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The Perfect Stranger

The room was already bursting with people experiencing the promise of a night to remember. The music was loud, the drinks were flowing and the guests were dancing. But the night was still young.

The group of girls had only just left the house, running “fashionably late”, and piled into the taxi. All in different colored dresses, with the exception of Sophie, who remained in her signature colour of black. Not going out for attention, just a good time. On the short journey, majority of the girls started talk of meeting guys and maybe going home with them. The others drank and prepared for the night ahead.

It was just above freezing as they slipped out the taxi, immediately starting a slight jog to avoid being out in the cold as much as possible. The club they were headed to was obvious, with the smokers all outside, braving the air to fill their needs, and the music now clear to them as they came closer and closer. Stepping in was a relief, the heat of the crowd automatically hit them, and was a nice relief from the outside. Many of the girls already started poaching their victims, so Sophie asked around for drink orders and made her way to the bar.

This was where she first saw him.

The queue was long, but mostly full of men. This is where high heels and a tight dress came in handy, as she was ushered past them, all hoping they might have a chance. They didn’t. She wasn’t looking for anyone tonight. So shouted her orders to the bar man and stood waiting, avoiding eye contact with anyone, in fear of them getting the wrong idea. The girls finally joined her to get their drinks and lapped up the attention they were receiving from the men behind.

Sophie grabbed hers and moved out of the way. Out of the lights, the black dress paid off and she near enough blended into the background. This way she could look around without assumptions or accusations. And then she saw him, only slightly, amongst a group of guys. The others were all laughing, he was only smiling, clearly the joker. She liked this in a guy. She continued to analyse him. His curly hair was an instant eye catcher; light brown, maybe blonde, as it was hard to tell in the flickering lights and the sway of the crowd. His eyes then immediately snatched her attention. They were breathtaking. Even mid laugh, half closed and looking away, they were beautiful. Then lower, to his mouth, his smile. She automatically felt her own curl up at the sides just at the sight. So genuine.

Staring so intensely it took her a while to register him meeting her gaze. She saw him stop dancing to just stand still for a while. His questioning eyes lingered on her as his mouth remained open as if about to speak. She immediately looked away and retreated to her friends, feeling the crimson glow of her cheeks. She knew if he looked again and saw her clearly more attractive friends she would once again blend into the background and not have to withstand the rejection if he saw them later.

The night went on, the DJ ran out of hits and the classics came to replace them. This comforted Sophie, she wasn’t a big fan of speed garage or r&b, so classic dance music calmed her in this already unfamiliar enviroment. She regularly glanced over to where she last saw him, seeing him dancing, laughing, and occasionally glancing around the room. For her? Not likely.

Slower songs replaced the heavy based hits, and couples started pairing off. Some clearly old couples, just dancing and enjoying each others couples, not feeling the need to go any further because they either already have or know they have time to. Either way they were more refined and classy. The others however, clearly in it for one night and one night only, were groping the other, for all to see. Some just kissing, with some more passionately than other. Yet some taking it a lot further than needed in a public place.

Sophie, now leaning against the side next to an open window, gazed out at the crowd, taking in all the characters coming and going and keeping track of her friends. To begin with she was pleased for the breeze cooling her down after escaping the crowd, yet after a while, the outside air was piling in and she was now regretting her choice of position. She reached up to pull the window shut, to save her pushing through the crowd once more, yet in place of the cold metal handle she was prepared for, she met smooth, warm skin. Someone’s hand. Also attempting to avoid the cold. She looked down to apologise yet the sight took her words and left her speechless. Those eyes. Now up close, more beautiful than she first perceived. Staring into hers. Deep, green eyes. Full of stories. Stories that for some reason she couldn’t wait to know.

She quickly pulled back, as he continued to pull the window shut. She breathed a sigh of relief as the warm recycled air circulating the club replaced the draft. She smiled at the perfect stranger and turned away, so her long black hair covered her face, shielding him from her cheeks once again turning red. A trait she despised. Her eyes returned to the crowd, a comforting sight, no one staring back or questioning. She took back the last drops of her drink and placed the empty glass on the windowsill.

