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The Stop Watch

Brenda wonders how fast her lover can come.
The Stop Watch

I was forty-two and married. My wife’s life at forty revolved around our children. Any guy looking at Karen would see a five foot nine inch, voluptuous brunette, with a beautiful face, out of proportion breasts, narrow waist, wide hips, and long shapely legs, but her interest in sex was minimal. On the other hand, if I didn’t have sex three or four times a week I was walking on ceilings. I’m not a Hollywood movie star, but at six feet, with brown hair and eyes, an athletic build, and a premarital history as a player I must be decent looking.

After sixteen years of marriage, arguments to numerous to count, marriage counseling, group and individual therapy, my therapist told me I had to gave myself approval to do what I wanted. The next morning as I crossed Pendleton Street while on Pickets Street, I gave myself permission to commit adultery.

Over the last four years, I had become a sounding board and friend of a former student of a colleague of mine. Brenda was a widow at twenty-two, and in her need to overcome grief and feel like a woman she desired affection and was promiscuous. Her looks and body type didn’t match those of my wife, although she was tall at five foot nine inches with a pretty face, slightly overweight, and busty. Aside from her looks, I was drawn to her frank and forthright personality.

We met about once a week, usually over coffee or a soft drink at the student union. Most of our discussions pertained to her classes, my teaching and research, and the typical subjects of conversations. As we became better friends, she felt comfortable with me not being judgmental. She told me about some of her affairs, and as time went on they came up more often and with further detail. She also hinted at her interest in me, because she knew I was unhappily married.

It was finals week, when I made my decision. My finals were over and I had no deadlines for the next four months. On the way to the student union, I saw Brenda talking with a friend. She broke off the conversation when she saw me. I stopped and all I said was, “I have free time this afternoon.”

She understood immediately. A bright smiled covered her face. “Let’s take my car. I’ll bring you back.”


It was about two o’clock when we arrived at her house. We were greeted by her dogs. We entered, and proceeded through the dining room and kitchen to the living room which was adjacent to the bedroom.

“What would you like to do? We could walk the dogs, watch…”

My mouth covering hers stopped questions.

We kissed passionately with tongues blazing.

I undressed her and then myself.

A double bed with a tall headboard and a low footboard sat on one side of the bedroom.

She lay in the middle with her legs slightly spread.

I looked at an attractive woman, who was naked, with a mat of dark brown hair coving her pussy, and ready and willing to fuck. I crawled onto the bed between her legs.

“I get nervous the first time,” she said in a whisper.

I spread her legs further with my knees. As I laid on her, my cock nudged between her wet and eager pussy lips and slowly glided into her. I was shocked because her vaginal walls felt as though they were corrugated, and I’d never felt anything as stimulating. I was too stunned to do anything because of the incredible wave of pleasure that swept through me. “Wow, you have a great pussy.”

“Oh, your cock is wonderful, and you entered me so tenderly,” she murmured.”

Still, amazed from the sensations reverberating within me I said, “Is there any other way?”

“Yes, most guys just plunge right in.”

I didn’t reply not knowing what to say

We lay still for a long time. We didn’t kiss, just stared into each other eyes.

With my feet on the footboard, I pushed in and out of her. The overwhelming stimulations were still there. I stopped, waited a moment and tweaked my staff within her.

She giggled.

I thrust into her thrilled by the way her cunt enlivened my cock, and then I paused.

Over and over again, I stroked her before halting briefly,

During one breather, I jerked my dick within her and asked “Have you heard about the crippled crab?”

“No, what’s a crippled crab?”

“It walks on crotches,” I said giveing her a number of hard thrusts.

She moaned, “Oh that feels good but the joke is lame.”

“You mean like this.” Using the footboard, I jiggled myself in her depth.

She clinched her teeth in pleasure. “That’s a lot better than the joke.”

“I normally have a problem with premature ejaculation,” I confessed.

“That’s hard to believe.” She stared into my eyes and squeezed my shaft with her snatch.

The sensations I received from sawing back and forth in her tunnel aroused me to a point of no return. “Are you ready?”

“Yes, yes, give it to me. I want your cum.”

I planted my feet on the foot board, grabbed her shoulders, and rammed her as fast and hard as I could.

She grunted with each forward shove, “Oooah.”

Again and again the head of my cock struck deep in her snatch. I rose onto my hands and with one last thrust I lost control, coming with a groan, “Aaaugh.” Glob after glob of jizzcum swamped her haven and my heaven.

At the same time Brenda’s body became rigid, just before she writhed under me and groaned, “Oooaugh, I love it, I love it!”


That was the first time Brenda and I had sex, but our love making continued. We screwed in every room in her house as well as the porch and detached garage. We fucked in the front and back seats of a number of vehicles. We had intercourse in city and state parks, in wooded areas along roadways, in open pastures, in caves, on and under bridges, on sandy beaches, and in a pontoon boat. We screwed in our parent’s homes, in friend’s houses, in hotels and motels, in parking lots. We shagged in regular and water beds, on the floor, on tables, on couches and chairs, and on the commode. We traveled hundreds and thousands of miles to hump each other.

My favorite position was female superior, because I could watch and fondle her breasts, and suck on her nipples. She said she preferred missionary, because of the deep penetration and her ability to see me. Over time we tried most Kama Sutra positions.

We made love every time we saw each other for a year and a half, and my ability to perform for long periods of time increased. During one of our love making sessions Brenda said, “I wonder how fast you can come.”

I liked the idea as an experiment because; I had gone from being a premature ejaculator to being able to maintain a long lasting erection. We established some guidelines: use the missionary position because I had less endurance that way, there would be no foreplay that might increase my coming, and both of us would be lubricated. We decided to perform on a Saturday between lunch and dinner, because we had time and Brenda was an afternoon person.

We undressed each other with no fondling. She applied KY Jelly to both of us, and lay in the lower half of the bed so I could use the footboard. With a stop watch in her hand she spread her legs and said, “I’m ready.”

I crawled into bed inching myself to her pussy and slowly entered her. When I was fully encased and lying on top of her, I nodded my head.

She held up the stop watch and said,” Go.”

I exploded in frenetic motion. With my hands holding her shoulders and using my legs against the footboard, I drove into her as though I was a NASCAR piston pounding up and down into a cylinder. I was only conscious of the friction between my cock and her pussy. It was incredible. My staff was on fire. I went from a solid erection to a swollen and hardened shaft.

Brenda groaned, “Oooah,” with each stroke.

I didn’t think about time. I was lost in the moment of the fantastic pleasure, and my growing desire to shoot my wad deep into her cavern. I reached my peak and jettisoned my jism into her as though the head of my cock was exploding. I groaned, “Oh god what a fuck!”

Coming down from my high, I saw her smiling face looking at the stop watch.

“Forty-five seconds,” she gasped.

It wasn’t an afternoon delight, but it was a forty-five second quickie.

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