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The Naughty School Girl

She was one of the sexiest girls in her school, built with pink lips, and long black silky hair. She stood about 5’2, with round firm breasts, and a very smooth and tight ass. She was athletic, soft with brown skin and deep beautiful eyes. Suzie was 17 and all the men went crazy for her. She had slept with most of the male population in her class, even some of the teachers. As the school’s most famous cheerleader, everyone wanted to be her friend. She wore skimpy and slutty clothes to class.

One afternoon Suzie was summoned to the principal,s office after class. She walked into his office and towards his desk with a pencil in her mouth sucking on it and staring at him. His name was Mr. Orlando, a very serious man in his mid-40’s. He did not look his age, for an older man he was very desirable. He was standing behind her as she walked through the door. She was wearing a short mini skirt with a thong underneath and a low cut blouse that showed off her breasts.

He closed the door and walked towards her. He could not ignore the way she sucked on the pencil; he was aroused by looking at her. She stuck her tongue out of her mouth and licked her lips dropping the pencil on the floor. She bent over to pick it up.

Mr. Orlando’s eyes widened when he saw Suzie’s short skirt ride up exposing her smooth tight brown ass. He had called her into his office to reprimand her about her provocative clothing. A few of the women teachers complained about her. They said that she was distracting the boys in their classes. The principal could definitely understand now how distracting Suzie could be while he studied her beautiful ass.

When the young student stood, the principal grabbed her by the waist and quickly turned her around. He pressed his mouth on hers and kissed her very passionately, slipping his hands up her thighs. He lifted her onto the desk, then opened her legs and slipped her thong aside. He knelt down in front of her then placed his mouth on her pussy and sucked her juice until she squirmed.

The look on her face and the way she moved her body while he sucked her made him know she wanted more. Her hands were on his head, holding him between her legs. She moaned with pleasure.

Lifting his head from her pussy he stood up. The principal knew that fooling around with a student was wrong and that he could lose his job for it. But he found Suzie so sexy that could not help himself. He knew that she should be disciplined for what she was doing to him. He smiled playfully.

Mr. Orlando stripped the naughty school girl of everything she was wearing and bent her over onto his desk. It was time for punishment. He spanked her ass until it turned red, then gently kissed it to sooth it. His lips felt the heat where he had smacked her tender ass and he became more aroused.

Suzie climbed off the desk and pushed the principal onto the office chair. Her hands started to roam all over his body, they both knew how hard he was. She unzipped his pants, and gently gripped his penis. She began to stroke it furiously. She worked all the way down and her tiny mouth opened to take his prick. She licked and pulled lightly on his balls while sucking him as deeply as she could manage. Suzie could hear the little moans in his voice. As she sucked him she kept the pre-cum that was flowing into her mouth.

She got up and kissed him deeply and to his surprise he tasted his pre cum. Seeing him taste his own love juice made her very wet, hot, and wild.

She straddled her leg over the chair and said, “Tell me you want me to fuck you.”

“Fuck me,” he gasped.

The young student lowered herself onto the principal’s stiff penis. She started riding his cock like a mad woman. “Yes Slut, fuck me!” he screamed.

She pumped herself up and down on him slowly at first then very fast, holding up her breasts as she was fucking her principal. As they were deep in pleasuring each other, she did not even realize when he tossed her onto the floor. He pulled on her nipples and dove his huge shaft deep in her young juicy pussy.

She looked so seductive on the floor with her hair all over her face he could not decide on whether to continue fucking her in the pussy or just settle to screw her in the mouth. He could not get enough of Suzie, she had the sweetest pussy he ever tasted and fucked had in his life. He tried not to cum, but the sensations in his penis overruled his brain. He pulled out, aimed at her face, and spilled a huge load of cum all over.

She looked at him and said, “I want you to lick off your spunk and kiss me after.”

He did as he was told and licked every part of her body and made her squirm over and over again.

Suzie dressed and cleaned herself and the principal up before they left his office. They both pretended as if nothing ever happened.

While on her way to the door, he grabbed her by her hands and said, “Save that young pussy for me.”

She winked at him and out she went.

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