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The Rugby Do
AndreaDetroit & Simon66

The Rugby Do

Contributing Authors: Simon66 
Simons nightmare evening turns into a dream come true.
Simon’s story

The disco was rubbish. Held in the function room of a pub hotel it was about as festive as an undertaker’s reception room. I'd been sitting there alone, quietly drinking my beer, whilst resentfully watching all my mates on the dance floor. I couldn’t believe their behaviour, taking every chance they have to get a quick feel and what’s more I couldn’t believe the women were letting them get away with it.

I knew my feelings were born in jealousy. Despite my good looks and rugby trained body, I’ve never been comfortable around the fairer sex and consequently never learnt how to chat them up. Not that I didn’t try, but I never seemed to be able to hook up with the ladies, mainly because they all seemed to regard me as the younger goofy brother they never had. Hip, hip hooray.

The disco had been the idea of Paul, one of our rugby coaches and seemed like a good idea at the time but as the event drew closer I realized I didn’t want to go but social pressure made it impossible to back out. To make matters worse, everyone had managed to bag themselves dates, except for you know who. So here I was, alone, feeling miserable and slowly drinking myself into oblivion whilst wishing the evening would hurry up and end.

Even Paul who was definitely at the back of the queue when they were dishing out looks had brought along a new date. An exotic thing called Katja. Where she came from or what she did, I didn’t know, but what she was doing here with Paul, when she could have any man she wanted was a mystery to me. Mind you by the way he was behaving; I guessed this would be the last time she went out with him.

After fetching a drink for her, he’d disappeared and left her to her own devices. She was a striking beauty to say the least with a lovely figure and the prettiest face imaginable. Collar length brunette hair framed the most gorgeous emerald eyes, a dainty little nose seemed to point mischievously at me when she looked my way and caught me staring at her. She winked at me and flashed an alluring smile which seemed to bring my young head into confusion.

She came over to where I was sitting and began talking to me. I guessed she obviously took pity on me but I didn’t mind at all. As we talked I discovered she was older than Paul, and she was only with him tonight because she felt sorry for him. He delivered packages to her bank and had taken quite a long time to ask her out, botching it up a couple of times, so against better judgement she agreed to go out with him. It was obviously she had misgivings about her decision. Katja looked at her date, making a fool of himself on the dance floor with a shapely blond and sighed deeply.

I followed her gaze and shook my head in incomprehension. Why would anybody want to flirt with a blond skank like that, when he was here with a goddess like Katja? Just looking at her gave me a semi, and if she was with me I wouldn’t have let her out of my sight. She looked back at me and smiled encouragingly.

“Do you want to go outside for a smoke?” she asked matter of factly and I had to disappoint her. I told her I didn’t smoke but would gladly accompany her outside, if she wanted. She nodded enthusiastically and made to stand up.

As we made our way towards the hotel entrance, she asked me if I would fetch her coat, pointing towards the cloakroom. Agreeing eagerly, I entered the small room and had to adjust my vision to the darkness because the lights obviously didn’t work. With just enough illumination coming from the hallway I shuffled forward and began searching through the racks of hanging coats and jackets. That’s when I felt two gorgeous breasts being pressed against my back and a dainty hand reached round and began rubbing my crotch.

I held my breath and daren’t move but under her skilful touch my prick twitched inside my boxers and blood started flowing down south. I heard Katja’s sultry voice speaking in my ear.

“Have you found it yet,” she asked and I heard her giggle, “Because I’ve found something I want, right here.” She sounded breathless but her fingers tightened their grip around my thickening manhood.

“In fact… I don’t think we need to search much longer,” she added as her hand deftly undid my zipper and reached inside my tightening trousers. I was speechless. No, not just speechless but also scared shitless. Despite my senses being dulled due to the beer I’d drunk I wasn’t a total idiot. What if someone came here, what if someone saw us? I asked myself. ‘Oh shit, what if Paul found us like this?

I swallowed hard and my eyes widened as her hand pushed its way into my boxers. My heart thumped wildly in my chest and as her fingers enclosed my warm flesh I tried talking but emitted a harsh croak. I swallowed again, trying to conjure up some saliva to moisten my vocal cords when I heard her talk again.

