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The Next Door Neighbour

Andrea repays her neighbor for his handywork

I’m just dying to tell someone about what happened last weekend. Actually, I really shouldn't say anything but if I don’t, I’ll burst. Except for an occasional guilty feeling, life couldn't be better.

It all started when my boiler began making an awful racket, and the hot water was a very hit and miss affair. Luckily for me, my next door neighbor Marilyn had just popped in for a quick cuppa and heard the commotion when I tried using the faucet.

“What’s that?” she asked in surprise when the pipes cracked and groaned yet again.

I explained that the boiler was playing up and the hot water didn't work sometimes. Although I was sick and tired of taking cold showers, I couldn't afford to get it repaired, so it was a case of grin and bear it.

Marilyn gave me a pitying look. "Oh Andrea, you silly thing, why didn't you say something. My John can fix anything like that."

"Well, I don't like to impose," I replied, mumbling feebly into my cup.

"Honestly darling, he won't mind. Tell you what love, when he gets home later, I’ll ask him to take a look.”


True to her word, John arrived that same evening sporting a big grin and holding a large toolbox in his hand. After giving me a hug which lasted longer than was strictly necessary, he asked where the boiler was and I showed him the way. He immediately got down to business and whilst he was busy, I let my gaze roam over this tasty piece of eye candy.

‘Jesus he is good looking,’ I pondered thoughtfully. Well groomed, nicely muscled and best of all, a nice tight little bum. As I was fantasizing about what I’d like to do with that, John, who had obviously seen me spying on him, began teasing me.

"Do you like what you see Andrea?”

His friendly tone was mocking but all the same, I hadn’t realized I was studying him so blatantly. I could feel myself blushing and didn't know where to look. My toes curled in embarrassment and I wanted the floor to open up and swallow me whole. Deciding attack was the best form of defense, I came in with guns blazing

"Yes John, I couldn't take my eyes off you. I was just thinking how good you looked. I was wondering if you got to the gym, or is it chemically induced?" Except for the exaggerated wince, he accepted the barb with good grace.

"Yeah, three times a week. What do you think of this?" He asked, raising his arms in the traditional he-man pose. I had to laugh at his amusing antics.

“Oh my hero,” I replied using my best damsel in distress imitation and we both fell about laughing.

"Marilyn is really lucky. You know, to have such a shy, modest hunk to wake up next to,” I commented, “Normally I prefer my men a bit more outgoing if you know what I mean, but she probably takes pity on you.”

John just smiled infectiously. “Oh but you’re not so bad yourself Andrea, I know plenty of guys who'd like to...well, you get my drift don't you?"

I accepted the compliment graciously.

"I know I wouldn't mind...” He didn't finish his sentence but his meaning was definitely obvious.

My eyes sparkled and my body tingled as we flirted outrageously, but I decided not to pursue it any further. I wasn’t sure I had enough willpower to resist temptation, and he was very tempting.

Fortunately, John had finished servicing the boiler, and he began tidying up his tools.

"Well Andrea, I’m pretty sure that’s it. I’ve done my best, and as far as I can see…” He made a dramatic gesture of double checking. “Everything is pretty much in order. Shall we put it to the test?” He raised his eyebrows lewdly.

We went upstairs and headed for the bathroom. My head was humming with his suggestive innuendos, but I was definitely enjoying the attention he was paying me. Once the shower was running it wasn't long before the bathroom was getting all hot and steamy and John, wearing a big proud grin, winked at me.

"Well, no more cold showers for you darling! From now on it’s hot, hotter, and really fucking hot. Actually just like someone I know,” he commented and winked lecherously.

I said nothing; I was already imagining taking a nice long steamy shower.

“If you need someone to rub your back, just let me know.” I smiled at him, my eyes twinkling, and this encouraged him. “I’d gladly take one for the boys,” he continued, his body shaking with mirth. “I’m always ready to help, and I'm really good with my hands if you know what I mean.”

Even though his tone sounded self-effacing, the longing in his eyes was unmistakable. Despite laughing uncontrollably, I wondered for a second how serious he was and whether I should take him up on his indecent proposal. The thought of getting amongst other things, my back washed, was hard to resist.

