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The Mile High Club

The Mile High Club

A routine business trip turned out to be way more than routine - or all business!

I always hated flying. It's not that it scared me or made me sick, it's just that I thought it was a terrible waste of good working time. That time spent in the air and on layovers could be put to so much better use than just sitting there. I didn't mind trains, because you could actually get some work done on them - providing they weren't too crowded. Unfortunately, trains don't cross oceans very well and since most of my business travel was overseas, that posed a problem.

But my views on air travel were about to take a radical turn one day when my company sent me to England to check on our office in Knightsbridge, a district of London. I had been to London several times before and knew the area well enough to get around comfortably, so when someone needed to go over to check on the office there, guess who they looked at for the job!

I didn't mind going to London, I kind of like the place. There's a lot to see and do there when I'm not in the office itself, and I can usually wrangle a day or two of personal time to do a little sightseeing or shopping. Of course, it doesn't hurt that I am one of the top people in my company, and I know how to talk to the boss!

So I packed up my suitcase (again) and made the travel arrangements for a flight to London. My flight was due to leave at 10:00 p.m. on Wednesday and, after 4,200+ miles, arrive in London at 11:10 a.m. the next day. It was an overnight trip, but with the time changes, it worked out that I would actually be in the air for about eight hours. I made my reservation and was lucky to get a good seat up front in Business Class with a bulkhead in front of me so I would have a little extra leg room.

I got to the airport in plenty of time, and went through the security checkpoint with no hassles. I had done this so many times I knew exactly what they were looking for and how to get through the process as efficiently as possible. I went to my gate and sat down for the wait to board. While waiting, I made a couple calls to check on my room and to have a friend stop by and check on my house while I was gone - details that I routinely do when I travel.

After about an hour, I heard the boarding call for my flight and got my laptop ready, turned off my phone, and got ready to board the plane. When the time came, I went into the plane and found my seat, which luckily was right up front close to the door. I sat down and hoped that no one would be sitting in the seat next to me. The plane was a Boeing 777 and this particular flight was only about one-third full so the seat next to me was empty. In fact the next closest person on the plane was four rows back and the other side. So I didn't have to worry about being crowded.

I settled into my seat and waited for takeoff, After we reached the cruising altitude, the pilot turned off the seat belt sign and I began to get comfortable. One of the flight attendants, a very attractive blonde appropriately named Honey, stopped by my seat to ask if I needed anything. Now being a sucker for a beautiful woman, I couldn't help but start a little flirting, telling her that she was all I needed, how pretty she was, and how nice it was that I had such beautiful "scenery" to look at way up here in the clouds. You know, the whole compliment her and butter her up thing. Well it must have worked!

"As soon as I finish attending to the other passengers in my section, would you mind a little company? I enjoy talking to certain charming passengers on these long boring flights!" she said.

"Not at all, Honey. I'd like the company too," I said. So Honey went off to finish her section and before long, she returned. I had put away my laptop in anticipation of her coming back to sit with me (there are just some things more important than work!), so when she came back, she sat down next to me and we began talking.

Our conversation began innocently enough, talking about where we were from, what I did for a living, and so forth. We both seemed really comfortable with each other, and were getting along really well. Then Honey excused herself for a moment and I figured she had to go do some work or something, She was gone for a few minutes and when she returned, that's when things got interesting!

"You know, most of the passengers are asleep and with this flight so empty anyway, how would you like to move to First Class? We can talk easier there and won't disturb anyone," she offered.

"Sure," I said, "Are you sure it's all right though - I don't want you to get into trouble!"

"Oh yeah, it's fine. We do it all the time for our special passengers!" she said. So I was moved up to First Class for the rest of the flight. As we took our new and much nicer seats, Honey put her hand on my thigh. I looked at her a little shocked at her forwardness until she whispered in my ear, her hot breath on my neck.

"John, have you ever heard of The Mile High Club?" she asked.

"You mean the club where you have sex in an airplane at least a mile in the air?" I said, definitely interested in where this conversation was going.

"Yes. Are you a member? Would you like to be?" she asked, batting her baby blue eyes.

