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The Throw-Away Line

Sometimes age doesn't really matter...
I met Amanda when I went back home to settle my father’s estate; “home” being a small city on the Intracoastal Waterway north of Vero Beach. Since the last time I had been back, a new pizza place had opened in a town that had more pizza places than it really needed. Their hook was “Authentic New York Style” pies, and my sister swore that they were. So after spending the better part of the day with lawyers, bankers, investment counselors, and the like, I decided to try the place out.

Walking in, the first thing I noticed was the big oven in the back, with what looked like about a dozen pies of all sizes already cooking, and a staff of four preparing what looked like a dozen more. I really didn’t want to wait an hour for a pizza, and was about to walk back out when a voice called out “Wait! Can I help you?”

That’s when I first saw her; her bright hazel eyes and wide smile stopping me dead in my tracks.

“I really don’t want to wait an hour for a pizza” I said.

“Oh, don’t worry, if you order anything but the super large, it will be done in less than twenty minutes” she replied. So I ordered a pie to go and a beer to drink while I waited, and proceeded to sit at the counter where I could watch her work.

She looked to be about twenty, 5’ 7” with a tomboy’s build. Her brown hair was pulled up and clipped, but with little wisps escaping. Funny, but she had no one individual feature that, on its own, stood out. Smallish breasts, an average looking behind, etc. Yet, as a package, they created an allure that had me following her every move, to the point that when my pizza came, I had hardly touched my beer. As I paid the check, I gave my standard throw-away line, “Boy, I wish I was thirty years younger” (yes, I’m in my fifties).

“I don’t know if being thirty years older is such a bad thing” she replied, “I sure haven’t had much luck with guys my own age.”

“Well then, what time do you get off?” I asked.

“Not until two AM,” she answered, “Too late to do anything in this town.”

Thinking that I had heard the polite brush-off, I turned and left.

Well, my sister was right; it was great pizza. So great, in fact, that a couple of days later I decided to order one to be delivered. A male voice took the order; so imagine my surprise about thirty minutes later when, hearing the doorbell, I opened it to see the same girl as the other night standing there holding my pizza.

“I was hoping it was your order,” she said with a smile. “I’ve been saving your name from your credit card swipe in case you called in. I’m Amanda. Can I come in and put this down?”

Standing back from the entryway, I motioned her in with a gallant wave of the arm. As she passed, I couldn’t help but notice that her little rear-end looked way better than I first thought, now that it was encased in a pair of tight fitting denim shorts that looked as if they had been painted on. I wondered if maybe I had misjudged her tits, as well.

She seemed to know exactly where she was headed, going straight to the screen patio out back and putting the pizza on the table. Walking behind the wet-bar, she took out a couple of cold Tecates, popped the tops, and took a long slug from one as she handed the other to me. “No sense wasting time,” she announced. “I’ve only got a half hour for dinner, the pizza’s getting cold, and I’m already hot.” Then, putting down her beer, she stripped off her t-shirt.

While I had not misjudged the size of her breasts, I had definitely underestimated their quality. They looked to be about 34 B’s, but firm and high with the most adorable pink nipples that were pointing out straight and proud. I took this as my cue to reciprocate, and doffed my shirt as I moved closer to her.

My lips sought hers out as I pulled her towards me; her delicate mouth opened to receive my probing tongue as her nipples danced through the salt and pepper hairs on my chest. I moved one hand down her back to grasp her tight little ass, and she responded by grinding her pelvis against mine as she wrapped her arms around my waist.

Breaking our clutch, I began kissing my way down her soft neck as I brought my hands up to cup her firm but supple mounds, catching the nipples between my fingers. As if molding something from the most precious of clays, I slowly kneaded as she reached between us to rub my hardening cock through my pants.

Lifting her, I sat her on the edge of table, pushing the pizza box aside. She leaned back, supporting herself on her elbows as I leaned in for my first taste of her flesh. Using my tongue on one breast and duplicating its movements with my fingers on the other, I traced ever closing circles as I moved from the outer edges towards her areolas, finally taking one nipple firmly between my lips while pinching the other between my finger tips. Grasping my hair, she pulled my head closer as if trying to feed me whichever breast I suckled, softly moaning.

