thinking a moment, I react. I grab Amanda by the wrist and drag her towards to practice rooms.

"Where are we going?" She asks as she giggles.

"Just trust me, you said you wanted to make some more friends right?" I say as I start to jog, still pulling her behind me.

She giggles once again and jogs with me.

We arrive at the building with the practice rooms. I reach into my pocket and get my room key (which also opens up the practice rooms). We enter into a long hallway. At the end there is a room with a light on. We make our way down to the room and knock on the door. The door swings open and we are greeted by a few other band members.

"Great to see you Sean, I knew you would miss out on this. And I see you brought a friend, Amanda right?" said one of the boys.

She just nods to him with a smile.

"Well that’s great, we need another girl anyways." The boy says with a smile and ushers us inside.

"So what’s going on?" I ask the group.

"We are gonna play a little game of Eleven Minutes in Heaven, with a little twist," said Julie, the color guard captain.

My cock jumps a little at the thought. I glance over at Amanda and she looks excited as Julie explains more. I can feel the excitement building in the room as the rules are explained. I’m sure that I could have plenty of fun with any of these girls, but I have my sights set on one in particular, Amanda.

"You all know how to play Eleven Minutes in Heaven, that’s pretty basic. We are gonna twist it up a little. As you can tell, there are five girls and five boys in this room. This hallway outside the door has five practice rooms, each numbered one though five. There are also two cups, each with five numbers in them. All the girls will draw from one cup and the guys from the other. Each player will receive a number and will go to that practice room. That way no one will know who they get until they are in the room together." Julie said with a wink and flirtatious grin.

One by one, I watch as other players draw their numbers. My heart races as I draw mine. The small slip of paper has the number four on it. I fold it up and put it into my pocket. Once the last number is drawn, the five girls leave the room and go into their assigned practice room. A minute later, all the guys wonder into the hallway and join the girls in their rooms.

I stand outside of room number four, my hands shaking from anticipation as I turn the doorknob and enter.

I smile comes across my face as I look into the corner and see Amanda smiling back at me. I approach her slowly as she stands. Are faces come close as our lips make contact for the first time. Our passion fills the room as our tongues begin to explore each other’s mouths. I pin her against the wall as the lust builds inside me. Our hands roam as our mouths remain locked together. My hand wiggles its way into her panties and she lets out a gasp and I graze over her clit as start to rub it.

She throws her head back in pleasure as she starts to undo her pants, giving me more access to her moist friend. Know that we don’t have to long, I completely remove her pants and thong and bend her over a chair that’s in the room. I give her ass a playful slap as I undo my jeans and drop them to the floor, followed by my boxers.

Standing behind her, I rub my erect member against her labia. "Do you want me inside you?" I whisper to her seductively.

She lets out a low moan as she reaches behind her and grasps her cheeks, spreading them wide for me.

Without another word, I slide inside her willing pussy, pushing all the way inside and holding myself there. Her body shudders as I invade her and start to slowly penetrate her more. She gasps as the pleasure builds inside our bodies.

"Fuck me, Sean," she says to me softly.

Without hesitation I pick up my pace, thrusting into her harder and harder with each movement. She lets out a long moan.

"Yes just like that, don’t stop," She says, between her quick breaths.

I grasp onto her hips, pulling her body to me as I thrust inside. She shakes more and more with each passing minute as she nears her orgasm.

With a big thrust I send her over the edge. Her knees give out as I relentlessly pound her though her orgasm. She screams and gasps as wave after wave of pleasure strike her body.

I can feel my cock twitch as I near my explosion. I slowly pull out of her and turn her over to face me and tell her to open wide.

She listens, giving me a wicked smile and opening her mouth as wide as she can, I grasp my slippery rod and begin jerking it fast. In no time at all, I can feel the pressure building. I bring her closer to me and point my tip directly to her mouth.

My cum squirts out in thick streams as it lands on her face and in her mouth. She smiles as I finish, wiping the cum off her face and licking it off her fingers. She closes her mouth and swallows every drop of my bitter nectar.

It’s been twenty minutes since the games started now and I can hear the others outside our door.

"Come on you two, times up," I hear Julie giggle as she pounds on the door.

Looking to Amanda, I smile.

"Maybe we will have more time some other day," I say to her with a wink. She winks back with a smile as we leave the room together and join the others in the hallway.
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