I could feel my nipples hardening.

“Thank you, John, that’s interesting to know,” I replied with a sultry edge to my voice.

I quickly looked down at my bust to see if my excitement was on display, and noticed his gaze followed mine. Looking him alluringly in the eye, I asked him nonchalantly if there was anything I could do to repay his kindness.

All this flirting had really turned me on and was being generously advertised in my old, loose fitting sweatshirt. Although John was looking on wistfully, he grinned ruefully and then shook his head.

“Not that I can think of, Andrea.” His eyes began to sparkle with amusement. “But if something comes up,” he grabbed his groin like Michael Jackson, “I’ll be sure to let you know.”

I wasn’t going to let him off the hook that easily. Deliberately I grabbed hold of his impressive biceps and asked him if he was sure there was nothing he wanted. This time he took a while before answering me.

My sweatshirt was an old, worn out rag and the neckline was so loose that at least one of my shoulders was always bare. However because of my so called friendly gesture, the garment was now opening up in front of me, and my firm, braless breasts, of which I’m very proud of, were clearly visible. John was staring at them very hungrily.

The fact that I was intentionally flashing my tits whilst flirting so blatantly with him was bad enough, but seeing the unadulterated lust written all over his face was such a huge turn on, I could feel myself moistening up nicely. I'm sure we'd have been fucking in no time if he had made a move.

Instead, I watched the internal struggle going on inside him, half amused and half hoping he’d succumb. John, however, was made of sterner stuff. He just looked up at my flushed expression and smiled. His clear blue eyes were sparkling and he wore a wispy smile as he spoke.

"Oh, I don't know Andrea. Maybe you can buy me a beer sometime," he offered and then without waiting for a reply, turned and walked away.


After a successful harvest, our village likes to organize a week of festivities, and the highlight of this celebration is a huge party in a marquee on the Saturday evening.

Fortunately, the Indian summer we were experiencing didn't seem to want to end, so I decided to wear my favorite summer dress. Very short and very daring. The length barely covered my bum, and it displayed an indecent amount of cleavage, but it made me feel sexy. With a little makeup and my long dark tresses tied up in a loose braid, I knew I was looking good. I wasn't really on the prowl, but it doesn't hurt to advertise the goods once in a while. 

Marilyn was already in the tent when I arrived and upon seeing me, she rushed over and gave me an enormous hug. She was also wearing a pretty summer dress, but without being too biased, I looked much better. Hers wasn't quite so revealing. She released me and took a step backward so she could give me the once over. Her eyebrows almost hit the roof and her mouth fell open when I did a twirl, but then her eyes sparkled mischievously as she winked at me.

“You look absolutely gorgeous darling; all the men will be drooling when they see you coming.” Her smile was infectious. “Come on,” she carried on, “Let's meet the rest of the gang.”

After greeting the other ladies sitting both sides of the long party table, we sat down and I couldn't help looking round for John. I eventually saw him standing at the bar with his cousin Eric. They were both dressed for the warm weather, knee length shorts, and loose shirts, and from this distance, John looked good. Unconsciously I stared at him for longer than I should have, but as if physically feeling my gaze, he slowly turned his head and winked at me.

I gave him a friendly wave and returned my attention to the table. Sitting opposite Marilyn, I listened to her babbling with the other women, but it didn't take her long to include me in the conversation and before long we were all chatting away like old friends.

After a while John and Eric joined us at the table, bringing another round of drinks, and much to my surprise, Eric sat beside Marilyn which meant her husband seated himself next to me. The party was in full swing when suddenly, I felt a hand land on my thigh. Shocked, I threw a sideways glance at John but he ignored me and carried on talking to Eric.

Marilyn asked me something and I quickly returned my attention to her, but under the table, my assailant’s fingers began moving upwards and I had to try and keep a straight face. It wasn’t easy because the hand kept creeping higher and higher until eventually, nimble fingers brushed against the soft material covering my pubic mound.