“Bacardi and Coke?” His warm, sweet breath tickled her ear and crept down her neck. She shivered. His voice was perfect, not too deep to make him sound over powering but just right. His words perfectly pronounced, detecting no hint of colloquialism.

“Excuse me?” After taking all this in, she tried to reply as quickly and calmly as possible. Trying not to give away how just three words could make her mind dig so deeply, desperately trying to gather more information about the stranger.

“Bacardi and Coke, that’s what you’re drinking? Right?”

“Oh, Yes, Right.” After seeing him glance down at her recently emptied glass, his statement suddenly made sense and she fumbled for an answer.

“Stay here.” His words were soft, and in no way an order, yet her need to stay was intense. She watched him make his way through the crowd and take his place at the bar. She didn’t really plan on having another drink, as she’d already had three and was starting to feel slightly light headed. But this was her only way to find answers to the lingering questions she held for this guy. One more wouldn’t hurt. She didn’t even know his name and yet she was stood waiting as he returned.

“Thank god. I thought you were going to do a runner and I’d have to drink this piss water.” He handed her the drink. She took it and felt a tingle run through her body as their fingers slightly met in the passing.

“If a handsome stranger offers you a drink its only polite to stick around.” She smiled and he smiled back. Was this flirting? This was all new to her and she couldn’t quite tell, but she didn’t care what she said, as long as she got to see that smile again it was all worth it.

“I’m Ethan by the way”. He reached out his free hand and took hers, taking her breath away. His hands were strong yet soft, and she didn’t realise she was holding on longer than necessary and not speaking untill he coughed to urge a reply.

“Oh, I’m Sophie.” Reluctantly she let go. Instantly missing the feel of his hand on hers. Feeling a blush emerging she quickly looked down and took a sip of her drink.

“Nice to meet you Sophie, I don’t normally do this but, I at least had to meet you, I’m sorry to sound so forward but, your breathtakingly beautiful.” He looked into her eyes as he spoke, never breaking the connection, adding truth to every word making the whole sentence sound so genuine.

This was defiantly a brand new experience. Sophie only ever heard these kinds of lines second hand from her friends on the taxi journey home, but even these didn’t prepare her for this.

“Oh, thank you.” The blush was prominent in her cheeks now, and his quiet laugh reassured her that even the dimmed lighting couldn’t hide it. She looked down once again trying to hide her embarrassment, yet it was quickly replaced with shock as the side of his hand met her chin, gently raising it up again.

“Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.” He laughed once more confirming her earlier suspicions of him being a laid back guy. He continued to stare into her eyes as his smile faded, his gaze intense, practically staring into her soul. Her blush continued but for the first time in her life, she didn’t care, nothing was worth ruining this.

He moved first, breaking the connection by raising his pint and downing it all. He slammed it down on the windowsill and motioned to Sophie to do the same. She finished the remainder of her drink and placed it next to his.

“So, she can drink, but can she dance?” He grabbed her hand and led her to the dance floor. She couldn’t dance. It was a problem she’d had her whole life. She stuck to safer activities due to her clumsy nature, yet the feel of his hand once again wrapped around hers rushed all fear from her body, and she obediently followed him through the crowd.

A popular Jason Derulo song was currently playing, and to start they awkwardly swayed to the beat, Sophie too shy and Ethan too scared of over stepping the boundary. He held her hands tightly to make sure all onlookers knew she was with him, but the wasn’t enough. As the song kicked in, he pulled her closer and slipped one hand around the arch of her back. Their cheeks touching. Their breath brushing the side of the others face. Their bodies pressed against each other moving in time to the music. If his hand moved down slightly, he’d have a perfect feel of her ass, an act she personally wasn’t so fond of. Yet she would prefer this over him moving it slightly up, feeling the rapid beating of her heart, giving her away instantly.

