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The One-Eyed Milkman

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It was the third hot summer morning that we had on the trot and I was glad to
It was the third hot summer morning that we had on the trot and I was glad to wear my shorts on the milk round once again as the winter had been a long one .

Although it was fairly early in the morning I was glad that there was not much traffic about and I could park my float near all my calls. There was one house that I had to drive up the driveway as it was long and had quite a curve in driveway that hid the house from the road which I was about to enter.

As I drove to the front door I could see that it was slightly open. I gathered the three pints of milk that the lady had every day and went to ring the bell to see if everything was ok but she beat me to it and said, “Good morning, milkman.”

“Good morning,” I replied, taking a deep breath as the lady was just in a fine negligee which left nothing to the imagination. What was not showing in the flesh was only covered in a very light see-through material and was completely transparent.

“I wonder if you have any orange juice on board that I could have?” she asked.

“Yes madam I have plenty, how much do you want>” I answered.

“Can I have four cartons please?"

“You sure can,” I said as I made my back to milk float to retrieve the four cartons.

As I made my way back from the milk float there was a cool breeze blowing and it was making the lady's flimsy night wear blow up around her thighs and it was very apparent that she had no underwear on.

As I reached the doorway she bent down to pick up the milk bottles that I had left and as she did so I had a full view of her right breast as it fell out of her night clothes. Her pink nipple protruded quite large from her tanned breast and the other breast was just about holding its own in the other half of her dress.

“I am sorry about that,” she said smiling at me.

“That’s quite alright, the view was the best I have seen for a long time,” I replied.

As she lifted the bottles she tried to take the cartons of orange juice from me but it was not to be, as I handed her the first carton she tried to tuck it into her breast. My hand felt the firmness of her breast and her silky soft skin as she fumbled to hold the carton against her.

“Never mind I will hold them until you put the bottles away,” I said.

“No bring them on through to the kitchen,” she said as she turned and walked back through a long passage way to her kitchen.

I followed her and admired the way her body moved as she walked, and I could feel myself getting a little aroused at the sight that was before me.

We arrived in what was very nice large kitchen and she placed her bottles down on the work top and asked me to do the same with the cartons of orange juice.

“I will just put those cartons in the fridge as I like my juice cold,“ she said.

As she bent over to open the door to her fridge under the work top to put her cartons away her dress fell open again. Both breasts fell from her negligee as the waist belt, which was loose, came undone and her whole front was wide open showing a shaved vagina as well as her very nice firm breasts.

“I am so sorry,“ she said, wrapping the loose belt around her waist.

“No problem,“ I replied.

“Please stay and have a coffee with me if you have time,” she said with an inviting smile.

“That would be nice as I have only one more to do before I go back and that was on my way back to the office,“ I said.

She pulled to stools out from under her work table and beckoned me to take a seat while she poured the milk into a saucepan to heat up and put some fresh coffee into her coffee maker.

After making the coffee she said that her husband was in America for a few days and would not be back to the end of the week.

As she sat down facing me her legs opened very gradually showing me her clean shaven slit of her pussy, it looked like it was slightly wet. I could feel my cock getting larger as my erection grew straining at my shorts and I could see her eyes focusing on my bulge in my shorts .With the sight of her legs parting a little more I could now see her pussy fully.

She undid her belt again and let it fall to her side and said, “Is that ok? As I see from the bulge in your shorts that you like what you see."

“Very much,” I said.

“Do you like what you see?” I asked.

“Could be better,” she said.

I undid my belt and pulled down my zip until my now erect cock poked out and its gleaming head showed its eagerness for her to touch it.

“Is that what you want to see?“ I asked.

“Well it will do for starters,” she replied, getting off her stool and walking over to me.

As she walked over to me she shrugged her negligee off and the full view of her body was getting me more excited and my cock was getting stronger in its erection and producing some precum onto the head.

“Oh my goodness and I have not even touched you yet,” she said smiling at me.

She placed her hand around my shaft and began to gently rub it up and down making sure my foreskin wrapped over the knob and the precum made it easier for it to slide down the shaft.

As she stood in front of me her breasts were in line with my face, I felt her breasts with one hand and with the other I found her slit and slid two fingers into her wet open cavern. She sighed and moved forward pressing her mound hard onto my hand, at the same time releasing her grasp on my prick and wrapping her hands around my neck, pulling my face onto her firm breast, poking her nipple into my mouth.

I sucked hard, the feeling was going right through my body to the end of my shaft.

I did not want to cum yet although the feeling was great.

I got up from the stool still holding her tight, my fingers still working away at her very wet open cunt I laid her up against the kitchen work top kissing and sucking at her lovely breasts.

I picked her up and sat her on her work top which was just the right height for me to spread her legs open and go down on her.

Pushing my tongue right into her open cave and licking my way up to her clit that was now quite big. The knob of her clit was large enough for me to suck on it making it feel like sucking on a nice juicy grape.

Her moaning got louder and louder and her mound was pushing harder and harder onto my face, I knew she would cum at any moment as I plunged my fingers into her open cunt thrusting them in and out while sucking hard on her clit.

There was a big moan of enjoyment as she came, thrusting her body into an almighty push on her clit onto my mouth.

Gradually she sank away and gave a cry of exhaustion.

I caught hold of her and lifted her to the floor and she stood naked in front of me and said that was wonderful and that I had to do it again sometime. She would leave a note for extra orange juice on the door, but I was not going to get away with just that.

She caught hold of my hand and led me back to my stool and sat me down on it taking hold of my prick she knelt down on the floor and began to wank me off, the feeling was great and I knew it would not be long before I would cum. I asked to give it a suck before I came, which she did. Taking my knob and putting it fully into her mouth and sucking hard on it.

The feeling was tremendous and I knew that it was about to cum in a very few seconds so I pulled it out of her mouth. She said she wanted to watch me shoot my cum onto to her body from the eye of my prick, so she gave it a few rubs pulling my foreskin right back so she would get the full force of the spurt of cum and watch it at the same time shooting out of the eye of my very hard prick.

It exploded like a bomb drenching her breast and running down her body.

She moved her hand down her body catching my spunk in her fingers and then rubbing it in her open cavern.

I finished it off by sticking three fingers up her and pushing my spunk right into her very wet slimy cunt.

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