I was desperate not to reveal what was happening, but when those fingertips began writhing up and down the thin barrier protecting my moist slit, I thought I was going to scream. For an instant, I managed to make eye contact with John, but all he did was grin naughtily at me before continuing his conversation with Eric.

I’ll admit it was extremely arousing watching Marilyn chatting away happily, totally unaware I was getting expertly fingered by her husband, and despite the obvious risks, I didn't want him to stop.

Then John changed tactics. Not content with just teasing my clit, he slipped his hand under my small cotton triangle and pulled at it savagely. I swear I could hear the soft fabric ripping but hoped it was my imagination.

What was real enough was that he’d deliberately stretched the thin material and now my undies were all misshapen and sat loosely around my groin. I was stunned by his audacity and prayed that the waistband wasn’t as badly damaged as I suspected or I’d really be giving people something to see when I stood up.

Meanwhile having created enough room, John placed his hand between my legs and parted my outer lips. His agile fingers found my inner opening, ready, willing and dripping wet.

Without further ado, he slid two thick digits inside my warm slick sheath and then started making things exquisitely difficult for me.

He tormented me for about twenty minutes, and a few times I had to bite my bottom lip to stop myself from crying out. The delicious feelings he was responsible for, kept me squirming in my seat, and I really had to concentrate to avoid giving the game away. He knew I couldn't do anything and he was enjoying himself immensely, knowing the inevitable was not far away.

The combination of John’s fingers, this crazy reckless situation, and the sheer sexual pleasure rippling through my loins had created some powerful pent up energy and this needed a release.

I’d been teetering on the edge for a while, but I had everything under control, or so I thought.

I came gloriously as John brought me to a climax. My whole body shuddered and I clamped my legs together, trapping my tormentor's fingers. Looking away from Marilyn, I quickly covered my mouth with my hand and bit hard into my palm. The scream erupting from within needed to be stifled.

The top of my thighs were soaked and sticky from my cum and if my dress had been longer, a large wet patch would have appeared. Luckily the wooden bench seat soaked up most of my juices, and after a few seconds, my body began to calm down.

Eventually, my ragged breathing stabilized and I was able to release John’s hand. He rewarded me with a smug, superior grin on his handsome face.


Knocking back yet another Bacardi and Coke, Marilyn was really getting into the party spirit and when the band began their second session, she asked if I wanted to dance. My legs were still weak and I wasn't sure if my knickers could stand the rigors of some enthusiastic dancing, but I couldn't really say no could I?

To be honest I was still recovering from my intense experience. However, not wanting to raise suspicions, I reluctantly agreed. Risking embarrassment in more ways than one, I gingerly stood up from the bench.

As we grooved on the dance floor, I was aware the sweat trickling down my spine wasn't just because it was so warm in the tent. Fortunately, Marilyn didn't notice the state I was in and as the musical beat started getting funkier, so did our dancing. Suddenly John and Eric appeared next to us, obviously in the mood to have some fun, and before long we were all laughing and dancing together.

Suddenly the band started playing some old fifties rock and roll, and Eric grabbed hold of Marilyn's waist and began leading her skilfully around the dance floor leaving John and myself standing there like a pair of dummies.

Even though the music was quite loud, the awkward silence between us was deafening. Finally, he gave me his thousand watt smile and took my hand, leading me to the edge of the dance floor.

Once out of the way of the other dancers, I leaned back against John's chest and watched fascinated as Eric and Marilyn glided effortlessly around the dance floor. I couldn't help admiring the way they moved together and was curious.

“Shouldn't you be dancing with Marilyn?”

“I can’t,” John admitted a bit shamefacedly. "I haven't got the rhythm that Eric has. They both love it, but it’s not really my thing.”

"I know what you mean, I can’t dance like that either.” Remembering what he was good at, I flirted.

"But......I am very good at other things," I continued, giggling uncontrollably whilst grinding my bum against his groin.

"Oh, what are you so good at then?" he asked in a low sensual growl.

"What do you think?" I asked playfully, running my hands down his thighs.

John moved his mouth to my ear and I could feel his hot breath against my neck.

“I think you’re an expert prick teaser, and one hell of a fuck!” he whispered, whilst grabbing my hips and pulling me tighter against his body.