“My, my, what have we got here?” she cooed. “You really are a big boy aren’t you?” Her other hand reached round and began tugging at my belt. As my trousers fell open and Katja pulled my cock from its captivity, I was stunned by her audacity.

She moved in front of me, still holding my erection tightly in one hand and looked up at me with those lovely emerald green eyes. Katja pulled my head down to meet hers and our lips met. Without warning her tongue invaded my mouth and entwined with mine in a passionate kiss. She held me there for what seemed like ages drinking in my soul, whilst her other hand still slowly wanked me off.

The sweet scent of her perfume was intoxicating and I inhaled it deeply into my longs. I could taste the Amaretto she had been drinking on her as my tongue darted over her lips. We kissed softly and slowly, enjoying every second, and then Katja increased the urgency.

Just as our kiss seemed to reach its pinnacle, the door flew open and my heart almost bounced against the ceiling. Breaking off the kiss immediately and with a cold sweat running down my back, I turned my head towards the rectangle of light coming from behind me.

Two giggling girls, so drunk they could barely stand, fell over each other as they entered the room. My heart returned to something like a normal rhythm after its jump to hyperspace and whilst I watched them find their coats and leave, my breathing gradually resumed.

“Talk about getting caught in the act,” I mumbled as I faced forward again. To my further surprise, Katja had disappeared and was nowhere to be seen. I began peering into the darkness when I heard her talking.

"My, my," I heard her say. "I think we need to take care of this!" And then I felt my prick slide between her succulent lips.

“What are you doing?” I finally managed to gasp although even as I said it, I realized that that was one of the stupidest questions ever asked. Luckily I heard a giggle and then her hands released me completely.

I looked down and saw Katja hiding in the rack of hanging coats, feasting herself on my throbbing cock. Her sparkling green eyes were watching me intently and they seemed to have a dangerous glint in them. Without further ado Katja let go of my prick, opened her mouth wide and I watched amazed as my dick disappeared down her warm and willing throat.

She wrapped a hand around the base of my meat squeezing it tightly, which seemed to make my cock expand as she continued swallowing and I wondered how deep she would take me. I felt her lips clamp around my member which pulled my foreskin backwards almost to the point that it was painful but I forgave her everything when she finally buried her nose into my pubic hair.

Her tongue which so recently was dueling with mine was now rolling around the thick girth of my shaft and I could hear her breathing heavily. Her hands had gripped my hips and she was holding me in place so she could deep throat me. Nobody had ever done that before. I didn’t really know what to do so I stood there watching her avidly and began writhing my hands through her long thick hair.

Expertly Katja released my cock from between her lips and began masturbating me. Her hand glided easily over the flesh, lubricated by her own saliva. She fed my spongy helmet back inside her mouth and the hand still resting on my hips began guiding me back and forth.

I could feel my excitement growing and wondered what I should do, but I needn’t have worried, Katja knew exactly what she was doing. I felt my balls tighten and I clenched my buttocks together.

This was more than I could take. As my cock fucked Katja’s mouth, my spunk was reaching boiling point and I couldn’t hold back any longer. I tried pulling back but she just held me in place, the full length of my cock gone from sight as I exploded what seemed like gallons of cum down her throat.

She licked and cleaned my cock noisily as she eased me out of her mouth and my body was still juddering with each exquisite touch. I whimpered softly as she pulled away, leaving my erection sticking out from my lap. Then she looked up at me and smiled.

"There, that's better. You’ll last much longer when you fuck me later," she said calmly, still on her knees.

“Si… Simon is that you?” Shit it was Paul. I felt a chill grab hold of my heart. I needed to play this cool.

“Yeah mate, I was just looking for my coat, I had enough now so I’m gonna fuck off. I’ll see you next week.” Paul looked at me uncomprehendingly.

“Have you seen that fucking cow Katja?” he slurred, definitely wasted.

“Err, no mate. Have you tried the lavs?” I asked innocently

“Yeah, no frigging sight of her. I bet she's fucked off, and left me here! Fuck, fuck, fuck!” Seeing that Paul had hardly paid Katja any attention when he had the chance, his outburst ignited my curiosity.

