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The Teenage Days

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hey guys its my 1st story tell me what you think, good or bad
I see him everyday. Just the sight of him sends a tingle down my spine and he knows this. He’s not the most popular or most looked at guy in my school, but he's just enough for me.
Seeing him all the time has turned my like for him into a slight obsession. Every time I see him I tingle, the little messages he sends drive me crazy. The tension between us is building.

He’s a skateboarder, which for some odd reason automatically turns me on. One night while I was walking to our local C.V.S (where he works) I heard a noise. I knew someone was following me; it was Ryan. Without words, he immediately pressed his body against mine, sending shocks down my spine.

Before I could grasp the reality of the situation, he was sending a path of cool kisses down my neck. I knew he had been drinking pineapple Sunkist because it is his favorite and when our tongues met I could still taste it.

The moans I sent out gave him an immediate hard-on. As we stood there grinding passionately, I could feel he was pretty big. He gently pushed his hand up my favorite, pink, thin strapped tee-shirt to caress the already rock hard nipples of my 40D tits.

With his right hand still magically caressing my tits, he used his left hand to slide into my already soaking wet underwear. I let out a shriek followed a gasp as he quickly rotated his chilled hands on my uncontrollably throbbing clit. His hand skills were incredible.

Sadly, our confrontation was ended due to a tedious phone call. It was my little brother calling. I didn’t answer the phone because I couldn’t readjust my voice quick enough. When the phone stopped ringing, I quickly readjusted my skirt and looked at Ryan, who kissed me then stepped back to slowly lick his fingers. He inched toward me to whisper, “I got you now.”

My spine shivered again, I knew he did this on purpose. He jumped on his skate board and jolted off into the darkness. My legs were completely wobbly, it took me 15 minutes just to walk down the street to my house. The next day I avoided going to C.V.S at all costs because just the thought of him gave me a mini orgasm. However, the next day I couldn’t bare it any longer. I had to feel him inside me.
It was a Friday night and I knew Fridays were Ryan’s nights to close, so I slipped into my fluffy slightly see-through mini skirt, and a skinny tank top over my cheetah print Victoria secret bra and panty set, imprinted with the words “bite me” which is what I intended to have happen.

I slowly walked up the street to C.V.S. When the automatic doors opened, his head turned. I slowly walked over to his skateboard which he left lazily in the entrance, and bent over revealing the words on my underwear. By the time I got up, I was greeted by his tremendous hard-on.

I looked up and smiled. I walked passed, him making sure to brush my ass against his hard cock, causing his body to give off a slight shiver. I walked down the aisle until I came across a patio chair, where I sat playing with my tits which were hard from the cold air.

In slow long strides he made his way toward me.

He kneeled down and we began to kiss. Before I knew it, his hands were making small circles around my clit. I broke the kiss with a few uncontrollable shrieks. He moved down to my nipples, lightly biting and pulling on them. By now, I was thrusting my hips back and forth adding pressure to his circular motion causing me to cum.

In one quick motion, my panties were on the ground and his head was between my legs. I could feel his tongue flipping around on my clit and I moaned. His pace quickened and he slid two fingers into my tight pussy, causing my back to arch.

He pushed his fingers into my hole as deep as they would go and moved them side to side while quickly sucking on my clit. My moans turned into screams which turned him on even more. After about three orgasms, he stood me up and we walked into to the staff break room. We cleared off the nearest table, now was the time we had both longed for.

I quickly jumped unto the table and began rubbing my clit with one hand and kneading my nipple with the other. He unzipped his pants and pulled down his boxers, leaving nothing but a stiff, twitching, nine and a half inches of stone hard cock.

As he approached me stroking his glorious cock, our lips met and he slowly slipped the head of his cock into my tight entrance making me squeal in shock. When I got adjusted to the size he began thrusting into me, pushing his whole size into the tightness of my hot wet pussy, causing him to let off three hot spurts of cum onto a nearby spot on the table.

He quickly reentered me, this time with full force. He laid me back on the table and bit my nipples. As he continued to pound my tight pussy, I yelled and screamed and clawed. He began to pound harder and faster, causing me to cum over and over and over again.

After we had gotten all cleaned up, I slipped back into my skirt and we walked back out into the store. He went to retrieve my panties, sniffing them deeply and then shoving them into his pocket.

I giggled and walked over to get his skateboard, making a sad attempt to ride it out the door. He picked it up and we walked home hand and hand. When we approached my front steps, he grabbed me by the arm and kissed me on the lips, whispering in my ear, “Next Friday I’ll show you how to ride my skateboard.”

He kissed me again and skated off into the night.

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