I could feel his hardness pressing into me and I felt my pussy juicing up again.

"Now that's for me to know…and you to find out,” I replied challengingly, wiggling my bum against his erection. "Ooh, what have you got there stud? Don’t tell me you’re getting a hard on.”

There was no mistaking the effect I was having on him. John’s bulge was nestled nicely between my buttocks; it felt huge.

“You fucking bitch! I want you so badly, my balls are aching.” He hissed through gritted teeth, while his hand disappeared beneath my dress.

All this talk was getting me so turned on, my gusset was completely sodden.

“I’d like to shove my prick right up that slutty little arse of yours, just to hear you scream out my name.” As if to prove his intent, his hand slid under my panties and began smearing my leaking pussy juices into my anus.

“Mmmm that sounds like exactly what I need right now,” I replied huskily.

I felt his whole body stiffen and I had to stifle a giggle.

"Andrea, don’t play fucking games with me,” John warned. "I've wanted to screw you ever since I fixed your boiler, and if you keep going on like this, I'm gonna throw you over one of these tables and fuck the consequences."

Without so much of a please or thank you, a thick finger disappeared up my anal passage and began frigging my rectum.

We stood there for what seemed like ages but in reality wasn’t longer than a minute, watching his wife being pushed around the dance floor. I couldn't take it anymore. His attention had ignited my desire and I wanted more. I wanted to feel something longer, bigger and thicker up my arse and that wasn't gonna happen here.

“What are you waiting for, John?”

Under the pretense of going outside for a smoke, we walked towards the exit.


Once outside the brightly lit marquee, we hurried away looking for somewhere to get down to business. Less than a hundred meters from the tent, we found a small dimly lit alleyway. Unable to contain himself any longer, John dragged me into the narrow opening and pushed me against the crumbling brickwork.

He shoved his thigh between my legs and used a hand to restrain mine above my head. His other hand reached up and pulled my breasts free from my dress, before fondling them roughly. Then, leaning his head forward, he planted his mouth onto mine and our tongues started dueling.

Our kissing was so wild and passionate; it was making me impatient for what was coming. I could have straddled him there and then, but he was in command and he was determined to carry on where he'd left off in the marquee. His free hand slipped down between us and pulled the front of my dress upwards.

Cool air swirled around my exposed snatch, but the sensation was short lived because his hand pushed easily inside my ruined knickers. His palm pressed against my swollen pussy lips as his fingers reached between my buttocks to invade my anal passage.

God, this was so hot and feeling his rock hard manhood pressing into my hip was only making me hornier. Now it was my turn. I wasn't content with just feeling his erection. I wanted to see it, taste it, and feel it slip between my lips until it was swallowed completely. I stopped kissing him and tried escaping his hold on me.

“John let me go, I want your cock,” I gasped breathlessly. He seemed reluctant at first but his desire to see his prick down my throat proved an irresistible temptation.

John momentarily released me, but immediately grabbed my head as I sank to my haunches ready to feast myself on his delicious flesh. I was fumbling with his belt buckle and because I was in such a rush it seemed to longer than necessary.

Eventually, my efforts were rewarded and his belt fell apart, leaving his zipper as my last obstacle. His fly was quickly dispensed with and his shorts dropped around his ankles.

Apparently, John wasn’t wearing any briefs because his erection, all eight inches, sprung forward to greet me enthusiastically. Without a moment’s hesitation, I leaned forward and placed his helmet between my soft, succulent lips. As my tongue swirled around the warm shaft, I could hear music from the tent thumping away in the background and that made it more exciting. Knowing we could be discovered at any moment was truly exhilarating.

I heard him groan as I sucked the big bulbous head, and I felt a delicious shiver down my spine as I swallowed all his salty pre-cum. He slowly guided my head up downwards and his huge cock irrevocably disappeared down my throat.

When his balls banged against my chin, John held my head there for a moment before pulling it upwards.

“Get ready darling; I’m gonna fuck that cock sucking mouth of yours until I shoot my load all over that pretty little face of yours.”

Promises, promises I thought but was mistaken. John began vigorously bucking his hips.