“That fucking bitch was driving,” Paul exclaimed. “Which means if she’s gone, I’ll need to take a taxi,” he went on. “But I spent all me money on that fucking blond tart. Double brandies all the way and promising me a night to remember,” He sounded rueful.

“I thought I was in with a chance there but now she’s fucked off with her girlfriends, fucking ungrateful bitch,” he swore bitterly, before vanishing almost as quickly as he appeared. I couldn’t help feeling like the cat that had stolen the cream and almost began purring.

As soon as Paul disappeared from sight, Katja stood up in front of me and grabbed my head. Reaching up she kissed me full on the mouth, her tongue snaking inside mine. I could taste saltiness and smiled. My cock twitched as I fantasized about what she had said earlier.

She moved her mouth to my ear and spoke softly.

"Come on Simon, You’re coming home with me. I want to feel that thing inside me,” and she grabbed my cock again. In the darkened room I could feel myself smiling broadly and began making myself decent.


Katja’s story

‘Jesus, I was bored!’ I thought morbidly as I looked around the hotel’s dingy function hall housing the rugby club’s annual disco. The room was anything but festive, despite the best efforts of the committee. I know, I know it’s easy to criticize when you haven’t done anything to help but really. Despite being populated by stiffs, it was about as festive as an undertaker’s reception room.

All the blokes were boorish and their girlfriends were stupid. ‘What the hell am I doing here?’ I asked myself for the thousandth time. I knew the answer to that and sighing inwardly I cursed my own stupidity. I’d been asked out on this date by Paul, who delivered packages to our bank every day. He was always trying to catch my eye when he came in, but mostly I ignored him, especially as he was three or four years younger than me. So I was quite surprised when he asked me to accompany him to this do.

However it was a decision I was beginning to regret. After getting us some drinks, he left me standing where I was and disappeared, explaining one of his boy’s was having women trouble and had to help him. That’s the last I saw of him.

“Fan-bloody-tastic.” I sipped my Amaretto letting the smoky flavour swirl around my taste buds and looked around the room, wondering if there was anything or anybody who could make this evening more interesting.

“Hello, what have we here,” I wondered as my eye caught sight of a young man sitting alone at a table, engrossed in drinking his beer.

“He looks almost as bored as me,” I muttered to myself and watched him some more. Then I realized he was actually staring at me, whilst doing his best not to. I smiled in my glass and without any conscious effort, started moving in his direction. To my surprise, he was quite a lot younger than I’d first guessed. It must have been the light that confused me because standing in front of him I actually saw that he was still a teenager, albeit a very handsome one.

“Hi what’s your name stud?” I asked giving him my best smile. I watched in amusement as he almost choked in his beer and had to stop himself doing a double take. He pointed a finger at himself and asked unbelievably if I was talking to him. I laughed and nodded.

“Simon. My name is Simon.” His voice sounded uncertain at first but as I moved into the chair beside him, it seemed to gain confidence. He asked me my name and when I told him, nodded slowly. I waited for the usual comments about having to wear leather gloves to handle me and are my nails as sharp as claws, but instead he commented on how unusual and exotic it was. Whilst he talked I studied him and liked what I saw. His self-depreciating smile, easy going charm and his subtle dry humour was refreshing and I felt at ease in his company.

We carried on talking and I couldn’t believe how young he was, he seemed so mature, especially compared to my so called date. I looked across at the small area which seemed to represent the dance floor and saw Paul doing the funky chicken with a skanky blond.

However instead of being peeved, I felt nothing. A gave him a final look and decided to enjoy myself tonight. I looked at Simon intently and watched him blush from my attention. He really was cute and I wanted to spend some more time with him. I felt a shiver of pleasure ripple through my body, down to my inner core and my sex began to moisten.

“Simon, I need a cigarette, care to join me?” He nodded and shook his head all at the same time which was quite amazing to look at and made me giggle.

