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The Opera Singer

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Lindsay and Grant meet for the first time.
Lindsay walked into her lush house looking for her father. Lindsay was a beautiful girl, 18, 5 foot 4inches tall, with brown hair, and bright green eyes; she was in shape from running track, her long legs made her look taller than she was. She walked upstairs and found her father.

"Hello, honey."

"Hi dad." She smiled at her father.

"You better start getting ready, we are going to see my new client sing tonight, you know the deal, wear something really nice."

Lindsay started to walk to her room. "Ok dad."

Lindsay walked into her room, looking around the large room. She had just the perfect dress, a gorgeous strapless little number. She smiled at herself in the mirror, and started to get ready. She wondered who the client was. Her father worked at the local Opera House, and he scouted for people to sing Opera there. It was quite boring for Lindsay, but she knew it was important to her dad. She sighed, cutting the light off and walking out fixing a stray strand of her hair that had fallen in her face.

Her father was waiting for her at the door. He opened the door letting her exit first. She walked out into the cold night air pulling her shawl tight against her shoulders. She took her father’s arm, and walked to the limo with him. They got in and Lindsay turned to her father. "Dad, this new client, what’s he like?" Abby asked hoping he would be at least handsome.

"He's twenty-four, he has black hair, and blue eyes...He sings quite well," her father answered smiling. Lindsay nodded her head and looks out the window.

They pulled up to the Opera house and Lindsay's father escorted her to her seat. She sat down, and looked up to the stage once the lights dimmed. The curtains opened, and perhaps the most beautiful man she had ever seen stepped out onto the stage. He started to sing and his voice flowed into her ear, her eyes began to tear up. He was a great singer and put so much feeling into it, see could not wait to meet him. Once he finished, she stayed at her father’s side as he made his rounds, talking to everyone. Once they started to head back stage Lindsay started feeling a little nervous.

Her father knocked on his door, and he answered, wearing tuxedo pants and his shirt open with his tie loose around his neck. He smiled. "Grant, I'd like you to meet, Lindsay, my daughter."

Grant smiled. "Nice to meet you Lindsay, why don't you two come in?" Grant stepped aside to let them pass.

Lindsay's father walked in first, and as Lindsay passed she shyly looked up at Grant. He looked down at her and smiled, and Lindsay's heart jumped a little. Lindsay and her father sat down, and Lindsay smiled at Grant as he sat down. She let her eyes slowly trail down his face, to his chest and his flat stomach. Her face grew hot when she saw the enticing light brown trail of hair that disappeared into his pants.

Grant followed her eyes and smiled to himself. The door opened and Lindsay's father's assistant popped in. "Mr. Smith can I see you for a second?"

Mr. Smith got up. "Lindsay stay here, and keep him entertained, I should be back in a minute."

"Umm, Mr. Smith, this might take a while."

Mr. Smith sighed. "Ok, I'll be back you two." He walked out softly closing the door.

"So Grant, how long have you been singing? You did wonderfully, by the way," Lindsay said rather shyly. She watched his face enjoying the five-o'clock shadow on his chiseled features.

"I've been singing since I was twelve." He smiled at her face, her skin was so beautiful and flawless. Grant got brave and got up, walking slowly over to the couch sitting next to Lindsay. "Lindsay, you're very beautiful."

"Thank you, Grant."

Grant put his hand on Lindsay's leg, and looked into her soft green eyes. Lindsay blushed, and cleared her throat.

"Something wrong Lindsay?" Grant asked smiling.

"No, I'm fine..." Her voice trailed off as Grant leaned over and placed a soft kiss on her neck.

Lindsay bit her bottom lip and looked into his eyes. She placed her small hand on his long, lean leg squeezing a little. Lindsay suddenly realized what she was doing and she jumped up off the couch, walking over to the other side of the room.

"What’s wrong, Lindsay?"

Lindsay crossed her arms. "We just met."

Grant walked over to Lindsay, his long legs only taking two steps to reach her. He put his strong hands on her slender shoulders as he leaned down and whispered into her ear, "Don't over think it, just feel."

Lindsay shivered and turned around looking up at Grant. He looked down at her, his eyes full of lust, his 6ft 3inch frame towering over Lindsay.