"No, I'm not a member. Although I probably should be with all the airline travel I've done!" I said, jokingly.

"Well neither am I. And Debbie, my friend and another attendant here on the plane, isn't either. We are both new girls and the only two who haven't made the club. So we kind of dared each other to do it. We were wondering... if you'd like to join us?" she said.

My eyes widened. Surely she wasn’t suggesting what I thought she was? I turned to look her in the eyes."You mean...?"

“Yes,” she answered, “I’m asking if you’d like to help us join the Club by fucking us both here and now.”

What an incredible stroke of luck! This beautiful creature wanted to have sex with me right here on the plane! I wasn't sure which girl was Debbie, but I hadn't seen any of the attendants that I would turn down - and now I get to have two of them!

I could feel my pulse racing as I thought about her proposition. I looked at her, trying to figure out if she was being serious. But looking into those soft blue eyes, I saw a mischievous glint to them. Her broad smile was more than the painted on welcome smile that most attendants have - this girl looked like she was ready to play and play hard!

As I looked at her, my eyes traveled downward trying to assess her playmate potential. She was very attractive and she had a body to match. I took special notice of her full breasts and saw her hard nipples straining to poke holes in her blouse. I could almost taste them already.

"Now what kind of a gentleman would I be to refuse such an invitation. And from such a beautiful lady as well!" I said, still awestruck by the offer.

"I was hoping you would say yes. I'll be right back sweetie," she said, giving me a kiss on the cheek. "Don't go anywhere, darling... promise?" As she got up to leave, she gave my swelling cock a playful little squeeze. I wasn't going anywhere, even if I could!

A minute or so later Honey returned. "Hi baby, this is Debbie, the girl I told you about? She'd like to play too if you are up for it," Honey said. Debbie moved to the side so I could see her.

Debbie was just as smoking hot as her girlfriend Honey, except Debbie was a couple inches shorter and brunette. She also had a bigger rack on her - something that I noticed right off. Not that I am necessarily a boob man, and I certainly wouldn't turn either of them down.

"Hi John, nice to meet you," Debbie said.

"Very nice to meet you!" I said, standing up.

"You're right Honey, he is a charmer. And not bad on the eyes either!" Debbie said, stepping up and rubbing her hand on my chest.

"Well thank you girls, but since there's two of you and only one of me, I think I am the winner in this contest!" I said, "I mean here I have two beautiful knockout dolls at my command!"

"Oooh! At your command eh? Well then Sir, what would be your first command?" Debbie said with a smirk.

Without a word, I reached out and put my hand behind the brunettes head, pulling her to me and kissing her hard. As I crushed her lips to mine, I felt her hand press into my crotch as if she was confirming my state of readiness. She found what she was looking for apparently, because as she felt my thickening cock, she moaned into my mouth. I returned her grope with one of my own, reaching up to cup her amazing breast. As my hand rested on the firm, young breast, I felt her hard nipple poking at the palm of my hand and discovered that at least one of my beautiful companions was not wearing a bra!

"Hey now, save some of that for me!" I heard behind me, I turned and walked into Honey's kiss, just as passionate and sweet. She put her hand on my cheek as her lips parted. My tongue pushed into her welcoming mouth and her tongue met mine there. She sucked my tongue in deeper giving me a preview of her talents. My hands moved around to cup her ass cheeks and lift them, squeezing her soft creamy flesh.

As Honey kept her kiss going, she pushed me gently backwards until I fell back into my chair. She smiled for a moment, then hiked up her skirt and climbed onto my lap, grinding her panty-clad pussy down on the stiff, hard bulge in my pants.

Her sweet perfume was subtle but delightful, the delicate scent of flowers filled my nose as I nuzzled her neck, kissing and nipping the soft flesh above her collar, my fingers working at the buttons on her blouse. Honey's hands were holding onto the back of my seat as she moved her hips back and forth along my covered cock.

Finally, my nervously fumbling fingers managed to undo the last button on her silky white blouse. I pulled the tail from her skirt waistband, parting the edges of her top revealing that she, too, was going braless.

“We came prepared” she said with a wink.