I relaxed my jaw and allowed him to slam his manhood down my throat and although he loosened the grip on my head, he was determined to have his way. His movements increased in tempo and he was getting too carried away, so I pushed a hand against his groin and tried slowing his movements.

He took my hint and relaxed. Now I grabbed the slippery rod pistoning between my lips and began to wank him with a delicious twisting motion. As I clamped my lips tighter around his delicious sausage I felt him speed up, wanting to reach a climax.

"Hey stud, take it easy,” I urged him alarmingly. “Otherwise the party will be over before it’s started, and you promised me a fuck.”

John groaned unhappily, but I was adamant. He wasn’t the only one who needed some release.

“Andrea, we don't have much time,” John whined breathlessly when I stood up. “What if Eric and Marilyn are looking for us right now?” He was right of course but I didn't care. He’d fucked my mouth; now I wanted to feel it in my arse!

“Then we’d better get on with it,” I insisted, reaching under my dress and pulling my panties down. Then I turned around and faced the wall, wiggling my bum at John’s groin.

“Come on you bastard, fuck me. Take the giant cock of yours and shove it up my arse.” I placed my hands against the wall to brace myself and arched my back in anticipation. “Hurry up John, I want it now,” I urged through gritted teeth.

John positioned his prick between my swollen pussy lips and before I could protest, thrust forward with all his might.

“Oh fuuuck,” I screamed loudly as he buried his cock deep inside my cunt. Even though my slippery tunnel easily welcomed his warm hard flesh, I wasn’t expecting it there.

“No you shit, up my arse, I want it in my arse.”

“Shut the fuck up Andrea,” John hissed as he slammed into me. “I’m just getting it nice and wet.” His hands reached around my body and grabbed my swinging tits. He pulled me away from the wall and held me against his chest.

His cock rammed home again, forcing a loud groan from my mouth.

“For fuck's sake, put a sock in it Andrea, or we’ll have the whole fucking tent out here in a minute.” Not trusting my ability to keep quiet, he took my panties and fed them into my mouth.

The soft cotton material, soaked in an exotic cocktail of pussy juice and cum, tantalized my taste buds as I clamped my teeth into the garment.

Eventually, I felt John pull my buttocks apart. At last

Resuming my prone position against the wall, I heard John spit and warm spittle landed between my cheeks and trickled down my crevice and trickled down towards my anus. Using the saliva for lubrication, John massaged the slimy fluid into my tight hole.

“I think that'll just about do it,” John muttered in a hoarse and gravelly voice.

“Mmmmm,” I moaned into my panties as his thumb slid in and out of my bum.

“Oh God Andrea, you’re such a horny slut aren’t you? You’re just dying for it aren’t you?” John stated the obvious.

I just nodded my head vigorously, as he reached down between us and grabbed hold of his greasy pole.

His thick bell-end exited my pussy with an unceremonious plop and pressed determinedly against my tight entrance.

“Mmm, that’s it, babe, let me have it all.”

His giant cock pushed past my sphincter and continued pressing home. I arched my back some more and thrust my rear end to meet his groin. In no time, his wiry pubic hair brushed against my buttocks and I could feel his meat throbbing deep in my bowels.

Holding my waist tightly, he gyrated his hips, grinding his shaft deeper into me before slowly withdrawing.

John started taking long deep strokes, plunging his cock deep inside me before pulling out of me completely. Gradually his tempo increased and to make sure I took every inch of him, I timed my thrusts to meet his.

To fill the void in my cunt, I shifted my weight onto one arm and reached down between my legs. A huge shiver of pleasure rippled down my spine as my fingers caressed my extremely sensitive clitoris.

Our tempo was getting faster and faster, and our bodies were making sharp slapping sounds as they collided against each other. Every time he buried himself deep in my backside, my panties stifled a heartfelt groan, literally forced out of my lungs by the force of his pounding.

It had been a while since my last shag, but this was almost worth the wait.

I’ll admit, where we were, in an alley, what we were doing, fucking in public and who I was with, Marilyn’s husband was making this one of the best fucks ever.

