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The Powder room

Two girls take advantage of a quick horny fuck together
Linda and Jill were ready for a great night out, they wandered into the party, music blaring and people everywhere, some dancing, some just draped over the furniture or seated on cushions on the floor. All drinking and trying to talk over the heavy beat of the music that seemed to shake the house.

After greeting a few people they knew and talking with some mutual friends, Linda went to freshen up and Jill followed. While brushing their hair and touching up their makeup they giggled about the few single guys that had checked them out. Linda took out a lip gloss and rolled it across her lips.

"You should try this flavour it's the best" she said.

Without hesitation Linda leaned over and placed her lips on Jill's, letting her lips part slightly and her tongue flicker across her lips, tasting the deep red gloss.


Jill wrapped her arms around Linda slowly, deepening the kiss as their breasts pressed against each other through the thin material of their clothes.

Linda's hands ran down over Jill’s slender body, moving her back against the vanity, she knelt in front of her. Jill looked down a little surprised as Linda ran her hand up her leg and beneath her skirt, lifting her leg up against the vanity as she pushed her skimpy panties aside. Without looking at her, Linda took the lip gloss from her friends hand and smeared a generous amount over the soft sensitive lips of her pussy.

Linda gently pressed her lips to Jill's pussy lips, mouthing gently at the entrance as the lip gloss smeared across her face. Her tongue lapped at the sweet tasting coating and delved at the promise of moisture gathering between her friends widespread thighs. Jill moaned softly as Linda spread the musky lips of her love nest to reveal the rosy bud of her clit, flickering her tongue across it as her finger slid into the warmth of her hole. Linda slid another finger into her, finger fucking her with a gentle probing motion as she slid a third finger into the tight little carnation of her ass. Her tongue moving rapidly over Jill’s rock hard clit, nibbling and suckling at it's plump juicy length as she moaned and gasped with pleasure.

Removing her fingers Linda slid her tongue into Jill's hole, tasting the slick juices that had gathered within her cunt, wiggling as deep as she could into the dark musky depths, her face buried in Jill’s pussy, her body rocked against the vanity, as she shuddered with the exquisite pleasure building in her loins, she had never been eaten so thoroughly or so expertly.

Linda sucked harder on Jill's cunt, her tongue moving furiously across the hard clit as her fingers worked her friend's hole deeply. She could feel her friends cunt start to contract over her fingers as she verged on orgasm and she slid a third finger into her hole, stretching her open as she wiggled them deeply inside her. Jill groaned then gasped loudly as she felt Linda's fingers inside her, her body convulsing, pushing her hips forward as she reached her peak and climaxed heavily. Linda could feel the instant slickness inside her friend's swollen pussy, she removed her fingers and sucked deeply on Jill's love juices. As Linda licked the last of Jill's juices from her she rose and placed a long tender kiss on her friend's lips, letting her share the lovely flavour of her cunt.

"I love the taste of your gloss Jill" she told her.

The pair giggled together as they straightened themselves up and returned to the party, warmed up and ready to take on the whole room.

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