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The Parking Garage

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A dark parking garage makes for a fun quickie
It was early in the day, about 11 in the morning, and I was finishing up some errands I had to run on campus. I hadn't figured on it being a very interesting visit to campus, do some paper work, run a few errands, head home. But this day had much more in store.

I was walking across the campus grounds when I felt my phone vibrate. I was surprised to see that the number was my ex's sister. She and I hadn't been all too close, but we hung out a few times along with my girlfriend and some other mutual friends. The last time I'd seen her was a few weeks after her sister and I had broken up. She had asked me to help her move a new electric stove into her new apartment. It was pretty grueling work getting it up all those stairs, but definitely worth the effort. That night I got to taste more than just her cooking. But this was almost two months ago, so I was a bit surprised to hear from her.

"Hello?" I answered, and sure enough it was her. We made small talk for a minute, her giving me a story about wanting to call me and being busy with work and school and the sort. But she wasted no time in getting to the point. She had a date that afternoon and she needed a ride downtown. And since her apartment is just down the road from my college campus, she figured I'd be a safe bet. I wasn't too thrilled about being her chauffeur, but I figured I'd be a nice guy and agree to drive her; I was soon to find out that my generosity would pay off.

She and I agreed to meet in 45 minutes, after I'd finished up the last of my errands. We met at the college's back gate. She saw me before I saw her, she waved to catch my attention. And catch my attention she did. I had forgotten just how hot she was. Her most stunning feature was her eyes, a deep baby blue that I could just stare into forever. But the rest of her was nothing to shrug at. The tight shirt she was wearing showed off her large D-cup. Her plaid school girl skirt showed off her long, tanned legs which ended in a thick, curvaceous ass. From the looks of her clothes she had some definite plans for her date tonight.

"Hey sweetie!" she said as she walked up to me. I was expecting the hug, but not the kiss on the lips. I guess she was just being friendly. We slowly walked across campus to the parking lot where I had my car. Of all the student lots, mine was the only one that was underground, and for some reason, most of the lights were out that day. There was plenty of sunlight coming in at the entrances, but a few yards past it was almost pitch black.

The campus was having some electrical work done all that month, so I figured the lights here had to be shut off for that. It was so dark in fact that I couldn't tell where my car was without blinking the lights with the car remote. While we were walking across the dark lot, all I could see of her was her outline, and what an outline it was. Her large chest protruding in front of her, her thick, luscious ass curving out from behind, I was slowly but surely getting very turned on.

By the time we got to my car we were in almost complete darkness. "I really appreciate you doing this on such short notice," she said as I opened one of the rear doors so she could put her purse on the seat. As she did she bent over, looking into it for a moment, giving me a perfect view (or as perfect as could be with so little light) of her rounded ass. So tempting....I had to decide fast....I figured I didn't have time to think too much into it and so I just went for it. Reaching out I put both my palms to her firm ass, gently sliding my hands up onto her hips as she rustled through her purse. All I got from her was an inquisitive, "hhmmm?"

I must have been out of my mind, I thought. She'd probably slap me silly. But she only stood up, using her hands to guide mine around her waist. She stepped back, pressing her ass against me....I could smell her hair, she had showered recently; she used some fruity shampoo. Without thinking I found myself putting my lips to her neck, gently nibbling at her soft skin as I slid one hand up onto her chest, gently caressing her large breasts through her shirt. My other hand slid down underneath her skirt. I slowly began tracing a finger tip over her clit, gently rubbing it through her thong as I licked her ear lobe from behind, my other hand tending to her nipples which had now begun to poke through her bra and shirt. She put her hand up and gently stroked her fingers through my hair, the other moving down encouraging my hand to move harder against her swollen clit.

She was now beginning to pant, her thong soaking wet. She was grinding her ass against me. I'm sure she noticed the bulge in my pants poking against her. She turned to face me and pressed her mouth to mine and slid a hand down to my crotch. She slowly unzipped my jeans and reached in to my boxers, pulling out my cock and wrapping her warm fingers around it. She slowly stroked the length of my cock, gently rubbing the head between her fingers. If I didn't know about the loud echo in the garage I would have let out a moan right there. It was dark, but people might still hear us.

She was furiously working my dick with her expert fingers as I lost myself in a deep passionate kiss. But with cars parked all around us I knew that we might not enjoy this privacy for very long. So I figured we'd best get going, but not before wrapping up the business at hand. I took hold of both her hands, pressing my body against hers, pushing her against my car as I gave her a deep kiss. I proceeded to lift up her skirt and push her thong to the side. Taking hold of my cock I pressed the tip against her pussy, gently pushing into her, sliding the length of my dick into her in one stroke as I pressed my hips against hers. She almost let out a moan as I covered her mouth with my hand. "Ssshhh, can't let anyone hear us," I said as I moved my cock in and out of her tight pussy.

Though she couldn't voice her pleasure, her rapid panting and deep breathing made it quite clear she was enjoying herself. She grabbed hold of me and pulled me into her, holding me tight as I slammed into her. I could feel her pussy undulating around my cock as she grabbed my ass and held me close. I could feel her juices beginning to run down my legs. And I'm sure the look on my face made it quite obvious that I was moments away from letting go inside of her.

"No, don't cum yet," she said as she took hold of my cock and pulled me out of her. Opening the car door she sat down on the rear seat and took my cock between her lips, gently sliding its entire length down her throat in one fell swoop. Her lips slid down to the base of my cock, her tongue rubbing against the shaft. She looked up at me with a look so as to say "now you can cum". And I did. Her expert tongue and that amazing suction sent me over the edge in no time. I soon found myself emptying into the back of her throat, and she gladly accepted. It felt so good my eyes
almost rolled back into my head as she deftly swallowed every last drop. She didn't let up, taking every last bit of me down her throat and sliding her tongue across the head of my cock, licking it clean.

Giving the tip of my dick one last kiss she put me back inside my boxers and zipped me up. She took a minute to readjust her thong and skirt before climbing into the passenger's seat, and we were off. The drive downtown didn't take more than 20 minutes, neither of us said a word until we got there. I pulled over, she reached back and got her purse, and giving me a hug and a kiss on the cheek she said, "Thanks a lot, I really appreciate you doing this for me". (I wonder what she was referring to?)

As she was about to leave I stopped her for a moment.... "Hey, have fun on your date".

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