“I’m sorry Katja. I don’t smoke but I’ll gladly go outside and keep you company. As we stood up and I saw his impressive frame filling my view, towering over me and it took my breath away. It was hard to believe he was so young. Good to see the rugby training wasn’t wasted. A sudden sexual rush engulfed me, making me feel reckless. I wanted him; I wanted him badly with a fervency that bordered on the dangerous. I pictured him on top of me, as I lay beneath him, legs obscenely spread and our sexes joined in a glorious union.

I felt my panties moistening some more and decided action this day. My spirits soared and the need to do something outrageous increased and as we exited the hall, I spied the cloakroom and a plan formed in my head. Without arousing suspicion, I asked Simon to fetch my coat, pointing out where it was hanging.

I pretended I’d wait but as soon as his back was turned I followed him silently, despite my growing excitement. Luckily for me, the lights didn’t seem to work and the only illumination came from the lobby, but it was enough. Simon stopped by the long rail filled with coats and jackets and started sorting through the garments for mine. I moved even closer until I was standing behind him. I leant forward and pressed my firm breasts in to his back. I felt sure he could feel my erect nipples pushing against him, and as I reached round his muscular body to place my hand on his groin, I pressed myself even harder against him to make sure. It was extremely gratifying feeling the bulge in his pant.

I squeezed his meat and felt him twitch in response. As my fingers writhed over the expanding flesh I asked Simon if he had found my coat. He tried replying but as I squeezed him again his voice died in his throat and all that came out was a sort of non-committal grunt, which gave me a fit of the giggles. Not wanting him to think I was laughing at him in any way, I regained control of myself and carried on, only now my voice sounded husky and full of longing.

“Because I’ve found something I want right here.” His prick had grown so large I could wrap my fingers around it through his trousers. ‘Hmmm he’s big,’ I thought to myself smugly.

“In fact… I don’t think we need to search much longer,” I continued, still rubbing him determinedly. My deft fingers found his zipper and pulled it downwards. Simon stood rigidly to attention, saying nothing, afraid maybe that I was teasing him, but I knew he was enjoying my ministrations because his cock kept jerking involuntarily.

Despite the fact his trousers were getting tighter due to his growing erection, I was still able slide my hand pushed inside his underpants, and at last I felt his warm hard throbbing flesh for real. I fished his manhood out of his boxers and began slowly masturbating. Simon dared utter a word and I guessed the young man was scared stiff, if you excuse the pun.

“My, my, what have we got here?” I cooed. “You really are a big boy aren’t you?” Using my other hand, I reached round and tried tugging at his belt. That we were in a public place and could be discovered at any moment just made things hotter for me. Eventually I unbuckled his belt and pushed both his trousers and briefs over his splendid erection. I threw caution to the wind.

I moved in front of him, grasping the magnificent manhood in my hand and looked up at him. With my free hand I reached up and pulled his head towards mine. Our lips touched and in the split second I felt him relax, I forced my tongue inside his mouth. He returned my actions with obvious passion and for a few moments we were locked in a fiery embrace. His aftershave, although discreet filled my nostrils just as his wonderful erection filled my hand.

I decided I wanted to taste him and was breaking off our kiss when the door to the hallway burst open, flooding us in light. I used the opportunity to extricate myself from our embrace and began sinking to my knees. Two drunken sluts entered the cloakroom and took their time searching for their coats but I wasn’t worried. The open doorway threw enough illumination my way so I could study the gorgeous specimen in my hand,

He was big, that much was obvious. Although I had one hand wrapped tightly around it, I was sure there was enough length there for two hands and went about discovering if I was right. I could feel him throbbing thickly through my fingers and as I pulled back his foreskin his knob end glistened in the shallow light. I noticed the ladies leaving the cloakroom and heard myself saying aloud.

"My, my, I think we need to take care of this!" Without further ado I held his erection and swallowed the bulbous helmet hungrily.

I heard him ask what I was up to and thinking the answer to that was obvious decided to say nothing. I raised my eyes towards the ceiling and saw Simon looking down at me with an expression of disbelief written all over his handsome face. I decided to make a show him and removed my hands from the hard shaft and slowly pressed my head forward.

Simon watched me intently as his whole length disappeared down my hungry mouth. His girth stretched my lips but there was still some room for me to swirl my tongue over and around the warm flesh. The pungent smack of pre-cum tantalized my taste buds and I felt a shiver run down my spine.

