The Ride

By sarahld30

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I noticed her right off the bat. She was sexy as hell. Gorgeous long, tan legs and a perfectly shaped, tight curvy ass; wearing a nicely filled tank top with a hint of nipples showing through, and shorts that barely covered her cheeks.

My cock stirs just staring at her.

She even had strappy high heels on. I love when women’s toes are painted and hers were a crimson red. Perfect!

I was leaning against the wall watching her every movement like a sleek panther stalking his prey waiting to see who was going to make the first move. Lucky for me, I didn’t have to wait long.

She caught my eye from across the room.

Flipping her long hair over her shoulder in the most flirtatious way, she winked at this rugged man that took her breath away. She wanted him, NOW. Her nipples hardened like diamonds and poked out very visibly. Bet he notices , she thought. A feeling of restlessness began to take hold. She was ready to get outta here; with him.

Her lit cigarette seductively between her fingers, she brought it between her full red lips to inhale, making sure she did it ever so slowly knowing she was probably turning this guy on who was so masculine and powerful looking. The party was winding down and getting to be about that time; she’d much rather have a ride to her friend’s house then take a taxi back. Sashaying across the room with her hips swaying, she walked right towards him.

My eyes locked on her as she approached, staring; hungry for my next delicious meal and she was definitely targeted to be the main course to satiate my appetite. I adjusted my stance a bit since my cock was already hard.

She stood directly in front of him, his scent of tobacco and cologne making her cunt slick before a word spoken. Damn, he’s so fuckin’ sexy she noted to herself.

After a moment she asked me straight out, "Can I get a ride to my friend’s house? If you are going in my direction, it would save me taxi fare and I’d really appreciate it." Her deep, blue eyes hinted to more than just simply getting a lift.

I could give a fuck if in the same direction if I might get laid by this hot chick

There was almost no doubt in my mind about what she was really asking. I could smell her sex.

Oh Yeah… she’s ready, horny and wet.

She smiled, licked her bottom lip, and in her most sultry voice said, "I’m Janey"

Pretty much all that was needed to be said.

I’m, not much of a talker, so I introduced myself, "Scott". I took another drag as we stood there in silence, enjoying our smokes.

My buddy, Brian, sidled up to me, slapped me on the shoulder.

"Hey, ready to split?" Brian asked; his gaze shifted from me to the woman standing there. Fuck, she’s hot .

"Brian, this is Janey. Hey…. we’re going to give her a ride to her friend’s place. You mind?" I said with a slight devious grin.

"Not at all" Brian replied.

We ditched the party. Brian’s car was a restored Chevy El Camino with a bench seat. We piled in with Janey in the middle.

While Brian was driving through streets headed for the interstate, in the darkness of the car, her hand slowly crept up my thigh and began stroking my hard cock through my jeans.

Cool, I’m getting laid tonight

Then I noticed after a streetlight illuminated the front seat a bit that she was also rubbing the crotch of my friend Brian as he drove. Being the polite guy I was, I unbuttoned my jeans, grabbed her by the hair, and pushed her down hard, directly on my cock; and told her to start sucking. This whore looked at me bewitchingly with a sly smile and eagerly opened her mouth and slid the head of my cock between her lips.

Fuucccck this feels good

This bitch would suck like a good whore, then pull off ever so slightly to torment me by darting her tongue in and out, randomly flicking it on my throbbing cock. Thinking that I was enjoying this, she would further torture me by licking in long teasing strokes along the length of my shaft, and then barely touch the tip of my cock to lap up my pre-cum.

Fuckin’ tease

Janey leaned over, and as she was sucking Scott’s cock, the words, "Stop teasing, whore, and suck it bitch!" was barely audible or even registered in her brain. She felt her hair pulled hard and entwined tightly around his fist with an impatient jerk. She gasped. He moved her head up and down, pile-driving himself deeper into her fuck-hole, forcing her to open her mouth wide, relax her throat, and engulf his entire shaft down to the base.

Tears streamed, spit poured seemingly in buckets out the sides of her mouth coating his cock. Choked from his engorged dick wedged in her throat, Janey gurgled and struggled for breath.

Not taking my cock out of her mouth she got on her knees on the seat and Brian and I unzipped and wrenched her shorts down past her hips. Her cunt was soaking wet, her round, juicy ass not a foot from Brian’s face. While still driving with only his left hand on the wheel, Brian plunged his fingers of his right hand in her dripping, shaved cunt. She was fuckin’ drenched with her juices leaking and dribbling down her inner thighs. He finger fucked her. With each thrust, this whore, with my cock still jammed in her throat, tried to utter small whimpers, as she was gagging and drooling all over my cock. I couldn’t take much more. I didn’t want to blow my load just yet. "Dude, you seriously need to get off at the next exit and park this fucking thing." Brian agreed.

Once parked, this whore took my cock from her mouth, turned around and locked onto Brian’s dick. She was sucking his cock and devouring it while I looked at her sweet ass and cunt. I got on my knees on the seat, dug my fingers in her ass cheeks, spread them wide, thrust my tongue in her tight hole tasting her ass and licking up her gush. I couldn’t take it any longer and in one swift movement I drove my cock hard into her waiting cunt. She moaned without releasing her lips that were firmly wrapped around Brian’s meat. I was fucking the shit of this bitch. Her hand quickly came up between her legs and I could feel her rubbing her clit like a mad woman as I gripped her hips to keep her still while fucking the hell out of her. She tried to scream but Brian was holding her head down so hard on his cock that only gurgling noises were coming out of her. My thumb was deep in her asshole and I was pumping the shit out of her and this whore started to cum in fuckin’ waves. She was literally convulsing on my cock and I couldn’t fuckin stand it any longer and blew my load deep in her soaking cunt.

Brian threw his head back, punching the ceiling and spurted his load all over her face and mouth. I was getting soft in her hot cunt but kept thumbing her asshole the whole time while he was getting off.

Janey fell limp in the seat. Sweat matted her hair with beads of perspiration sliding down
her body between her breasts, damping her tank top. She panted from exhaustion and from being thoroughly used. Her face was covered in drying cum. She felt Scott pull out of her sopping cunt and could feel his cum leaking out of her. Time to get dressed and have a smoke she thought.

Brian and I adjusted our clothes and I handed this whore her shorts. I opened the car door to get out for a quick smoke. Brian joined me and we just stood there, not saying anything as we lit up and just watched her walk to the back of the car, lean against it and smoke. After we finished, we piled back in the car and drove in silence to her friend’s house. Once we pulled up, she said with a smile, "thanks for the lift", got out of the idling car and walked up the steps to the house. We waited till her friend opened the door to let her inside, took off, and that was the last time we ever saw that chick again.