I looked over to Debbie and she had already shed her uniform, now only in her tiny lace panties, heels and nylons. She sat in the seat next to me and as Honey rode my trouser bulge, she leaned over and kissed Debbie. Meanwhile, my right hand moved over between Debbie's spread thighs and slipped under those skimpy panties to find a very wet, very eager, bald pussy!

Without hesitation, my fingers parted the swollen folds and dipped into her warm depths, eliciting a moan I was sure would wake the other passengers. But I didn't have to worry... we were alone in First Class, there was a heavy curtain to shield us from view, and everyone within earshot was fast asleep. I reached for Honey's succulent breast with my free left hand and pushed it up so my mouth could close over the thick pink nipple. Honey moaned in concert with her girlfriend as I pleasured the two of them.

But these two high-altitude hotties wanted more than just an in-flight make out session. They were looking to get fucked! And they wanted me to be the instrument to that end - a service I was only too happy to provide them!

Honey and Debbie got up and while Honey got into the same appropriate state of undress as her girlfriend, Debbie took it upon herself to assist in ridding me of my encumbrances as well. Debbie fumbled with my belt and pants, trying to hurry as fast as she could to get to the treat promised by the large swelling under them. Meanwhile, Honey was all but tearing her clothes off so she wouldn't miss out on anything. If I wasn't equally eager to start playing, it would have almost been comical watching these two horny women race to see who got to me first!

Finally all three of us were ready and the girls knelt between my legs taking turns slurping and sucking on my engorged cock. One would suck on it while the other licked my balls or kissed me. Then they would alternate and switch positions and duties. Meanwhile my primary responsibility was to try to keep from blowing my load too quickly - which I should add was very damn difficult! These two girls were both very good "attendants"

When Debbie's turn came next instead of resuming her fabulous cocksucking, she wanted to try something else. "John, I want you to fuck my tits!" she said. She scooted closer on her knees until she nestled my cock between her amazing 36D's. Honey came up behind her and pushed Debbie's tits together around my cock while Debbie began bouncing up and down.

"That's right, baby, fuck this sluts big titties! Fuck them like you're gonna fuck her pussy!" Honey said. Donna moaned at the prospect and bounced a little faster.

Her tits felt incredible and as my cock slid up and down the valley, Debbie put her head back. Honey leaned forward and the two girls kissed moaning and purring as their tongues played together. Seeing these two gorgeous girls kissing and licking each others lips nearly caused me to bust right then and there! I still don't know how I kept it together!

Honey leaned a little further forward and spit into Debbie's valley, lubricating her tits for my cock. But in doing so, she also put her tits within reach of Debbie's hot mouth and I watched Debbie with her head back licking and sucking on Honey's ample melons. These two girls were killing me!

"Oh yeah, lick those big fat tit's slut. Lick my tits while John fucks yours!" Honey moaned.

"Girls, if I don't fuck you right now there won't be anything left to fuck!" I told them. Almost as if on cue, the two stood up pulling me out of my seat. They both leaned over the front of the two seats and grabbed the backs, their legs spread and two perfect pussies staring me in the face!

Well, I got down on my knees behind each one of them and put my face between their spread ass cheeks, licking and lapping those dripping slits. First one, then the other girl moaned as she felt my tongue at her pussy entrance. I poked deep into each of those warm heavenly holes, trying to scoop up every drop of sweet nectar I could get. As I worked one girl's dripping pussy, the other would hold her cheeks open for me, coaching me and goading me to go deeper and harder.

"Yeah, lick her wet, pink, pussy John, Does she taste good, baby?" Honey said as I ate Debbie out. Debbie moaned and ground her ass back at me. Then it was Honey's turn to ride my tongue.

"Oooh Honey, doesn't his tongue feel wonderful? He's such a good pussy licker isn't he?" Debbie said.

Honey wriggled as she hissed "Yesss..."

