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The Shower, Rob and Jane Part 4

'Right lets get you all cleaned up so Miss' said Rob as he lead Jane towards the bathroom.....
After their wild, public and frenzied sex in the car outside Rob and Jane rushed half clothed into the house. They were both moist and sticky from their adventures and Rob had plans on how he was going to clean Jane up. He took her hand and lead her up the stairs. His home was spacious and clean with a distinct bachelor, masculine sense. He drew Jane close when they reached the top of the stairs and lowered his head to kiss her. His hands roved over her narrow sides and moved up to brush her side breasts. The soft curves of her luscious melons against his hands felt fabulous. His hands moved their way down her sides to her hips. Jane was lean and toned but had amazing curves and Rob loved to feel them beneath his touch.

Jane's stocking covered thigh moved it's way up to his hip and Rob's hand moved down to support it. This allowed her groin to get as close to his as possible. His shirt was still open, exposing his bare, muscular chest and Jane's hands brushed over his torso, savouring his warm, solid feel. His chest had just a smattering of hair in all the right places and a wonderful happy trail all the way down into his pants.

'Right lets get you all cleaned up so Miss' said Rob as he lead Jane towards the bathroom. The bathroom was large and warm with a huge walk-in shower in the middle of the room. Fresh, clean towels were pilled high in a basket on the side of the sink and there was a mirrored finish on three of the four walls. Rob leaned in and turned on the hot shower. There were jets on 3 sides at adjustable angles and two small benches where you could rest. The fourth side was a floor to ceiling glass divide open to the whole room.

Rob walked over to Jane and began to slowly undress what was left of her clothes. He slid her jacket off her shoulders letting it slip to the floor. He reached around her back, unzipping her skirt which slid over her curvy hips and crumpled in a pile at the end of her feet. She stepped out of it seductively. She stood before him in just stockings, garter belt and heels and wow did she look hot. Her soft, dark hair was tousled from the car and her dark brown eyes were filled with desire. Her olive skin was smooth and tanned and her full lips were swollen and pink from kissing. She leaned in and undid his trousers letting them slip to the floor. He was completely naked as his large penis began to slowly rise at the sight before him. Rob unfastened each of the hooks on Jane's stockings and slid the belt up and over her head. Jane shuddered as he fingers brushed over her thighs and she felt his warm breath below her navel. He walked towards her pushing her backwards until she met the counter top. He lifted her up on top and spread her legs so he could stand between them. He lifted one of her legs up and placed her heel on his shoulder. He slowly and gently rolled her stocking down her leg until it was completely off. Without breaking their gaze he dropped the stocking to the floor and proceeded to remove the other one. Jane was very flexible and easily rested her legs on his shoulders.

He was now in the position so both her legs were on his shoulders and her beautiful pussy was wide open and right in front of him. It shimmered with moisture and was swollen from their previous activities in the car. He lifted Jane up as she wrapped her legs around his waist and they engaged in a deep passionate kiss. He carried her over to the running shower and walked in. The hot powerful water gushed over both their bodies as Rob lowered Jane to the small bench. He sat her there and spread her legs so each one rested on a side nozzle of the shower. He lowered himself to his knees as the main jet hit his broad back. He lowered his head and began to lick and slurp at her already moist folds. His tongue entered her tight hole and swirled and darted in and out sending shivers all over her body. He reached his hand up and tweaked her nipples, spreading the warm water all over her body as he tongue fucked her. Jane was speechless with desire. Suddenly Rob picked Jane up and turned her around so she was bent over, hands resting on the bench in front. Hot spurts of water were hitting her round ass. Rob, still on his knees leaned in and spread her ass cheeks, revealing her lovely, pink holes. His tongue licked her slowly and firmly right from her clit to the top of her ass hole, his head buried deep between her soft cheeks. Every time he reached the top Rob plunged his head back in and began to lick again.

Jane swiveled her head around so she could watch Rob do his work. She began to crumble as her knees went weak beneath her. Rob could see by Jane's face she was really enjoying what he was doing. He stood up and leaned over Jane leaning his stomach down on her back and kissed her neck. His arms wrapped around her waist and he placed his hands over her soaking wet breasts. He pulled her up to standing as their bodies were joined as one. Rob moved his hands down Jane's front as water slid over their shoulders. One hand reached down between her legs as the other caressed her neck, sliding her hair down her back. It was so long it almost touched her bum as she arched her back and threw her head back with passion. He pushed Jane back down so she was leaning on the bench again. Holding her hips with his hands Rob slid his cock between her pussy lips then back up between the cheeks of her ass. He repeated this over and over until Jane cried out with longing and begged him to ram it into her.

With the tip of his cock at the entrance to her hole he teased her for one more minute spanking her hole with his rock, hard dick before finally plunging into her. Jane gasped as she was filled up completely. Rob pounded into her, drawing almost completely out before slamming back in again using her hips for leverage. Jane was overcome with the sensation. The combination of Rob's hands on her hips, his member filling her up and the hot water pouring all over her was pure heaven. They rocked together in frantic fucking, their wet bodies making squelching sounds every time their bodies joined. Their pace increased and Jane was screaming with pleasure. Suddenly Jane's legs went from beneath her as she came heavily, gripping down on Rob's member. Rob held her up by her hips as he pumped into her one last time shooting his juice deep within her. They orgasmed strongly together.

As their breathing slowly returned to normal they lay entwined on the shower floor letting the warm water wash over their used bodies. Rob stroked Jane's hair from her face and stared deeply into her eyes. They engaged in the softest kiss and their hands explored each others bodies.

'Lets get you dried off Miss' Rob said eventually as he got up and turned off the water. He reached over to the basket of towels and grabbed a soft, fluffy one from the top. He held out his hand and helped Jane up from the shower floor. He wrapped the towel around Jane and gave her a firm hug. 'You must be ravenous are you?' Rob asked kindly.

'Starved' Jane replied.

'How about I russel us up some dinner?' Rob suggested.

'Can't wait!' Jane replied.

To be continued.....

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