The plumber's tool

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Elaine finds use for the when her husband leaves her home
Elaine was 5ft 4" slim build always superbly dressed in high heels and stockings with knee length pencil skirt and white blouses and today she was slightly annoyed as she left for work Steve her husband had promised that he had arranged cover while they had the plumbers in and now from out of nowhere had a meeting. So yet again she had to change her plans to sort his mess out. Actually now she thought about it she was bloody annoyed.

“It’s just one afternoon.” He had said the night before. But it wasn’t just one afternoon, it was one afternoon with absolutely no notice. It was her that had to reschedule her plans to make sure there was someone home.

And there was no way she was leaving them in the house alone, like Steve had suggested. God knows what they might get up to. They looked shifty enough to do anything. Actually she thought for a minute, that might be a bit unfair they did seem quite nice. But that wasn’t the point and she was mad and wanted to vent.

That morning seemed to whiz past, not enough time she kept thinking to herself, and every time she thought it, she got a little madder with Steve. By the time she left the office at lunch time she was seething. She had already chewed her assistants head off for nothing, but it was her husband’s head she really wanted to tear off.

It took her about half an hour to get home, just long enough to calm down a bit. As she got out of the car Steve came running out of the house. He had obviously been waiting for her to arrive.

“See you love.” He said as he ran past towards his own car. “Gotta go but I really do appreciate this.”

Yeah right! Elaine thought to herself. But, she thought, at least it gives me some time go over some of the figures from work without interruption.

As she walked into the house she could see the plumbers working on the hall radiator. They were having them all replaced, it was long overdue, but still, it was nuisance. The plumbers had been there a couple of days and she hadn't really taken much notice of them as she had only seen them in passing. This time though she lingered for a minute watching them remove the radiator from the wall. They were actually both quite attractive, late twenties early thirties. One had short ruffled hair, wore jeans and a she could tell that under his loose fitting t-shirt he was quite well developed. The other had longer hair and wore half trousers and a vest shirt that left her in no doubt about his well chiseled physique.

As she walked towards them the second one looked up at her and she suddenly realised that he had the bluest eyes she had ever seen on a man. He smiled a sort of half smile at her and she caught herself almost blushing.

Silly cow. She thought to herself, your forty one for god’s sake.

She carried on past them into the living room and began taking some papers out of her bag to read. As Elaine sat there she could hear the two men in the hallway talking. She couldn’t quite make it all out just the odd word or two. It seemed they were talking about some women they knew. And she could tell by the odd laugh here and there that it wasn’t about taking them out for drinks and nibbles. As the time passed she caught herself listening more to them and reading less of the papers. She heard the door go and the one with the blue eyes entered the room.

She looked up at him. “Where’s your friend gone.” She said absently.

He looked at her his muscular frame silhouetted against the doorframe. “Oh Jim.” He smiled he just had to go to the office, he will be a couple of hours.” He paused. Then suddenly added. “its OK though, there’s plenty to keep me going here.”

“I bet there is.” she replied.Oh my god. She thought to herself. Did I just say that. “I mean I can see there is still plenty to do.” She quickly added.

For some reason she became aware that her pencil skirt had ridden up and her stoking tops where showing.

Rather flustered she put down her papers stood up abruptly. Smoothing down her skirt as she did so. “I didn’t mean anything by that.” She said hastily.

“Thats OK” the man said. “From someone as elegant as you I’ll take that as compliment.”

“I was just about to make a coffee. Do you want one.”

“Sure that would be nice.” The man replied.

He followed as Elaine went to the kitchen. It was a galley kitchen with barley enough room for one person let alone two. And there was practically no passing room at all. Which made life difficult as the sink was at the bottom of the kitchen.

Elaine filled the kettle and then came back up to one of the cupboards and started taking a couple of cups out of the cupboard.

“How do you take it.” She began pausing. “I’m sorry, I don’t know your name.”

“Its Geoff,” He replied with a smile. “And however I can get it.”

Elaine looked up at him a soft smile on her face. “and your coffee?”

‘Oh my god’ she thought to herself, ‘He’s flirting with me, and I’m flirting back.’

Geoff laughed. “White with two please.”

Elaine could feel herself getting flush. It had been a long-time since anyone had flirted with her like this, and she quite liked it.

“Do you mind if I wash my hands first.” He said to her making a move for the sink at the bottom of the kitchen.

“Feel free.” She replied.

Geoff had to squeeze behind her to get past but he didn’t turn with his back towards her but as she had expected. But instead facing her back almost lingering for a second as his crotch became level with her buttocks. She had a strange urge to push her bum out at that moment but managed to resist.

Once he had washed his hands he came back and stood almost behind her. He reached around with his left hand and picked up the cup of coffee she had made him. As he did so she felt his body lightly touching her back as his arm stroked the side of her delicate waist as it passed. A tiny involuntary quiver went through her. She turned her head to look at his face to see if he had noticed.

His blue eyes lit up as she did so and wry smile ran across his face. She turned back to hide her blushes. And as she did so Geoff replaced the mug back on the counter. This time he moved his whole body behind her. His hand came back from the mug and rested on her hip with the slightest of touches.

Elaine knew she should be outraged. But she told herself that they were just flirting. Geoff stayed in that position for a few seconds. Then his hand started slowly traveling up towards her neck. She could feel it travel up her back barely touching the soft white material of her blouse as it did so.

“you have something in your hair.” He said.

“Do I?” she replied not sure what to do or say.

“Don’t worry.” He said softly. “I’ll get it for you.”