The movement of her arms to pull me closer resulted in her having to lay all the way back on the table, her cute butt now resting on the edge. Using her thighs behind my back, she pulled me in tight so that our crotches were now face-to-face, and began this slow grinding of her still clothed sex against mine. I reached down and unsnapped the top of her shorts, then pulled down the zipper. She released the grip her legs had on me, and I slid off her pants to reveal, to my delight, that she was wearing nothing underneath.

I dropped to my knees, and found that the table top was at just the right height so that her neatly trimmed mons veneris was under my nose, her clit was in line with my mustache, and her vaginal opening was directly at tongue level. Needing no further encouragement than that, I immediately dove in; running my tongue up and down her fragrant, juicing slit before using the hair on my upper lip as a natural “nub brush”. Then, spreading her labia wide with my fingers, I thrust my oral member in and out of the entrance to her tunnel as I fingered her love button

Suddenly, and without warning, she once again used her thighs to crush me against her; but this time it was my face that she thrust her pelvis against as she writhed through a very serious orgasm, painting my face with her fluids but almost suffocating me in the process. As she came down from her cum, I extracted myself, took a couple of deep breaths, stood up and “dropped trou”. Amanda, still panting, got back up to her elbows and surveyed my thick, eight inch hard manhood; bobbing beneath the weight of its angry-looking purple helmet.

Grasping the shaft, she pulled me towards her. “I’d love to feel that crammed down my throat as you shoot your load, but we really don’t have time. Promise to give me a rain-check on the blow-job, and I let you cum in my pussy.”

“Sounds fair to me,” I replied, as I took control of my cock and began to trace the tip up and down between her slick cunt lips, lubing up. Since time was of the essence, no sooner did I have purchase of her opening than I immediately thrust in to the hilt, knocking the wind from her lungs as my ball sack slapped against the area just above her asshole.

Still impaled, I pulled her forward slightly so that the edge of the table was even with the midline of her butt cheeks. Once again, the table was at the perfect height so that by using her shoulders for leverage, I could fuck her with ease. And, again wasting no time, I did.

While obviously not a virgin, she was tight; and it also seemed like my length was more than she had experienced before. She grunted with every insertion, and sighed with every withdrawing, such that, out of concern, I paused and asked if I was hurting her. “No, quite the opposite,” she said. “It’s just that I’ve never been as full of cock as this before. I just wish I had more time to take advantage.”

Taking the hint, I resumed plowing her pussy with force; so much force that the table started to scoot across the floor. Each push in caused her tits to jiggle in little counter-rotating circles, and each pull-back was accompanied by a soft, squishy sound. Throughout it all, she ran her hands up and down my arms, her eyes closed but her lips slightly opened as she passionately cooed. After about five minutes of this, I was ready to squirt, but she seemed to be coming up short. Licking the thumb and index finger of my left hand, I took hold of her right nipple and began a pincher-like motion. Then, licking my right thumb, I slowly massaged the hood and area around her clit, putting alternating indirect pressure on it.

That did the trick, as Amanda suddenly went into a gyration of release that had me holding on for dear life; my goal to be able to stay inside long enough to deliver my payload deep into her pussy as we had agreed. Timing it so that she was just coming off the edge, I gave a couple of rapid jabs before burying my dick balls deep and came; bathing her womb with more sperm than I can ever remember shooting before.

Using her wonderful legs one more time, she held me tight against her and in her as we both came back to earth. I leaned in and kissed her gently on the lips while I handed her a couple of napkins, assuming she may want to freshen up. Rejecting those, she instead reached for, and put on, those shorts. “I want to save this creampie for the rest of the night. These should be tight enough to do the trick.” Then, donning her shirt, she began walking towards the door; me following in my still naked state.

“Don’t I need to pay for the pizza?” I asked. Fondling my still semi-aroused dick as she ran the fingers on her other hand through the hairs on my chest, she looked straight into my eyes with a big grin on her face and said, “No, I took it out in trade.” Then, with one final passionate kiss that had me stirring again, she left for the rest of her shift.

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