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The taxi driver

Maria wasn't embarrased at all didn't care if a taxi driver laid her down even if he was a stranger.

María was a Latin girl 21 yo., 1.70 mts. tall, slim,  short, golden-haired, brown eyes. Her skin bristled each time she remembered those facts that had taken place barely weeks ago in her town.  Here is her story:

She used to go out and drink beer with friends, but loved to do this frequently. One of those days she dated buddies, she drank too much. She was a girl who accepted and confessed that drinking too many beers made her horny a lot, and wished to fuck like a cheap slut the first male she met. Also the cheap wine they used to drink, called “sneaky pete” caused a special effect on her, behaving like a horny woman.

All of her buddies had left the disco on that day, and she hired a taxi to go home, also sharing it with friends.  The taxi driver would drop off all five at their particular homes, as each turn came in. That’s why she had been riding in the passenger seat for easy descending.

This didn’t trouble her  or was embarrassing in any way, to ride alone in the taxi for the last leg of the trip on her way home; being  the last passenger in the taxi with such  handsome driver, made her proud and curious. She remembered to have seen a man with blond hair, blue eyes, untidy beard and well built body; she loved this kind of guys.  This taxi driver would be a good candidate to fuck him, she thought.

She was a  honest girl who confessed her vagina had soaked, only at the thought of riding alone in the taxi, waiting feverously and impatiently for the moment her “friends’ distribution” was over, and began to plot her plan, under the effects of alcohol, a daring girl with enough  courage  to risk here.

The taxi driver took pretty long to get to each address,  driving along avenues and street city, while  she continued  her plotting and intrigues.   First thing first, she would start a conversation when the taxi driver and she were alone in the cab. She felt some embarrassment, though, for she had been raised within a catholic environment, marked by a strong religious faith, stocks and bonds.

In the end, her sexual desires and instinct turned out to be stronger; her natural feelings would exceed these values, definitely not being able to dominate and overcome this immorality. She had been fighting to be a modest girl but didn’t succeed, not having the will power, especially if drunk.  Half an hour later, the taxi arrived to its last destination; the last buddy got off at his place.

That night she wore a blouse and sexy shorts. They were almost there and asked the cab driver if he had chewing gum or a candy to give to her, saying her mouth had become dry; something sweet would do. He was too kind, saying:“Oh, no, miss. Don’t get anything like that, sorry.”

She showed a face like a sad puppy and the cab driver guessed instantly Maria wished something more interesting than that,  for   the taxi driver had no sooner  parked in the driveway than this passenger snapped an exquisite kiss in his cheek. The response came out quickly:  he brushed her lips with hers, slid down the blouse softly and began to stroke her nipples. This had aroused Maria, as usual, getting her to the verge tempted to grab the man’s penis and put it in her wet twat. Those meaty dots in her breasts, she believed, could do a clit’s job so sensible when touched.

Her nipples were too sensible, the only stuff in her body worth touching, sucked and stroked. The cab driver would soon nibble them, she thought, and dedicate them attention. In the meantime, this guy kept kissing and touching her, more concentrated each time, until she realized they were parked in front of her place and her family would see this.

She said:

“Let’s move to another location.”

“The cab driver nodded and started the engine to drive some blocks down the street until they got to a zone with lots of trees.  They got off the car determined to finish what they had begun, but this time, on the car’s engine hood. She was paying attention to the man’s beautiful eyes and lips and felt no embarrassment at all to venture and initiate this so abruptly.

She felt a massage between her thighs along with his good dick pressed against her mound.  He took off her blouse to uncover the wonderful boobs. In the meantime,  she was already working on  the guy’s shirt slowly unbuttoned it while touching his hairy chest, the abdomen along with his back. Her soft caresses suddenly turned harsh for so much excitement. She asked his name. He replied:

“I’m Marcos. My name is Marcos.”