He leaned down, his mouth inches from Lindsay 's soft full lips. He smiled and looked into her eyes, before leaning in and kissing Lindsay. Lindsay grabbed his face holding it as they kissed. The kiss sent electricity all the way down to Lindsay's feet. Lindsay moaned softly into Grant's mouth. He pulled her closer, rubbing his hands over her bare back, trailing his fingers over her spine. He kissed down to her neck, nibbling and licking softly. Lindsay threw her head back giving him better access. He pushed her back pinning her against the wall. Lindsay slid her hands under his shirt feeling his well defined back muscles. Grant shrugged the shirt off, ripping his tie off. Lindsay kissed down from his mouth over to his jaw line, down to his neck, kissing back up from the base of his throat to his mouth.

Grant grabbed Lindsay’s legs pulling them up to his waist. Lindsay wrapped them around his waist, while holding his face as they kissed. Grant reached and pushed Lindsay’s dress up feeling her tight ass. Grant trailed his finger lightly over her hip over to her sliding her thong to the side, stroking her clit lightly. Lindsay closed her eyes, arching her back moaning. "Grant..."

Grant smiled and leaned down kissing Lindsay deeply as he massaged her with his open palm. He took his hand from under her dress and reached around behind her unzipping her dress. Lindsay let her long legs drop, as her dress fell to the floor. Grant stepped back taking in her body. Her full breasts barely contained by her lacy bra. Her flat toned stomach, down to her thong that barely covered her sex. "God, you're beautiful," he said stepping forward pinning her against the wall. Grant let his hands roam over her body, he almost growled when he felt Lindsay's soft hand slip inside his pants and stroke him softly.

He pulled his pants down and went back to kiss Lindsay hard and searching. Grant pulled away from Lindsay and smiled kissing down to the top of her cleavage. He reached in and pulled her full breasts out of her bra, holding them in his hand. He took a nipple into his mouth nipping it with his teeth before going lower. He stopped just above the top of her thong. Grant licked slowly using his tongue to pull her thong away from her body. He pulled her legs apart, and used his teeth to remove her thong, his tongue dipping into her briefly. He pulled it down and kissed her ankle to her calf massaging lightly. He reached her smooth inner thigh licking softly. Grant pulled her legs further apart and kissed the place where her hip joined her body.

Lindsay closed her eyes and breathed heavy, as she ran her hand through his hair. She almost screamed when she felt his hot tongue on her clit. Grant kissed and licked his way back to her mouth. He pulled her into him and Lindsay wrapped her legs around his waist. She moaned loud and felt his hardness against her inner thigh. He held his penis in his hand and guided it into Lindsay slowly, savoring the feeling. Lindsay arched her back against the cool wall, closing her eyes and moaning loudly. "Grant, ohhh."

He smiled and pushed fully into her in one deep thrust. Lindsay moaned louder. "OH fuck." She dragged her well manicured finger nails down his back leaving small red marks.

He held still for a minute feeling her walls clutching his penis. He pulled almost out completely and slammed back into her. "Oh God." Grant moaned pushing deeper into her each time he thrust. Lindsay threw her head back, pushing to meet his every thrust. He held her waist as he pounded into her, going faster, and faster. He grabbed her ass squeezing, as he pounded into her. Lindsay pulled Grant’s face to her and kissed him deeply. She moaned into his mouth and he bit her bottom lip, as they orgasmed together. They didn't move catching their breath; their foreheads resting against one another. Lindsay looked and dropped her legs, as she heard her father calling her name from down the hall. She blushed and fixed her clothes.

"Where are my underwear?"

Grant smiled and held them on his finger. "Mind if I keep them?"

Lindsay smiled and put her dress back on. "Not at all. Keep them with my other pairs that you have of mine." Lindsay smirked as she thought about the many times before when she had met Grant. Her poor father had thought it was a coincidence Grant had started working here. She loved meeting him and acting like they had just met, it was so hot.

Grant put his clothes on shoving Lindsay's underwear in his pants pocket. Mr. Smith walked in just as Grant put his shirt back on.

"Ready to go sweetie?"

"Yes dad."

Mr. Smith smiled at Grant. "Did she keep you entertained Grant?" He asked putting his arm around his daughter.

"More than you know sir...more than you know."
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