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The Night of Napoleon Drake

A evening of triumph for the company becomes an evening of lust for the boss and an employee
The room filled with applause as Dylan switched off the widescreen tv.

“That, my friends, is us at our best. I'm so proud of all of you.”

Napoleon Drake was a triumph. Dylan had been sceptical about the concept of a megalomaniac duck bent on world domination. But Austen Animation was a risk taking company and it didn't take him long to realise that this show was destined to be a hit. It was goofy enough for kids to love it, and with a darkly satirical sub text for adults.


The security guard glanced around his screens. Nothing much to see as usual. If he wasn't signing people in at the front door he was meant to keep an eye on fire escapes and the entrances to each floor. After 6pm the front door was locked and all he had to do was hourly checks of all floors and all external doors. He hated his job.


Dylan slid the knife through the soft frosting on the duck shaped cake. More applause. There were precious few perks to being the Managing Director of a small animation studio, but days like today were few and far between. He was determined to make the most of it. Napoleon Drake might just secure the company's future for years to come..

His team was small and tight-knit. Josh the lead animator deserved much of the credit for Napoleon Drake, along with Tom, Carly and Cameron the script writers. All four of them were quaffing the free wine, and deservedly so in Dylan's opinion. From across the room Dylan caught the eye of Heather, the Production Manager. He raised a glass and smiled. Heather responded in kind. She had made Napoleon Drake happen. If anyone deserved the lion's share of the credit it was her. Heather had been the one to convince him to invest in the pilot episode. She had a great eye for a show, and in truth she was too good to be working at Austen Animation, but Dylan wasn't complaining.

Heather walked over to Dylan, and gave him a peck on the cheek.

“You have some frosting on your lip.”

Heather's index finger gently swiped the Dylan's top lip, removing the smudge of frosting. A quick glance around and with a cheeky smirk Heather licked her finger clean.

“Waste not, want not”. A wink, and she was off mingling with the rest of the team.

In truth, Dylan wasn't terribly fond of socialising with the team. If Napoleon Drake flopped he would have to let some of them go. He didn't want to get too close. So after an appropriate amount of time he slipped from the open plan area into his office.


The security guard smiled as he watched the younger members of the Austen staff leave to carry on their celebrations in the nearest bar. He hated it when people stayed late, and for months now the Austen crowd had been very late workers. It was only 6.15pm. This was going to be a quiet night for once.


There was a knock at Dylan's office door.

“Come in.”

The door opened and Heather's head poked round.

“The party's moving down the road. Are you coming for one?”

Dylan looked at his pc. He was halfway through a game of minesweeper.

“I might pop along later, I'm a bit busy with something right now.”

Heather ducked back out of the office.

“The boss needs help with something. I'll be along when I've sorted him out.”

Heather came back into the office and closed the door behind her. She looked through its port-hole window. Everyone else had gone.

“I figured you needed to unwind a little, so I brought these,” she waved a bottle of wine and two mugs. “It'd be a shame to waste good wine. This isn't good wine, but nonetheless...”

Dylan chuckled, closed his game of minesweeper and switched off his monitor.

“A drink would be good, but a shoulder massage would be even better!”

Heather walked slowly past the desk and round behind Dylan. Her hands gently squeezing his shoulder muscles. She pushed her breasts lightly against his back. He smelt good. He always wore an after shave that Heather found alluring.

“I can certainly feel the tension. You are all tied in knots. What have you been doing?”

“It's more what I haven't been doing that's the problem.”

Heather leaned close to Dylan's neck, breathing in the alluring scent. Inadvertently she touched her cheek against him. Dylan turned his head. Their lips almost touched. His eyes flitted from Heather's lips to her eyes, and back to her lips again.

“I...we...could you just look at this spreadsheet?” Dylan needed to regain his composure.

As Dylan brought the monitor back to life Heather moved around his chair and stood next to him.

“Do you think this income projection is realistic given what that channel paid us last time?”