They had stripped off of the blouse and shirt, naked waist up, and the cab driver noticed she enjoyed contact between chest and nipples so didn’t hesitate in beginning to suck and bite them whilst stroking her vagina. The avaricious guy grasped the whole pussy as if it were a precious fruit, then slid down her short and there she was in her thong by herself. This made him to set in motion, seeing her in such tiny garment; turned her around facing him, against the car hood, and jammed his penis through Maria´s cunt to the deep end.

Her pant had first been pulled aside and she could see the stranger’s rod now sliding in and out. This made her to moan loudly, for this guy was fucking her brains out.  The guy said aloud.

“Look at me, bitch!! You’re a real slut!!”

She replied:

“Oh, yes, like that, yes, I’m your bitch. Fuck me hard!!”

As listening to this pledge he immediately slid out his dick, grabbed her by the hair and got her on her knees, then began to fuck her mouth.  Mary was now choking and coughed, yet continuously licking and sucking. She continued to deep throat Marcos dick until he got her on her feet and hauled her up on top of the car’s hood. She now appreciated the driver’s body better, and couldn’t help noticing  lust and desire in the man’s face, an old season veteran wanting to fuck  till down.

The monster cock she had early seen was always in her mind. He started to beat her clit slightly and rapidly with the penis head. Fascinated by this, she couldn’t take it anymore and an incredible orgasm flooded through her body,  shaking and quivering to the last toe. The cab driver was able to recognize this and began piercing vigorously, thinking this slut probably was multi-orgasmic, and get her have more orgasms shortly after the first she had just had.

As he continued on his sexual stimulation intending to get her have more orgasms as sequel by means of her clit, came up with the idea of hers ejaculating as well. He grabbed her asscheeks, squeezing and beating them, fucking her on top of the car’s hood. He screamed:

“Oh, come on you dirty slut. This is like bull work. Be prepared: I’m gonna  slip you the hot beef injection now!!”

The man looked like a desperate, frantic animal,  she screamed:

“Oh, just treat me like a real bitch, don’t hold back. We’ve never met and probably will never see again.”

She noticed a drastic change in the man’s face expression. She felt fear and pleasure at the same time. Marcos had begun to act bizarrely, a different man, doing odd things: he withdrew his penis off her vagina and began to explore that latter, poking one finger… two… until three within her.

She was certain her vagina had been expanding and reckoned a whole hand was inside.  She felt as the man had abandoned this to shift to her asshole using different fingers to probe it. Once he made sure the asshole had widened, he began to shove the cock head. It was her first time so it hurt as hell, an unbearable pain. To made matters worse, this was about a thick penis which obviously was to blame for the pain. After a while she got accustomed to it, a heroin.

Unconvinced  people would believe María wasn’t enjoying this. Out of the blue, the cab driver’s strength began to fail, was now an exhausted man still pounding her, and probably doing efforts to cum.

He kept complimenting her:

“God, this is such a gorgeous goddess ass of yours, but I know you’re a piece of meat. Like the saying goes: As you make your bed so you lie in it!! Come on, promiscuous star fucker.  Don’t you fucking move or I’ll treat you the wrong way.”

She wondered why this guy hadn’t cum, couldn’t explain so much delay,  so she asked for a break, got off the car hood and stood there to see big cum spurts coming out of both her vagina and asshole. This motherfucker cunt-lapper was but a muff-diver who had being cumming since time back, but kept pounding her.

She felt the cum running down her legs and wet her fingers in her vagina juices to masturbate, then sucking them.  The cab driver was jerking off too, and exploded with a big spurt on her body, even her face. This scene made the girl to get to a second orgasm by her, astride on top a taxi engine hood, rubbing the big cum spurts against her vagina.

The taxi driver was done in, kissing her passionately, with erratic breathing, saying: “Oh, never had had such an experience with a passenger, thank you.”

He began to caress her body until the cum had dried out. She finally said:

“You’ll always remember me, here are my panties, your keep them. We’ll never see again.  Just take me home.”

She didn’t regret this.




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