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The Library is Responsive to the Times

I thought I was just getting some computer work done.
The library had a great WiFi system and I used it often with my Mac to write stories.

I was at a table with a library buddy when she walked in, or rather wriggled in, her ass moving back and forth, but in a naturally sexy way. She was wearing a tank top, cutoff, and short-shorts. You could she her fantastic ass cheeks hanging out of the shorts, and her nipples were already hard. Every eye in that section of the library went to her. She was aware of it.

As she passed I noticed her left hand fingers making little "follow me" motions. I got up and asked my friend to watch my Mac.

"No prob, bro, and good luck."

I followed discretely behind her until she went to the women's restroom. She turned, smiled, and waited for me to look around and then follow her through the door.

She took my hand, not saying a word, and took me to the end booth. We went in. She pushed me over to the toilet and pressed me to sit down with her hands on my shoulders. Then she lifted her tank top up and lifted her tits in an offering to me.

I took her cue. I began licking around her large tits, leaving the nipples for last. I had covered every inch of each boob with my saliva when I began on the left nipple. I sucked it as hard as I could and she squealed. That was the first sound she had made. Her nipple stuck out like a large ruby, it was so red. I moved to the right nipple, but this time was more tender, gently nibbling and licking, until she grabbed my head and forced me to suck it as hard as the other. I sucked so hard I thought it would come off, and all the time she was squealing that little squeak she had.

Now she decided she had cum enough from her tits. She unzipped her short-shorts and let them drop to the floor. There were no panties to get in the way. Again she grabbed my head and forced me to start the eating process. I brought my hands up to her clitoral area, squeezed it and the clit popped out. It was ruby red and waiting to be licked and nibbled. I did so, and she came immediately. There must have been pints of pussy juice running down her thighs.

Now she moved my head to the cunt, and again I used my hands to spread the labia to get to the ultra-wetness she was displaying. I licked and fucked her pussy with my hard tongue. I cleaned it good. Finally she had had enough, and pointed to the cum juices on her thighs. I licked them clean, savoring each drop and loving the flavor of sweet pussy.

She picked up her shorts, pulled them up, zipped, lowered her tank top and then just turned and walked out of the booth and out the door. My dick was as hard as oak. But I needed to get out of the women's restroom before I was caught.

I crept out to the door, peeked out and saw no one looking. I strolled back to my Mac. I thanked my friend and packed up the computer for transport home. This day at the library was over.

As I walked out the door my wife walked over, in a tank top and short-shorts. "How was your day today?"

"The best, babe, the best. Now let's get home and finish."

And after we got back, we did...

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