Heather leaned over to look at the monitor more closely. Dylan couldn't help from leaning back and glancing at her bum, her skirt hugging it tight. Her panty line visible.

As Heather shifted to get a closer look at the screen her left leg brushed Dylan's right. As Dylan leaned in to point out the line on the spreadsheet he was referring to his right hand moved to the small of Heather's back for balance.

“Oi cheeky!”

Dylan realised his hand was a little lower than he thought and swiftly drew it away. Heather's left hand caught it and placed it back on her bum.

“I wasn't complaining. It feels good there.”

Heather stepped in front of Dylan, blocking his view of the screen but giving him a fine view of her ass. A fine view that was until she turned and sat across his lap, her left arm slipping around his shoulders. Without thinking Dylan's hand crept under Heather's skirt and began slowly stroking her inner thighs. She wiggled in his lap, adjusting her position so that Dylan's fingers touched her a little higher up. His thumb rubbed the soft fabric covering her pussy. Heather clenched her buttocks, pushing herself up and against Dylan's fingers. She could feel Dylan's cock stiffening underneath her, he could feel some dampness seeping through the cotton panties.


The door to the 4 th floor was unlocked. The guard was not surprised. The Austen crowd were terrible for leaving the place unlocked. As he scanned the open plan office for signs of life he muttered under his breath and fetched out the master key.


Heather put two fingers inside Dylan's mouth. He sucked on them as she drew them out. Popping a button on her blouse open she took the glistening fingers and slipped them inside her bra. She pinched first one, and then the other nipple. Both acutely sensitive to the touch and standing proud. She pressed her body to his, and kissed him. She had wanted this for so long. Wanted him.

“I want you to fuck me.”


“I said, I want you to fuck me.”

Heather's hand slid across the desk, scattering papers and stationery on to the floor. She rose to her feet, turned around, placed her hands on the desk and leant over.


The guard was locking the door when a noise from a side office stopped him in his tracks. He put his keys back in his pocket and walked warily into the office.


No response. Each side office was empty. Until the last. Looking through the porthole window he saw a woman bent over the desk. Their eyes met. He backed away from the door into the shadows. He could still see her face. He wanted to see her face.


Dylan was on his knees. He reached up Heather's skirt and slowly pulled her panties down. Heather's breathing was heavy as she stepped out of her panties. Dylan slipped them into his trouser pocket. His hands eased Heather's legs apart.

“I want your cock Dylan.” Heather arched her back and looked towards him

Dylan's fingers slid along Heather's pussy, gathering her wetness which he coated on her clit as he stroked it. He continued stroking her needy pussy as he rose to his feet, leaning over her to kiss her neck.

“Oh yes, that...that feels amazing.”

The sound of a zipper opening sent a shiver of anticipation down Heather's spine. She felt Dylan's hands stroking her between her legs. A hard cock rubbed against her. First against her thighs and then slowly, oh so slowly along her pussy.

“Fuck me like your little slut Dylan. I want this.”

Dylan planted a hand on Heather's back, pushing her body flat against the desk. She felt the tip of his cock pressing against the entrance to her pussy. Heather rocked back and forth onto tiptoes, feeling Dylan hard against her hole.

“You are mine Heather.”

Heather felt her tight hole stretch and surround Dylan as the head of his cock entered her. Slowly he inched past the threshold of her cunt. This was wrong. Dylan knew it instinctively. It was the office, she was an employee. But it felt so right. He pushed his cock further inside. His brain overwhelmed by the feeling of being enveloped by her.

Heather let out a gasp, and spread her legs wider. Dylan was fully inside her now. Holding himself in. The two of them were silent. Heather wondered if the guard was still watching. She hoped he was.


The guard was watching. He couldn't see everything but he could see enough.


The lust was building inside Heather to boiling point. Dylan was hard inside her, unmoving.

“What are you waiting for?” Heather glanced up towards the porthole window in the door. “Do what you should be doing. Fuck me hard.”