Downing the rest of her drink was finally affecting her, and she needed to hold onto him for support, as her head became lighter and lighter. This wasn’t against her will though, the feel of her body so close to his has moved from comforting to erotic. Their hips grinded together and through her thin underwear she could feel the moisture, yet knew the feeling was matched by his clearly hard cock pressing against his jeans and into her pelvis. He caressed her ass and legs as they continued to dance and lightly kissed all up and down her neck sending shivers down her spine. This slowly moved up her cheek, clearly his sign of allowing her time to object. She didn’t. His lips finally met hers, lightly at first. Just slightly grazing. Yet quickly became more heated as Sophie grabbed the back of his neck and urged his lips against hers. Tongues met as his caressing moved forward, lightly rubbing her pussy through her dress and pants.

This was over stepping the boundaries. All night she had looked down at girls going too far with strangers, yet here she was an hour later repeating their acts. She pushed him away, but smiled to let him know this wasn’t her being mean. Just refined. His face wasn’t angry, or even surprised, just apologetic. She kissed him once more, as in a loud, crowded area, words couldn’t reassure him he wasn’t in the wrong. Instead, she took his hand, and led him out of the crowd.

He could only be confused as they passed the bar and moved into a quiet section towards the back. Sophie glanced around, making sure no one could see, and quickly pulled him into the toilets, slamming the door behind them and locking it, making sure this was as personal and as perfect as she’d of hoped. She picked a cubical, the end one, just out of habit and led him inside. Once there, confusion had left Ethan’s face and was replaced by something new.

He urgently pushed her against the wall and their lips met once more, feeling different to before. Not like the couples randomly getting together in the middle of the dance floor, but like the smokers by the doors, filling their addiction. Not a want, but a need. His hand slid down the lengths of her body, taking great time over her perfect breasts. He took one in his hand and groped it as he passionate kissed her alternating speeds hearing Sophie gasp at the action. He then moved down her stomach. Ethan has a fetish for stomachs, so took more time than normal to pass over it. Feeling all of it, getting an idea of it without being able to see it. And then finally reached her pussy, now dripping with moisture, only induced by the wait.

He groped from the outside to begin, listening to her breathing change as her pleasure grew, yet didn’t wait long to lift her dress and go inside. He started still outside her pants, just teasing her, her gasps encouraging him to slow this down and make it last as long as possible. He wanted her to feel every inch of pleasure possible. And he wanted to be the one to do it. Using the tips of all four fingers her slowly stroked her pussy, in a circular motion, she writhed against him.

“Please.” Was all that could escape her lips. But from only this he knew what she meant. He just wasn’t willing to oblige yet. He continued outside, untill finally her pleads grew to protests and he slipped inside her pants. The slight brush of his fingers against her clit made Sophie gasp and grab onto his back urging him to continue. Using three fingers he continued the circular motion, but now against her bare clit. Her breathing became a lot heavier in his ear as his actions became faster and faster. Her orgasm approaching.

“Oh god, oh god, oh god!” She was clearly close and this only encouraged him to go harder and faster. He wanted her to enjoy this. Her cries and moans were followed by a muffled, “don’t stop!” and he quickly pulled his hand away.

Sophie looked shocked, but before she could even groan at this selfish act Ethan was on his knee’s pulling her dripping pants over her knee’s and down to her ankles. He felt the smooth silk contrasting against the netting in his hand then pulled them over her feet and stuffed them in his pocket, just so she didn’t leave them at the end of the night. He picked her up and placed her onto the toilet, then took his position kneeling between her legs. She lay back, knowing what was coming next, and allowed his face to move up her legs, starting by kissing her ankles, up to her knees, and then ending on her thighs. He kissed the inside of her thighs, listening to her moaning as he dragged her pleasure out for as long as possible. He finally placed his lips on her pussy. Kissing along the opening. She gasped as his smooth lips moved up and down, then ending at the top, paying extra attention to her clit.