I ate the two girls like I was starving. I could never get my fill of that delicious juice but I knew that the girls wanted something besides my tongue. So grabbing the nearest of the two girls, Honey, I pulled her up off the chair and pressed her face first against the bulkhead wall. Holding her in place with an arm bent across her back, I got ready to enter her. Debbie got down on her knees next to Honey and held her ass cheeks wide apart. I slid deep into Honey's honeyhole

"Ohhh fuuckk!" she moaned her delight. Debbie began toying with the blonde's clit as I pumped in and out of her. I reached around her with my other hand and began pinching and rolling her nipple in my fingers, which I found out was just the things she liked.

I fucked Honey hard and deep and she showed how much she enjoyed it as she moaned and writhed clawing at the wall in her ecstasy. I drilled Honey like I was looking for oil and before long I could sense I was about to strike it. Between my cock's pounding and Debbie's clit teasing, Honey was about to cum and cum hard.

"Ohmygod, ohmygod, ohmygod," she chanted as I plunged into her. Debbie moved between Honey and the bulkhead and began licking at Honey's pussy and clit as I fucked her, adding to the blonde's distress. My strokes pushed her harder against Debbie's hot mouth and with her head against the bulkhead wall, Debbie had no way to back up. I was forcing Debbie to lick Honey and forcing Honey to take it!

Honey finally had reached her limit. As I felt her pussy beginning to contract, I clamped a hand over her mouth, enabling her to scream out her orgasm as loud as she wanted without disturbing anyone or getting caught. My hand over her mouth also had the delightful side effect of making her feel "forced" or "taken" which added to the experience for her.

"MMMPPPHHH!!" Honey screamed into my hand and I felt her pussy clamp down on my pistoning cock. I felt her flood as she poured her juices out onto the carpeted floor of the cabin. She clawed at the wall trying to hang onto something as she came hard. Debbie reached around Honey's ass and sank her fingernails into the blonde's creamy cheeks, pulling her hard to her mouth so she could sample her girlfriend's juices.

Then it was Debbie's turn and she decided she wanted to ride me reverse cowboy style. So I sat down in my seat and reclined the back just a bit. Debbie turned around so her back was to me. And straddled my thighs. But before she sat down on my cock, I took a couple moments to finger her tight, hot pussy, and get her a little wetter and hornier - if that was possible! Honey got on her knees in front of Debbie and as Debbie leaned down, they kissed some more as Honey reached between Debbie's legs to toy with her clit. I fingerfucked Debbie's sloppy pussy and thumbed her tight puckered ass as she moaned and wriggled in delight.

"Oh God, John! Fuck me! Fuck me now! I want that hard cock in me!" she gasped breaking Honey's kiss. Debbie reached between her legs and grabbed my meatpole guiding it to her steaming pussy. She eased the head of it into her and once inside, she slid down my cock slowly moaning the whole way.

"Ohhhh, fuuuckkk!" she moaned as she settled down on my hardness. She sank down further as my cock pushed deeper into her belly until at last she was sitting firmly on my thighs. She tossed her head back as she felt my cock burrowing into her warm, wet depths.

"God, you feel so fucking good in my pussy!" she groaned. And I was more than happy to be there too!

Honey leaned forward and took Debbie's tits in her hands, squeezing them together, licking and gently biting her hard pink nipples as Debbie began grinding on my lap.

Then Honey moved further down and placed her face between her girlfriends spread thighs. Licking my cock and Honey's pussy drove the both of us wild. Her warm tongue caused me to drive my cock deeper into Debbie's pussy. For Debbie, the feeling of Honey's tongue on her sent her into a whole new level of ecstasy. Debbie instantly reacted by pushing Honey's head harder into her crotch. Honey lapped and licked at us both, licking up the copious juices that were flowing past my cock and running down between my balls.

I reached around Debbie and began mauling her tits with my hands. sinking my strong fingers deep in her ample tits, her creamy pale flesh suppliant and yielding to my fingers. I pinched and pulled at her thick nipples, twisting them and making her squeal, then rolling them gently between my finger to turn her squeals to moans.

All the while my cock pounded up into her wet pussy, making delicious squishy sounds as I rammed into her over and over.