Dylan took hold of her hips and slowly started sliding his dick out of Heather's soft wet pussy. The delicious friction of Heather's tight cunt around his cock sent waves of pleasure through him. He'd always wanted her. He couldn't believe he was fucking her. Fucking her glorious slutty cunt over his desk. Holding her hips tightly as he slammed his cock deep inside her.

A forceful inward stroke and a slow withdrawl. Heather was enjoying every sensation. Every contact.

“Oh god Dylan.”

Dylan pressed his torso against Heather's. He took her hands in his, and spread her arms out in front of her. Pinning them to the desk. Heather liked the pressure of Dylan's body on hers. She loved his hands gripping hers. She revelled in Dylan's cock violating her cunt faster and faster.

Dylan's chest pressed down against her back. His arms stroked along her arms. Kissing her neck. Fucking her. Fucking Heather. Fucking Heather on his desk in his office. His thrusts got stronger and faster. Harder and harder into her cunt. Bruising her thighs on the edge of the desk.

“I want you to cum on my cock and my desk.”

“Yes...yes..I want your cum inside me”

Rough, frantic office sex with a woman he had lusted after since he hired her. He wanted his cum in her. Yes, he wanted his cum in her more than anything. The danger of discovery spurred him on. Harder and faster. Pressing against her. Thrusting harder and harder.

Heather glanced at the window again. Fucked by Dylan, and maybe watched by another man. She was so close. She could feel her orgasm building rapidly. Dylan could feel her cunt clenching him as he fucked her. Clenching him tightly. It spurred him on. He hurriedly unbuckled his trousers and dropped them and his boxers to the floor. He felt his naked groin against her. She felt his balls slap against her as he fucked her full of lust and urgency.

“Oh god Heather I feel it.”

“Cum inside me now Dylan!” Heather's tone was urgent rather than demanding.

She felt her own orgasm start to break. Waves of pleasure rippling along her body. She pushed back hard against Dylan's thrusts, cumming around his cock. Dylan grabbed a hank of hair, pulling her head back. Their lips meeting. As they kissed, Dylan's cock pulsed inside Heather's cunt. Through the mist of her orgasm she felt Dylan's cum inside her. She was oblivious to the sounds he was making. She only knew what she was feeling.

As she came back down to earth she became aware of Dylan lying still on top of her. His cock still in her. Both of them spent.


The security guard watched as Dylan pulled his cock from Heather's cunt. He saw it glistening, globs of cum on it. He didn't need to look down at his own crotch to know that he had cum too. 


Heather turned and sat on the desk facing Dylan. He reached for a tissue.

“Here let me help you.”

Heather took the tissue, before dropping to her knees and licking Dylan's solid shaft from base to tip. Up and down. Her lips surrounded his cock as she sucked the head into her mouth. She loved his taste. She looked up at Dylan and saw a picture of bewildered bliss on his face.

Wiping his cock dry with the tissue Heather stood up and kissed him. He tasted their combined fluids. He kissed her harder. Looking back at the desk Heather spotted the tell tale signs of their love making.

“Mmmm, we've made a lovely big mess here.”

“Ha...yes we have.”

Dylan kissed her and grinned. Dylan pushed Heather back on the table, lifting her skirt. As cum oozed from her pussy Dylan knelt and slowly licked it from her. A final kiss on her clit was almost intolerable for Heather. She was so sensitive she was glad it was a momentary touch.

Dylan pulled up his trousers and buckled them. He sat back down on his chair, overwhelmed by what had happened.

“You can keep the panties.”

Dylan smiled. “I was going to anyway.”

Heather grinned as she sat back down on Dylan's lap. Her fingers idly stroking his hair as they kissed each other.

“So...erm...that spreadsheet...”

“Fuck the spreadsheet Heather. I need that glass of wine.”


As the pair drank their wine, kissed and talked the security guard slipped out of the Austen Animation office. Having cleaned himself up in the bathroom he finished his rounds. He returned to his monitors in time to see two people letting themselves out of the front door. He blew a kiss at the girl on the screen.

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