His hand continued on its course towards the back of her neck, as he then gently pulled her long dark hair away from her neck. His right hand gently moving back to her shoulder and coming to rest back where her shoulder met her neck slowly he began rubbing the back of her neck with his thumb. Elaine stretched her neck in response and let out a tiny sigh.

‘That feels good.’ She thought to herself. Suddenly she realised that his left hand was on her hip and was slowly making its way down towards her left buttock. She knew she should stop this but the sensation felt so good. She would stop, but she would just enjoy this for a few seconds longer.

Geoff’s left hand was now firmly on her buttock and the rubbing on her neck had become slightly for perceptible. He moved his hand slowly towards her thigh and his body came closer into hers. She could feel him leaning in towards her, his breath on the back of her neck as his hand was almost at the hem of her skirt.

This is the point at which she should stop this she thought. But he was so close and she just wanted to feel that one tender kiss on her neck that was almost there. And then it arrived, an ever so gentle kiss that sent a shiver down her spine. She moaned perceptively as Geoff's grip tightened on her thigh.

“We shouldn’t be doing this.” She said in a low moan.

Geoff pulled his mouth away from her neck slightly, both hands making their way down either side of her skirt now. “Do you want me to stop?” he asked in a gentle voice as he went back to kissing the back of her neck.

Still moaning she replied. “yes,” then “No. Just a little more.” Her back now arching up towards his tender kisses.

As they continued Geoff’s hands had mad it down to the bottom of Elaine’s skirt and she could feel his surprising soft hands on her stockings’ legs. The feeling of his hands running over the fibres was amazing as he slowly caressed her neck with his mouth.

She could feel her nipples hardening inside her bra as her hand came up automatically to caress her breasts. As Geoff’s hands continued to explore her inner thighs, making their way past her stoking tops now. One hand on the front of her naked panties, as his other came up to her breast and began massaging it. He then began to unbutton her blouse so that he could slide a hand in. She could feel her heart rate rise as he slowly ground his crotch into her buttocks as she responded pushing her arse back to meet it, all the time Geoff kept rubbing the front of her panties.

She reached round with her hand and felt for his package. The material of his trousers was quite soft and she could feel it growing as she touched.

“You like.” He whispered in her ear.

“Oh yes.” She almost panted.

Her breath was hard now visibly moaning with every touch. She had lost all control. She didn’t know why and she didn’t care. All she knew now was that she wanted this and she wanted it now.

As Geoff weaved his hand under her blouse he cupped it within his hand from inside her bra releasing it's full opulence, she undid his flies from behind her and weaved her hand into his trousers to find his dick. Her hand slid around its semi hard state and she began slowly caressing it feeling it harden as she did so.

He pulled her body closer to him and ran his fingers down her panties to eager pussy. He rested them there teasingly at the entrance, then slowly began to explore her crevices. Elaine moaned with pleasure as she felt first one then two fingers slowly push their way inside her. The sensation heightened as she felt his dick become fully erect in her hand unable to close her fist around it.

“Oh god this is wrong.” she moaned.

Geoff whispered in her ear. “Tell me what you want.” He said.

“God I want you to Fuck me.” She screamed. “I want you to fuck me now.”

Geoff took his hands way from Elaine and raised her skirt to her waist. Undoing his trousers with one hand he pulled her knickers down with the other both land on the floor at the same time. He placed his hand on the small of her back and gently pushed over the kitchen unit. And with his other hand guided his eager dick towards her.

He guided down the crack of buttocks stopping for a second at her arsehole and then carrying on towards her soaking wet pussy. He held it for a few seconds the tip of his dick resting on the flesh of her pussy lips. Then again he went back up. He did this again coming back to just hold it at the tip.

“Please” Elaine gasped. “Please I want it inside me.” She said almost begging.

Slowly he moved forward his hand on the small of Elaine’s preventing her from pushing back. She could feel the head of his prick pushing slowly past he lips. Slowly filling her up. It had felt big in her hand but it felt huge as he began entering her. The sensation of this huge thing entering her agonisingly slowly sent ripples through her entire body, her back arching in pleasure as she pushed hands against the kitchen units. Just as she thought that she could take no more from this monster, Geoff started to pull back. Ever so slightly faster then he thrust forward filling her even deeper than before. The sensation shot through her body ash she screamed with joy, falling off to a low moan as he pulled back. And then again he thrust forward.

“Oh god yes!” she screamed, the sensation feeling as though it was going to rip her body apart.

His hands changed position and he grabbed her hips. Pulling back on them as he thrust forward gaining speed now as every thrust forward created a sensation stronger than the last. “Oh god fuck me hard.” She screamed as she felt the sensation building stronger and stronger inside her. She was panting like an animal as her heart was pounding inside her chest, her hands gripping so tight to the cabinets that she felt that it may break apart as she threw herself back on his manhood.

Screaming uncontrollably now she could feel herself coming her body exploded in sensation as she threw herself back her legs almost giving way under her as she felt it burst out from her pussy like a wave of light crossing a dark plane. But Geoff wasn’t slowing and again it burst through her. She could feel his huge dick pumping her like an unstoppable piston, and again the pleasure wave swept over her. Her legs hand gone from beneath her now. Her body resting on the counter her pussy at the mercy of Geoff’s massive cock pumping her relentlessly.

Then one last thrust and she felt a massive load of hot cum filling her cunt. The sensation was almost too much as she came one last time.

As He pulled out Elaine sank to the floor unable to stand her body turning as she did so. She found herself face to face with the monster that had given her so much pleasure. Geoff’s glistening with a mix of her juices and his cum. She Took it in her hand and slowly brought it to her mouth and began furiously sucking it glutinously cleaning every last drop as she took it deep in her throat.

Just then the door opened and Jim walked standing there shocked........