"Ohh Fuck! Oh John, I'm going to cum! I going to... OHHHMYYYGODDD!!" Debbie cried out as her dam burst. She poured herself out as Honey lapped and licked furiously, trying to scoop up her juices, but at the same time her furious tongue also increased the torment on Debbie's sensitized clit. Debbie bounced up and down on my cock like a crazed jack-in-the-box.

With both girls now completely sated and members in good standing of the Mile High Club, it was now my turn to "officially" join. And trust me, these two stunning women had given me more than enough pleasure and erotic enjoyment to make me ready. My cock was hard as granite and if the cum in my balls was any hotter, it would come out as steam!

I pushed Debbie off my cock and with weak knees, she dropped to the floor alongside Honey. The two girls then began taking turns bobbing their hot eager mouths on my cock - each determined to be the first to taste the warm creamy surprise I had in store for them. Honey took the first shift as Debbie was still coming back from her orgasm and panting heavily. Honey gobbled my juice-slickened cock down and was busy sucking and slurping away when Debbie came and grabbed her by the back of the head.

"Suck on the hard, fat cock slut. Show John how glad you are that he fucked you so good!" Debbie said as she shoved the blonde's head down on my cock. Honey gagged and choked a bit, but she kept on going.

After a few moments of the blonde's deep-throating me, it was Debbie's turn to show her appreciation.

Honey pulled away and crawled up into the seat next to me, and we began a hot make out session, kissing and letting our tongues play together as I pawed and massaged her tits. Meanwhile Debbie had taken up where Honey left off, sucking my cock deep into her hot mouth and continuing working to get at my cum. Debbie licked my entire shaft and even licked at my balls, further heating the massive load of cum inside.

"Mmm, mmm, mmm," Debbie hummed as she bobbed up and down on my aching cock. The vibrations from her throat were the straw that finally broke the camel's back. I couldn't take any more.

"Girls, I'm cumming... get ready, I'm going to cum!" I told them. I didn't know how they wanted it, but I was about to blow my load. Both Honey and Debbie scrambled to get down on the floor on their knees and in position, looking up at me as I stood up, with their beautiful mouths open like a couple lovely songbirds looking to get fed. And my "worm" was ready too. I gave my cock a few last jerks and I erupted with a loud groan.

The first couple jets of hot creamy cum hit the girls faces, a line of white seed crossing both of their faces. Then my aim got better and I put a spurt into each of their mouths landing on their wide pink tongues I gave them both another spurt and Debbie made a request.

"Shoot some on my tits, John, cum on my tits so Honey can lick it off and we can share it!" she said holding her tits up like a tray. I gave her D-cups a good coating and she added some spit along with the cum. Then as my balls drained, she took my cock and smeared the cockcream across her face. Debbie was the nastier of the two of them - a trait I found most appealing. I do favor the dirty girls, but the beautiful blonde Honey wasn't one to be ignored either.

Honey leaned down and Debbie offered her tits to her. Honey licked and lapped at her tits, gathering up all the cum and spit she could while Debbie cleaned my cock off with her own mouth. Then as I watched, the two girls rubbed their tits together as they swapped the cum/spit back and forth a few times, letting it drip and drool between their mouths.

It was so fucking hot seeing the girls play together like that! They moaned and sucked and gurgled as they played back and forth with the load. Occasionally a string of saliva would make a bridge between their open mouths and drip down onto one of their tits. They didn't waste it though, the other would quickly lap it up or rub it between their slick nipples before licking it back into play.

But all good things come to an end eventually and the girls tired of swapping the snowball and each swallowed their share. then they came up and sat on my knees. With a blonde on one knee and a brunette on the other, Santa would be green with envy.

"John you were wonderful baby," Honey said, kissing me deeply. "Thank you for helping us with this - I'm glad we came to you and so glad you wanted to play with us."

"Yes, thank you. I had an amazing time. I can't remember having so much fun," Debbie said, kissing me as well.

"You know we still have a long way to go before we land... if you are up for it, maybe we can play again in a little while?" Honey asked.

I looked at the two girls eager faces. "If you both agree to play, then I'd love to see what else we can find to do!" I smiled as the two girls clapped, readily agreeing to come back in awhile and spend some more time in the Mile High Club!

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