I knew it was wrong, but I couldn't help it. The fact that our friendship, their marriage, and my reputation was on the line, wasn’t important. What did matter was; the large prick buried deep in my arse was close to ejaculating, and my own orgasm was just about to explode.

John’s groin slapped against my buttocks once again and sent me over the edge. My legs began to shake and my muscles began to tense up. Stomach cramps followed and John’s cock felt even bigger as my bowels tightened around his rock hard shaft.

“Oh Goddd, don’t stop,” I screamed. “I’m cummminnggg. Oh yeeesss.” If I hadn’t been biting on my own panties, I’m sure we would have been heard above the loud music, but luckily for me, I was gasping for breath as my body shuddered violently, and all I could do now was whimper.

As my second orgasm of the evening encompassed me, my dam broke and oily slick cum gushed from my cunt, saturating the top of my thighs and my fingers, pressed nice and hard against my clit. As the warm fluid dribbled down my legs, I heard a commotion approaching the alley and feared the worst.

Suddenly a group of people walking past the entrance to the alleyway stopped to see what was going on. Because it was dimly lit, I’m sure we weren’t recognizable, but due to a distant street lamp backlighting us, our silhouettes were clearly visible.

As John kept up his magnificent thrusting, the crowd began catcalling and whistling as they realized what they were seeing. Two people, half naked and joined at the hips can only mean one thing and they were quick to catch on. Luckily for us, it was all good natured and after imprinting the image in their memories, they gradually moved away amidst peals of raucous laughter.

During our close encounter, I had time to calm down but John's tempo indicated he was close to shooting his load.

“Oh Jesus, I don’t think I can hold on much longer Andrea…Oh shit, I’m gonna cum!” John roared while still holding my hips tightly. I spat out my panties and looked over my shoulder.

“Baby, let me watch you cum,” I panted, looking over my shoulder. “I want you to cover me in spunk.”

A smile appeared on his contorted features as he concentrated on delaying the inevitable, and then everything seemed to happen so fast. In one choreographed movement, he pulled out his throbbing erection from my bum and spun me around with his hands.

As I turned I quickly sank to my haunches and grabbed hold of the slippery erection wavering in front of me. I opened my mouth to receive his warm offering and began stroking his cock. Sure enough, I felt his seed surging up the warm shaft.

"Aaahhh yes, yes I’m cuming."

Time seemed to stand still as the first salvo exploded from his engorged helmet and bridged the short distance between us. A stream of hot thick spunk landed on my chin, over my face, and in my hair. The second load followed directly and joined the first.

Greedily I enclosed my lips around the engorged helmet and felt his seed splatter powerfully against the back of my throat. Determined to milk every last drop from his balls, my hand continued pumping his flesh until he begged me to stop.

I released his erection from my hungry mouth and looked up at him, licking my lips. He smiled down at me, grabbing his cock and used it to smear his cream into my skin. Then he presented it to me for cleaning.

“Mmm your spunk is delicious darling,” I murmured whilst licking the last remnants from his manhood. “Do you want to go again stud?” I asked mischievously.

For an answer, John just grabbed hold of my hand and pulled me to my feet.

“I’d love to Andrea, but we haven’t got time now. We’ve been gone long enough as it is,”

“Here,” he said and picked up my panties from the ground. “Wipe your face clean and let's get out of here.”

“Andrea, next week when Marilyn goes dancing, I’m gonna come over and fuck the living daylights out of you. And that’s a promise.” He pointed a finger at me to emphasize his intention and my insides began counting down until Thursday.

Saying nothing, but smiling smugly, I made myself decent. I stuffed my soiled panties into his pocket as a souvenir, and then we walked back to the marquee.


When we arrived, Eric and Marilyn were sitting at the table, drinking beer and it didn't seem like we were missed at all. How wrong was I?

“Where have you two been all this time?” Marilyn asked conversationally.

"Well, after we had a smoke, Andrea was hungry, so I treated her to a delicious juicy hot dog,” John answered deadpan, hardly daring to look at me.

“Mmmm, I’m feeling a bit peckish myself,” she commented unsuspectingly. “If they’re that tasty, maybe I ought to have one!”


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