“Mmmmm,” I heard myself moan as my face bumped against his loins and realized I’d swallowed him completely. I looked up at him and from his expression guessed I was the first girl who’d deep throated him. I grabbed hold of his hips and held him there for a moment longer before slowly releasing from my warm depths.

Instinctively he placed his hands on either side of my head and began entangling my tresses in his fingers. As his greasy pole wavered in front of me I slid a hand along the slippery shaft guiding the engorged helmet back where I wanted it. I hoped he would fuck my mouth but it seemed the whole experience was proving a bit overwhelming. With my other hand, still resting on his hips, I helped him a little.

Simon followed my lead and soon his prick was pistoning joyfully between my willing lips. I heard him grunt and felt him stiffen and knew he was close to exploding. Seconds later his hips a bucked couple of time and Simon still trying to be a gentleman and not realizing I’m a cum hungry slut, tried robbing me of my reward.

I felt his seed race along the length of his rod, making it expand to the point of bursting. Thick warm spunk splattered against the back of my throat and disappeared greedily down my gullet. Two more powerful explosions filled my mouth almost making me choke, but that too found its way to my stomach.

I noisily licked and cleaned his cock still lodged firmly between my lips and only released him when I was sure I’d milked every last drop of sperm from his manhood. I saw with a feeling of satisfaction that he was still hard which caused my sex to tingle. I pulled his foreskin back and kissed his helmet softly. I heard him whimper softly and felt him shudder again. He really was a cutie.

I looked up at him and smiled, seeing a glazed expression staring back down at me. I kissed his cock again and explained.

"There, that's much better. You’ll last much longer when you fuck me later," I said calmly, still kneeling in front of him.

“Si… Simon is that you?” I saw the blood from Simon's face drain away at the sound of my date’s voice. Despite the panic stricken look on his face, he answered as cool as a cucumber

“Yeah mate, I was just looking for my coat, I’ve had enough, so I’m gonna fuck off now, I’ll see you next week.”

“Have you seen that fucking cow Katja?” I realized Paul was drunk and was glad he couldn’t see me. Simon replied coolly he didn’t know where I was and suggested innocently to his mate that he looked in the ladies.

“Yeah,” Paul answered. “No frigging sight of her. I bet she's fucked off and left me here.” He began cursing wildly and I knew why, causing another fit of the giggles which I had to stifle. .

“What’s the problem mate?” Simon asked puzzled, especially as Paul hadn’t given me another glance after arriving here.

“That fucking bitch was driving, which means if she’s gone, I’ll need to take a taxi,” he explained miserably. “But I spent all me money on that fucking blond tart. Double brandies all the way and promising me a night to remember,” he added ruefully.

“I thought I was in with a chance there but now she’s fucked off with her girlfriends, fucking ungrateful bitch,” he swore bitterly, before vanishing almost as quickly as he appeared.

I stood up and held Simon’s head with both hands. I pulled his mouth to mine and kissed him feverishly, my tongue pressing home. I was hot to trot but wanted to get away from here as fast as possible.

"Come on Simon, You’re coming home with me. I want to feel that thing inside me,” and grabbed his cock again. In the gloom, his smile reaching from ear to ear was clearly visible.

Andrea’s note.

This story was sent to me by Simon66 a while ago. It was his entry for the competition "Quickie sex," and wanted me to read it with the intention of giving him a ladies opinion. He never submitted it explaining that because so many writers had entered the competition, he didn’t stand a chance. I liked the story enormously and after suggesting some slight changes, urged him to publish it anyway. Since then it has been sitting on my hard drive gathering digital dust. Simon didn't publish it which is a shame as I truly believe it to be a nice little story. I couldn’t publish it myself as it wasn't mine but I did feel that the readers on Lush shouldn’t be deprived of such a good tale. Therefore I decided to write the story from Katja’s point of view and included Simon's because without it I wouldn't have a story to write. I hope you, the readers enjoy both versions. 
 And to Simon, keep up the good work and start writing again. Your talent needs showing off.
xox Andrea.

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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