His tongue flickered around her most sensitive area, making her moans intensify as she was now unable to keep quiet. The pleasure was over taking her and her natural characteristics had disappeared. Normally she was the girls at the back of the group, sipping her drink and keeping quiet. Tonight she was the girl about to be fucked by a stranger in the toilets. Very out of character.

He continued to lick the whole of her insides, lapping up the moisture and playing with her clit between his lips and tongue. Her grip tightened around him, trying desperately to hold onto this feeling she was experiencing. She never wanted it to end. Yet her orgasm was coming on strong and as much as she tried to contain herself it reluctantly arrived. Her back arched and her legs tensed as his face remained pressed into her drenched opening. He moved with her squirming, ensuring she received every last piece of pleasure.

She finally became still and his face came up to meet hers, their lips meeting. Normally this would disgust Sophie, yet her thoughts were so distorted she kissed him passionately, the only thank you her drained body could allow.

She allowed herself only the maximum of ten seconds to re-fuel before she decided it was his turn. Another thank you. She stood up and readjusted her dress, making the act appear half decent.

She kneeled down, right in front of him, and slowly unbuttoned his jeans, his face lit up as the realization of what was soon to follow hit him. She unzipped his jeans and lowered them slightly to his thighs, leaving his boxers in place. She began by just lightly kissing above his boxer band hearing his regular breathing pattern turn into short gasps of air. She teased him this way for another few minutes, untill he himself reached down to get his own cock out. He was already extremely hard, and extremely large. Sophie gazed at it, feeling the urge for it to be inside her. But not yet. She’d experienced oral tonight, and it was only fair that he did too.

She wrapped one hand round it gently, rubbing up and down slowly, just to build him up. His eyes closed as he leaned against the wall, preparing him self for the oncoming pleasure. She reached down, lowering her mouth to the tip, and gently kissed the end. He quivered at the slight sensation from just the feel of her lips against his cock. She took the whole length into her mouth, slightly gagging at the sheer size, yet didn’t pull it fully out, only to the end, then inserting it all back again. Growing faster and faster with each mouthful. Feeling him pulsing in her mouth. Her tongue flickering over the end, making him gasp with every stroke. Changing speeds from quickly and light to hard and slow, weighing up which one works the best. Ethan clearly preferred slow and hard as his whole body tightened at the feel. She continued going at a slow but regular pace, his orgasm increasing. “Keep that up! I’m going to come.”

“Not yet.” Sophie pulled away, leaving him panting and weak at the knees, whilst moving him to be sat on the toilet. She moved her dress up to her waist and hovered her still wet pussy over his lusting cock, still bulging from the blowjob. She pressed down, and he entered her so effortlessly, yet still taking her breath away. She automatically moved up and down, gyrating over his crotch, seeing his eyes once again close and his mouth open to catch his breath. She knew it wouldn’t take long for him to come, as he was already so close before, so she was going to have to make this utterly pleasurable. Her speed rapidly increased and he couldn’t help but moan. Finally with once last moan he grabbed her as he released himself inside her. She felt the warm liquid inside her pussy and relaxed against him, as for a while he just held her, either too tired or wanting to be close to her one last time.

She finally removed herself from his lap, put her pants back on and adjusted herself to be as acceptable as possible to walk back into the club. She knew it would be obvious what had just happened. But inside wanted to withhold her dignity. He did himself up, not once taking his eyes of the still beautiful girl in front of him.

She exited the cubical and unlocked the bathroom door, smiled at him, but was too embarrassed to exchange numbers or participate in a real goodbye. He followed but made sure it was a short time after, to avoid suspicious onlookers. They made their own way through the crowd, once more barely acknowledging each other. Sophie made her way to her friends and Ethan joined his friends who appeared to just be leaving. He exited the club and her life at the same time, but forever remained in her mind, the perfect stranger.
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