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The Trainer - Taking Charge

Please read The Trainer, and The Trainer – My Reward to follow the flow of this series.
Three weeks had passed since my last visit to Janeen’s house. As I passed a gas station I happened to see her at the pumps. I turned in and pulled my Jeep next to her van.

“Hi!” I yelled, and I waved. I stepped out of the Jeep and walked over to speak with her. I noticed the van was empty, no children. She had on a pair of those damn tight spandex shorts and a tight tee shirt. 

“Hi, Ben, what are you up to today?” she asked.

“Just on my way home to put together something I’ve been researching,” I said, “for a new book.”

“That sounds interesting; would you like to share it with me? I’m free until time to pick up the girls from school.”

“Sure, I’d love that; when you’re done, just follow me and park in my driveway,” I suggested.

“Sounds great!” she said.

A few minutes later I pulled my Jeep into the garage as she pulled into my driveway. She followed me into the house through the garage and into the connecting laundry room. As soon as we entered the laundry room I closed the door to the garage and pushed her up against the closed door, pressing her body with mine. She gasped but did not resist. She slid her arms around my neck knowing I was going to kiss her.

I tried teasing her with my lips but she was too good; her hands pulled my head and I crushed her mouth with mine. We couldn’t get enough of each other. I stabbed my tongue into her warm mouth and she sucked on it. My erection pressed against her and she pushed back. I grabbed her ass with both hands and she wrapped her legs around me, moaning into my mouth.

I finally pulled free of her legs and ripped her tee shirt up over her breasts. I filled my hands with them and dipped my head to suck on a hard nipple. I was too eager; I knelt down and pulled her shorts down so she could step out of them. When I stood up she quickly dropped to one knee and took my cock in her mouth. She gulped it inch my inch until it was almost all in her mouth. She began stroking it with one hand and I pulled away from her.

“Oh, no you don’t; I’ve been waiting for this and in my house, we do it my way,” I grunted.

I put an arm under her legs and lifted her to sit on top of the dryer. She put her feet on the edge and leaned back on the control panel. I can never ignore a wet pussy even if I’m on the brink of fucking it; I dove in between her legs and stuck my tongue in her just once. It was positively worth the wait. She voluntarily opened her folds and I lapped at her clit a few times. Either one of us would have enjoyed a very long continuation but I had a goal.

I stepped to the edge of the dryer, grabbed her hips and pulled her down to meet me. She grabbed my shaft instinctively and pressed it at just the right angle and I entered her. She was leaning on the top of the dryer as I grabbed that wonderful ass and worked her on and off my cock, our pelvises slapping together loudly. She stared at me, almost defiantly as I trust in her like a primitive man for the first time.

Today was my day to be selfish. I took my pleasure hoping that she was getting something out of it and when I told her that I was coming her breathing increased into gasps and grunts. I unleashed a lot of pent up passion and probably several ounces of what she loves to swallow. When we finally uncoupled we hugged and I kissed her.

“Are you okay; did I hurt you?” I asked.

She smiled up at me. “I’m fine and it was wonderful. Which way to your bathroom?”

I directed her to the master bath and she took her shorts with her. I rearranged my clothes and waited for her in my study. She found me a few minutes later and I showed her several articles I wrote. “These are short stories that may be an erotic ebook one day,” I explained.

She read over two of them, recognizing descriptions of my recent visits to her house, even though I had changed names in my stories.

“These two are about us, aren’t they?” she asked, smiling.

“Well, they could be, but I’m keeping identities private,” I answered.

She read them silently again and then laughed softly. “I’d better go get ready to get the girls.”

I walked her to her van and kissed her before she got in. She rolled down the window and as she backed away she said, still smiling at me, “We’ll have to do something about your fascination with my ass.”

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